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(931.60 KB 1400x1400 DaS Cat.jpg)

(1.37 MB 1960x1120 Viv's New Pet.jpg)

(120.29 KB 1600x1436 ashley smoking a fag.png)

(2.58 MB 1920x1080 Good present.mp4)

(847.99 KB 1200x1200 Shooter Garfield.jpg)

DrawThread - Armored Cat edition Anonymous 07/25/2022 (Mon) 14:36:38 Id: 4bf4d4 No. 653076
Archive of last thread: https://archive.is/EpDqd Thread making resources + the OP can be found here: https://mega.nz/#F!Suhz0D5Y!BSrBrV1kxK9B5G1SSiJmwQ Relevant Boards >>>/loomis/ >>>smuglo.li/a/ - Drawing Improvement Club Books and Tutorials If you're starting out, just have as much fun as possible and give it your best shot. Don't worry too much about these as they're info overload for absolute beginners. Sometimes they get nuked but >we try to keep them updated. https://sites.google.com/site/ourwici/ https://www.mediafire.com/folder/5strtvods5gda/Drawgfag_Resources https://hubpages.com/art/how-to-draw-learn Helpful Resources Interested in learning how to draw? Check this shit out. Learn fundamentals with exercises: drawabox.com 8Chan Art Wiki: infiniteart.wikia.com/wiki/InfiniteArt_Wiki Online poses with timer: quickposes.com/en/gestures/timed /loomis/ resource hub: web.archive.org/web/20190721220321/http://www.8ch.net/loomis/hub.html HOW TO DRAW - an /ic/ guide: hubpages.com/art/how-to-draw-learn Great resources by /co/ veteran: comic-con.org/toucan Real life reference of normal people: oh-hi.info/ Animu key frames: sakugabooru.com Drawfag resources: mediafire.com/folder/5strtvods5gda/Drawgfag_Resources 4/ic/ Resources: /ic/ itself: Filled with namefag, cancer and horny art but its where all drawfagging began. Explore around, you can still find diamond in that septic tank. /ic/ Beginner Guide: docs.google.com/document/d/1uwaXKU7ev6Tw_or__o8ARpUb6r2rCZYJGqwSFV9AD98/edit#bookmark=id.15jx3pyuimvj Drawfag resources: mediafire.com/folder/5strtvods5gda/Drawgfag_Resources Helpful Video Resources, mostly YouTube ProkoTV: Good for basic anatomy needs Sycra Yasin: General in-depth talk about ways to improve and being an artist CG Cookie / ConceptCookie: Advanced techniques and many livestreams (on Wednesdays) and tutorials FZDSCHOOL: Founder of FZD School (in Singapore) Feng Zhu showcases his workflows by re-working art from his students Scott Robertson: Advanced lessons on drawing fundamentals and concept artwork Ctrl+Paint: Free lessons on basics and fundamentals of drawing and painting Draw Mix Paint: Free lessons in traditional painting Level Up Sessions: Livestreams and talks with professional artists Booru and Delivery Archive https://ourobooru.booru.org/ (Superior new booru) 8-booru.booru.org/ (Retired booru because the owner is fucking dead) Tips for a healthier Drawthread >Spot out any autistic shitter and repeat offenders You know who they are unless you're new, in which case lurk moar. >Anyone can participate, even if you're dog shit. The livelier it is, the better, but don't go begging for (you)s or pity. This is not deviantArt. >If you do draw, draw to the best of your ability! If you're not giving it your all people will notice. >Any drawfags with works in progress, please post any updates so that the requester and everyone else knows that people are still working hard! >If for any reason a request is scrapped, upload what you have and say it's at its most complete state. Maybe ask if someone wants to take over and finish it for you. >Comment. Every artist loves a compliment, it validates their hard work. Don't be afraid of dishing out them (you)s as long as you feel they deserve them. LASTLY, PLEASE READ THIS These threads are not meant to be spammed every day like a fucking general. This isn't an art board. Give the Drawfags their time to do their thing and leave the thread-making to them. Anyone attempting to make this thread in a newfag/cuckchan/low effort manner will be met with disdain and mockery. And finally, have fun
(63.06 KB 600x600 request.jpg)

(799.69 KB 1000x1000 deliver.jpg)

(785.29 KB 1600x1240 Board-tans [Asterix].png)

(333.89 KB 996x854 buns amy.png)

(1.17 MB 1600x1300 cirnosupervegeta.png)

(3.76 MB 2001x2800 DanBed10.png)

(896.31 KB 1400x1400 dragons-dogma-2-logo-3138829055.jpg)

Pics from previous thread
>>653077 (checked) My request from the last thread, Rosetta-tan cosplaying as Midna or Amane-Tan.
>>653086 Didn't see that first pic from the last thread. Looks real naisu, like something out of a real cartoon from back in the day.
(34.38 KB 680x535 SLAM WALL TELL SCREAM.jpg)

(350.47 KB 1480x720 Big mouth yell.jpg)

(101.91 KB 1200x855 Yell big mouth.jpg)

>>653077 Requesting an exaggeratedly large-headed red-anon who has just slammed a green-anon against a wall yelling at the top of his lungs; as seen in these images. I assume a transparency would look better than a opaque background, but do whatever feels right. A second version with the green-anon made red would be nice as well.
(456.77 KB 1123x1103 silly hats only.png)

(807.00 KB 1400x1400 Ed.jpg)

(31.96 KB 300x300 vi.jpg)

(151.56 KB 855x588 let it go arisen.png)

(1.12 MB 800x800 Original Joke Do Not Steal.gif)

(686.71 KB 1500x2099 Omi6.png)

(86.17 KB 638x1122 FVK1dpWXsAEVsiM.jpg)

(787.51 KB 1024x1024 crazy taxi.jpg)

>>653076 >>653086 I love scruffy gondola.
(87.00 KB 1416x712 Sonic [FINAL VERSION].png)

Hit up my patreon for requests.
>>653077 Draw Homer getting backpack cucked
(95.22 KB 900x578 1545249925-1.jpg)

(139.34 KB 1000x641 1545249925-2.jpeg)

(1.12 MB 1700x1400 21725214.jpg)

(1.10 MB 610x362 1465107941732-3.gif)

>>653077 Requesting a Lilo Vivian and a Stitch gondola. It's summer after all.
>>653077 Speaking of cats here are my requests from the previous thread. Draw em or not I don't care but if you guys do for absolutely no compensation, you will of course earn my undying praise and pictures of anime titties if desired. First cap is my second request and I had another request that was a tarnished fondleing Ranni's tits while shes sleeping, the post got deleted for some reason though. Make the tarnished have a helmet on like baalbuddys art or red like an anon or do your own thing I don't give a shit go nuts.
(2.81 MB 1425x2766 freyaFrontpageFUll.png)

(98.77 KB 1200x800 duke.jpg)

>>653077 Requesting Freya wearing Duke Nukem's outfit: red tank top, military tactical harness, blue jeans, black army boots, sunglasses, and a belt with the trefoil radioactive sign on it.
(969.37 KB 1790x2320 hatsune_miku.jpg)

(140.74 KB 1280x720 screen.jpg)

(36.66 KB 315x317 rainbow_mika.jpg)

>>653077 Draw R Mika Hatsune whatever that means is up to you
(4.08 KB 246x205 proxy-image.jpg)

(82.63 KB 650x650 30062022-3.jpg)

(114.75 KB 958x973 1555110803277.jpg)

Requesting a picture of Caleb from the Blood series wearing the PUBG Mask, shooting either Chris-Chan, a typical Reddit mod, (((Mark Zuckerberg))), or Blackrock CEO (((Mr. Fink))) with a double barrelled shotgun. Other details are up to the artist.
>>653375 What's the joke?
>>653407 Hes the fag who keeps requesting a character shooting a pokemon
>>653077 Cat edition. So requesting anything about that damn recent video game Stray cat.
(304.52 KB 1004x1348 mark grill.png)

Requesting a black man behind our BO, with his hands wrapped around Marks pregnant belly, with a zoom-in of nagatoros fetus wearing a star of david, text saying "das rite, miracles do happen." or something. Make mark look blissful. >>653077
>>653429 Nope, not that spammer at all. My previous post never even mentioned Pokemon to begin with.
(437.68 KB 850x1134 Lili 112.jpg)

(47.94 KB 512x288 Guinevere 2.jpg)

Requesting Lili Rochefort to be drawn in the violet dress in the 2nd image while keeping her looks and her pose from the first image intact.
>>653077 Requesting the anon who requested >>653446 getting MARKED by Mark while grasping his request post in his fist
>>653220 Did you know Lilo spelled backwards is Loli(!)
>>653470 Crap, I forgot to tag >>653077
>>653543 That makes "Olil" you dumbass.
>>653077 Sorry about the OC autism but would anyone be willing to draw my daughteru? I got midsummer blues real bad since my beloved irl kitty died a couple of weeks ago out of nowhere and my anxiety is ramping up. I need some dopamine. Please draw her having fun in summer. Maybe on her own or with another vidya character you enjoy? Or maybe doing something with tamanduas? I like tamanduas. But anything is fine.
>>653552 I know, Anon.
>>653554 >my cat died so please draw fetish art of my fucked up goblin imaginary friend
>>653556 Do you like to watch One Piece?
>>653556 There's nothing in there about fetish art though.
>>653556 What do you have against goblins, Anon?
(407.93 KB 1658x969 tamanduaracing.png)

Some tamandua art.
>>653554 You realize drawing can greatly lower your anxiety right? You're anxious because you know you need to get some FUCKING agency in your life but don't bother doing the work even for yourself. You are a weak nigga and you have no future.
>>653609 But I am drawing.
(136.50 KB 742x571 $230.png)

>>653612 draw your catgirl getting used as a cumdumpster
>>653238 Goddamn, I want to see this too. A question though: Should she also have Duke's Hairstyle, perhaps taller to account for the greater amount of hair involved?
>>653608 Radical
(15.48 KB 259x224 Akko2.png)

>>653238 I'm taking this one
(63.37 KB 408x544 Dook female.jpg)

>>653720 Welp nvm then.
>>653730 Thats not the request though, thats early concept art of bombshell.
>>653720 That's just early concept Bombshell, also there's no muscle, even less abs. It's just not the same.
>>653554 lol is this a gigamaiden character?
(518.42 KB 2560x1920 91s-yIUaiGL._RI_.jpg)

(97.23 KB 480x670 9784062625173_w.jpg)

>>653543 >>653552 >>653555 Well in Japanese, Lilo backwards is loli.
>>653825 >Lilo is anagram for loli
>>653730 That's just concept art of the female version of dook back in the 90s. >>653742 I know I was just giving out some inspiration
(60.60 KB 680x397 then boom randy.jpg)

>>653667 >Should she also have Duke's Hairstyle, perhaps taller to account for the greater amount of hair involved? That probably wouldn't look that good, better keep it normal. I was also hesitating if I should request Danielle (either as a babe in a microbikini, or with Serious Sam's outfit), or not. Just Freya is fine, no pressure.
>>653844 >>653667 Could probably look good with a mullet. >>653720 RIP original Bombshell.
(669.42 KB 1379x2800 vivian80s.png)

No one asked for this but I felt inspired after watching some 80's gym clips someone posted on a GG thread. >How would that style fit Vivian I thought. Also making her a bit more athletic/muscular. Before coloring, I would like to ask for feedback, specially regarding anatomy. I used reference, but I could still have fucked it up.
>>654082 Looks stiff, face looks mashed in and yes are too close to the center.
>>653797 Not quite. Same universe.
>>653559 Its a cat girl
>>653094 >That Ed Holy shit, that's fucking amazing. >>618719 >IMO lewdest variant is fully-clothed, but topless is almost lewder. You are my absolute nigger. Patrician taste. I made thread on /h/ dedicated to girls obliviously exposing themselves. >>>/h/3413 In general, I'm not quite sure if I can put into words what I love about it, but your drawing of Ed fits a subcategory which I can define more clearly as to why I love it. That tank top that accidentally revealing her chest, her dressing that way without regard to possibly being exposed, is pure tomboy appeal. And I can tell you that's probably the same reason you find the topless to be second lewdest. Going shirtless like a boy is extreme tomboy appeal as well, however, unlike the "fully" clothed Ed, it crosses the line of what could be considered socially normal tomboyishness, and so, her casually acting that way is a slightly less believable scenario.
(1.32 MB 3840x2160 req.jpg)

>>653077 Requesting fight knight like in the reference with his arms cracking (any of both ways is fine) and a night sky with the moon as background.
>>653093 Same anon; I imagined it as a reaction image for: LISTEN TO ME YOU STUPID FAGGOT!! posts.
>>654082 That looks cool.
>>654295 Should've given him teeth, good job though
>>654308 was too scared to break "too many" gondola rules.
>>654309 There are no actual rules, that's such a cool fucking gondola btw.
>>654295 Aww that's actually kind of cute. Thanks anon. >>654309 ayylmao
(788.76 KB 1058x1550 pastalavista3.png)

(391.20 KB 1230x1230 pastalavista2.png)

(81.11 KB 900x1021 91d.jpg)

(31.63 KB 640x480 beretta.jpg)

>>653077 Requesting Rita Ciano (the board tan for /ita/) with a Beretta handgun in her mouth like picrelated
>>654333 Nice trips but why though?
(317.20 KB 566x423 mash_B_to_not_sweat.png)

>>654082 Looking forward to the refinement anon cause aerobics is some top-tier shit. >>654295 ayy lmao :--DDD
>>654339 Because the userbase is scattered to the wind, dead or grew angry at the inaction of the moderation and the only three guys I know of who used to visit are unreachable
>>654378 Way cuter than I expected
(205.53 KB 780x1168 oldschool drinkers.jpg)

(298.95 KB 600x800 Serious Sam01.jpg)

(402.36 KB 656x594 drake reference.png)

(27.13 KB 387x420 1469731217690.jpg)

(212.53 KB 796x860 freeman cup.jpg)

>>653077 Requesting an addendum to this image, to include several other known shooter protagonists: >Serious Sam >Drake McMannis from Alien Shooter series >Max Payne >Gordon Freeman Also, requesting the new wang from the shitty reboot games to be replaced with the old one Ideas: >Sam should have his iconic bomb logo on his mug, background should be egypt, bonus points for kleers and headless kamikadzes in the background >Drake is from a lesser known game franchise "Alien Shooter". The game is mostly isometric, so reference material is scarce. I'm thinking something along him drinking from a M.A.G.M.A Corp logo mug, possibly in a dark lit laboratory, walls splattered with blood >Plenty to go on with max payne, as far as backgrounds. I would prefer his artwork to be done in the same blurry/realistic style the comic book panels from the game are. I dunno what he would be drinking, he's more of a painkiller guy, maybe add a remedy logo on the mug >I actually have a reference for Gordon to be drinking coffee, something like that but drawn in a similar style as the other heroes in this picture
>>654295 Absolutely adorable. >>654309 The only gondola rule is not being mean to gondola.
>>654378 >the thick thighs line on the socks Truly a man of culture
>>654408 If gondola wants my benis, is it still abusive or is it not due to consent. Can gondolas consent?
>>654402 Sam in progress
(207.43 KB 517x730 Alena_DS.png)

(520.28 KB 600x1024 f2d.png)

>>653077 Pretty please, draw Tsarevna Alena in this pose >>653720 Sweet >>654082 Also really nice. You need to work a bit on perspective but you got this. The left arm is kinda small and the hand is even moreso.
(204.17 KB 1000x1000 seriousSam.jpg)

>>654510 Very nice. Are you planning on doing the others?
Not right now, maybe later sometime
>>654512 >>654511 F it, I'm doing max payne
(165.80 KB 1000x1000 maxPayne.jpg)

(2.48 MB 780x1553 oldschool drinkers edited.png)

>>654541 Thanks, this looks great too I love how both of these fit in nicely with the established artstyle and template That would make two more remaining, Gordon and Drake(with nu-wang being optionally replaced with classic wang, but that's just my preference)
(193.41 KB 1000x1000 seriousSam.jpg)

>>653078 >>654544 >>654510 Polished Sam a bit
(1.01 MB 1300x2019 Grad.png)

(181.29 KB 1208x556 GradFin1.png)

Quickie Freya before doing that Duke request.
>>654633 Am I retarded?
>>654633 >freya is dumb This is funny to me.
(94.31 KB 360x199 Stitz.png)

>>654635 I might be completely misunderstanding your post but it sounds like you don't get the image. A and F are also bra sizes. F is a large bra size, also known as quadruple D. Freya's actual size dwarfs that, though. She'd be a Z cup. That's a totally real breast size, it's very rare but some people do have them that big without surgery. The largest natural breasts are a 102ZZZ held by a British woman named Annie Hawkins-Turner AKA Norma Stitz, that might be even bigger than Freya.
>>654633 >That quote
(205.25 KB 1744x1025 88201617_p0.png)

(187.28 KB 1744x1025 88222861_p0.png)

>>654654 I can't see well from that image, but Stitz's breasts look bigger than Freya's. It looks like it's on npar with Danielle's breasts size, though.
>>654378 She's adorable, thanks anon!
>>654689 Freya looks more on par with someone like Hitomi Tanaka, if not slightly bigger.
>>654689 Gosh I need to update those. Tbh with you guys, I've plan to shrink Freya tits. I'm being too horny in early day, it just ruin her's muscle girl theme, and make it harder to do sport or more active poses. >>654698 This, this size sound better.
>>654701 >I've plan to shrink Freya tits. Please do. I like big tits, but i dont like absurd tits.
>>654701 just bounce her tits back and forth as needed, nobody cares about on-model shit
>>654689 Freya's are a little big for her. Give her a thick ass to compensate.
>>654654 Okay thanks, I don't think about bras very often so it didn't click.
>>654701 I'm dismayed but you are the artist and truth be told I always thought her breasts were a bit too large for her build...but then again I also enjoyed that aspect for the same reason I like seeing extremely large breasts on girls of very slim build, that being because the contrast between the two extremes. That being said, don't make the change just to make things easier to draw. You'll wind up in that category of artist that always orients their character's poses to avoid drawing hands, or can't draw feet so tries to draw around it instead of taking that next step and perfecting their anatomy. I'll also throw my vote behind the other person who mentioned having her breast size be dynamic. Perhaps part of the reason she works out so much is to keep fat from building up on her chest but the effort is sometimes undone by her consumption of excess calories from alcohol. In the end this is your decision to make, I just hope you make it for the right reasons.
(4.50 KB 162x162 Character_Horror.png)

>>653077 Requesting a bunch of horrors piled up each other.
>>653077 Lads I'm in a bit of a pickle, a blenderfag anon has told me he'd be okay with making a model of Rita if he had a reference for her drawn from the back and the side. Is there any drawfag who'd be able to do that? It doesn't need to be super detailed AFAIK, just giving enough of a shape to be rigged. Even a sketch would work.
>>654827 What the fuck is there to reference? It's not like she has a third arm on her shoulder blades or anything. The skirt is still blue, the apron is tied at the back, the shirt's white and the headscarf has solid stripes all the way 'round. The only point of contention would be the back of the corset, which may well tie at the front under the apron, or what color her panties are, which i'll go ahead and assume she doesn't wear any because she's italian and therefore a slut.
>>654835 >It's not like she has a third arm on her shoulder blades or anything Imagine
>>654827 >>654835 Seeing it more critically it looks like the back ribbon + the back of the uh upper cloth? Would be the missing details.
>>654835 >>654839 Like a baby arm holding an apple.
>>654852 s gotta be a bowl of spaghet
>>654849 I imagine the apron is just tied in a normal knot, unless there's some special historical i-tie gordian knot i'm not familiar with. Imagine tying your shoes, but with an apron. I dunno if you mean the back of the shirt/blouse or the headrag but i already commented on the kerchief and i assume the top is the same as the front (mid-shoulders so show off that sexy back cleavage) and is a pullover shirt, rather than some kind of retarded backwards button-down sleevey ornament.
(880.15 KB 1300x2435 vivian80s.png)

>>654089 >Looks stiff This doesn't help if you don't elaborate further, the rest is fine. >>654460 >The left arm and hand That's helpful, thanks. >>654291 >>654343 Thank you guys. But I have to admit I'm lazy, so please don't expect it to be done soon. It takes so long for me draw something and when I think I'm doing good, people tell me I fucked up something that is basically a redraw to get right. I get tired and just move on to something else. So much effort to draw and it's so easy to get it wrong.
>>654853 Two man sized meat balls.
>>655034 It looks stiff and unnatural, show us your reference if possible.
Anyone know what app /loomis/ is using to draw with many anons? I know they dropped drawpile, what else do they use now?
>>655108 Nothing, they're waiting for someone to set up a new drawpile server. t. The person working on making a new drawpile server.
>>655034 Try resizing your drawing's weak points and draw again using that as reference. Never fear using real life references for your poses, the human body is a tricky thing to draw correctly. I like the hair, by the way.
>>655208 Are you going to invite the /arte/ anons to the new drawpiles?
(444.48 KB 1379x2800 feedback.png)

>>655034 Hey, so I'm no master, but since you asked for feedback, I allowed myself to try to provide what I know. I made the legs shorter, though that's up to you, I have a tendency to make them too short. But more than that, I placed the feet more firmly on the ground, which helps the overall pose imo. But more importantly, check the torso. Yours is rotated kinda unnaturally, the breasts start way too low and kinda point at a weird angle, especially considering the way you positioned collarbones. Essentially you made the torso seem to rotate only at the shoulders, whereas rotation like that should be more distributed along the whole length of spine, from neck to hips, which is what I hoped to demonstrate. Hope this helps a bit, good luck.
(12.05 KB 300x300 1435769901368.jpg)

>>655516 You're working really hard anon! It makes me want to draw more too.
(619.86 KB 880x1038 HotwheelsStairs.png)

(956.05 KB 617x1317 Razputin_Aquato_(P2).png)

(2.78 MB 1092x2796 Morrispn2.png)

>>653077 If you played Psychonauts 2, you'll love to see this happen. I am requesting a simple picture of Razputin pushing the new character, Morris, down the stairs, fuck that character. That is all, if you wish, you could make it the stairs are of the mailroom from the motherlobe. Thanks again. >>653078
>>656166 > fuck that character what exactly is the problem with him? also, is the game actually good? I wanna give it a go
>>656177 It is good but it has occasional woke bullshit. Mr. Shitface may be a retard but he still knows how to make interesting games, as much as I hate to say it. Definitely give it a pirate.
>>656180 is it actually woke, or is it actually in tune with the original game's humor? if the game has a few political jokes or a few niggers, that doesn't make it a woke games. You would have to try pretty hard to try and make something Psychonauts or any other 3D platformer woke anyways
>>656177 The game is pretty good, the interns are the lowest point for me though. They're obnoxious unecessary filler that you can go on without, the campers from the first game were way better. I really don't see anyone clammoring for them like they did the campers, the worst part is that the game tries to treat them as if they are important and crucial to the games plot, especially in the end, but it's hamfisted and lacks substance and growth, why they didn't bring the campers over instead is beyond me. The best thing that happens with them is when the psychonauts prioritize raz over them and essentially make them know the kid is their superior. They really needed more time brainstorming these characters, because I just avoid them whenever possible, they're not witty, they're not sharp, they are just 1 dimensional characters that exist for the sake of checking off a list, they are as bland in writing as their character design. Did I mention how annoying their voices are? It's like someone pestered schafer into putting their OC's into the game and he couldn't say no. Their voices are the shit cherry on the turd cake, unfitting, unprofessuonal and grating. Save the resources for something better.
>>656184 So there's a whole level themed around gay wedding between two of the main supporting characters. That said the game was so good it never really bothered me too much. It never made a big deal out of it, and it wasn't really that big of a plotpoint in the grand scheme of things.
(54.50 KB 640x511 1468111800548.jpg)

>>656200 Don't forget the she-boon who drove some white doctor crazy because he stole her work, and the excuse to do it was that she intruded his mind trying to change it, because she found he didn't like black women, to be fair though the game doesn't justify it at all since she was driven crazy too after razputin does the same thing to her when she refuses to allow the students to visit the casino level. The way razputin shit bricks and apologizes so suddenly after fixing it felt a little forced though, not that I'm not agreeing with it; forcing someone be d to your will is definetly wrong and I'm glad the game acknowledges it, but it does shit the bed when the 'nauts find out nick johnsmith is gristol malick but ostracize him and essentially forgive maligula because she co-opted an alter ego given by ford then it's clear the game is still pretty liberal at heart and not as much of a gray area as it originally wanted you to think. They really were shitting the bed near the end, steam was clearly running out in different parts of the game and the plot started rushing to the finish line.
>>653077 Requesting any of these characters scuba diving / snorkeling underwater, nude or wearing a skimpy bikini. Exploring something, tentacles, giving a blowjob, peril, sfw or nsfw, I am fine with any of these. Please keep their body dimensions petite.
(12.54 KB 471x367 horror stack.png)

>>656442 Fuggin' based
>>656442 Niiice, thank you.
>>656442 They're sort of cute.
(590.29 KB 1500x2553 vivian80s.png)

(452.99 KB 2560x1440 ref.jpg)

>>655516 Thanks for red-lines, anon. Your style is great and like >>655529 I felt motivated to try again. Sorry for not replying earlier. >>655079 >show us your reference if possible Second pic. Since it's a 3D model pose, maybe that's why it looks unnatural. Still, I think a good artist would be able to transform an awkward pose into a more fluid one.
(17.32 KB 800x800 kashaearth-800.png)

Made pixel art.
>>656799 Anon that's wonderful
>>656799 Actually love that Anon, very cute
>>656799 Cute! I like it.
>>656799 gorgeous
>>656799 More like this, less like the rest. Very good.
>>656799 Very cute
I'm happy you like her Anons. I'll make more like it eventually.
>>656917 Draw her getting aroused from eating so much catnip...hahah...!!
>>656203 They forgave the NOT soldier guy who tried taking over the world in the first game.
(600.13 KB 1500x2553 feedback2.png)

>>656669 It's generally good, but you made a similar mistake in the shoulder area. Notice in the where the brests originate from, and especially in relation to the arm, and how in the reference it's behind them. With smaller size it's not really going to change that much. Long story short, you're making the collar bone area too large (too high specifically) compared to the rest of the chest/torso. In pic related I literally just took that area above the breasts and moved it slightly, left a shadow of your original. Not a big change, but fixes a lot imo.
>>657398 Now that you said it and showed an edit, it made sense to me. Thanks for pointing it out. Already fixed it now but I won't post because I feel it'll "pollute" the thread with posts that aren't related to deliveries. I'll post it when it's completed or very close to completion. Thanks again.
(228.72 KB 838x912 Demifield sketch.png)

(62.90 KB 600x800 Gonditch.png)

>>653221 Made a sketch, I wouldn't call it finished but the line art is fairly good.
>>658544 Hey those are looking pretty good.
>>658544 Damn, that's one cute Gondola hybrid
(94.87 KB 290x333 Tails.png)

>>658544 No fucking way someone is actually doing my request??? Thank you so much anon! I can't wait to see it when its done! I also love that gondola, that's also going into my gondola folder as soon as its done, I'll try and post it whenever I have an excuse to in the future, just for you.
>>658544 Shin Megami Tensei: Garfield
>>654082 Can you share the reference anon? I'd like to see it first.
>>658544 Delicious. Finally, some good fucking food.
>>658544 Oh that's a great Stitchdola. I love you anon.
request sonic as vulpes, tails as guess what on one hand I feel like this should already exist, on the other I feel like a bad person
(3.40 MB 2692x1368 BUCLKING SPRING.png)

>>653077 Requesting Elizabeth from Persona 3 loving the clicky sound of an IBM model M keyboard (Third generation, Part Number: 1391401)as in the reference(B). Draw her posing like (I). Draw her wearing this outfit(M) https://youtu.be/HXJzmky2DaI Also: Anyone else in this thread is using right now one of these bad boys?
>>659004 >on the other I feel like a bad person You should be on the cross for using .webp you degenerate
>>659149 The absolutely unfitting sunglasses make it better.
(1.67 MB 1640x2924 vivfix+.jpg)

(685.65 KB 1640x2924 vivfix+++.jpg)

>>654082 Okay I couldn't help myself and went ahead without ther reference. Your original pic posing is kind of weird and off balance as her left hand is weirdly hanging, so I added one of those excercise balls between her legs for her to help the pose be more stable and grounded. It also looks lifeless because on your attempt to copy the pose you forgot about making the pose believable with some more emphasis on the curves and the weight and force of the pose. Anything else that comes to mind is that you're trying to copy what you see but without understanding the inner works of it, nothing more practice and some stdying can't fix. Ganbare anon.
>>659248 Oh shit hi elton.
(57.04 KB 582x651 oh exploitable.png)

>>659249 Oh hai.
(280.63 KB 828x944 Demifield_Colors.png)

(199.44 KB 828x944 Demifield_notats.png)

(178.52 KB 828x944 Demifield_lines.png)

(290.62 KB 828x944 Colors_transparent2.png)

(135.09 KB 828x944 Lines_transparent.png)

>>653078 >>653221 I cleaned up the lineart, adjusted it a bit, and colored it in. Here is my effort post.
>>659255 Featuring dilbert from the dilbert series
>>653077 request. A drawing of /v/ using his prosthetic hand to keep a knife from stabbing him deep in the gut (its already a little ways in with blood leaking out) a blue anon in a typical suit (Guy Fawkes Mask?) and a yellow anon in a hawaiian shirt and shorts (standard anon face) are behind /v/ trying to hold him from the back making it harder to defend himself. The person stabbing /v/ looks like Vivian in a patterned hoodie and jeans. but her normal colors of green and purple are faded (that’s if you decide to color it, a B&W pic would be just fine) not sure what kind of expression Vivian should have, maybe a bit blank? /v/ looks extremely angry (maybe also a teardrop coming from his eye?) and the anons can barley hold him back. I was thinking /v/ should look like his “punished” self. Inspired by metal gear v. (but maybe even older and more battle damaged/scarred up) thanks for looking at my request.
>>659255 No way. You even went the extra mile and made extra versions? Thank you so much anon! Here is some fat anime milkers like I promised! No nipples though I avoid saving porn to my pc for mental health reasons
>>658856 >>659248 Reference was posted: >>656669 I considered pointing it out earlier, but I figured you'd scroll the page and see it yourself. It's an example of why artists will generally say "don't use 3D renders for reference" because the pose can look stiff and unnatural. I still use 3D renders for reference since getting any pose from any camera angle is useful, but there are shortcomings to consider. 3D models don't care about the center of balance, don't show folds of the skin nor the contortion of muscles so they're a loose reference at best and should likely be supplemented with additional references.
>>654557 >>654541 >>654544 >>658544 >>659255 Nice. Are there going to be Garfield requests in every thread now? >>654154 I know what you mean with the tomboy angle. Very nice /h/ thread. Saved a bunch of those images. If you like my work there's some new junk at baraag.net/@8anon that I 'did not post here. If someone cries "self promotion" over my baraag link remind them all my art is free.
>>659356 >all my art is free All art is free, kemono.party is a thing.
(43.99 KB 600x603 for free.jpg)

>>659358 By free I obviously meant zero compensation. kemono.party only circumvents subscription paywalls while commissions still require an initial payment.
>>659396 Still free.
is it OK to add a few more reference pictures in another post or does that count as taking up more then one post for a request?
(2.03 MB 2800x2500 Dragon's Dogma Girls.jpg)

(42.77 KB 639x646 Eldenringryanpc1.webp)

(151.02 KB 685x661 Eldenringmillicent.webp)

If 8anon ever returns I'd like to see him do this except with Millicent (with or without fake arm idc), Rya (Make sure her back is hunched) and Nepheli Loux (for that muscuclar tomboy delicious brown) from Elden Ring. Or whomever Elden Ring girl he wants, it doesn't matter to me as long as the art is good.
>>660497 He is still here shilling his baraag.
>>659256 >Dilbert May Cry wew
>>660522 >what are you doing >spreading false motivation on the web >why >because it's fun >someone picks up a strand of false motivation, spreads it around and before you know it a demon cult is created, then you just sit back and gain more power
(130.19 KB 827x2001 DanteRender.png)

(30.93 KB 135x311 Dilbert_(character).png)

>>653077 Shit, requesting >>660522 >>659256 Dilbert as dante.
(99.92 KB 900x900 kat & yorha 2b.jpg)

>>653077 Just wanted to request Kat from Gravity Rush eating ice cream and sharing some with Dusty. Finally finished the remastered version today & holy fuck was the game fun & the music God-tier, a little saddened that Kat got cucked hard because of Newt & Echo.
(319.90 KB 947x650 normal and not weird.jpg)

>>653077 Requesting Nezha from Warframe wearing this shirt h-haha

(93.10 KB 200x437 200px-FEA_Tharja.png)

(2.63 MB 3200x4352 latest.png)

>>653077 Requesting Shantae, Tharja, or another vidya girl with a similar outfit to the woman in first pic doing her pose with anon in place of the man in first pic
(280.88 KB 1000x1314 MMX8.jpg)

>>653077 Requesting this image but with nero, vergil and dante.
(628.82 KB 1000x1623 Shantanon.jpg)

(53.76 KB 849x872 anon is angry.png)

>>661403 Thats not the right anon!
(619.58 KB 1000x1623 Shantanon2.jpg)

>>661408 >>661403 >>653078 I'm a bit out of the loop. Does this one fit the description?
(94.35 KB 1200x675 das it mane.jpg)

(154.00 KB 1400x1400 Nepheli Loux.jpg)

>>660497 That Dragon's Dogma art made me burn out and quit drawing for three months before I went back to finish it. So I did a drawing of ONE of those three characters you've requested. Might do more, or not. I have some others things I was doing. Are those even the top three girls from Elden Ring? I think Nepheli, at least in fan art, is far more muscle girl than I'm accustomed to drawing. Muscle girls are not really my forte, but I gave it a try anyway.
(2.49 MB 720x540 Spiderman AVGN.gif)

>>661412 Much better
>>661403 >>661412 If you're new (welcome!), we dropped the old green anon around 8 years ago when we left 4chan. We use redanon now, you can check the booru for more examples of him https://ourobooru.booru.org/index.php?page=post&s=list&tags=redanon
>>661419 Could you draw her pooping?
>>661419 Draw her brutally killing this anon >>661455
>>661419 Draw her menstruating
>>661412 Excellent new drawfriend.
>>661453 The default is just "anon" and most of them are red
>>661412 That does fit the description and it's great! Be sure to also quote the deliver anchor when you finished the request.
>>661412 ONE OF >US ONE OF >US
(230.29 KB 640x713 screencap fawkes.png)

>>661453 its not even a question of being new to 8chan since i dont think 4chan has used the guy fawkes mask in the last dozen years; that is some 'just strolled right out of 9gag' tier shit
>>661519 Well it's possible to be out of the loop for a while. I was out of the image board loop for about 8 years before I returned and let me tell you it was quite the culture shock.
(329.59 KB 1920x1080 20220224203802_1.jpg)

(555.64 KB 1920x1080 she got impregnated by it.jpg)

(51.10 KB 1024x510 sellen.jpg)

>>661419 >Are those even the top three girls from Elden Ring? I know for a fact that everyone sure as shit loves Rya, Millicent and Ranni though. Melina is overrated, Sorceress Sellen is the best teacher in the world and she is always barefoot and wearing that dumbass statue helmet for some reason, Roderika is just a plain looking white woman, Fia is a white woman that gives you hugs but she also fucks actual corpses including the MASSIVE one in pic related somehow, Marika is almost a non-character in the game but at least she's got some nice (nippleless) tits.
>>661541 anyone else hear Sellen's dialogue as if she's taking anal when she's in katamari form??
>>661419 The Dragon's Dogma pic is one of my favorite pieces ever shown here, you have a whimsical touch to your drawings that is just great >Muscle girls are not really my forte I think that's good, means you'll portray her as something softer than a solid mass of banded steel, keep up the good work
>>661534 Oh really? How come? You must tell us.
>>661519 Artist here, I did the fawkes mask on purpose as a joke/shitpost. I just forgot about color changes.
(1.84 MB 1400x1400 Nepheli Loux [WIP].jpg)

>>661419 Worked more on this. • Some minor changes • Weighted lines • Color & Blush Still lacks full shading with highlights, but in case I can't work on it again here's how it is currently. >>661591 >portray her as something softer than a solid mass of banded steel Yeah, lot of muscle girl art portrays them as hard angular granite. Certainly they're firm but they're not rocks. They have softer bits. Drawing muscle girls with huge soft tits helps convey that. >Dragon's Dogma pic is one of my favorite pieces The Mercedes drawing in that one had some muscular definition, but Nepheli needs more muscular definition judging by fan art. >>661412 Even without a face the pose alone has such a smug vibe. Very nice.
(412.41 KB 780x496 I'm full of desire.PNG)

(529.79 KB 480x480 holy fuck im cumming.mp4)

(23.67 KB 591x534 1537321243.jpg)

>>661843 WHERE'S THE BUSH?
(5.64 MB 3000x5251 DukeF2.png)

>>653238 >>653078 I realize I keep drawing Freya with that dumb grin alot Post it you fucking retard site.
(314.38 KB 640x640 nut cat.mp4)

>>661843 I will fight, defend and DIE on the hill that is delicious brown tomboy muscle girl hill, no matter how many fags call my taste shit or me any kind of slur.
(486.54 KB 525x641 200 percent radical.png)

>>661910 Groovy.
(39.87 KB 718x322 heatenings.jpg)

>>661910 This is even better than I expected.
>>661910 What's the feminine version of Duke? And what would her catchphrase be? >I've got ovaries of steel
>>661916 >What's the feminine version of Duke? Early bombshell.
>>661910 I'll be honest I thought the result of that request would be shit if it was ever done but this is bretty solid
>>661916 She'd probably have several one-liners she'd say in broken English and a heavy accent like >Pigs? Perfect, Dani said we out of bacon >Wasn't even good workout >Saw bigger guns than this, inside Anons' pants for example
>>661939 This isn't Dani or Freyja I'm talking here, it's femDuke.
(9.53 MB 2150x2938 milchi-hairlift1.png)

Made a lewd thing.
>>662005 That's a big girl.
>>662005 Nice, I love the way you shade hair.
>>662005 man can't your girls change their size on a whim or whatever? It means I can actually imagine myself fucking them otherwise meh, fuck off
>>662068 You can fuck them normal-sized if you want Anon. I just draw them giant-sized because I enjoy it. But a thing to know about this partuclar girl is that even in her normal size she's still like 16 feet tall so I hope you have strong pelvis bones.
>>662076 How would you even fuck a woman that size, your penis wouldn't even get any traction.
(4.66 MB 2668x2101 mayuri-limehazard-bg.png)

>>662078 I have plenty of other, less Brobdingnagian girls for you to fuck, if you prefer.
>>662084 Seriously Josh if you can produce this much art for your stuff seriously consider doing a comic or something that can take advantage of it you'd probably be more productive.
>>662084 You are wasting away man, make a cool comic.
>>662094 >>662099 I'm flattered you guys think I drew that pic of the purple girl but that's just a commission I got of one of my characters.
(1.86 MB 1400x1400 Nepheli Loux.jpg)

(1.86 MB 1400x1400 Nepheli Loux [bush].jpg)

>>653078 >>660497 >>661419 >>661843 Okay, done. >>661883 Also done. >>661910 >didn't forget to include the cigar Nice.
We don't deserve you drawfags. Seriously. I appreciate each and every one of you and I wish for you the best in life at every moment. Thank you for everything that you do for us.
(544.09 KB 768x1024 Clownpiss Draws.png)

>>661910 Oh Fook! It's female Duke! >>653093 I'm honestly surprised our drawfriends didn't like this request. Perhaps my mindset is much farther from the average anons' mindset than I thought.
>>662280 >Oh Fook! It's female Duke! Duchess Доверяй, но проверяй.
>>662280 not every request will be done every thread, are you new or something?
(175.60 KB 1000x1000 Screaming Anon.png)

(149.85 KB 835x940 Screaming Anon [transparent].png)

>>662496 Nice, looks like a professional cartoon. How do you get the lines so good?
(65.99 KB 584x637 1471907751138.jpg)

>>662302 Yet it seemed to get someone to do fulfill it, maybe throwing a hail mary increases your chances for your request to be fulfilled >>656166 Hint hint
My request is still not being worked on. Feels bad, man.
>>662523 Persistence increases the chances of it getting done but doing it in the same thread more than once is in poor taste and will inspire all the other fags to literally just spam until their own shit gets done now, like you fags are doing
(73.12 KB 499x310 4chanon_8chanon.jpg)

>>662535 "Gib drawing pls" "I report u, thx & gib" "pls gib drawing pl0x" Well, fags are gonna do anything to make sure their request goes through, we even have some fat spic named PsychoGash pretending to be a gamedev so anons duped into believing him will draw his OC.
>>662181 It fills my heart with joy knowing I don't have to give a dime to these beautiful pieces from dudes who seem to just love drawing for anons while there are still dudes out there working bar jobs who gripe and grovel for every tip they can get as unhappy as they are.
(19.65 KB 180x261 Nagatoro Kneels.png)

>>662496 >>662543 THANK you anons! I-I kneel!
>>662496 I like how the tounge forms an 8. Sage cause double post.
(79.46 KB 907x631 gta.jpg)

(89.81 KB 1000x1000 nspire.jpg)

(57.78 KB 640x640 problem solver.jpg)

>>653077 Requesting CJ, Ryder and Big Smoke doing a driveby on the Ballas but throwing TI-Nspire CAS graphing calculators instead of using guns.
>>663455 >cuckchan meme leave >>663562 why can't they fire bullets out of the calculators? Kill them with knowledge and education, natural nigger kryptonite
(85.50 KB 639x716 rope.jpg)

>>662302 >>662523 >>662535 >>662543 The truth is I meant to do that one earlier and thought I'd better do it before I forget again.
Thank you drawfags you are all the best By the way weren't >>654809 and >>659004 delivered? What happened?
(9.56 KB 403x292 rough3.png)

>>664143 Yeah they were. Here's one of them >>656442 The sonic one is gone though. It seems like the vols have been getting a little too free with wiping posts by IP.
>>664143 >>664172 Specifically it was this post >>659149
>>663566 How do you know that meme is from cuckchan? Do you visit that shit place frequently?
>>662119 I appreciate you adding the bush anon, it looks good
>>663566 Thats just a girl kneeling. How is that a cuckchan meme? Is it just because you don't like it? >>663010 Fuck dude they deserve money. Drawing that good takes years of practice but if they do it as a passion and as a hobby while making cool ass shit and making their frens happy (and horny) than thats all round fucking awesome. Too bad I don't have any money to spare, got a job recently but it fucking sucks, got bills/fuckhuge loans to pay and have to feed myself somehow.
(36.60 KB 640x480 1508563150-2.jpg)

>>664612 >le I kneel That's actually a fucking twitter meme.
>>664638 Knights and warriors have been kneeling to authority figures for centuries, people kneel every time they do a marriage proposal, people kneel to pick shit up off the floor, niggertoro in the kneeling image looked like as if she was just exhausted. But I guess I'm some kind of out of touch boomer if some common human body position is now a meme. It's nice to know I guess.
>>664813 It's not the act of kneeling that is the meme you fucking illiterate ape, it's his post itself that is the fucking meme "I kneel" is the fucking meme. Fuck Off
(241.56 KB 878x1533 Color - Dilberte.png)

(163.83 KB 878x1533 Lines transparent - Dilberte.png)

(238.04 KB 878x1533 color transparent - Dilberte.png)

(254.84 KB 878x1533 lines - Dilberte.png)

>>660690 >>653078 Very well then.
(140.27 KB 850x1032 justice is an action girl.jpg)

(693.70 KB 1024x838 1024px-GhostH3.png)

(128.73 KB 1200x576 akira slide.jpg)

(106.85 KB 882x1000 justice.jpg)

>>653077 Requesting justice doing the akira slide with a ghost.
>>664935 Seriously, anon, an akira slide?
>>664954 dont listen to this faggot
>>664954 I'm totally not the guy who made this request telling you to shut up
>>664954 I mean that faggot peele did kind of ruin it.
(839.35 KB 447x250 slide.webm)

>>664959 What's wrong with slide? >>664959 Who?
>>664910 This is a thing of beauty
(2.69 MB 2192x1620 239083458940.png)

>>653077 Requesting Metallia from The Witch and the Hundred Knight or Bowsette dressed up as Sailor Moon and posing like in the reference(yes this means a panty shot) and holding a RPG-7
(317.13 KB 1200x368 dilbert may cry.jpg)

(294.07 KB 1200x368 Dilbert may cry 2.jpg)

(302.57 KB 1200x368 Dilbert May Cry 3.jpg)

(454.41 KB 1610x368 Dilbert May Cry 4.jpg)

(1.00 MB 1200x2000 Sketch.png)

I began working on a drawing for Gamergate's anniversary, since it's this month. The idea is a poster for hypothetical film in the cyberpunk genre because it take place in the year 2022 and I'd also like to fit more characters in it if possible. Any suggestions?
>>665658 /pol/-tan dressed up like Paul Denton (post killphrase attempt)
>>665658 Hotwheels as a MODOK-type.
>>665658 Red Anon, Green Anon, Todd Howard, the shadow of Niggerpill, Holographic Billy Herrington in the background ala Blade Runner 2049, Mark and Acid in fitting billboards, Anita Sarkeesian/Zoe Quinn dressed up like corrupt CEOs/politicians.
>>665658 This is cool, I like the way the outfits look at least in sketch form I don't see anon, could include him /pol/ is kinda dead, maybe include a reference to him with a wanted poster/ad that's been crosted out or something in the background /bane/ is dead too but baneposting was always a part of GG since the start, dunno about including in such a pic though Fug. If you want to you can include random board tans that still align with >us, but that would be up to you I think /tg/ are cool people so they're probably fine, /co/ had their own comicsgate shit that followed in GG's footsteps do they might be good too Oh! Christina and Erika/Polina are possible ideas to include, the former being definitely alive, and the latter we can say is more just carried on with the spirit of GG Could also just throw in white Korra since she might as well be a GG tan at this point, maybe a new tan like Rosetta-tan might be an option too Could have a reference to the dorito pope and/or KOBS/redchanit in there somewhere if you want These are all just ideas, don't have to include all or any of them really could also include a Vita-tan in there, for no reason other than that I like her and other anons seem to too >>665685 >Gamergate <green anon Anon did you forget why >we left? They made their bed, they can lie in it, if this was only a year after GG it was probably fine but definitely not now.
>>665658 Include red anon as Deckard? Good luck drawfag.
>>653077 Requesting an old bearded Mark sitting across the fireplace, book in his hand and telling a bunch of little red anons about the good 'ol days.
>>665658 'scool! >>665537 I don't know what is it but that exposed chest is hilarious. Someone please send these edits to Scott Adams with no context.
>>665658 Anon, do you have blog?
(10.35 KB 327x173 8ef.png)

>>665658 Oh wow, that's super cool anon. Don't crowd it too much, I think it's already solid AF.
(148.53 KB 357x524 200% nice.jpg)

>>665658 Looks fucking cool Anon.
(884.83 KB 2880x3600 cheeks_Template_Upscaled.png)

(123.09 KB 1200x1720 1200px-Faridah_Malik.jpg)

(100.61 KB 680x880 dehr-faridah-malik-3169953579.jpg)

>>653077 Requesting the cheeks drawing with faridah malik, or any drawing with faridah malik, there's almost no fanart of her. what a shame. she's just a perfect flygirl
>>662119 I like the stylized lewds and the bush is appreciated. Good work, anon.
(347.41 KB 1200x368 Dilbert may Cry 5.jpg)

(265.94 KB 1200x364 Dilbert May Cry 7.jpg)

(335.18 KB 1200x368 Dilbert may Cry 6.jpg)

(328.49 KB 1200x364 Dilbert May Cry 8.jpg)

>>665697 >Green anon is is not gamergate approrpriate Gamergate is still sometimes discussed there on 4/b/, 4/pol/, and the hidden board that starts with a "t" where certain off-topic threads get moved to. Oh, and how about something from endchan as well as maybe also at least a reference to longcat (RIP)?
>>666047 Anon, something is wrong with you. Endchan never had any reference to GG and was only associated with raids and shitters cuck/b/ and cuck/pol/ have little relevance to GG at all, cuck/pol/ at least allowed more than cuck/v/, but it's still part of all that cancer that comes with cuckchan as a whole that's inescapable.
>>666060 >Endchan never hand any major relevance to GG Now that you mention it, you are spot on. Thanks for the tip. Though I do wonder if Acid Man is the same person as Josh of the site 9chan.tw, an alias of Jim Watkins, a member of the post-infiltration Freemasons, or is a different patron altogether?
>>666069 A different person, you dumb fucking newfaggot.
>>665992 These really make me smile
>>666069 Imagine if Acidman secretly owned kiwifarms and had mark on a leash
>>653077 Requesting Elizabeth, Justine or Caroline dressed as a brave Selous Scout(Rhodesian soldier). Draw her wearing: -A tank top -White sneakers(without socks) -Rhodesian R1 FN FAL Belt Pouch -Holding a FN FAL with Rhodesian camo. -And don't forget the camo Rhodesian short shorts. https://youtu.be/P1720spO4yQ
(172.99 KB 640x960 cos.jpg)

>>666047 >>666069 i appreciate you trying to fit in, you can name /trash/ here, and no endchan wasn't/isn't relevant ever. >Acid Man is the same person as Josh of the site 9chan.tw, an alias of Jim Watkins, a member of the post-infiltration Freemasons, or is a different patron altogether where the fuck you coming from? post-infiltration freemasons? josh of 9chan.tw? you read this from some tumblr blog or kf page?
(535.66 KB 2000x2262 Firm1.png)

(544.14 KB 2000x2262 Firm2.png)

Not Related, but I finished this
(1.39 MB 1200x1775 Female Abs.png)

(208.76 KB 501x633 Jungle De Smiles.jpg)

>>666811 That makes for five firm things, now.
>>666811 this is great
(333.53 KB 1008x806 father nemesis.png)

>>666811 Freya's big tits are always related.
>>666811 >not feeling every inch of her body, from her tits to her biceps and especially her abs
>>666855 Post the original, will ya?
>>667200 That's not Shadman, you moron.
>>667201 Yeah, you are right. This is!
>>667202 why do you keep posting that same (edited) pic everywhere saying it has something to do with shad?
why do people hate shadman so much? guy seems pretty cool.
>>667226 He's unfunny while also not being as edgy as he or his fans say.
(484.80 KB 1170x2080 Shadman's house.jpg)

>>667226 His art is terrible, he's very annoying, his fans are annoying and he's an unstable heroin addict. He got arrested recently for trying to shank somebody. Not long before that he was tweaked out out, posting random photos of his place and it looked like the junkies' house from Breaking Bad. I only saved one of the photos but you could see shit covered in blood, stuff thrown around like it was a dump and random spoons and Qtips everywhere which are a clear sign of heroin use. Shaddai Prejean is a loser who tries to look cool on the internet when he's actually a fucking mess in real life.
Does anyone have a picture of Mark for reference? >>667236 Holy shit he got arrested again?
>>666811 are you gonna color this one? it would be better to have more details too, maybe as a 2panel comic. Really have no board left for talking eceleb drama lol
>>667236 I'm walking into this not knowing a lot, but >His art is terrible That's clearly false. >He and his fans are annoying Can't verify for myself. >He's an unstable heroin addict >He got arrested for trying to stab someone Holy shit, I like him even more now.
(525.94 KB 2000x2262 Firm1N.png)

(539.28 KB 2000x2262 Firm2N.png)

>>666811 After few rework, I think this is acceptable Freya breast size.
>>667270 No, I'm not plan to colored it, any anons can do it if they want.
>>667296 Yeah, that fits her form much better

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