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(181.11 KB 1017x591 8chanTV.jpg)

(106.19 KB 1871x968 stream key.jpg)

(84.85 KB 1002x742 example settings.jpg)

(52.71 KB 819x607 obs stats.jpg)

Stream Thread: NoGames5 Edition Anonymous 08/23/2022 (Tue) 15:41:23 Id: adb458 No. 674144
https://watch.8ch.moe/ Post a link to your channel here if you're streaming. >How do I stream? Register an account at https://watch.8ch.moe/ , create a channel, go to channel settings(gear icon) to find your stream key. Install OBS Studio https://obsproject.com/ and paste your stream key to Settings/Stream, set Service to 'Custom' and Server to 'rtmp://watch.8ch.moe/stream/'. >What OBS settings should I use? Check the attached image for settings to use as a starting point. If you're dropping frames(check View/Stats to monitor OBS), set your cpu usage preset to a faster setting. Max supported bitrate is 3500 Kbps. Ask if you have further questions.
>>674144 GITS SAC in 10 minutes.
(504.53 KB 939x559 Untitled.png)

>>674154 Textless OP for any who want it.
(781.98 KB 640x352 1445986776675.webm)

>>674144 You're still using the old image, you haven't mentioned what you want for a new image on the draw thread yet.
>>675521 OP isn't me. I've only posted the first and second threads so far.
VNS stream will be today at 1 PM Pacific/4 PM Eastern
On 9AM-9PM PT there will be a free Splatfest testfire for Splatoon 3 free for anyone with a Nintendo Switch. Teams will be unique in that this will be the first 3 team experience in Splatoon history. ROCK VS PAPER VS SCISSORS (Rock best team) In the first round teams will fight against each other in 1v1 4p matches like usual in Turf War (ink most turf) and in the second round it will be a 3 team match that is 2v2v4 with the winning team from the first round of games being in the dominant central position and a split team rushing them from opposing sides. Cool idea for a comeback mechanic so one team doesn't snowball to victory. Will be streaming all day Saturday and doing the story of the first two games this week. Most likely Friday or Saturday
>>675614 Sorry I don't play baby games for babies.
(1.00 MB 994x1339 Spaltoon 3 Lore.png)

>>675616 But Anon Splatoon is a mature game for mature™ gaymers such as yourself!
It was looking fun for the bits they were showing off. I always said I wanted to have a room to decorate, but the locker idea is neat too. Too bad I didn't go back home to grab my switch for the event. Hopefully I'll have it before the game comes out.
>>675616 fuck off heavy
>>675614 Paper best
>>675614 ROCK YOU
>>675594 Stream is live: https://watch.8ch.moe/view/248a8d90-9459-4f79-894f-d8ed99435af8/ Running a bit late, so didn't have enough time to play some filler.
(83.52 KB 790x597 20220824_214517.jpg)

(807.90 KB 720x1280 SM_Key Art 1720 x 1280.jpg)

Good morning, guardsmen. Picking up my game from last night, where we follow Ultramarine Captain Titus on his mission through Graia, shooting and beating up orks with reckless abandon. Dare you stand in the light of the Emperor? https://watch.8ch.moe/view/4a6a0e52-2368-4fa4-807e-2cd468649ece/ No microphone because I'm still recovering from a cold. May also include an announcement for Saturday's movie stream.
(855.49 KB 2000x3000 hellboy 2004.jpg)

(618.20 KB 2000x3000 hellboy 2 2008.jpg)

(177.88 KB 1000x1500 hellboy sword of storms 2006.jpg)

Welcome to Hellboy Saturday. Same time as always, 18:00 CET. I hope to see you there.
(718.50 KB 790x597 sre.png)

(1.15 MB 2560x1377 i cant believe suds died.png)

(2.73 MB 2560x1377 civil war.png)

>>676543 Exorcist stream when?
You're a kid now, you're a squid now! You've gotta get ready for a singleplayer marathon now! Starting with Hero Mode 1 in an hour or so!
(215.91 KB 1000x1256 1471710505559.jpg)

>>677199 Do you have parsec? I wanna play with you.
(135.46 KB 640x360 you gotta be squidding me.webm)

>>677201 Parsec? Well for one I'm using native hardware, for another that isn't going to magically add coop to the singleplayer modes.

(47.17 KB 191x255 1432303565555-4.jpg)

Starting in half an hour. BE THERE OR YOU ARE NOT FRESH! https://watch.8ch.moe/view/ca927f9c-2a57-440a-b3af-5c1e1943d83b/

(46.87 KB 498x498 1465968564542.jpg)

starting splat2n
Fix the uncommon time stream please
(855.49 KB 2000x3000 hellboy 2004.jpg)

>>676543 Starting in 1 hour and 9 minutes. have some audio drama while we wait. https://watch.8ch.moe/view/0dfe7da2-bfaa-4a13-80bc-ef70ea0d76b8/
>>678042 Live!
Snowball watch Planet Hulk 2010 animated by Lionsgate hell watch all three movies by Lionsgate Invincible Iron Man, Planet Hulk & Doctor Strange. 2006, 2006 & 2010.
(177.88 KB 1000x1500 hellboy sword of storms 2006.jpg)

>>678042 Next up!
(259.74 KB 600x337 I'm sleepy....png)

>>678128 This is putting me to sleep.
>>678141 It's so fucking bad
(618.20 KB 2000x3000 hellboy 2 2008.jpg)

>>678138 fun game
Tomorrow, Sunday 8/28 at 10AM Central I will be streaming the movie Mobile Suit Gundam Char's Counterattack. If you're not there then your soul is weighed down by gravity. https://watch.8ch.moe/view/62d3c41c-8541-4f93-b0c4-30dd376bb015/
(340.95 KB 2047x1108 octo expansion wp.jpg)

(797.17 KB 960x1200 agent 3 cape.png)

>>678138 NAH NAH NAH NAH NUH NAH In about an hour and a half I'll be streaming the Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion, it's fucking great so I hope you'll be there. Nasty Majesty a banger! A banger!
(992.93 KB 2048x2048 tachikoma - omao.jpg)

Ghost in the Shell continues today at 18:00 CET! Quick recap of last time: >Cyberbrain Sclerosis is a serious medical condition, but there is a cure >Said vaccine is being suppressed by the authorities, or at least the rich in charge >Several files detailing who has gotten the vaccine get stolen from an archive by our old friend The Laughing Man and leaked to the Sunflower Initiative, an activist group working with families of Cyberbrain Sclerosis victims to file lawsuits >Togusa finds the file in question, but the offices are attacked by mysterious plainclothes people armed with smgs and gas weapons >He helps the chief of the Sunflowers to escape with the files, but the man is sadly caught and killed >Togusa puts up a surprising amount of opposition, but is shot in process >He escapes, collapsing in the street >Nobody but a lone homeless man seems to care... <You are here! I'm so excited to see how it continues! You know where to watch it! Welcome back to the end of GITS SAC SSS 1st Gig! We have six episodes and an ova that's almost 3 HOURS LONG to cover, along with more Tachikoma goodness! Yippie! And while we wait, yet another 40k audio drame, Perdition's Flame. https://watch.8ch.moe/view/0dfe7da2-bfaa-4a13-80bc-ef70ea0d76b8/
(775.10 KB 799x765 1545479164189.png)

Imagine a livestream where we could see every waking minute of Marks life like those twitch grifters, what would it feature? What would we see?
>>679508 Going live!
(619.89 KB 941x544 Untitled.png)

(443.24 KB 877x542 Untitled2.png)

>>679508 Major's ass is kinda flat.
(115.87 KB 403x201 Untitled.png)

(231.04 KB 371x416 Untitled2.png)

>>679609 Are major's breasts bigger in 2nd gig or were they always that big?
VNS stream, tomorrow, at 1 PM Pacific/4 PM Eastern!
The ICUP7 stream isn't working
>>680014 I mean it hasnt been streaming for a week now so thats hardly surprising. >then why does it look like its live Idk some kinda bug I assume.
>>679851 Stream is live: https://watch.8ch.moe/view/248a8d90-9459-4f79-894f-d8ed99435af8/ Show will start in less than 30 minutes.
>>680344 >Error 500: Internal Server Error.
>>680344 Got hit by a 500 internal error. WELP. No stream today, the server got away.
>>680365 >>680366 Okay, so, it isn't just me.
>>680344 >>680368 I guess I'll schedule it for Firday, then. That is, if Codex has it fixed by that day. Can't do it tomorrow because I was just called in to cover someone then.
(639.06 KB 854x480 I'll be back.webm)

>>680369 >Firday See you then.
TONIGHT WELL BE STREAMING AMAZONS LORD OF THE FAGS: COCKRINGS OF SOYBOYS >but anon if you stream it you're supporting Amazon. HaveYouEverConsideredPiracy.gif >When are you streaming Around 9pm EST >How many episodes are you streaming? I think the first 2. If I can find a "free" non-profitable for Amazon download link. If I don't then the stream will be done tomorrow Get your drinks ready, till be fun watching this disaster.
>>680754 >HaveYouEverConsideredPiracy.gif You do realize WB attributes much of the success to GoT due to it being the most pirated show in history, right? That said, if Bezos' Lords of the Bling is just trash, no one will really bother pirating it.
>>680770 Kiss my ass
(151.36 KB 501x445 1466951440041.png)

>>680754 Not even if they paid me
>>680770 post your sources
>>680754 I don't think I want this abortion staining my good memories of the setting.
>>680891 https://archive.ph/mAJAl >During yesterday morning’s earnings call, Time Warner CEO Alan Bewkes was making the usual pitch for higher affiliate fees, greater appreciation of the company’s TV shows and films and…. piracy? >In response to a question from investors as to whether the company see’s the mass theft of the show Game of Thrones as a compliment, Bewkes said: <I have to admit it, I think you’re right. The much-discussed fantasy series is HBO’s most popular TV show, and if you go to people who are watching it without subs, it’s a tremendous word-of-mouth thing…. <We’ve been dealing with this for 20, 30 years—people sharing subs, running wires down the backs of apartment buildings. Our experience is that it leads to more paying subs. I think you’re right that Game of Thrones is the most pirated show in the world and that’s better than an Emmy.
>>680754 Where's the stream? I need to get in my trainwreck watching quota by the end of day or my ass is grass.
(5.83 MB 658x370 lord of the rangs.webm)

(2.29 MB 288x158 mind.flac.gif)

>>681117 It's been 90 minutes. No stream I think.
>>681162 Probably for the best honestly.
>>680754 i ended up going to my cousins house and watched john carpenter's the thing. but i also cant find a pirated version yet, STREAM WILL BE DONE TOMORROW hopefully
(852.84 KB 1080x1761 1662084681994.png)

(837.21 KB 1079x1719 1662084688964.png)

(2.88 MB 2382x754 1662084710631.png)

>>681216 I got the halal files. Stream will be done tonight 9pm EST.
(281.23 KB 1280x1920 cool world 1992.jpg)

(1.69 MB 1500x2251 who framed roger rabbit 1988.jpg)

(758.67 KB 2000x3000 space jam 1996.jpg)

(150.44 KB 500x755 herman's shermans.jpg)

Come on and watch And welcome to the stream! ...Sounded better in my head. We're back at it again with the cartoons, but this time there are people involved as well! Three movies of hopefully fun cartoon action. >Cool World, 1992 While not the first of its kind, it certainly tries to ride the coattails of Roger Rabbit. I'm not sure about the quality of this one, so I'm putting it first. >Who Framed Roger Rabbit? 1988 You should read the book, it's a riot. It's titled "Who censored Roger Rabbit?", written by Gary K. Wolf. >Space Jam, 1996 You know it, you love it, but do you jam it? I know, I know, furries outta the woodworks, but that's what banhammers and flamethrowers are for. FURFAGS NOT WELCOME!! And with that outta the way, grab your neo-sheckles and Flintstone's Vitamins, clear the court, get on the floor and SLAM!
>>681651 Oh god dammit, I forgot the date and time! Saturday the 3rd of September, 18:00 CET as usual.
>>681651 Holliwould is pure sex also none of the bullshit streams work any fucking ways m8. Unless they get fixed today/tomorrow.
STREAM FOR LOTR: ROP STARTING IN 20 MINUTES Shttps://watch.8ch.moe/view/b1348e38-92c2-430b-bf3c-193f7df09d6a/
>>681951 lets start this unholy night
(56.82 KB 434x504 48a.jpg)

>>681951 >Durin the 2nd married the Nig Queen.
>>682004 IMDB has also deleted all reviews under 6/10
list of things i liked in LotR: RoPe also thanks for watching. if youre interested ill play LotR first part of the trilogy tomorrow
>>682013 I love that they are sacrificing outside websites like IMDB now. When normalfags see such a terrible show that everyone hates being obviously artificially inflated, even more people will realize the site is bullshit.
(44.50 KB 671x616 imdblol.PNG)

(83.88 KB 733x240 Untitled.png)

(42.63 KB 643x844 Untitled2.png)

>>682020 It's pretty bad. Look at how many people don't find it helpful. https://archive.ph/e0eXM The press are saying it's a 7 or 8 over 10. Meanwhile on Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic.
>>682028 >The press The curated paid shills
>>682028 🤘🤘🏻🤘🏼🤘🏽🤘🏾🤘🏿🤘
(281.23 KB 1280x1920 cool world 1992.jpg)

>>681651 Stream is now open, Cool World begins in 65 minutes. If you're having trouble seeing the stream, try a different browser. https://watch.8ch.moe/view/0dfe7da2-bfaa-4a13-80bc-ef70ea0d76b8/
(2.47 MB 640x360 3DPD.gif)

>sudden 500 internal server error appears GOD DAMMIT
>>682227 We're live, for however long the servers hold.
>>682227 Who framed Roger Rabbit? Do you know?
(758.67 KB 2000x3000 space jam 1996.jpg)

>>682277 And now, the last movie of the night. The one and only SPACE JAM!!
>>682277 I think it was the baby. He seemed sus.
Tomorrow, Sunday 9/4 at 10AM Central I will be streaming episodes 1 through 4 of Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn. If you're not there then your soul is weighed down by gravity. https://watch.8ch.moe/view/62d3c41c-8541-4f93-b0c4-30dd376bb015/
>>682385 >UC again fuck your streams loli
>>682389 I've said before that I'm doing all of Universal Century in order.
JOIN US LABOR DAY (Monday) AT 1:00 PM UTC FOR SLAYERS SEASON 1 MARATHON! That means all 26 episodes from start to finish! Expect to be here a little while! I WILL POST THE STREAM LINK ONCE IT'S READY! IT WILL BE ON watch.8ch.moe!
>>680891 Lurk moar newfaggot. You stand out like a sore thumb when you ask for proof of the most well known fucking fact on /v/, that being piracy is not a detriment to sales and actually contributes to them via word of mouth.
>>682821 Asking for sources still isn't a bad thing anon. This isn't directly what he was asking for, but if any anons ever want good evidence piracy does not harm companies at all, here's a massive expensive study the European Union did on the topic. It's very technical and full of academese, but it concludes piracy is influenced by economic, cultural and accessibility factors more than anything else. The only thing piracy was found to negatively affect were new film releases, but this study was done when big movies were still theater-only releases. In the age of streaming it's probably less of a problem due to the aforementioned accessibility factor.
Question to streamerfags. Is there a capture card that can just capture your TV screen? Or how can I just display my TV screen to my laptop? I know you can do the vice-versa with just an HDMI cord but I'm just looking for a way to get my TV screen to display on my laptop.
>>683703 >Is there a capture card that can just capture your TV screen? What are you trying to capture, is the question needed. Is it something from a console, a VCR, the local station, what?
>>683704 Don't laugh but it's this thing. Got it last year on a whim for under $100. Been playing all sorts of old games, mostly MAME.
(168.23 KB 1500x1500 Super Console X.jpg)

>>683708 Oops forgot image
>>683708 >>683709 What you would do with that is that you would hook the HDMI ports from the console into the input port of whatever device you're using to capture the video (Could be a dedicated capture card or an external capture device), then connect the output port to your TV. Depending on what you're planning on doing, you may have to shop around to see what devices do what for you. For example, I have an AverMedia Game Capture HD II, but I can only use it for recording gameplay (And other content) and commentary. I cannot stream out of it because it's not designed for it. Other devices, however, can capture the image, and send it to your computer, which you can then stream out using programs like OBS. It honestly depends upon what you're doing.
>>683709 Nig, you bought the library of Alexandria for under a $100 and it works? That looks like the fakest thing I’ve seen
>>683712 Shovelware is sadly not a new phenomen. including atari romsets and pc engine you already got a couple thousand at least.
>>683711 So when does the laptop come into play, do I just connect a USB from the capture card into my laptop and open up whatever program the capture card has or will it just show what's on my TV screen onto my laptop and I use OBS to record from there? Also what would be the best cheapest capture card to use for lets say, PSX games and under? >>683712 That pic isn't really accurate. It really has 40,000 games on it. The device goes all the way up to Nintendo 64 and PSX but also has a couple of PSP and Nintendo DS games on it. Pretty much every game runs fine except for some Nintendo 64 games but I've mostly been playing MAME and NeoGeo games.
>>683715 What psp games does it have?
>>683715 >So when does the laptop come into play, do I just connect a USB from the capture card into my laptop and open up whatever program the capture card has If the device can only capture the video and not output it, or you don't hook it up to your TV. >or will it just show what's on my TV screen onto my laptop and I use OBS to record from there? Yes.
>>683715 >>683718 Keep in mind that I have no idea what device you have for the purposes of capturing video.
>>683716 It's one of the smaller titles on there with only 22 games and I actually haven't even ran one of them. The games are >3, 2, 1...Supercrash >Alien Zombie Death >Angry Birds >Archibald's Adventures >Bomberman >Castlevania Dracula X Chronicles >Darius Burst >DBZ Shin Budokai >DBZ Shin Budokai Another Road >Guilty Gear Judgement >Hero of Sparta >I Must Run! >Jetpack Joyride >Loco Roco >Mega Man Maverick Hunter X >Mega Man Powered Up >Metal Slug Anthology >Metal Slug XX >Ninjamurai >Patapon >Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max >World of Pool
>>683722 Seems like some good titles there with some trash.
>>683723 Really the only reasons worth getting it is discovering old games to play that you've never heard of. It has 1232 SNES games on it, 1081 Gameboy Advance games, 1927 MAME games, 1193 Sega Mega Drive games. There's more consoles than that. I found a lot of schmups and fighting games that I had no idea about, some old anime games, even some lewd games that shows pictures of real naked women (Bubble 2000, Pachinko Sexy Reaction 1 an 2) to name a few. It's basically a modded android box with an SD chip in it that includes all these games. So if you take the SD chip out it becomes a regular android box that you can do whatever those are intended to do. You can also add emulators and roms to the game yourself.
(58.35 KB 640x454 lick.mp4)

SLAYERS SEASON 1 MARATHON STARTS IN 10 MINUTES https://watch.8ch.moe/view/3c8413b1-ae78-4ada-aed8-efb14268a28c/
(280.27 KB 640x454 another lick.mp4)

Double feature tomorrow Starting around 11 PM EDT Lupin the Third - The Woman Called Fujiko Mine All 13 episodes + Jigen's Gravestone https://watch.8ch.moe/view/2c85f504-33af-46dc-b1ab-7f431fb22b71/ That's about 6 hours of animation.
>>684065 Starting in five
i had issues streaming but i reset my stream key and its fine now
(311.64 KB 2038x1361 EUN2S71WkAEy-Ba.jpg)

>>685048 Gotta say, Lupin being dark kinda doesn't do it for me. That episode with Goemon was pretty perfect to be honest. Fujiko doesn't get her treasure but protects the kids. Says it isn't in her character but she's obviously lying. >>685048
Like it's been for the past several months, VNS stream tomorrow at 1 PM Pacific/4 PM Eastern
>>685075 >>684065 Well that was...something. Female screenwriters never ever. Movie tomorrow cuz tired, thanks for dropping by everyone and I'm sorry about that.
>>685162 It's not your fault. You had no way of knowing the writer of Vampire Knight also worked on this. https://anidb.net/creator/122
>>685111 Stream is live: https://watch.8ch.moe/view/248a8d90-9459-4f79-894f-d8ed99435af8/ Show will start in less than 30 minutes.
uhh im being retarded now and i cant find my stream key despite making an account unless i have to make a new one with the api key
>>685802 just reset it
>>685804 How do I do that? I got OBS set up ready to capture my screen but i can't seem to find my stream key in the 8.moe settings
>>685809 I have that XMPP Access message but i dont think thats the stream key i need
Go to My Channel > Click the 3 lines > Gear Icon > Your stream key should be there It's important that you already have a channel created Set service as Custom and server url as rtmp://watch.8ch.moe/stream/
>>685816 >create a new channel That's what I was missing, damn that info should be up there.
>>685822 alright, after I do some shit, I'm about to stream some OoT Rando, it's been a while since I played but some Memory should be still there. should start in about 30 mintues no less
started streaming
(182.06 KB 1379x414 create a channel.png)

>>685822 >damn that info should be up there
>>685912 ok, fine my bad. that was my mistake.
Just found out that you can absolutely low-ball the game capture device if you want. Just snagged a decade old Roxio GameCap HD Pro for $10, and managed to get it up and running with streaming. However, it should be noted that the power of your computer will determine the quality of the video streamed out.
Splatoon 3 Streams tomorrow! I NEED TO SPLAT CHAOS
>>686393 Do you need special drivers for that thing?
>>686446 Yes, but you can download the drivers from their website.
>>686393 >However, it should be noted that the power of your computer will determine the quality of the video streamed out. Ahh finally I'll be able to create the best RealPlayer quality video OC ever.
>>686522 Here is the laptop I tested out an earlier stream on, in case you're curious: https://www.lenovo.com/pt/pt/laptops/lenovo/yoga/yoga-2-13/#tab-techspec Had around a sub-20 FPS streaming out.
>>686703 Mammalians starts in few minutes
Tomorrow, Sunday 9/11 at 10AM Central I will be streaming episodes 5 through 7 of Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn. If you're not there then your soul is weighed down by gravity. https://watch.8ch.moe/view/62d3c41c-8541-4f93-b0c4-30dd376bb015/
>>687661 Unicorn sucks
>>687661 Why would I waste my time watching that trash desu
(19.32 KB 400x400 thatsa it paisano.jpg)

>>688728 Fuck yeah finally!
(1.34 MB 1002x824 Results.png)

>>688728 Luigi won. We are now doing a match with all the characters we didn't pick last time.
(1.34 MB 993x819 Results_1.png)

(105.89 KB 1080x1238 Waluigi_the_libertarian.jpg)

Waluigi won this time. Now we are going to be playing Mario Hardy.
>>688785 by the way if anyone has the pic of Waluigi rounding up the jews this would be the time to post it.
(294.95 KB 466x720 yoshi will never..png)

(255.33 KB 703x498 dolphin foot..png)

(1.35 MB 995x817 Results_2.png)

>>688838 >Fucking worse peach won the Mario Hardy Rigged
>>688842 >tomboy >worse You mean better.
>>688842 Peach is a slut, Daisy is a hottie
(1.40 MB 992x815 Results_3.png)

And for the last game of the night we have definitely proven that furries are better than Kikes.
(2.41 MB 700x1280 hey_niggers.webm)

I need more Slayers
>>689434 How about I stream the first movie this Sunday?
LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, WE'RE BACK AT IT AGAIN! Bored as I am, let's have a tournament in Super Smash Bros.! We'll let the cpu duke it out for our entertainment! come watch and cheer! https://watch.8ch.moe/view/4a6a0e52-2368-4fa4-807e-2cd468649ece/
>>689476 Streaming has peaked.
(7.48 MB 480x360 Naga laugh.webm)

>>689442 That would be nice
>>689476 Has anyone done Mario Retardy yet?
>>690056 No, but I did your mom.
VNS stream, today, at 1 PM Pacific/4 PM Eastern Yes, I'm late in posting this.
(216.58 KB 245x225 read the thread.gif)

>>690089 >>690626 Show to start in less than four minutes
Hello, it's your squid fucking host. I will be playing Strife and drinking whiskey the whole time, it will be fun. What could go wrong? https://watch.8ch.moe/view/ca927f9c-2a57-440a-b3af-5c1e1943d83b/
As a promise to a friend I'll be streaming Super Metroid on Saturday 11 AM PDT/2 PM EDT. I'll post again with a link to the stream when it's active. I'm out of practice so you'll probably get to laugh at me fucking up repeatedly.
>>693555 End result: 2:16, 97% items collected. I overlooked 3 missile packs. Hope everyone had fun.
Tomorrow, Sunday 9/18 at 10AM Central I will be streaming both Mobile Suit Gundam Twilight Axis and Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative. If you're not there then your soul is weighed down by gravity. https://watch.8ch.moe/view/62d3c41c-8541-4f93-b0c4-30dd376bb015/
>>693648 Found 'em. Two in Brinstar and one in Norfair. Fuck.
I'm gonna stream 'Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie' aka the 1996 Sonic OVA at 9:00PM CST, so two and a half hours after this post. After that, if I'm up for it, I might also stream some vidya.
(668.74 KB 1920x1080 JC This is Terrible.mp4)

>>694669 Good music though, guy who made it only has a few credits to his name. https://anidb.net/creator/8172 Mostly keyboard and mid 90s electronica. So the good stuff.
>>694669 Huh, so that's where this is from.
>>694692 And it took them 25 years to get the demo recordings. https://illuminor-en.blogspot.com/2020/09/sonic-ova-ost-findings.html
>>694696 South Island is pretty good though.
(15.05 MB 854x480 a chat with headpatz.webm)

(17.30 MB 9232x6958 Lola Bunny.jpg)

>>695244 >but she's humanoid enough lamo
>>695244 Who is this loser talking?
(348.15 KB 2100x2831 Reimu Hakurei smoking 13892.jpeg)

>>695244 >being sexually awakened by /leftypol/'s bo How the absolute fuck. How do you fuck up that much.
>>695256 I've seen anons admit to fapping to the video of the fat snape looking tranny sucking the 8/tv/ BO's dick.
(2.90 MB 2268x2412 Fapping to Chris Chan.png)

(8.58 MB 6000x3738 leftypolBOdisgust.png)

when is site getting fixed?
(1.06 MB 720x540 laugh.webm)

>>695271 Never and it's your fault.
>>695271 It's up. Start streaming fags.
>>695244 I don't want to bully too hard but holy fuck every video I see of some imageboard related faggots shooting the shit is unbelievably embarrassing. They almost always actually talk to each other like they would interact on an imageboard /b/ thread where it's just one upping the other person with epic references and edgy weirdness. It makes me glad I ran into imageboard autists years ago that can actually hold a conversation and their personality doesn't revolve around being lulsorandum.
Snowball here. No GITS stream today, I have other matters to attend to today. Apologies for the inconvenience.
Will be doign the VNS stream today, at 1 PM Pacific/4 PM Eastern
>>695244 >>695256 >this person was 13-15 when they started using 8chan Underage get really fucked up when they spend time on the Internet with weird degenerate assholes and mountains of all manner of unspeakable porn.
>>696064 Stream is live: https://watch.8ch.moe/view/248a8d90-9459-4f79-894f-d8ed99435af8/ Show to start in less than half an hour.
>>696064 >>696201 Never mind, Friday it will be, instead, because my net speed is on the fritz today.
(258.83 KB 889x778 kinoplex.png)

Kinoplex is cuckchan /tv/. They moved from Twitch to 8chTV and restream to cytube. The site starts having problems every time they stream, which I assume is because of the viewer-count.
>>696994 >The site starts having problems every time they stream, which I assume is because of the viewer-count. So, it's not necessarily my internet that's having issues, it's that the site cannot handle all of the traffic?
(262.64 KB 1918x550 cuckchannel.jpg)

>>696994 Literal parasites
>>696994 >cuckchan KICK THEM OUT
>>696994 So that's why the site doesn't even let me login to my account. It's also been going kinda slow.
>>696994 Can you kick them or improve your infrastructure? >>697006 I'm not getting any lag on the test stream.
If anyone's stream just died or is not connecting, just reload a new stream key.
(2.62 MB 1280x1631 B1nqScry0QS.png)

Gonna stream Droods in a few hours. 8AM PST. Will post link once I go live.
>>696994 That's just Finny with 100 tabs open.
(5.37 MB 2560x1440 theweakshouldfearthestrong.png)

>>697310 This oughta be good
(131.52 KB 1280x720 heh.jpg)

Would you guys be interested in a CB2077: Edgerunners stream sometime soon? I'd need to look at Kike-oplex's schedule to see when a good time would be, but I have all of it downloaded and ready to go.
>>697968 I hate dubbed anime.
>>697968 As long as you announce before you stream, I'll be there.
>>697968 if its not shit, I will consider giving it a watch if its at a good time and with good subs
>>697972 Well, every Netflix watching normalfag is raving about it.
>>697973 doesn't tell me much I've seen mixed thoughts from people on boards and people I know everyone likes the loli though at least
(188.80 KB 1280x720 mario retardy 5.jpg)

Hey, I'll be streaming Mario Retardy 5 in 9 hours from now, at 18:00 CET. Come join and have some fun as we embark upon stupidity, foolhardiness and randomly generated numbers.
>>697968 I've decided I'll attempt a streamo n Saturday night in spite of the cuckchanners. I'll pick a time and announce it tomorrow.
(249.96 KB 1280x720 mario retardy 5.jpg)

>>698004 Party preparations are ready, and we're starting in 25 minutes. Chat is a little buggy today, but popping the chat out seems to work, or just refresh the stream until you get through. https://watch.8ch.moe/view/4a6a0e52-2368-4fa4-807e-2cd468649ece/
>>698106 Chat is just not working, period. There a way to use cytube?
>>698106 We're live!
(773.78 KB 639x484 wideface.PNG)

>>698106 no chat no fun
>>698121 Just refresh enough times. It'll come through in the end.
>>698106 >cant log in >chat isn't working Whats going on?
>>698129 Cuckchanners are draining the site.
Temporary chat for retardy here: https://cytu.be/r/tempchat
>>698121 Is that mark?
>>698131 That's quite annoying. Streams should get integrated into boards/threads instead of having chats so people would have an incentive to actually be using this site and generating activity rather than just embedding their shit on cytube and draining resources from us while contributing nothing back.
Is the cuck/tv/ raid still ongoing? I wanted to try test streaming some vidya later.
>>698187 Also this might be hyper jew territory but you could lock streaming accounts behind some sort of barrier like being a BO of a relatively active board, or being a mod or even a dedicated streamer privilege that a BO can grant. An extreme "solution" with many downsides, of course.
>>698188 As far as I can tell, Kinoplex is actually from 4/tv/ originally. It's not a raid.
>>698191 >>698187 >use force and make it unappealing to everyone genius ideas
(8.44 KB 210x255 nasty shit.jpg)

>>698196 >nigger streams to one site, bounces it off watch.8ch.moe, to yet another site >nigger breaks the site multiple times by playing fedwaffen-tier shit >nigger does not need to use the site as a stepping stone >lol its not a raid Fuck you.
>>698209 The first post is literally a superior system. You're a cancerous faggot if you would rather use a fucking IRC room than a thread to interact with a stream. The second post is obviously contentious and I admitted in it that it had plenty of clear downsides. But if the choice is between extreme gatekeeping and literally not being able to use the service because cuckchan faggots are DDoSing it with their faggotry then I'd say the extreme gatekeeping is the better of the two options. >(1) >lower case Oh I'm responding to a herdnigger.
(669.30 KB 600x600 small cybernetic woman.gif)

>>697968 >>698021 I've decided on 10:00 PM CDT, so 7 hours from now. Due to popular demand, I'll do it with subs.
>>698255 >doesn't understand the basic concept of a stream >or why chats have been a part of them since they were first started The ability to react and message in real-time to something instantaneously and simultaneously ongoing is the primary advantage of chatting systems. The format is designed around short, quick messages to avoid interrupting the stream too much, along with being non-obtrusive and built into the sidebar. For a thread, you would need to switch between tabs and windows, interrupting the stream, and hit the "reply" button, and for short posts it would be utterly wasted, on top of other people needing to check the thread at all times to see your shit, and by the time they do, it would be too late since the moment in the stream passes by in most cases. Threads are for longer posts (or new memes) that would be too long/unfocused for the stream, a forum is quite literally a different beast than a chatting platform, the point of a stream is to watch with others, whereas you want to make it some movie club shit where there is almost no talking during what's being shown, and most of the discussion happens afterwards like some retard. You are a fool who doesn't understand the basics of internet platforms. >lowercase >herdnigger My god, what the fuck is wrong with you? No, you are just a straight-up retard, honestly. You just need to kill yourself immediately if you unironically believe that punctuation or grammar suddenly makes you a boogeyman that literally did not exist until recently. People have been using different punctuation and grammar since the start of the fucking internet, so please kill yourself if you or anyone else unironically believes that to be the sign of fucking anything.
>>698322 >chat still doesn't work >popping out doesn't help (and defeats the point) well shit
>>698325 it works
>>698318 I recognize your post formatting and will not be reading any of what you just wrote, herdnigger.
Tomorrow, Sunday 9/25 at 10AM Central I will be streaming Mobile Suit Gundam F91. Depending on what's going on with the site the stream may be delayed until next Sunday, October 2nd, I'll make a decision an hour or two before the stream is supposed to start tomorrow. If you're not there then your soul is weighed down by gravity. https://watch.8ch.moe/view/62d3c41c-8541-4f93-b0c4-30dd376bb015/
Cuckchanplex is gonna really complicate the Cyberpunk Edgerunners stream. I'll do my best, fellas. If you can't get chat to open in any stream, pop it out/toggle it until you can get it to work.
(23.90 KB 564x530 absolutely devastated.jpg)

>>698714 Fuck this. It's only getting worse to the point that I can't even open the front goddamn page. I'm gonna try again on Monday at 10:00 PM CDT because Codexx said he was gonna update his shit tomorrow. I'm sorry guys, but cuckchan is raping our shitty hardware and I'm afraid nobody will be able to actually join the stream, let alone talk. I'm genuinely upset about this.
RIP, I was curious to see it but oh well. I won't have time monday so that's a shame.
(461.89 KB 534x317 Classic.png)

>>698733 Keep rattling his cage and make sure he actually fixes shit.
>>698386 The site is working okay but chat is busted, I'm gonna try and go ahead with the stream. I'll be streaming Game Center CX until it's time for Gundam to make sure everything is gonna be okay.
Ban cuckchan
I have a really simple solution to the Cuckchan problem! What happens is that Codex sets up the site so that, whenever you click on a stream and play it, it plays a little 5 second bumped with the site logo that states "You are now watching 8chanTV" before it kicks itself to the actual stream. Short, simple, and it may scare off people who think that 8chan is "too extreme" for Cuckchan.
>>699030 Require a cross-site bypass cookie from one of the 8chan domains to view streams.
>>699030 What's really confusing is the fact that the cuckchan faggots are multistreaming their movies on both 8chanTV and cytube. At first I thought they just used cytube for chat but turns out they also stream the movies there. Which makes you wonder why they even use 8chanTV if they can just stream and chat on cytube. I think it boils down to it being a crossposter thinking we give a shit about their movies or someone who knows we hate cuckchan and just wants to make us mad.

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