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(54.56 KB 304x304 COkU-z5QGPJNrFrg_lmnhp6J1w.jpg)
FFXIV Thread Anonymous 07/30/2020 (Thu) 04:00:36 ID:af9e4a No. 74151
t. the only guy here who still plays this game In case some of you still play it and are wondering what's going on >Patch 5.3 comes August 11th >Conclusion of Shadowbringers storyline >Part 2 of the Nier alliance raid >Can now fly in ARR zones >Can pilot a fucking Ironworks mech >New beast tribe >3rd phase of Ishgardian Restoration >Moonfire Faire on August 12th I haven't played in months because of the content drought so it's the perfect time for me to come back
(589.28 KB 1920x1080 l3_hGo5ZvJna1HEqm-unK3TUY0.jpg)
(499.05 KB 1920x1080 tzV2HSsYdUqyyjb6-arGtZUo_Y.jpg)
(355.23 KB 1920x1080 iEu6MzEBkE-gxCkApYtDjEkD3A.jpg)
(597.38 KB 1920x1080 oNP_t33SL7uJvOVUjzPqwKoJx4.jpg)
Some images from the website I actually like these armor sets
(89.74 KB 1206x804 potato1.jpg)
(165.08 KB 1206x804 potato2.jpg)
I wanted to level my BLM but DPS queues are ridiculous. I am pretty happy that the summer event is still going to happen, i was worried it would be cancelled due to the kung flu.
>>74275 Shit I've been playing this game since before HW and I don't even have all my classes max leveled. I'm too lazy.
I used to play this game. Quit after beating twintania.
>>74151 >Patch 5.3 comes August 11th Well shit, I've done 0 savage this patch, really cant bring myself to do it without a static.
There's also gonna be new Eureka-type content so get ready for that. We all know Eureka was such a big success...
>subscription shit was going to try it out until I found out you have to pay for a fucking pass to play it.
>>74373 I mean you can play the game for free up until level 60 and you get the first expansion apart of it. Then you can determine whether you think it's worth the subscription. This isn't new in MMOs.
I tried this out and got filtered on a realm reborn. What a fucking snoozefest.
>>74393 >Up to level 60 Wasn't up to level 35?, Also it doesn't stop the fact that I can't trade or sell stuff on the market and invite friends to my party.
Get back to me when they reverse their truly stellar decision to make every fucking class feel the same as other classes from that role/unfuck AST.
>>74398 Even the developers would agree with you there. They recently (or it's gonna happen this patch) removed a big chunk of filler quests in A Realm Reborn. >>74402 They just upped it to 60 and included Heavensward in it. Yeah you still can't trade and sell stuff on the market but that's good because it prevents a whole lot of free trial bots invading the game.
>anons say it's free up to 60 >decide I'll try it out >can't even create an account because they won't send me a confirmation email >see people on forums say it could take up to 36 hours Somehow every single time I play a gookshit game I'm more and more impressed by how fucking retarded they are. We need our fucking fourth reich already so we can finally stop relying on these subhuman retards for game development.
>>74151 Been out of action for almost half a year now, damn it, really need to set up time to play catch-up >>74275 Please post more potatoes
Tried the free trial before. It wasn't for me. Are all classes really identical to each other?
>>74676 Unless they've changed it since a couple weeks after Shadowbringers dropped, yes, they all play pretty much similar within the same role. Since they fucked Astrologian, all healers play pretty much completely identical to one another and all tanks feel virtually interchangeable with one another (a real shame since Paladin used to have some really interesting meta vis a vis a shield ability that actually shields everyone behind the Paladin in a line, an ability that was almost immediately nerfed except in one or two particular boss fights). All DPS roles play almost completely the same and the only real factors are some classes depend more on positioning to maximize damage. The only really unique ones are Blue Mage - a class that only learns spells by being the victim of said spells, which would be a super cool class if it wasn't limited to level I think 40 or 50 and as a result is not viable in any way as a main class - and Red Mage, which needs to balance White and Black mana usage in order to maximize effectiveness. Everything else is essentially the same shade of "use this cooldown then use this ability".
Is there something like a group finder to do raids. I know Destiny 2 relies on discuck but at least you find competent people to raid with that know what they are doing and not matched with even bigger faggots who don't. That's the thing holding me back from starting again. That and the length of the first 60 levels.
>>74693 There is a finder. There's even a random one that you can get a huge reward from once per day.
>>74648 >finally get a confirmation email to work >site is fucked for maintenance >have to wait 24 hours before resending a confirmation email I'm going to slaughter every last gook on the face of the earth I swear to fucking god
>>74757 I've almost busted a blood vein trying to use their site for subscribing the first time. If you ever decide to pay the subscription fee don't put your credit card info wrong and don't try subscribing during maintenance. If you do you'll get an error code and you'll be locked out for 24-hours if you get multiple error codes. They probably have the worst customer support.
>>74776 At this point would it just be better to use the steam version?
>>74779 I'm not sure it makes a difference. If maintenance is still running I wouldn't try getting an email confirmation. Just wait till it's over and try again.
>>74783 Where do I even check if site maintenance is running?
>>74794 This doesn't appear to have a single mention of any maintenance today and yet I got cucked out of my signup anyways.
After 2 days of trying to create an account and getting Error Code: i2501 no matter what I did I'm done trying to bother with this game. The japs are physically incapable of doing anything right.
(98.26 KB 628x447 Capture.PNG)
>>75532 Well that sucks. I've never had problems with email confirmations only credit card problems, so I can't help. I looked it up and saw this on a steam page so maybe this can help. Maybe also try using a different email like instead of gmail use yahoo, or vice versa.
>>75539 All the forums I've read said you need to do ridiculous shit like reset your IP or use fucking phone internet data to sign up. Each time you attempt it you need to make sure you've wiped all your browser cookies and cache and shit so their retarded "fraud" detection doesn't trigger. I'm not going to jump through a thousand hoops resetting my IP and using the perfect prim and proper browser agent just so they don't block me from being able to play their game. I've never seen a company with such an incompetent anti-fraud system in my entire life. It's fucking abysmal how bad their signup process is. Maybe if I didn't have to make an entire new fucking email each time I tried to create an account because it refuses to let you sign up with the same email in the span of 24 hours I might be willing to sit there and unplug my fucking router each attempt, but alas that's not the case. I will enjoy hunting down every last manlet jap I see on the day of the rope after this horrible experience. My reign of terror on this species of bug with be swift and ruthless.
>>75547 You can use the same email just add a period in the name for example bigfaggot@jewmail.com would be b.igfaggot@jewmail.com and so on. Works everytime.
>>74289 >twintania Isn't that boss level 50 >>74797 >>75547 Thought i was the only one with those problems at signup
(9.31 KB 260x194 Final Fantasy XI.jpg)
anybody want to ditch this gay tranny wowclone and go play a real mans MMORPG?
Didn't square Enix come out and support muh lgbtp along with censoring a bunch of shit within the game? Why should I play this medicore piece or crap?
>>75749 And how does that affect the game play? You need to separate the art from artist my dude
>>75750 it effects story which effects characters
>>75750 >Mah dude Stay the fuck on reddit you faggot, the game is being made by pozzed shit heads by playing the game means I'm supporting their garbage.
>>75750 > my dude >>>/cuckchan/ >How does this affect the gameplay He just said they've been censoring the retard >You need to separate the art from the artists I hate when faggots like you say this shit, the artists inject their shitlib bullcrap and perspectives by virtue signaling on social media and banning wrong-think in their games, but they get a pass because they're game is so "great" therefore you just ignore it instead of playing something else and continue supporting kikes.
>>75758 >>75756 >>75752 Thank you for answering my rhetorical question and helping educate any lurkers that might not know how bad things are. 👍
>>75761 >Emoji >I was pretending to be retarded Just go away reddit-chan

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