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(15.76 KB 1075x267 craiyon_logo-9927047c.png)

(97.00 KB 256x255 Hollow Knight.png)

(18.50 KB 256x256 Furry Doomguy.jpg)

Remember that thread from awhile ago where we generated screenshots from an AI then tried to guess the games? Anonymous 07/12/2022 (Tue) 18:18:49 Id: aae5ae No. 642897
Well there's a similar software except it blows the fucking socks off the previous one we were using. https://www.craiyon.com/ You may have heard already heard of this AI under its "Dall-E Mini" name, it's gone ultra viral in the past few weeks. It's currently running under the name Craiyon and it's so stable it can generate a set of 9 images generally within 60 seconds. It will sometimes spit out a "Too much traffic" error at you, if so just try again in a few seconds and it should work. The previous game we were playing is pretty much impossible with this one because of how advanced it is. *More on this in my follow-up post It still might be fun to post vidya related results from it. >how do I use it? You ask it to generate a scene, the more specific the better. Don't be afraid to really stress it, something like "A screenshot of Doom where all enemies are Bill Gates" is perfectly within its capabilities. The main thing its bad at is generating faces, but they're working on fixing that. You can also put something blank and simple like "Doomguy" and it will give you Doomguy. Pro-tip: you can open it up in several tabs and run several generations at once.
(64.05 KB 253x254 Plague Doctor onlyfans.png)

(13.54 KB 256x256 thig morph.jpg)

(837.43 KB 777x821 computer girl.png)

*It's so advanced it can even generate decent lewds. That said, please don't flood the servers and subsequently this thread with porn
(9.71 KB 256x256 Fempyro TF2.jpg)

>>642907 Oh my god This is a dark and evil power
>>642908 Solid Snake? Snake Eater?
>>642915 Is this shit still locked behind a paywall/invite-only system?
>>642918 No, it's free. But there's a much cooler one here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cd1KSMCEYh4 Which is invite-only
>>642918 That's Dall-E 2 which is absolutely incredible but not publicly available for "ethics reasons" and all that. It's just delaying the inevitable, this tech is going to become very easy to access within 3 years. Craiyon isn't even related to the Dall-E project and they're getting comparatively decent results.
>>642907 Taking "wud you fug a PC" to a new level I see.
>>642897 The faces kill me. The bodies seem fine at least. These ducks/wolves came out pretty well too so maybe just human looking faces are the weak point. >>642922 (checked) >Dall-E 2 Gave it a search and yeah the fags in capes image came from that. Seems pretty cool/powerful. Though from the comments I am seeing, it is very easy to hit the content violation page so that sucks. No fun allowed as usual. >"ethics reasons" Just curious as to what those are now.
>The term "God Emperor" is considered offensive and is blocked from craiyon
(72.20 KB 715x121 bruh.png)

>>642922 >Craiyon isn't even related to the Dall-E project
(1.60 MB 760x930 god emp.jpg)

>>642934 Werks on my machine
>>642939 That must have changed recently, last time I checked it was an unrelated group of hobbyists.
(788.59 KB 765x836 2B Nier Automata nude.png)

It's interesting how the algorithm knows to retain "distinguishing features" of a character when you tell it to make them naked. The blindfold and the ruffles and gloves are basically what make 2B 2B.
All of what I've attempted to generate have been horrific looking monstrosities and none of it was funny. I'm amazed it generates shit in minutes though.
(1.22 MB 797x865 20220712_14h37m31s_grim.png)

>>642954 what? don't like horrors beyond comprehension?
Still got some issues
>>642959 "Vergil from Devil May Cry weightlifting" had just smudged images taken from the DMC wiki, I even could recognize one with two DMC3 vergil skins side by side. Also I somehow ran into the same issue as anon here >>642960.
>>642960 >crown >amazon There are several species of parrot in the Amazon that are "crowned" in name. At least it's tangentially related.
>>642943 Add in anatomically correct and or highly detailed to the prompt
>>642960 It made an interesting choice, given extra information.
(1.30 MB 760x930 Amazon.jpg)

(1.43 MB 760x930 Amazon crown.jpg)

>>642960 When it does stuff like this you have to be more precise.
not really what i expected
(1.07 MB 764x823 vaporwave eevee.png)

>>642972 Trying something like "drawing of Princess Peach and Samus Aran having sex", it's an AI it doesn't context clues as well as a human would. Think of it like giving commands to a computer.
Only the upper left was even close.
>>642976 Middle row is cute
(895.11 KB 767x821 neverending nightmares.png)

(18.76 KB 256x256 Doomguy and Doomkid.jpg)

>>642980 I think downloading and posting the actually good ones is better than posting the whole 3x3.
(981.50 KB 767x767 STOP PLS.png)

>>642986 Make it go away.
(1.18 MB 255x186 impressive.gif)

>>642998 >>642999 >>643000 It's pretty good at generating creepy art.
wish i knew more about artist who indulge in the horror factor, this is pretty neat all things considered
Okay guys help me out here I am trying to get Crayon/Dall-E to produce pictures of Eagle from Advance Wars. The system refuses to cooperate though and keeps either giving generic gba screens or normal eagles. Also what are the differences between https://huggingface.co/spaces/dalle-mini/dalle-mini and https://www.craiyon.com/ ?
(14.60 KB 256x256 Bara doomguy.jpg)

I see the results get worse as your query size increases in word count, rather than overall length. For best results I recommend trying expressing your request in the fewest words possible (provided they're still recognizable as words). For example, use "wehrmacht" instead of "world war 2 german soldier" and try words that combine multiple words you'd use (schoolgirl instead of female child). I'm also convinced natural language is neither required nor optimal so try dropping conjunctions if you only have a single subject >>642959 What artists have people had success in getting it to imitate? Ayami Kojima (Castlevania) works pretty well in my experiences, but it has such heavy "weight" it struggles to blend with characters (as opposed to descriptions of things)and the result will one thing or the other rather than combining them. I've also had old TV shows with distinct pallets and fashion sense (Brady Bunch) work well enough. Akira Toriyama and Go Nagai don't work too well, and someone as relatively unknown as Kouhaku Kuroboshi is basically unusuable. >>643009 Getting it to generate pics of a character with a generic name is pretty much impossible.
(14.54 KB 256x256 Doomguy with massive cock.jpg)

>>643012 I tried a more directly lewd prompt. Bot's got a real fucking sense of humor, eh?

(395.14 KB 1920x1080 GalkoGrr.jpg)

I wanted Galko-chan in Deus Ex, but it apparently only knows about Deus Ex (it also chooses the HR art more often). I did with just a generic gyaru and only one wasn't too nightmarish.
(856.62 KB 754x818 sekiro 1.png)

(761.63 KB 754x762 sekiro 2.png)

(742.89 KB 754x818 sekiro vs the divine dragon.png)

(783.92 KB 754x818 sekiro vs the demon of hatred.png)

(716.43 KB 754x818 sekiro vs guardian ape.png)

Fuck I want to play a Sekiro 2 now.
(993.52 KB 754x818 sekiro and kuro.png)

Now this is LOL.
(17.08 KB 256x256 Half-Life 2 screenshot.jpg)

>>643019 Screenshots are something it's really incredible at. >>643020 cute
>>643021 I think it's because there's this one artist that draws Sekiro characters as cats and dogs is why that happened.
>>643013 For an AI it can pull off surprisingly decent shit for what it is at times In like a year or two it could probably be generally pretty quality which is scary to think about
(10.47 KB 256x256 Face.jpg)

Oh dear
(9.29 KB 256x256 Plague Doctor.jpg)

>>643026 I have to restrain myself from making porn with this site or I'll be on it for days
(174.04 KB 763x823 dd.jpg)

>>643019 >>643021 I like how it manages to include UI elements.
(1.27 MB 760x930 Gigachad Dante.jpg)

>>642923 Maybe not a normal PC, but her? >>643031 It's also more interesting to generate other stuff
(17.48 KB 256x256 Gabe gun.jpg)

>>643031 It's so good at making bara but I feel gross when doing it
(1.02 MB 1080x1080 no bitches.jpg)

(882.62 KB 760x931 craiyon_165003_cortana_feet.jpg)

>>643045 Wow, that's weirdly good.
(220.07 KB 772x836 cortana.jpg)

>>643045 I tried to make it give her clothes and it refused. She's inherently lewd. Kind of annoyed that she looks like 343 Cortana and not the original.
>>643045 >middle right. I'm not a footfag but damn.. thats impressive.
finding a few gems
>>643070 >Duke Nukem Maid "The name's Cock Suckem. I'm here to dust cabinetry and suck my master's cock... and I'm all out of Pledge."
(13.33 KB 256x256 Master Kitty.jpg)

(23.28 KB 256x256 Vaporwave Elites.jpg)

(34.33 KB 256x256 Van Gogh Battle Droid.jpg)

(13.08 KB 256x256 Samus sunbathing.jpg)

(19.28 KB 256x256 Bob Ross painting Daxter.jpg)

>>643060 If you know how to use it, it gives great results. And what do you mean nothing funny? It gave you the best cakes the Imperium of Man has to offer. >>643070 >Starfox I like his little wink in the bottom left.
>>643109 I'm a big fan of this.
(1.34 MB 745x746 zelda.png)

>>643083 Not that far off from what already is in Infinite.
This shit just depresses me. I'm not ready for this future.
>>642907 >>642912 >in the future, we will all have artbots that can take an arbitrary prompt and create perfect, top tier quality lewds in any style you want >the art will be indistinguishable from something created by a human >pick an artist, give the bot their work, it can create new art in the same style >or pick an image, and it can create new variants with different characters or styles >any character, any situation, any fetish >animations too, eventually The future is going to be crazy.
(128.82 KB 766x825 bob1.jpg)

(144.38 KB 767x833 bob2.jpg)

>>643170 Not quite as planned.
I thought that a flat, bland-looking face would allow for the AI to reproduce it well, but it turned out to be completely wrong.
(1.46 MB 950x927 Snake x Samus.png)

>>643304 It can even make impressionist fanart.
>>642933 They're worried about people making fake images using the likenesses of real people to cause them trouble. Thats also why the human faces look weird. It's not a "limitation," it's intentional.
This turned out better than I thought it would
(1.41 MB 792x834 Hitler in FGO.PNG)

(1.34 MB 781x830 Fate Saberface Hitler.PNG)

>>643377 I find it interesting that this bot seems to favor zero suit Samus over her armor. Most likely this bot is trained on some image dataset, most likely scraped from google images. So it favors the kind of content that is most prevalent at the top of Google. Definitely I think the main limiting factor on this technology right now is gathering and categorizing good datasets. These algorithms require huge amounts of data to train on if they want to be any good, and it needs to be in a specific format for best results.
>>643408 It still looks like something only lovecraft could dream of. >tfw you'll never have an ai waifu that can draw for you and DM for you and not go mad.
(1.02 MB 760x931 craiyon_092319_awoo.jpg)

>>643304 >animations too, eventually Not that far from actually happening. Give or take 10 years at most. The issue is that the more advanced AIs require 40~100GB of video ram which requires many video cards, which ensures most of those will always be locked behind a service. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GI81kFcfkXA
>>643377 What text did you input to get those specific poses? Clearly they're looking amorous, so it was told to look for things in that vein.
>>643507 Try inputs like "hugging" or "embracing", you can get all kinds of cute and gay shit with those
>>643479 >40 GB vRAM >always locked behind a service High end GPUs sometimes have 16 gigs of vRAM right now. Since chips themselves have completely hit a wall in terms of performance increase, they can't keep increasing the TDP anymore. No one can handle 600+W GPUs. Give it fewer than 10 years we're pretending the entire world isn't about to enter the worst economic depression in human history and the end of the globalist economy and I can guarantee that you could buy a GPU capable of running one of these models, in full, LOCALLY, for roughly $2000. You can buy an nVidia a100 (with 40 gigs of HBM2 vRAM) for $11k right now, after all.
>>643408 >I find it interesting that this bot seems to favor zero suit Samus over her armor. Most likely this bot is trained on some image dataset, most likely scraped from google images. So it favors the kind of content that is most prevalent at the top of Google. I don't know how to break this to you chief, but the majority of internet art depicting Samus is Zero Suit, not in armor. Most hentai artists, twitter fags and other degenerates can simply not into power armor. And those that can actually draw power armor tend to not draw Samus repeatedly. I would assert 95% of Samus's art being zero suit.
>>643680 Its a shame because samus's power armor is pretty great and somehow femenine looking.
(15.99 KB 256x256 Sitting Suit.jpg)

>>643680 >>643683 If you want the power armor, say Varia Suit instead of Samus
>>643683 It's the slim waist. >>643692 >Added boobplate This AI is more cultured than I imagined
I'm here to solve problems and chew bubblegum, and I've arrived at the final solution.
(63.37 KB 857x1200 samus poster.webp)

>>643693 >slim waist Probably. I can see it taking off on its own and having intense clang with a space marine armor to the horror of the techpriest in charge of maintenance.
(11.98 KB 256x256 Come have a seat, anon.jpg)

>>643693 It's really good at generating her, it's good at body armor in general.
(10.21 KB 256x256 alium.jpg)

(948.65 KB 760x930 craiyon_201905_ayy_lmao.jpg)

(1.13 MB 760x931 craiyon_163129_anime_JC.jpg)

The AI is able to understand that JC means middle school girl in context. Use this well.
>>643829 I thought you were trying to make an anime JC denton.
>>643831 That already exists though. I still think one was inspired by the other, they're scarily alike and the dub VA even sounds like him, same cadence and all.
I'm annoyed that I can't get it to generate Sherry.
>>643888 Wich sherry? Birkin? Not even the adult version?
>>643888 I tried it, i got it to kind of work.
(34.16 KB 686x386 rita outbreak.jpg)

>>643891 Shes kind of like a fusion between adult sherry and jill valentine, ends up looking like rita from outbreak.
>>643890 >>643891 Yeah it only barely does the adult version and won't do normal Sherry even if you specifically prompt it with "Resident Evil 2" or "REmake"
>>643901 Weird, im gonna check with alma to see if it just doesnt use children.
>>643908 Welp this is odd. No evil ghost girl having a tea party for you.
>>643912 Weird, I always thought it would just take the millions of results from google image search and just figure out how to make a picture from that.
>>643912 >>643908 Well at least ai artflow will generate kid's faces. It's gotten even better at character creation than it use to be.
>>643912 >>644002 The issue seems to the data set and name overlap more than anything. Craiyon is consistently best at fictional characters when they can be identified with only one name ("Mario", "Sonic", "Doomguy", ") without a series listed, that character has only one "look", and that character is known to normalfags (infact, I strongly suspect the data set's video game screenshots is primarily promo shots, video thumbnails and maybe fan wikis). Almost certainly not it choosing to not draw kids since it can draw them as well as it can draw anything else if you specify.
>>644105 So it's sampling method leaves something to be desired then? Kind of makes sense given some of the results I've had. While this is still pretty neat, it's isn't quite as fun as some of the other AI generators that I've played around with.
Hell fucking yeah, they should make a Metroid like this.
>>643931 Those are great. Drawing faces seems to be its weakness, and it doesn't have to do that here.
I didnt expect that result for the BGF.
(1.18 MB 765x827 Donkey_Kong_Shrek_Donkey.PNG)

(13.75 KB 684x737 AHHHHHHHHHHHH!.png)

>>644424 Shhhhh, only nightmares now.
(1.19 MB 757x822 Donkey_Kong.PNG)

(1.21 MB 763x825 Tiny_Kong.PNG)

(1.27 MB 765x827 Lanky_Kong.PNG)

(1.23 MB 760x820 Diddy_Kong.PNG)

(1.15 MB 762x825 Chunky_Kong.PNG)

I regret nothing.
(1014.84 KB 774x819 Dixie Kong.png)

>>644212 That's also why the Sekiro ones turned out so well because you seem mostly from behind in gameplay. >>644434
It feels like 8chan is killing itself just to prevent me posting my art.
>>644418 And they all look so autistic too, its like watching a nature documentary of a stalker being dropped at a caribbean resort and trying to hunt for artefacts in the kiddy swimming pool. >>644424 >>644425 >>644434 >>644437 >>644465 >>644470 >digital horrors beyond your comprehension
(1.16 MB 760x931 edgy.jpg)

Where's my explosion, craiyon?
(1.11 MB 774x819 already dead.png)

(1.34 MB 757x822 Mama_Luigi.PNG)

(1.12 MB 763x826 Weegee.PNG)

(819.71 KB 762x822 Going Too Deep....PNG)

>>644472 >Stare at the abyss >and it stares back
(1.09 MB 760x931 megaman.jpg)

Needs work but seems to be on the right track.
>>644492 >top right Hey thats actually pretty good, instead of megaman + dude, its a dude with a blue armor like megaman.
(791.66 KB 760x826 N.png)

(1.38 MB 762x824 Ren_&_Stimpy.PNG)

(1.49 MB 765x822 Rocko's_Modern_Life.PNG)

I don't remember there being two Stimpys and No Ren, or Rocko wearing a shirt swirls on it.
>>644514 > two Stimpys Oh boy a clone of my own! Now neither of us will be virgins!
>>644510 It's getting him confused with Darryl Davis, for some reason.
>>644491 In case anyone didn't know, Weegee was a famous street crime photographer from the 30's. So what this is doing is basically mixing results for Weegee (the meme) and Weegee (the man). A lot of the stuff generated by these websites looks impressive but just boils down to finding a bunch of image results for what your prompt is and smooshing them together. The more impressive stuff I think is replicating styles and methods of rendering, which isn't anywhere close to perfected yet. Queuing "Luigi riding a motorcycle" is going to get you better results than "Luigi but drawn in a Kirby's Epic Yarn style" but both are things someone might want.
>>644604 I like that even an AI can tell that Bill Gates is a servant of the Antichrist.
(999.32 KB 772x840 Nnnnaaa.png)

(949.68 KB 772x840 MiA.png)

(743.53 KB 772x840 My my my my my my my.png)

(1.07 MB 772x840 BBQ.png)

(1.08 MB 764x824 Entire_Team_Is.PNG)

(1.49 MB 763x823 Mole...Mole...Mole....PNG)

>>644425 First pic is fine. Second pic is............................................................
These feel like the kind of vague shifting images you'd see in a dream.
(915.90 KB 776x826 American Bloodborne.png)

(757.21 KB 776x826 Japanese Bloodborne.png)

(887.26 KB 776x826 Chinese Bloodborne.png)

(249.03 KB 725x875 SCP-1004.png)

Do anons know about Crungus, the demon that lives inside the AI? Legend has it if you type his name and hit enter he will manifest.
>>644899 Post pics faggots.
(925.79 KB 760x931 craiyon_180111_Crungus.jpg)

>>644900 Once you've looked into his eyes it's already too late, you'll start to see him once it gets dark out. My time is almost up...
>>644899 The actual concept it has coined is "rungus" Any letter can be used for the first one except t https://archive.ph/IZWGJ
(16.86 KB 256x256 megumin hugging hu tao.jfif)

(17.09 KB 256x256 ダウンロード (6).jfif)

(19.00 KB 256x256 ダウンロード (8).jfif)

(19.31 KB 256x256 ダウンロード (10).jfif)

(16.88 KB 256x256 ダウンロード (12).jfif)

>>643527 This is cute, as long as you don't look too closely.
(881.62 KB 760x931 craiyon_204612_cat_knight.jpg)

I want to play all of these games.
>>644946 Top left looks like it mixed Ocarina of Time with Shadow of the Colossus.
>>644947 With mario and doomguy.
>>644946 Do I see some Turok environments mixed up in there?
(1.20 MB 770x830 worst vidya ever.png)

>>644942 Those all look really cool. This would be great for coming up with concepts or just vague concept art and visuals. Or if you were a colossal faggot pictures to use in a creepypasta. >>644946 >1. Prince of Persia / Shadow of the Colossus >2. Tony Hawk / Doom >3. Realistic Mario RPG? >4. Fable / Skyward Sword >5. Mario / EDF >6. Mario / Dead Space or Manhunt >7. Counter Strike / Uncharted >8. Silent Hill / Brave Fencer Musashi >9. MGS3: Snake Eater / FFX
(925.09 KB 760x826 Hannya.png)

(1.06 MB 760x826 Tengu.png)

(702.75 KB 760x826 Tengu mask.png)

Pretty good.
(966.78 KB 760x931 1.jpg)

(1.00 MB 760x931 2.jpg)

(1.00 MB 760x931 3.jpg)

(938.01 KB 760x931 4.jpg)

(1.01 MB 760x931 5.jpg)

This had to be done. Two sentences for each submission felt about right.
(1.19 MB 760x931 6.jpg)

(803.29 KB 760x955 7.jpg)

(1.02 MB 760x931 8.jpg)

(1.08 MB 760x931 9.jpg)

(876.36 KB 760x931 10.jpg)

(858.52 KB 760x955 11.jpg)

(856.57 KB 760x931 12.jpg)

(891.95 KB 760x931 13.jpg)

(842.26 KB 760x931 14.jpg)

(911.34 KB 760x931 15.jpg)

(988.99 KB 760x931 16.jpg)

(738.25 KB 760x931 17.jpg)

(1.07 MB 760x931 18.jpg)

(719.71 KB 760x931 19.jpg)

(1.06 MB 760x931 20.jpg)

(977.96 KB 760x931 21.jpg)

(830.48 KB 760x931 22.jpg)

(1003.47 KB 760x931 BONUS.jpg)

(934.51 KB 1000x1000 Sensible chuckle.png)

I like it.
>>645344 Any other version of Dracula would probably be offended by the original novel, given how an important plot point is that Dracula is a retard with a "baby brain."
>>645657 Now that's what I call RADICAL.
(698.15 KB 760x826 sorayama.png)

(1.09 MB 760x826 sorayama vaporwave.png)

This thing can be really hit or miss but when it hits it's really neat.
Guess which animu.
>>646074 >1st pic I see that, and i raise you pic related.
(864.11 KB 770x842 Vanellope.png)

(955.05 KB 754x817 metal.png)

Not what I was going for but it turned out something fucking hardcore metal.
(1.09 MB 757x814 deus ex.png)

This is kinda lame. I ask for Deus Ex and it goes all modern, nothing from the original.
(859.40 KB 776x771 1.png)

(1.09 MB 776x771 2.png)

(975.27 KB 776x771 3.png)

(1.07 MB 776x771 4.png)

(833.19 KB 776x771 5.png)

Guess the bosses. Game: Bloodborne.
>>646157 >and it goes all modern Yeah I've noticed that. One thing will completely override everything else.
Wew lad.
(881.36 KB 763x817 goblin gf.png)

(834.59 KB 763x817 lewd goblin gf.png)

(271.09 KB 1562x1056 goblin_threads (2).png)

(843.52 KB 754x827 Screen Shot 216.PNG)

(740.90 KB 754x827 Screen Shot 217.PNG)

(1.16 MB 754x827 Screen Shot 218.PNG)

(1.35 MB 754x827 Screen Shot 222.PNG)

(1.49 MB 754x827 Screen Shot 223.PNG)

There's some potential here.
(735.57 KB 754x827 Screen Shot 219.PNG)

(577.86 KB 754x827 Screen Shot 220.PNG)

(260.48 KB 754x827 Screen Shot 221.PNG)

This deserves its own post.
>>646195 What's he gonna go with that deer?
(6.21 KB 256x256 NIN album.jpg)

(7.06 KB 256x256 NIN album 5.jpg)

(14.45 KB 256x256 NIN album 3.jpg)

>>646194 >pic 2 I did the exact same thing awhile ago and got some of the best results the AI has given me.
(10.67 KB 256x256 Oh golly.jpg)

(9.92 KB 256x256 big boy.jpg)

(11.93 KB 256x256 uh oh.jpg)

I don't know what the fuck they trained the AI on, but these are the results it gave me for Baymax.
>>646206 thigg :D:DDDDDDD
(9.61 KB 210x255 worry.jpg)

>>646206 good gracious
(1.49 MB 754x827 Screen Shot 223.PNG)

(1.38 MB 754x827 Screen Shot 225.PNG)

(1.28 MB 754x827 Screen Shot 226.PNG)

(610.27 KB 754x827 Screen Shot 227.PNG)

(1.05 MB 754x827 Screen Shot 228.PNG)

>>646194 Last pic properly cropped this time. >>646205 NIN tends to lean more towards chaos and distortion which the AI seems to do exceptionally well and can even define it somewhat. Seems to have an easy time with anything HP Lovecraft adjacent.
>>644999 If you tell it the medium in which you want the art to be, its actually pretty good at pulling that off, even though it can't really draw the subject.
>>646178 I see yours and raise you mine.
>Megaman as a cat >he gives you the bird
W-what did the AI mean by this??
>>646278 Why... did it pick THIS image to draw from? Because it clearly did.
(670.49 KB 754x816 Screen Shot 236.PNG)

(768.57 KB 754x816 Screen Shot 237.PNG)

(1.20 MB 754x816 Screen Shot 238.PNG)

(921.09 KB 754x816 Screen Shot 239.PNG)

(1.36 MB 754x816 Screen Shot 234.PNG)

(1.29 MB 754x816 Screen Shot 240.PNG)

(1.37 MB 754x816 Screen Shot 241.PNG)

(1.49 MB 754x816 Screen Shot 242.PNG)

(1.37 MB 754x816 Screen Shot 243.PNG)

(1.31 MB 754x816 Screen Shot 244.PNG)

(448.77 KB 768x830 goat.png)

(424.31 KB 757x812 alke.png)

alke confirmed for not of this earth.
>>646354 who? the Egyptian deity? I recall that Anubis is the son of Set who is the son of Geb, aka Earth.
>>646293 It also works for some more obscure styles too. (Skipping 4 for obvious reasons) >>646384 >>646302 >3 Looks more like Clarkson.
(1.16 MB 760x931 sus.jpg)

(12.80 MB 480x360 Ayy Lmao.mp4)

If this thing was slightly better with details and could generate porn, worldwide birth rates would drop to zero.
(680.90 KB 760x825 sexy gray alien.png)

(737.95 KB 762x826 origin of xenomorphs.png)

(759.78 KB 763x822 gray alien vampire.png)

(763.72 KB 768x825 AYYOWO.png)

(675.28 KB 765x822 alien centaur.png)

>>646499 Damnit you beat me to it.
(779.33 KB 774x827 glow ayy.png)

(650.67 KB 761x816 glowing green alien.png)

(612.80 KB 758x817 glowing red alien.png)

>>646510 Now we have the three endings of Mass Erect Tri.
Nice, they glow the right color without me even telling it.
>>646510 >>646512 A challenger appears.
(618.46 KB 758x817 glowing black alien.png)

(672.61 KB 763x826 glowing white alien.png)

>>646517 Will you take the black pill or the white pill.
>What are the humans doing now? <They're using AI technology to generate glowing palette swaps of us. >FOR FUCK SAKE!
>>646519 Embrace it.
>>646523 >when you anal probe for entertainment instead of for science
>>646492 Thing is, it'll generate naked children right now...
(177.75 KB 867x873 ob.png)

>top two threads on the overboard at the moment A little concerned. Does this mean that They are coming?
(486.81 KB 904x401 laugh_55.png)

>>646533 First response to >>646532 >How? LOL
>>646539 That's a bit of an overreaction anon, nobody is coming for you so just relax a little and enjoy some fine humour.
>>646492 I disagree. There have been times I've jacked off to a picture but at the edge realized one small detail was drawn incorrectly and as a result immediately lost my boner. This program would inevitably lead to the same result.
(741.11 KB 757x817 pink guy.png)

>>646542 Honestly at this point I wouldn't even care. It's not like they could do a worse job managing the planet than the humans in charge do, and that's up to and including if they were just here to harvest our chromosomes.
(763.63 KB 1280x720 AHH.webm)

(870.77 KB 768x832 OWO.png)

(928.73 KB 768x832 Klonoa.png)

(334.61 KB 769x833 OH GOD.png)

(932.55 KB 770x828 gotta go ook.png)

(985.71 KB 757x817 YES FATHER I WILL.png)

(931.42 KB 756x826 LOL.png)

(982.39 KB 778x830 Harold.png)

(836.14 KB 766x828 Harold fur.png)

Oh fuck forgive me Harold.
Sorry for pulling a bumpfag and reviving this thread, but it's less than a month old and is still a fun concept. It stopped getting posts after a few days and I think everybody forgot about it.
(2.12 MB 1024x2048 cyberpunkloli.png)

>>663585 Probably has to do with craiyon being sanitized baby mode and no one here willing to pay for the less restrictive alternatives.
(12.01 KB 256x256 pika pika.jpg)

>>663598 You can still get funny results with it. Dall-E 2 is even more strict, they have a whole list of no-no words and some are just silly. It refuses to generate anything with "attack". You can't generate "shooting star" or "Star Wars" because shooting and war are both restricted words. This is a textbook case of the Scunthorpe problem. At least on Craiyon you can generate anything with it, even lewds.
>>663610 Just because they don't block words doesn't change the fact that the AI is so lobotomized it can't even generate faces because they're afraid of deep fake tier shit. You can't really expect an AI that cant even generate waifus to pop off on a mongolian basket weaving forum.
(13.00 KB 256x256 uh-oh.jpg)

>>663625 You have no creativity, anon. They didn't train it on anything with hardcore porn so you won't get any results using such terms, but they did scrape large parts of the internet and didn't sanitize any of it. >>663640 The faces aren't lobotomized, their weirdness is a result of the encoder they're using. This isn't running on the same framework Dall-E 2 is, it has two of the people from Dall-E but it's a different project. Said two people weren't those involved with the actual creation of the AI, just the training set and some of the backend work. >pop-off Are you 15?
>>663644 >The faces aren't lobotomized, their weirdness is a result of the encoder they're using Then it just so happens to look exactly like how the intentionally lobotomized dalle-2 generates it's faces compared to the perfect photorealism it was able to generate in the initial previews. >Are you 15? Sorry you aren't hip with the lingo the whippersnappers are using these days gramps.
>>663640 The FAQ from craiyon explicitly says they're working on improving the faces. In-fact, it can already do faces, you just have to write a short prompt that specifically asks for it.
(3.40 MB 1408x1792 forestloli.png)

>>663667 Those all seem unsalvageable to me, all the examples I've given could be mistaken for not even being AI generated with just a few touch ups a monkey could do in an image editor.
(14.31 KB 256x256 Protogen Lucario.jpg)

So anon, do you really only care about an AI so long as it can make waifu shit? That's very shallow, this is a new and experimental technology that would have amassed people just ten years ago and all you want are pretty girls?
>>663669 >AI designed primarily for drawing art of faces is better at drawing faces than a general purpose lightweight AI I'm shocked!
(2.38 MB 2048x1152 cyberpunkpyramids.png)

(3.48 MB 2048x1152 roboticcrusaders.png)

(3.51 MB 1792x1408 steampunkwarballoon.png)

(3.40 MB 1152x2048 stargateportaltoanotherworld.png)

>>663670 Nope those 3 are actually the only faces I've generated, I have plenty of other examples though. >>663674 Faces and people are its weakest point, landscapes are its strongest. It just hasn't lobotomized its AI and instead just has rules for users and cuts them off if they get too graphic/obscene. Which I'll grant does also suck but its definitely the lesser of two evils. If AI dungeon took that route instead then they might've been able to salvage themselves rather than crippling their AI and setting their own appeal on fire, that's what I believe dalle-2 and its copycats are doing.
>>663679 >has rules for users and cuts them off if they get too graphic/obscene What's this?
>>663679 Why do you keep saying this has been "lobotomized"? This is largely a different team to Dall-E, with a very different output and goal it's not like these guys developed an incredible system then Ubisoft PC port'd it Dall-E is a huge project with a lot of serious people behind it, Craiyon is a team of enthusiasts that happens to have two of the same people who worked on Dall-E
>>663681 Oh my bad, it's midjourney. You can get a tiny sample for free but after that you have to pay a monthly subscription and if you don't want a limit on the amount of prompts per month you'll have to pay for a 30$ one. The minimum is 10$ for I think 200 prompts for the month and trust me they won't last that long as you will have bad ones or waste them "promptcrafting" for potentially better outcomes. >>663684 Like I said I saw the way dalle-2 intentionally fucked up its AIs ability to generate faces and it looks identical to the way craiyons faces are fucked up. Sure it could be pure coincidence and I'm happy to be wrong but it just seems to me that they're both taking the "ruin the AI to make it safe to use" approach rather than putting any kind of trust in their users which is exactly what AI dungeon did.
(28.69 KB 256x256 Luigi street art.jpg)

>>663684 I think anon's a little confused and misunderstands Craiyon as stripped down version of Dall-E. Calling themselves Dall-E Mini at the start really confused a lot of people.
>>663688 >5th Damn, that looks like something thaken out of warhammer 40k 3rd edition.
>>663688 It's probably not that they're gimping Craiyon but that AIs aren't great at faces. Like another anon said it's perfectly capable of doing faces if that's all you ask for and they're still improving it.
(2.71 MB 896x2304 enttoweringoveraforest.png)

(2.72 MB 1664x1280 eyemonsterlitbyatorch.png)

(2.05 MB 896x2304 futuristiccityscape.png)

(1.68 MB 1024x2048 robotichitmaninabar.png)

(2.27 MB 1920x768 thelastsupperwithrobots.png)

>>663703 You can't really excuse craiyon with AIs just not being great at faces when there's a world of difference between the slight asymmetry in a good midjourney face and that absolute monstrosity you consider a good craiyon face. I just don't see how you can explain it in any other way than AI lobotomisation when it looks identical to dall-es fucked up faces and it used to be able to generate faces fine in the past when they were showing previews of it.
>>663713 Anon they're different fucking softwares how many times does this need to be explained to you? Are you ESL? Craiyon can't produce ANYTHING on the level of quality as you're posting. This is borderline schizoposting.
(43.33 KB 700x361 ill.jpg)

>>663713 You're just going in circles now, not listening to anything anybody is saying. I don't have anything more to say to you, keep posting your generations if you want.
>>663718 >>663721 You're not listening to a word I'm saying, dalle-2 is definitely just as capable as midjourney if not more so yet its just as inept at making faces as craiyon BY DESIGN and I see a similar discrepancy in quality between faces and anything else it generates in both of them. I know they're developed by different people, I know they're on completely different levels, that doesn't change the fact that they're especially incapable of generating faces and it's confirmed for dalle at least that it was done intentionally by fucking up the AI. Considering craiyon looks fucked up in almost the exact same way why is it a huge leap for me to come to the conclusion that its also being intentionally fucked with?
(123.13 KB 316x401 Strawberry Shortcake 5.png)

(133.04 KB 319x420 Rainbow Brite 5.png)

(146.37 KB 350x413 redhead freckles.png)

(99.39 KB 342x383 kanye east.png)

(120.44 KB 347x420 slavic priest.png)

>>663713 >>663742 It's not as capable as Artflow either. Admittedly Artflow is all about making faces but every face it makes is great.

(168.41 KB 348x388 blacklight frankenstein.png)

(159.22 KB 353x383 80s child girl smile.png)

(136.92 KB 345x494 this city.png)

(52.83 KB 320x380 bigmclargehuge.jpg)

(52.60 KB 320x380 blasthardcheese.jpg)

(56.08 KB 320x380 buffdrinklots.jpg)

(44.92 KB 320x380 fridgelargemeat.jpg)

(74.66 KB 320x380 slabbulkhead.jpg)

>>642897 I think it has a harder time with stylized faces that actual human ones, because the second prompt gave me some decent cosplayers. The first one I’m posting just because it’s kinda cool it took “paper” from the prompt and extrapolated it into some papercraft Seibas (and that abomination in the top right that looks straight out of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark)
(39.42 KB 148x149 Die Normies.png)

>>663882 Is that a Funko Pop on the middle right?
(43.00 KB 483x540 oy bruv.jpg)

>>664083 Really manages to capture British dentistry quite accurately.
>>642897 >>663742 >>663882 The commercial/researchers' version of dall-e is also much more powerful, vid related
>>664127 Are these the man-made horrors Tesla referred to?
>>664127 You can make the "mini" version of it do some impressive shit if you word your prompts correctly. A friend of mine generated a ton of believable inventory item icons just by typing stuff like "backpack icon, rpg, dark souls, the Witcher 3, skyrim"
>>664190 This is the consumer friendly end of them, yes.
(5.60 KB 249x250 1423761384802.jpg)

>>664463 >mfw soon artist cannot charge over 50 freedom bucks for a pack of inventory icons over at Unity scam store The future is so bright I gotta wear shades.
>>664190 No, this is.
>>664190 >>664518 >>668844 No, they are not man made they are AI made.
ProTip To improve faces use phrases like highly detailed face and eyes
>>669071 So instead of eldritch abominations you get uncanny valley abominations.
>>663625 >>663882 OG template >Artstation style = high detail : ( subject =highly detailed💃🏻🧕🏼+(anatomically correct facial features + (highly detailed = 👩🏼‍🦰🧝🏼‍♀️)+((highly detailed and anatomically correct (realistic + anatomically correct shaped eyes👁👁),highly detailed and anatomically correct👃🏼,highly detailed and anatomically correct👄)))
(48.13 KB 500x618 Sader.jpeg)

>>669110 Bottom center almost looks like the AI recreated this classic
>>669110 >>663882 This explains why it can't get the crown right.
(252.16 KB 537x540 s.png)

>>669110 >>669125 Anons Holy shit You've cracked the code
I'm surprised no one tried to train an AI only with rule34's database or real-life porn.
(571.14 KB 788x826 2022-08-15_21-33.png)

>>669139 Not me. Someone else figured this out, they posted about it on the dali-mini submissions section
i am scared one day this shit will be actually accurate
(587.18 KB 797x827 2022-08-15_22-09.png)

(531.48 KB 818x832 2022-08-15_22-06.png)

(606.51 KB 785x816 2022-08-15_22-13.png)

(675.26 KB 775x825 2022-08-15_22-16.png)

Almost porn, but still very rough.
>>669157 so it just takes a bunch of images from jewgle and blends them together lame
>>669110 Other finding from that thread posted about 3 hours ago https://archive.ph/zvouq For human results: >Artstation style = high detail : ( subject =highly detailed mario+(anatomically correct facial features + (highly detailed = mario)+((highly detailed and anatomically correct (realistic and highly detailed + anatomically correct and accurately shaped eyes),highly detailed and anatomically correct skin, highly detailed and anatomically correct mouth, hyperrealism, dyanmic shadows))) For objects or fruits or something non-human: >Artstation style = high detail : ( subject =highly detailed mario+(anatomically correct facial features + (highly detailed = mario)+((highly detailed and anatomically correct (realistic and highly detailed + anatomically correct and accurately shaped),highly detailed and anatomically correct skin, highly detailed and anatomically correct reflection, hyperrealism, dyanmic shadows))) For low poly: >Artstation style = low poly : ( subject =low poly🥒+(low polygon count 3D + (low poly = cube)+((low detail (3D polygons and low polygon count+ prompt here),cube with low polygon 3D ,low detail 3D))) For faces: use the topic description For artstyle >prompt here, high detailed, artstyle here For cool results >prompt here, hyperrealism, high detail, dynamic light, dynamic shadows, 4k, high quality For get different image websites results: >prompt here, search website_here For reflections: >prompt here, dynamic reflection For pixel art: >prompt here, pixel art >>669175 Try anatomically correct specific body parts in ()s or hyperrealism.
(10.45 KB 256x256 bubble butt.jpg)

(962.86 KB 841x933 chicken.png)

(1.41 MB 771x833 Lizard.png)

>>669175 I also found "thicc" is a good way to bypass the soft wordfilter it has. Others are "curvy", "busty", "onlyfans" and "milf" >>669177 That's not even close >>669187 >https://archive.ph/zvouq That thread is so interesting, I wonder if this is close to the database they used to tag the images? If that's case, these users have essentially reverse-engineered it, but it looks like they're using the tagging system of some art website? Pics two and three are from that thread, not my own creations.
(529.85 KB 778x908 2022-08-15_22-39.png)

(554.45 KB 752x921 2022-08-15_22-37.png)

(569.06 KB 787x911 2022-08-15_22-36.png)

>>669187 a little better
>>669195 Interesting. Maybe that grabbed a lot of art from that site and used the tags that the site has as a basis or as a supplement to whatever system the AI uses to categorize images. I wonder if they grabbed any art from Boorus, if so, then it might work to mention the booru first then do a tag search that works on that booru. >>669199 Give it more specific details on what you want it to make. It doesn't understand inferred information well. Notice how working at Starbucks got pictures of Aqua with Starbucks in the background, but in Starbucks employee uniform got her in the uniform but not in the store. >>669125 >>663882
(13.88 KB 256x256 the most meme of 2022.jpg)

>>670309 I'm getting spongemonkeys energy here
>>670412 The bottom right one is quality.
https://colab.research.google.com/drive/1sVsoBd9AjckIXThgtZhGrHRfFI6UUYOo Figured I'd share this free face restoration AI here since I'm still convinced craiyon has lobotomized its AIs ability to generate them to cover their own ass from potential litigation. The face restoration actually did a surprisingly okay job at unfucking the faces that I initially thought were unsalvageable here: >>663667 Of course you'll obviously get better outputs than that if your inputs are from an AI that hasn't been victimized by a digital ice pick and is capable of making faces that are already 99% there like this one: >>663598 Basic rundown on how it works is you click connect at the top right if you want to use jewgles cloud or the arrow next to it to connect to a local runtime on your own machine instead, then you hover your mouse over the code in each step so a play button appears and click it to run the code then wait until the green arrow appears next to it. Do that for each step until you're done, idiot proof. Oh and another added benefit is that it upscales the images as well which is extra beneficial for craiyon's generations for obvious reasons.
tried making vivian
(19.50 KB 459x185 Untitled.png)

>>672638 Does this only work on the command line?
https://beta.dreamstudio.ai/home This just came out, it uses 'Stable Diffusion', basically open source DALL-E that can run on consumer hardware and is way less restrictive.
>>672840 Bretty gud.
(14.95 KB 399x250 Untitled.png)

>>673149 It has limited generations, i think it starts to charge you because it looks like i owe it some euros now. Also you can't generate "beautiful children"
>>670309 >10GB Is that 10GB of ram or vram? I have 32 GB of ram but only 4GB of vram on my RX 470 will I still be able to do this? I have a spare GTX 1050 Ti, but I don't know how much ram it has (it has issues with being used as a graphics card but works fine for older generation CUDA AI image up scaling.
>>673258 Dude just make another account using a burner email address, and why the fuck would you want to generate that?
>>673407 Judging the images >>672638 is posting there are some pedos here who want "legal" CP.
>>673540 Did you specify smoking a vape or did it do that on it's own
>>673551 I just said smoking, here's another one.
Anyone has any requests for DALL-E stuff? First come first served.
>>673561 "little girl working in a strip club" :^)
>>673561 God Emperor of Man commands mankind to purge the alien, high contrast
>>673561 Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
>>673567 you lied.
>>673567 Fascinating
>>673567 Whats with the color bar on the bottom?
>>673573 DALL-E's logo.
>>673567 So dall-e thinks anon, slenderman and voldermort combined are the god-emperor of mankind? Thats super gay.
>>673580 To be fair, so does games workshop these days.
>>673580 Clearly it parsed it as the alien god king of mandkind
>>673583 Nah, according to GW nowadays hes more like a gambler that is also a huge dick to everyone except malcador, his custodes, sanguinius. rogal dorn and vulkan. >>673585 That would make sense.
>>673585 perhaps I should have said "commands his fellow man" or even "leads humanity to purge all xenos"
>>673587 anonymous space wizard whose scary and fit. I mean I can kinda see where its coming from.
>>673561 "ape escape sayaka captures donkey kong with time net"
>>673610 Ok thats more like it.
>>673615 Anyone know who this blue haired girl (presumably a Sayaka) is.
>>673621 No Idea. God Emperor Dreadnaught possibly. Looks like an actual products box art.
>>673642 Last one
>>673621 Sayaka from Danganronpa no doubt
(471.44 KB 512x512 00002.png)

(345.01 KB 512x512 00000.png)

(404.58 KB 512x512 00001.png)

(451.24 KB 512x512 00009.png)

>>670309 sonichu
(386.58 KB 512x512 00004.png)

(402.87 KB 512x512 00005.png)

(439.06 KB 512x512 00006.png)

(446.28 KB 512x512 00003.png)

(421.78 KB 512x512 00008.png)

>>673760 Wow, so this is the power of owning a 3080
>>673779 No, this is the power of a GTX 1050 Ti
>>673824 Wew, so then I can run this shit too. I thought it was RTX only.
>>673828 Any card that is CUDA capable should be able to. If you are on windows 7 like me then you will need to install CUDA version 10.something. Use the offline local installer and make sure to download the two patches as well. Use the second python scrip that the pastebin mentions. The power factor is just the amount of VRAM your card has. If your Bios allow for it and you have the RAM to spare, I think you can dedicate some of your RAM to the graphics card allowing you to use the better script. It just might take 20GB of ram. What sucks is that I have enough RAM for that, but my BIOS don't have that option.
>>673760 Ya know, I can see different parts of different animated characters in a lot of these. I wonder if the AI thinks sonichu means a combination of animated characters.
(339.04 KB 512x512 00000.png)

(405.21 KB 512x512 00004.png)

(474.71 KB 512x512 00006.png)

>>675186 I think I might be on to something.
(420.95 KB 512x512 techpriest.png)

(442.18 KB 512x512 temple.png)

(505.41 KB 512x512 00010.png)

(454.18 KB 512x512 00013.png)

>>673884 >Any card that is CUDA capable should be able to Radeon 6000-series can do it too, through ROCm. It's more involved to set up but it does work. I haven't done any good vidya prompts yet though. Mostly just landscapes and a bit of horror, which segued into a techpriest.
(433.00 KB 512x512 00007.png)

(411.58 KB 512x512 00002.png)

(347.51 KB 512x512 00064.png)

(369.33 KB 512x512 00069.png)

(526.12 KB 512x512 00009.png)

this is pretty fun.
>>670309 >decide to set this up on my laptop I bring to work in addition to my desktop as the laptop has a stronger GPU >run the same prompts that I did before to see how much faster it can run >different results with the same seed >double check guide >Download the NEW 1.4 model from >do more tests with the new model >get actual nudity Welp I guess I can't run AI at work during my downtime after all
>>677175 >Something with weed >Something with bloodborn >Mario is a nigger >Gordon Freeman Shaking hands with Morgan Freeman >no fucking clue How are my guesses
>>644889 >SCP describes the internet's increasingly damaging effects on human sexuality - giving everyone who falls into the allegorical cycle of internet-driven sexual gratification more extreme fetishes >The effects usually end in "[the encouragement of] ... [users mutilating] themselves and their genitalia" scp predicted trannies
(395.75 KB 512x512 00014.png)

(345.44 KB 512x512 00020.png)

(370.68 KB 512x512 00038.png)

(345.77 KB 512x512 00046.png)

(499.33 KB 512x512 00053.png)

>>677741 >Something with weed "anime girl with pink eyes smoking a blunt, surrounded by pot leaves" >Something with bloodborn "Bloodborne in the style of a romanticism era oil painting" >Mario is a nigger "brown Mario made of chocolate with the letter N on his cap." inspired from this bit https://yewtu.be/watch?v=rHvsuM9gRMI >Gordon Freeman Shaking hands with Morgan Freeman bingo >no fucking clue "Doug Walker drawn by Junji Ito" >>677739 The nudity isn't as attractive as the 2D lewds it does that just allude to a lewd figure rather than be explicit.
(407.59 KB 512x512 00059.png)

(278.00 KB 512x512 00064.png)

(398.69 KB 512x512 00066.png)

(327.97 KB 512x512 00067.png)

(376.27 KB 512x512 00068.png)

(328.29 KB 512x512 00069.png)

(343.14 KB 512x512 00072.png)

(384.72 KB 512x512 00082.png)

(346.11 KB 512x512 00089.png)

(453.01 KB 512x512 00091.png)

(456.93 KB 512x512 00093.png)

(449.33 KB 512x512 00096.png)

(326.54 KB 512x512 00103.png)

(284.66 KB 512x512 00104.png)

(346.81 KB 512x512 00115.png)

prompt is "chubby robot girl"
(2.14 MB 1636x1696 pig.png)

(2.48 MB 1546x1665 bees.png)

>>677862 The hilarious thing about these ones is the implied context.
>>644999 I love some of these!
>I seriously hope you guys don't use ai to generate this
This is supposed to be Coco Bandicoot
>>678067 Still would.
>>678067 Looks more like the BR gamer mouse slut.
(987.76 KB 774x932 JonTron debating Midna.png)

(1019.26 KB 776x930 Nagatoro bullying JonTron.png)

(758.48 KB 756x924 JonTron manga.png)

Just tried this thing out. Not too bad.
>>680692 Are all of these craiyon?
>>680713 Only the duke nukem in a wheel chair one, the rest are enstill.ai
>>680715 >enstill.ai I'm going to have to try that one it seems.
>>680703 Tried some more detailed requests this time.
>>680724 3rd looks like jontron went on to join sseth's elite trouser snakes child army.
I'll admit this is kind of fun. I could get addicted to this.
This might be my favourite one yet.
(387.72 KB 512x512 00004.png)

(473.05 KB 512x512 00003.png)

(396.01 KB 512x512 00003.png)

(501.75 KB 512x512 00005.png)

(496.01 KB 512x512 00002.png)

1. Shadow the Hedgehog shaking hands with Benjamin Netanyahu in front of the World Trade Center 2. Death Stranding 3. oneyplays 4. Rem Lezar 5. Duke Nukem drawn by Yoji Shinkawa Really want to know what made #4 came out because I really like the result despite originally trying to make an superhero for autistic retards that watch 90s VHS kids tapes.
>>682088 >4 Did you watch Vinny's interview?
>>682094 Coincidentally watching right now. Normally I pirate everything but I'm considering shelling out the cash for either the bluray or a digital copy.
(381.28 KB 512x512 00068.png)

(437.73 KB 512x512 00006.png)

(464.89 KB 512x512 00001.png)

(293.39 KB 512x512 00002.png)

(470.18 KB 512x512 00002.png)

1. Eminem in a rap battle with Funky Kong 2. realistic painting of Wario 3. Cosmo Kramer in a Playstation 1 horror game 4. Spyro the Dragon in court as a defendant 5. The Legend of Zelda in the style of a Frank Frazetta painting
>>682116 >>682116 What site were these generated in?
>>682116 The Kramer and Zelda ones look totally legit.
I tried this in Enstil.ai >Monkey Dong County Jr. Deflation Special, high energy cartoon monkey banker's zombie bubble bursting The result meets my expectations.
>>682408 It says coon brat lol
>>682254 Stable diffusion off my own GPU. Just following >>670309
>>682088 >Thom Yorke and Johnny Depp star in DEATTHH SEETEMNINGS
For some reason it really works when you input Duke Nukem on enstil.ai lol
>>683743 Richard Kickman is pretty cool.
>>683739 Someone should edit some actual dialogue into the first one.
>>683743 >>682408 This one is still struggling with faces and anatomy, but not as bad as some other AI do. <Princess Peach drawn by Frank Frazetta
(1.38 MB 1000x1000 dialouge2.png)

>>683863 You asked, and you shall receive.
>>684055 That's actually pretty hot. Nice.
1. Duke Nukem drawn by Rob Liefeld 2. Dante from Devil May Cry surrounded by pizza 3. Wario wearing a VR headset, official Nintendo art, 2D 4. Doomguy drawn by Yoji Shinkawa 5. Joseph Stalin in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 for Playstation 1, low poly, game screenshot
>>684089 that second panel got me, pretty good anon
>>684103 middle bottom goddamn
I asked for Duke and all i got was this lousy old man
>>684106 Looks Dune/Riddick, or general sci-fi inspired. May be going for the Dukes in Dune.
I tried Midjourney Bot, but you need to install Discord trash to use it and it's on a trial so eventually you can't make anymore images without paying a subscription fee. You can probably find my shitcord account with these, but I don't use it so whatever. With Midjourney Bot you get 4 images results, then you can either refine one of them via up-scaling or you can generate 4 more images based on one out of the previous 4 images You're essentially encouraged to try to refine the results until you get something decent. So here's a start. The landscape is neat, but it came up with a jumbled mess trying to make a realistic Varia Suit.
Cranked up the stylization parameter so it went a bit crazy drawing multiple Rosalinas that only look vaguely human. For Gordon Freeman I told it to make a bored caricature. It didn't seem to understand how to put faces on when drawing multiple people, but a single face looked okay and had an interesting style to it.
Here's Midjourney Bot trying to make American McGee's Alice. I specified the eye color as green, but it ignored that anyway. It also ignores "Full Body" sometimes. Final image is Photoshopped to try and correct the face a little. The bot likes to make uneven eyes, but maybe some parameter can increase the symmetry of the face. You can see the progress of trying to refine and get something decent. #1 initial batch of 4 results #2 4 variants of image 3 from first batch #3 upscaled image 2 from second batch #4 max upscale #5 photoshopped This refinement over and over of course eats up the free trial. They actually profit from the bot giving poor initial results thus forcing people to keep refining those results and burning up their free trial or their subscription. Because of this way of doing things I don't think there's any incentive to really make the bot give good results from the start. It's just a really bad payment model for this sort of thing which discourages them from making it good. Forcing you to use Discord is also rather annoying.
I typed in Beautiful woman cosplay Princess Peach to try to get a more realistic result with a real woman. It kept making one eye too big and it did not make the eyes blue, which is why I specified green eyes on the Alice attempt, but it ignores that eye color parameter anyways. 3rd Peach is Photoshopped to try to fix the face and eyes. I think the free trial version of the bot just might be deliberately worse since it often ignores parameters entirely. I tried to make Battletoads fighting in GameStop, but it ignored the GameStop part entirely and the Battletoads are a jumbled abstract mess that up-scaling couldn't fix. Overall, I think if you had enough time with the good version of the Midjourney Bot you could make interesting things. I've seen others doing it. But in the end I still had to use Photoshop.
Oh yeah, I also tried to create something like Bowser without actually saying Bowser, but rather than a Turtle breathing fire the Turtle itself is on fire. Looks like something that lurched out of Chernobyl.
>>684055 If you don't give Enstil.ai a good style to draw from it tends to give you low quality DeviantArt shit. I almost get the sense that it's just merging Google Images results together.
>>684216 >If you don't give Enstil.ai a good style to draw from it tends to give you low quality DeviantArt shit. The AI can't replicate his fine pointillism but that third one replicates his style in broad strokes pretty well.
>>684240 Just to contrast this is hoe the man himself drew.