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(43.48 KB 460x427 pathead.jpg)
/hgg/ Anonymous 08/30/2020 (Sun) 21:47:05 Id:278bec No. 95416
HENTAI GAMES Could you anons recommend me some good dating/hentai games? Any good mods?
What kind of games anon? I greatly enjoy the 2 games of lamb farm.
>>95416 Any updates on the status of Libra Heart or their games? I'm interested in some more succubus styled games.
>>95416 We need more Sengoku Rance in our lives
>>95425 >What kind of games anon? Are there any beat 'em ups that reward you with the h-content instead of giving it to you when you lose? Also i know is not exactly hentai but which Princess Maker is the best one?
(651.79 KB 560x420 ClipboardImage.png)
Decided to play this one recently, it's bretty gud. You fling units towards a battlefield of enemies and have them fight or fuck horny enemies to get pregnant and create new hybrid creatures. It's strategic, the pixel art animation is nice and the story sucks dick, not literally.
Does the remake/sequel to Echidna Wars DX have a release date or demo yet?
Where is Lulu Farea 2? Did anyone ever get around to translating that one?
(6.34 KB 200x212 DrEvil.jpg)
>>95442 Can you fuck your offspring
(180.64 KB 1024x576 bg_001_06.jpg)
>>95513 here fapforfun.net/archives/14089 also recommend this gem, imouto life monochrome. Its basically a perv simulator with a little sister, pretty cute. fapforfun.net/archives/12370 check the dev notes top left for free money/consumables.
(88.65 KB 480x360 No....webm)
>>95549 How do you even get the happy ending in that game? Grinding for panties perpetually is really boring, i just wanna cum inside the little sister without using after pill and not get a bad ending.
Are there any hentai games where you play as the rapist instead of the rapee? Preferably ones where you rape monstergirls instead of the other way around.
>>95555 if you have high trust (somewhere between 200-300, i dunno) and sufficient money, i think at least 40k, when you cum in her you get a "lovers" ending that removes the jizz restriction. You can do that before 100 days, which is also an ending as well. >>95556 Dungeon of LuLu Farea, you pretty much rape all the monster girls you come across. The game itself isn't bad either.
>>95416 Wish I could. I churn through tons of them, but they're so forgettable overall that I couldn't proactively recommend anything just out of sheer absentmindedness. Sometimes I actually do wish I would keep notes like I occasionally am tempted to do.
>>95497 I haven't heard. I go to Camel's site at least once a week, but I can't read nip - so all I can say is that it looks like he's still working on it. Sachiho best girl
>>95656 You can't read Japanese, but deepl.com or another machine translator can read it for you. Surely the guy has a blog where updates are posted with readable dates.
>>95687 But by the time it's out, you'll be in jail, Bill.
(47.58 KB 600x500 200704c.jpg)
>>95668 >Surely the guy has a blog where updates are posted with readable dates. http://dgallon.blog75.fc2.com/ That's his blog, if you want to do some digging, but I don't know of any others that are specific for the game. He has a Ci-en profile linked on the top/stickied post, but I don't know what that's about. It just looks like that's a place he puts up finished works for donations.
>>95716 >but I don't know what that's about Dlsite version of patreon, there's quite a few artist with a "free stuff if you follow" thing though, there's even people who don't actually paywall anything.
>>95687 They already did. There's a game called Musumaker. You're a guy running an orphanage that's actually a front for a brothel, and you have a bunch of kids including a shota trap that you're supposed to train to be good little whores to service customers. It turns out most of your customers are actually military, political and economic elites, and the secret purpose of your orphanage, one of of dozens like it littered across Japan, is to prop up some miilitarist dictator guy at the head of a secret organization that's like a shadow government that reigns supreme over society by black mailing all the elites with knowledge of their pedo crimes. They even actually own the police too. End game, you find out too much and are marked for death.
>>95725 Damn, that's based.
Is there a game where you play a Conan the barbarian or Hercules type character who gets himself a harem? Preferably without "game over=sex" gameplay?
Anyone else play that erotic fn@f parody demo? I tried it out and it was actually surprisingly difficult, and I was disappointed to find out that the sandbox mode didn't work after successfully beating it. It also ran like garbage, although it might be my fault for running it in a virtual machine.
>>95746 Which one of the many?
(113.46 KB 1024x704 1024px-Light_Puzzle.jpg)
any h-beat em ups or h-cuhrayzees?
(58.98 KB 326x251 mouseclick.gif)
Any good hentai rpgs?
>>95761 Not much of an RPG, but as far as RPG games go, you can't go wrong with GeeSen no Ano Ko series.
>>95761 Technically.
(26.90 KB 256x250 98392.jpg)
>>95802 >pic didn't post
>>95725 Let me guess, this isn't translated. Oh well, another candidate for practice. How big is it in GBs?
>>95761 I've heard people say they enjoyed Kamidori Alchemy Meister so much they forget it has porn in it.
>>95757 The one that uses those SFM models and plays like the actual game. Unless there's more than one that does this.
>>95761 I have a traditional fetish JRPG that's pretty great imo
(65.37 KB 483x700 1436841394736.jpg)
>>95416 >Sylvie Don't remind me. >ツイッターとかで告知してる進捗や今後の予定についてまとめ。 ここ1年ぐらい首や肩を始め体の痛みがひどくてあまり長く絵を描いていられなくなってしまいました。整体通ったり姿勢や環境を改善したり色々と試してはいますが、今後は絵や差分の多いゲームは制作に時間がかかったり作れなかったりすると思います。 >Summary of progress and future plans announced on Twitter. I have had so much pain in my neck and shoulders that I haven't been able to draw for a long time. I am trying various things such as manipulating and improving posture and environment, but I think that it will take time to make games with lots of pictures and differences and it will not be possible to make games in the future. >so much pain in my neck and shoulders that I haven't been able to draw for a long time. >it will not be possible to make games in the future.
>>95442 >and the story sucks dick The fire nation was a nation of homosexuals.
(84.21 KB 1200x628 AI dungeon.jpg)
>>95416 Just going to leave this here. Technically it's /clang/ since you're ERPing with an AI. Or you can go on autism /tg/ adventures without ever fucking a single dragon princess, but the AI might try to get you to fuck the dragon anyways.
>>>/hgg/ is already a board
>>95934 It also has no posts as the topic is too niche.
>>95933 AI Dungeon takes too much of your own work to make good. You're essentially writing a story using a AI to make suggestions more than you are RPing with a computer.
>>95933 AIDungeon has it's own thread already.
>>95934 >>95939 PLW has it's own /hgg/, and it's less dead. But regardless of /hgg/ activity, /v/ has had the occasional /hgg/ thread for years.
Just installed HoneySelect 2. The characters are graphically better but the rooms still look like ass.
>>95934 see >>95948 eroge is still vidya, its fine to have an /hgg/ thread or two.
>>95968 Can you still make lolis or mod it so?
>>95980 Yes. I used the premodded better-repack.
It seems that if you make your loli too short the animations fuck up.
>>96038 So no change from the first then.
(3.87 MB 1440x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
(725.60 KB 1440x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
(2.63 MB 1440x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
I've gone back and played Sexy Beach 3 Plus, one of the first 3D eroges I ever played and truth be told its aged pretty well mechanically. There is something fun about trying to set up interesting tan lines by changing outfits. I was also able to use some weird .dll to increase the windows size beyond the games limits. Unfortunately, only the region of region of the screen that would normally be there responds to mouse input and some screens have black bars one some screens that can't be increased. I also has to use ENB to use reshade on top of it and I suck at reshade settings. It has some nice mods, too.
(269.21 KB 1385x975 ClipboardImage.png)
I also did some modding on another classic that I already posted about in another thread, but I have to figure out if I can import newer translated text into the my version because modding flash games fucking sucks because the tools out there are fucking trash.
>>95768 >>95805 >>95812 Thanks for the suggestions, fellas. I'll go check em out >>95873 >but I think that it will take time to make games with lots of pictures and differences and it will not be possible to make games in the future. This probably explains why Butterfly Affection was so criminally short. I still like Ageha tho
>>95808 there's a translation project in the works at least, started 2015, last update in 2019 https://forums.fuwanovel.net/topic/12348-musumaker-translation-project-mikan-karin-ichigo-suika-zakuro-yuzu-routes-complete/
>>95812 The combat is functional at best. The alchemy is kinda bad since there's no time limit and you can just farm infinity+1 for all the stuff you want. Which means you can and will end up doing every fight with all the consumables you could possibly ever need. The porn is pretty good, though.
(962.57 KB 1920x1080 Screenshot-5.jpg)
(925.16 KB 1920x1080 Screenshot-7.jpg)
Rate my slampig. :^)
>>96113 What's the latest version of that flash?
(355.57 KB 640x480 plsnobully.png)
I did absolutely nothing but play Lulu Farea 2 since >>95549 helpfully linked it. It was great, just like the last one, but it felt like every single thing was a minor downgrade. The porn was worse, the gameplay was easier because of added easy-mode mechanics, the enemy and item placement (and level design) was far more generous, the sex scenes were phoned in, and without a constant travel companion to bounce banter off, the overall writing was worse. The H scenes were never the games strong point, but even then the only one on par with the first games was the final boss'. I'd definitely play another of this sort of game but it's probably a good thing that Klurs' story is wrapped up.
(75.07 KB 640x549 8173_front[1].jpg)
>>95416 >good dating games pic related
>>96276 >It's too easy >Mode: Normal Normal is training wheels. The real puzzle is Hard mode. This is true of the first game as well and if you honestly had trouble with normal before you are an retard. >the gameplay was easier because of added easy-mode mechanics What do you mean? You obviously didn't use the cheat room since you got scored.
>>95968 >HoneySelect 2 It's pretty fun fucking around with the studio and character creation.
How goes Custom Maid 3D2? I hear it's been officially translated which should make installation not a clusterfuck but are the mods still compatible? For that matter, does Nyaa even have the official one?
>>95761 Also, if you want something more gamey with more substance, there's a pretty good Loli action / survival RPG called LonaRPG. It's still in development, but there's already a lot of good content in the latest build. There's another action RPG, that's more of a straight up hack n slash, staring a cute short stack elf called Ruins Seeker.
(63.61 KB 256x256 rjrj.png)
How good is mgq paradox? I finally have some time for games.
(221.99 KB 773x582 PeerlessVirility.jpg)
(107.63 KB 764x1200 Untitled.jpg)
What h-games are the embodiment of either pic related?
>>105647 It's pretty good, play it.
>>95416 Is there a Skyrim complete /hgg/ transformation version available (Skyrim with all the best mods especially sexual ones)? I think modding popular (mmo)rpg's is probably the best way to make a superior hentai game, butt the source code must be pirated nya~
(203.32 KB 640x480 festival.png)
>>105647 For an RPGMaker game, breddy gud. Think FFIII job system + monster collecting and game length from DQV. And on top of that, there's a second layer pseudo job system with races. You can equip each of the party members with basic RPGmaker equipment slots with wepaons primarily depending on class and armor primarily depending on race. Then if you're totally autistic, there's a post-game RNG dungeon with a various non-lewd events and potential spoilers for what's to come. Lewd-wise, it's the same as MGQ, except there's a lot more non-rape as you can romance each and every single female party member in addition the loss scenes you'd get from losing to them in battle. Various artists with various tastes and styles ranging from great to horrendous. Story is an autistic time-travel multiversal clusterfuck with some fan-fiction tier OC donut steel edgy JRPG characters thrown in. It's incredibly stupid, but fun. Also, you can recruit the pope. And he's a mecha-pope. You travel with either loli-Alice (Alipheese Fateburn XVI) or loli-Illias and all the party members you recruit find their own place to hang out in a little portable castle you can open on the world map. Which you choose will lock you out of recruiting a sparse few party members late game, but you can carry them over and get them all at once, save for Alice or Illias, on NG+. There's also a bunch short joke dialogue for every story character that sees themselves in your party on NG+. Also what >>105833 said.
There was this one (probably) porn (probably) visual novel with a super cute opening, I think it was something about girls becoming """angels""" to do something or another. Do anyone have any idea of what could it be? I think I last saw it about 10~15 years ago
>>105910 I do actually know the game you're talking about it.Its called megami something.
>>105971 Somehow managed to remember, I was under the impression the protagonist reminded me of Youmu, but actually then I remembered that it was actually a touhou parody of the opening. The game name is Makai Tenshi Djibril 4 which is probably a porn visual novel, but I have no idea. The video I was looking for is this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n0JJ-QDBP2w
>>95416 /hgg/ moved to PLW /hgg/ I recommend True Love for DOS or better yet PC98 if you can manage it.
>>106032 >/hgg/ moved to PLW /hgg/ The where? >>105993 Wheres the angel?
>>105859 >>105833 lol That sounds great. I'll be playing it then.
>>106035 /hgg/ is still on the webring
>>106035 >Wheres the angel? that one is the touhou parody which I was trying to remember. Check the original. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AD8f0yPgSw8)
I want to download and play all of the Libre Heart games but I can't track down a good catalog representation of them. At first I was only trying to figure out what order they released in out of Succubus, Tower of Succubus, Sword of Succubus, and Midnight Castle Succubus DX. But then I go looking around and it turns out that they also made Succubus Hunter, Succubus The Six Spells and Castle of Succubus. And looking at their dlsite page it only lists four titles. Are there more games by them? I figure the one to start with is just plain Succubus but after I beat that I'm not sure what to look at.
>>111451 There's definitely something screwy Not all of there games are listed on their dlsite page, but some of those games also aren't libra heart games. There's are at least two succubus games based on the original Castlevania and one of them isn't by Libra heart.
(509.09 KB 981x832 ClipboardImage.png)
(780.31 KB 986x845 ClipboardImage.png)
Talking about Castle Succubus, they forgot to put 18+ rating on their images:
(94.10 KB 800x600 tejrj.jpg)
>llamas Other monstergirls just can't compete.
>>111546 Oh, so that's what's been happening with Libra Heart. They've been releasing on steam. No wonder. And I don't see anything 18+ in those images, anon. That lady could just be wearing really loose scraps of clothing. 15+ at best. But seriously, the circle makes decent retro h-games, but anyone that redraws art for western audiences can go jump in a lake. >>111498 I think the artist for the circle might do art for other circles that make retro styled games. Or, maybe he just once licensed some assets from one of his/his circle's games. I don't know exactly which ones are which. There seems to be a lot of that kind of thing that happens in the semi-pro h-game industry over there. The guy who makes up Circle Kame, for instance, drew art for a whole bunch of low-medium effort games that weren't his programmatic or design work back in the mid 2010s or so. Then he made the same game three times and broke his own save compatibility concept. Lazy shit.
(156.88 KB 1280x853 2Fproducts.jpg)
Are there any hardcore /clang/ games? I don't mean gynoids or fleshy robots. Gay or straight-oriented games both apply, I don't mind.
>>111933 I have vague memories of pointy metal titties on a thing that otherwise wasn't woman shaped, but you're probably shit out of luck. There might be a meme VN. The mech genre needs something to revive it, anon: be the change you want to see.
>>111879 The only thing that is redrawn is the cover shots. Also out of all of the games I've downloaded so far, Libra Heart's name is on the title screen of them all. The games being Succubus, Succubus the Six Spells, Castle of Succubus, Sword of Succubus, and Tower of Succubus. Midnight Castle Succubus DX and some other game called Castle in the Clouds look like a collab between Libra Heart and Pixelteishoku.
>>105840 I don't know of any downloadable modpack where everything works out of the box (and wouldn't trust one either), but if you're serious about wanting a lewd Skyrim experience you might want to spend some time learning how to mod Skyrim properly. Try using the Oldrim S.T.E.P. guide as a base and putting porn mods from LL on top of it after it's stable, for starters.
/hgg2d/ Recommended Games: https://pastebin.com/9M5RRMGU
>>95416 What are some good recently made ones?
>>128444 Anything in particular you're looking for? I've got two on my mind that I've been enjoying recently. but they're not wholly complete. One is also pretty masochist heavy, especially if you choose the slave option. I've heard good things about Castle Succubus: >>111546
What's the closest thing to Woman Mutant vs C Class Agent or Smashboy but yuri? Not /ll/ , just yuri. I really like the scenarios in both games, but I'm not a fan of /ss/.
(166.69 KB 474x381 reverse2.png)
why did i make this
(669.06 KB 680x680 Viv Vomiting.png)
>>105659 >That second pic You goddamn degenerate. Fuck off to your own board.
>>128531 >but they're not wholly complete Finished games would be preferable. Feels like every one of these types of games that I follow are stuck in a slow trickle of updates that may lead to a finished product in give or take 10 years assuming their patreon stays funded enough for them to not fuck off to another project to begin this anew.
(203.15 KB 531x440 It's important to get a grip.PNG)
I'm having too much fun with Honey Select 2, especially with Studio NEO, it's just like playing with dolls yet I'm having fun. I hate it.
>>128904 Cant blame you, the most fun i had with honey select one is playing "dress the doll" making outfits and such for the girls. How is it anyway? The same shite as the first one?
>>128917 exactly the same, just the girls looking better than in the first one. But I didn't expect HS2 hooking me to the point I'm making embarassing pictures on Studio.
>>128920 Meh, then i guess ill stick to the first one until teh second has more mods and custom cards.
We'll probably also get the exact same mods too, tbh.
(312.86 KB 500x375 1470612981161.gif)
>>128936 tbh smh onii-fam :^)
What exactly is the difference between Custom Maid 3D2 and Custom Order Maid 3D2?
Not exactly hentai, but which Princess Maker game is the best one?
Is there an h-game that lets me be rapeman/stopman?
Alchemy Meister, best shit.
What are your dream h-games, anons? >Yuri stealth game >You're some secret agent lady who's sent to an island lair of a suspected organization >Organization is comprised entirely out of amazons >They're all taller than you, have larger breasts than you and are much stronger than you >Your mission was a setup because they want a sex-slave and you've got to escape >Big tiddied huntresses in leopard spotted bikinis >If they catch you, they have sweaty sex with you in the jungle >Big tiddied wrestlers >If they catch you they take you in to have wrestling match(solo or handicapped) until you're beaten, exhausted, and then they take you into the locker room and have their way with you >Big tiddied swimmers >They attempt to drown you until you can't swim, and then they take you to shore by surrounding you on all sides, smothering your face with their breasts to have you float while molesting you >Big tiddied monster girls >Slime girls, minotaurs, harpies, snakes, ghosts, bunny girls, zombies, you name it. >Final bosses: Big tiddied organization leaders >Basically you get captured near the end and taken deeper into the island lair, stripped of your clothing and then dressed in some outfit(No idea what). >The leaders are also dressed in the same outfit. >They playfully chase you around, if you're caught, they strip you of an article of clothing while also stripping of that same article of clothing, then you're taken deeper into the lair >last article of clothing would be your panties, you'll be running around in a sauna escaping big tiddied super-fit amazons who are going to have you be their sex slave for as long as you live if you don't
>>154423 A tactical FPS game where a team of female operatives have to stop NTR terrorists with a heavy dose of door kickan and flashbang chuckan. There won't be any NTR scenes if you fail, or at all, just pure vanilla after each complete mission where an operative gets plowed by her husband.
>>154423 Sounds like if you get caught they're going to show you who's boss of this gym.
>>154423 I've ideaguy'd a lot about how to fix the core problems with most porn games, such as the porn not being tied closely enough with the gameplay, such as only being substantial in cutscenes, or even worse, porn being a lose condition rather than a win condition. I think one key solution is that you have to make the sex itself a game, which means it needs to be a challenge. Also, sex is action, and making it turn based takes the excitement out of it. How to make it an action based game where sex is both part of the gameplay and a reward? The sex needs to be rape. How to implement this? Fine, I'll try to explain my dream game. >game is basically like a 3D beat em up, only in addition to a health meter, you and your opponents also have an orgasm meter >3D is important because the camera moves to get a good view of the action depending on what move you're using/is being used on you. Perhaps there can be a button to cycle through camera views which are pre-programmed based on the current move. >controls are designed to be played with one hand, with a typical controller, since that's more comfortable than being hunched over a keyboard. One handed playability and comfort are both important for obvious reasons >player and enemies can be either male or female, but each has different mechanics. >male enemies are turned off by default, because I don't want that gay shit, but it would theoretically not be hard to implement, especially since they'd function similarly to a male player character >Moves can affect either/both an opponents' health meter or their orgasm meter. Affecting their health meter is typically easier, because, for obvious reasons, many of the most effective ways to affect their orgasm meter involve sustained holds/pins. When in a hold/pin, you have different moves you can use, and these moves depend on the specific hold/pin you're using/you're caught in. This way there can be a lot of moves with limited inputs, since you only have one hand. >You could simply KO opponents, but the game is designed to throw enough enemies at you that KOing all of them would make it very difficult. Instead, you are meant to try to raise their Orgasm Meters all the way. If you make your enemy orgasm, they become allies until they are KO'd. >however, you also have your own orgasm meter. Male characters suffer from a stun period if their own orgasm meter maxes out. However, it also raises the orgasm meter of the enemy that "beat" you. The amount raised depends on the move that was used to beat you. Obviously, if you cum inside your enemy, it raises their meter quite a bit. Your own moves can also raise your own orgasm meter, so you have to be careful about which moves you use. However, if you can time your orgasm to ensure that it also makes your enemy orgasm, you can bank on her protecting you during your refractory period. >you can also play as a female, which eliminates your refractory period, but makes it harder to make female enemies orgasm, since you don't have cum, which raises their orgasm meters significantly. >you could turn on male enemies I guess, since the moves and mechanics would already be in the game. Getting male enemies to join you is a dangerous proposition though since if one makes you cum, it's an automatic loss since your (female) character then joins their side, unless you happen to make them cum at the same time, so it cancels out. If a male makes you cum, either you're female or gay, so you'd join their side and you lose. If a female makes you cum, it just gives you a stun period if you're male, but makes you join their side (lose) if you're female. >you can also hurt/fuck allies. I guess the ability to hurt them can be turned off, like a lot of beat em ups, but fucking them is on purpose so you can reset orgasm meters and such, without an enemy who could then beat you. Orgasms give you stat buffs, male or female, but that only matters if you can survive the refractory period/can orgasm without changing sides and losing. >any allies you have when you beat a level, which haven't been KO'd, are added to a pool of characters that you can then select in various secondary modes, such as ones that let you use custom teams, practice against particular enemies, etc. >there is a Ranking system that grades you on things like how many enemies you made orgasm, how many times you made your allies orgasm, how much HP your allies have when you reach the end of a level, etc. >bosses are designed to have more unique moves that would be unbalanced if used by enemies in a mob. You can beat a boss with either HP or Orgasm Meter, but obviously, beating them by making them Orgasm gets you a much higher rank, and is required for getting the best ranks. Now, this isn't absolutely central to the fundamentals of the game, but I'd also try to add character customization. >when you add an ally to your pool of collected characters, you earn their parts for character customization >moves are also parts that can be unlocked, which can be framed as your character "learning" moves from enemies/allies. However, each move is designed for a particular stance/hold/pin, and each stance/hold/pin only has a few moves, and perhaps each move is assigned a number of "points" and you can only have a certain number of "points" on your character at any given time, so you can't make your character too OP, except perhaps in some of those extra modes. >though enemies are made of customizable parts, they aren't just randomly thrown together, but designed so that there isn't a lot of overlap in parts/moves. But there can be overlap so that the developers don't need a ridiculous number of parts/moves. You can turn on randomized characters as an option, though, but this isn't the main mode, since the main mode is how you'd unlock things, since it's balanced to ensure you encounter all parts/moves. >bosses can be unlocked/recruited as well, but since they're designed to be OP, they/their moves also only usable in certain modes. Also, maybe they're made with more unique parts that aren't meant to be interchangable, since you want bosses to be special.
>>154651 Sounds like?
(5.55 MB 1800x1170 Z072_19_T.gif)
Anyone has any recommendations for a monster (goblin, orc, werewolf, etc.) domination game? Not a vn, just a game. Preferably about conquest, enslavement and stuff like that. Tried Venus Blood Frontier but it was a bit different.
Anybody actually have the link to teaching feeling? Never played and couldn't find a clean download.
Anyone here remember the Corruption of Champions mod by OtherCoCAnon? What happened to that after 8ch went down?
>>156164 prolikewhoah hgg
(297.40 KB 2153x3066 gigawix D8EheuxXsAE5FC6.jpg)
>>154890 Was thinking you were talking about dominating goblin/orc/werewolf girls when I read that. Mildly disappointed.
Anybody got a link to the latest patch of teaching feeling? The only place I found anything from 2020 is f95zone and that place is locked out for anyone not registered.
>>156231 Make a burner account with 10minutemail.
>>156182 I'm not into these monstergirls.
>>156231 PLW's /hgg/ has it.
(404.52 KB 855x470 The Future of Gaming.png)
>>156181 Thank you, I'd worried it was all gone
(518.91 KB 560x420 ClipboardImage.png)
Is there any new info on another succubus game or any game developed by Libra Hearts? Cause the last succubus game I currently know of is castle in the clouds made by another developer using Libra Hearts assets with their permission I believe.
>>95426 All are out on DLSite. Apparently the western Steam publisher for the games is now drowning in cash because faggots saw a fun thing and realized it was, in fact, fun.
>>156629 I don't wanna hear your bullshit, pal.
>>159287 Green iz best. Any games where you play an orc? Male or Female
(889.61 KB 1280x840 ork kommando.png)
>>159287 >i love greenskin OY!
>>105659 Bunny Black.
>>154423 I started developing an h-game but I have no idea what visual style would work best for the idea, so I've basically shelved development for now. I originally thought of it having the same top-down view as pokemon and legend of zelda but then couldn't think of how well a stealth mechanic would work in that, thought of making it a side scroller but then I thought the player movement would have to be severly gimped, I even considered making it look like Doom which I thought would lend to better stealth mechanics while at the same time make it challenging for the player to not see enemies around corners, but I just couldn't decide on what to do.
>>159428 I thought a game like Stealthy Bastard worked "stealth" well in a 2d platformer. It's a puzzle platformer where enemies spotting you makes things much harder on you because of a threat/timelimit/changes to the area. You loop through a level multiple times with different layout changes and cones of vision to avoid and it works quite well as a platformer without slowing things down considerably to fit stealth, like something like Wildfire which I really disliked.
>>159428 I think a top-down stealth game would work out with limited NPC vision (to avoid giant maps being a requirement) and long range NPC hearing. You could have tiles that create noise when the player sprints over them, 'crunchy' tiles like branches or glass that make noise at both walking or running. Rareish throwing objects to make a racket and shortly distracting NPCs at the cost of making them more alert afterwards.
>>159482 The issue I supposed with top down is how you're going to do the porn then. Are you going to switch to a new window with 2d sprites or artwork or are you going to somehow do it in top-down?
>>159437 Stealth bastard is okay but I just couldn't envision that as the visual style for what I wanted to do. >>159482 I had planned it to include a mix of power buff/debuff items combined with the stealth mechanic, with enemies that are either just lewd or others that rely on those buffs/debuffs to change their behavior from costing the player hit points/gameover state to lewd interaction but then regulating how often the player can get away with lewd interaction. >>159494 I thought the top-down or sidescroller view should be at a resolution where lewd interaction would be easily discernable between sprites without having to pause the game state, then create a cut-scene for the animation
(1.08 MB 1282x960 Acerola.PNG)
Reminder that NTR * is the best fetish.
>>159555 You could just let the player control the zoom level / give them a minimap that tells them everything they need like in MGS.
>>159494 Most of the top down games I've played go with new window and art/text. I have seen a few that try top down lewd sprites, they tend to be forgettable. Really, the entire game doesn't have to have a single viewpoint. Take Kamidori for example it has: top down dungeon areas, typical VN dialogues/scenes, and isometric view for the shop. I don't know what anon plans to do with his stealth game, but if it were me I'd do something like; top down mission areas, artwork scenes, and an isometric base where you can display your favorite stolen panties or whatever. >>159555 (Impressive) >costing the player hit points/gameover state to lewd interaction but then regulating how often the player can get away with lewd interaction. I kind of dislike this idea. On one hand it rewards failure while adding smut to a hgame, on the other it limits the total possible smut in a run. Have you considered a way for the player to repeatedly gain money and adding a purchasable aphrodisiac? This would allow players to get past NPCs they're having issues with, create lewd opportunities, and still punish players in the form of lost money/time.
>>159724 I was intending for lewdity to add to the challenge, since it would actively hinder the player's ability to beat a level, and have diminishing opportunities to rely on lewdity to get through later levels. I never really came up with a way that I could reward good play with lewdity. I wanted to have a playable demo by this year and just did not have the time to keep working on it.
>>159576 Ever since they were Saboten, Acerola's just been making two games over and over with the same UI and stats and all: garbage NTR slice-of-life shit and fast-corruption RPGs with boring vaguely animated combat sex. Two times, I think, they've seriously branched out into trying to have more than one protagonist in the RPGs, but I think they know that they don't have to exert effort any more to make money. Aside from that, the primary (and most secondary) heroines are notable for having sorta big tits and not much else.
(144.87 KB 252x352 AISChaF_20200429083658544.png)
(127.30 KB 252x352 AISChaF_20200403234722154.png)
(131.84 KB 252x352 AISChaF_20200403233729177.png)
(131.57 KB 252x352 AISChaF_20200323222220017.png)
Anyone play Ai Shoujo?
Yo niggers, whats this im hearing about teaching feeling 3.0 coming out?
>>162395 Can you lewd the imouto?
I'm tempted to make a humorously edited review video of my favorite fetish h-rpg ala Sseth-styled, but I'm worried it might be shit and that nobody would watch it I'm half-decent at video editing, analysis, and memes but I've not done any scripted, longform content like this or used my voice in any non-school video since middle school, plus my charisma is probably pretty average at best voice-wise I also want to avoid having the review end up being like one of those school-essay tier shit videos made by b-list jewtubers. Any anons have any advice, suggestions or opinions on this?
>>162467 Just fucking doing it faggot. Upload the video here if it fits, or at least put up a link to it. What meaningful advice can anyone give you without even a first attempt?
>>162467 Do it faggot.
>>162512 >what meaningful advice can anyone give you without even a first attempt general pitfalls to avoid or worthwhile aspects and tips for creating compelling content would be of use Any examples of what a "good" video akin to what I'm doing would be helpful as a reference considering there aren't many of them afaik >>162513 I'll give it a shot then and try working on a script to start with, unless there's a different way of doing this sort of thing that would be better. Part of what I'm worried about is that the script will end up too fucking long and rambly to control. Thanks for the encouragement though anons. Here's hoping it doesn't end up like dogshit if I can pull it off.
>>162467 >>162518 You gotta do it like you're talking about a subject you know decently well with someone else. You can't just act confident, you have to be confident or it comes off badly, also try writing some guidelines instead of a script.
>>162467 >I'm worried that nobody would watch it Attention whore
>>162467 >I've not done any scripted, longform content like this or used my voice in any non-school video since middle school, plus my charisma is probably pretty average at best voice-wise I'm going to sound like a cum-breathed faggot, but it sounds like you don't currently have any confidence in yourself. Do some videos of other games with the full intention of uploading them, but don't. Watch these videos and find what you like, what you dislike, what can be improved, and what can be toned down. Then you can decide if you want to do the video you were planing on or if you want to do another practice video. That said there's always going to be people who love or hate whatever you shit out, I think Sseth is a cancerous little shit for example.
>>95947 Were the AI dungeon threads archived?
>>162529 Eh. This is unfamiliar territory for me, so yeah, it wouldn't be a lie to say I'm a bit lacking in confidence in this regard. I'm not super worried about it though; I just don't want to look back on it and cringe at something I did a poor job with, or worse, used my voice in connection to something autistic and retarded that was publicly broadcasted and uploaded. I already plan to edit my voice in some way to keep my anonymity of course though, but you never know with this kind of shit. >Do some videos of other games with the full intention of uploading them, but don't This project would essentially be a one-off for me anon. I dunno if I'd have the time to invest in making multiple videos of this kind of length just for practice or confidence-boosting; this game in question is pretty special, and being a porn game, its also unique compared to most of the (mostly SFW) shit I've played so its probably one of the only ones I'd be willing to do something like this for anyways. I was considering this as a "goodbye project" of sorts. I'll consider it though, I've done writeups of certain games before, maybe there's some way I could convert them into video form without too much effort. >>162520 >also try writing some guidelines instead of a script. Good idea.
(982.30 KB 320x287 1393725596164.gif)
>yiff.party dead >kemono.party doesn't work
>>162744 >using bui's botnet service
>>162746 Feel free to name some examples that currently work, then.
>>162746 >Not wanting to lick Buis furry paws
(33.07 KB 498x472 flat,800x800,075,f.u2.jpg)
>>162744 >kemono.party doesn't work Works on my machine™
>>162804 >slow as fuck >500 Internal Server Error >way less content than yiff >doesn't mention if artist patreon is up to date or not >no shared files It's shit for now, no idea if it'll get better.
>>162818 >slow as fuck >500 Internal Server Error I was having this problem too, but it worked fine when I checked it a few minutes ago. >way less content than yiff >doesn't mention if artist patreon is up to date or not >no shared files Can't argue with that.
I vouch for Strip Poker Night At The Inventory It can be played online here: www.spnati.net (It can also be played offline by downloading the Git) Take Telltale's Poker Night At The Inventory game, mix it in with the autism and customibility of M.U.G.E.N., and you got yourself an open-source crossover strip poker game! Like the Telltale Poker game, you are in a random and undisclosed location where your opponets are characters from their respective series and you become the dealer. You will be playing Five-Card Draw Strip Poker where one player with the worst hands of the round must remove a layer of their clothing. The player with the worst hand of the round and has no clothes remaining is eliminated from the game and must masturbate in humilation. If you, the dealer, have no clothes left and you lose the round, you will be the one subject to humilation from your rivals as you milk your moose in front of them and the game is over. If you, the dealer, win the entire game, you will have the chance of unlocking a special epilogue with certain characters and/or collectable items of theirs. The main difficulty of Strip Poker Night, besides luck, will be in taking down your rivals who wear more layers of clothing and/or play smarter. Being open-source, anyone can make their own characters and write dialouge for them (especially unique lines only said to certain characters.) Like M.U.G.E.N., it requires one to study some programs to get the character(s) of your dreams added in and to write in their lines. One complaint with the online version of the game is that the roster of characters are handled by Reddit, so a character that you like may get removed from the game because they haven't been updated, don't have a lot of dialouge, or have not been on top of the subreddit's popularity polls. Again with being open-source, anyone can fork the git of Strip Poker Night and splinter off from Reddit's handling of the game. A collabortive project could even be done if many were interested in the idea of making a themely Strip Poker Night game, such as a Lolicon Edition Strip Poker Night where onii-chan/oji-san must win against beloved lolis like Nanako Dojima from Persona 4, Sayaka from Ape Escape 3, Arle from the Puyo series, and the Inkling from Splatoon!
>>163211 >sample Anon why.
>>163240 No reason
>>163211 This is like one of those old kisekae games combined with one of those Slave Maker games that recycles old CG porn. That is, no fork of this could go anywhere without an artist or two--and, no, using that one paperdoll posing flash whose name I can't remember wouldn't count. Actually, come to think of it, that sort of looks like what was used to begin with. >>162467 I think there is an actual viewership that may exist for short reviews of some of the thousands of Japanese h games out there, although the kind of people who play these games are probably also the kind that can't stand listening to male voices talk about porn. The problems, naturally, are the platform, obtaining the games without being deplatformed for piracy, and the fact that success with this venture would cause the games popularized by it to get translated by those shitty English-speaking localizer companies for h games.
>>163252 The game is made with kisekae for ease of use I think and for consistency. If it relied solely on unique art I doubt there would be a tenth of as many characters as what were made. For their part, some of them have done some impressive things with it. Some of the characters, like Amalia from Wakfu, look almost completely original. Also there’s some photoshop done to show characters in poses never available in kisekae (like from behind) on certain characters too. But the program is used as a crutch because of how many poses and images are needed to be done just for a single character alone.
>>95442 is there lolis or can you love your offspring?
>>163252 >short reviews I would intend for my reviews to be more longform, 20 minutes would probably be on the shorter side of what I'd want to do >although the kind of people who play these games are probably also the kind that can't stand listening to male voices talk about por Eh true, but I feel if I can keep it engaging and humorous enough it wouldn't be too big of a deal. In this specific case I'd basically have no issues since the game I'm going for is freeware.
>>162467 Go for it.
What chapter was it when the monster ate the girl in Evenicle? That seiyuu did a good job on the voice acting.
>>105647 meh, it was alright. Not very arousing sex scenes. The art wasnt very arousing. The story was alright.
>>162467 If its some niche game then dont bother. Dont be a faggot like sseth.
What happened to the Avatar game? Four Elements trainer I think. I don't see any threads on /hgg/ boards.
(1.19 MB 1920x1080 youve_been_GNOMED.jpg)
I got an itch to play the sims again with kinkyworld and was immediately reminded why I don't bother with it that much. TS3 on it's own is so broken it's hard to believe EA was ever able to sell it. Within seconds of loading a save, it just gets bombarded with errors: >Unroutable Sim: Buckwheat Fucklebunker >Unroutable Sim: Ginger Pubewhisker >Unroutable Sim: Charles Barkley And occasionally happens to sims in the household, where they can either be at work and suddenly appear like a statue back in their house or when they're in the middle of an action, like woohooing. Then there's the issue of animations for woohoo being random, like if a female sim starts schlicking on the floor and you tell a male sim to go face fuck them against the wall, the male sim will end up being the one getting face fucked, and then if you try to fix the animation by swapping their positions, it takes so long that they change position to vaginal and suddenly the male sim goes from pounding the female sim to the other way around. Then of course there's the inherent issues with loli/shota content where younger sims suddenly look like they went through willy wanker's taffy puller, oh and I nearly forgot how it's completely random if dicks appear on male sims. It keeps reminding me that I should stop being lazy and start making a functional sims clone.
>>206758 My issue with TS3 is how potato-faced and down syndromey the sims look. I would rather fap to vanilla TS2.
(809.99 KB 802x602 1zpsb2bc36fb.png)
>>162467 Don't worry about it. Just do it. Plenty of faggy voices on the internet, you won't be the only one. Make sure it's 10 minutes for premium youtube bux. Scripts are for experienced nignogs. Do a loose set of points, structured in half essay format. Make sure to include a 'personal story'. Your goal isn't to win a oscar in reviewing fap games, it's to humor your audience and bring to light something they may have not have known. Also, I know you're talking about Shrink High motherfucker. Better fucking point out that Narue is best girl or you're a fucking faggot.
>>206931 I don't think the"potato faces" is an issue that can't be solved with spending ample time tweaking values in CAS, but it is a huge time sink and automatically added sims will always have generic faces. It's still ridiculous how broken TS3 is, I just can't wrap my head around how something as simple as sims going to their job and entering that rabbit hole is so broken that they become unroutable and teleport back to their home lot and stand like a statue until their job time runs out and then they teleport back to their workplace and just wander around aimlessly. Although nothing beats the broken mess that was the one family I created, where the son brought a female sim home with him from school, banged her, then the next time she appeared she was pregnant, so I transferred her into the household, where she lost interest in her baby daddy and took interest in the big daddy, but then there was a bug where aging enabled again and she was about to give birth, leading to a surprise hospital trip, then her, the big daddy and the glitch baby were stuck at the hospital because her age prohibited her from hailing a taxi, but she also couldn't ride her bike home because she would have to abandon the baby, eventually the save became so buggy that one sim in the household couldn't perform any action without getting frozen in time and required a forced reset
(9.79 MB 1280x720 example.webm)
>>163211 I checked this out, it's pretty fun. Coincidentally, I was also introduced to 15.ai recently. I noticed that there is some overlap between the characters in SPNATI and the characters that have their voices cloned. It's mostly MLP characters because a lot of the work was initiated by anons from /mlp/. I'd like to create a fully AI voiced version of this that includes just a handful of characters. (Probably just the MLP characters to start with, since there are already models trained for them). I think it would be reasonably straightforward to modify SPNATI to play an audio file that corresponds to a certain line of dialogue. I whipped up a quick example of what a finished product could look like, webm related. Obviously, better results could be achieved with more time and attention spent on each line. The voice lines generated for the attached webm were created using Deltavox RS (courtesy of the Pony Preservation Project) which runs locally on the CPU. It's fast and fairly easy to use while still getting a decent result. However, there are a few obvious problems: There are many lines of dialogue. A character could have well over 1000 lines. This number can reduced, as there are a lot of lines for specific interactions with other characters. I spent about 40 minutes to produce the 32 lines used in the webm. That includes the time for me to type in a line, process it, listen to it, tweak the parameters a bit, and then repeat until I got a decent result. It is not practical for me to process thousands of lines of dialogue across multiple characters. Hypothetically, the process could be automated, but without someone checking the output voice line, the quality would most likely suffer. If 30 or so anons were willing to contribute that much time, then I think one character could be fully voiced in a reasonable time frame. The trouble is that I am unprepared to organize a large scale project like this, and I have no idea if there would be enough interested anons who are willing to contribute. >but anon, ponies are gay Yes, I hear you. The scope of this project doesn't necessarily have to be limited to MLP characters (personally, I'm more interested in characters like the Wii Fit Trainer). However, /mlp/ has already accomplished a great deal of work, so I think that it will be easiest to start with those characters. For the sake of gauging interest, I'll crosspost this on the webring, namely /robowaifu/ and /hgg/ Even if this idea ends up going nowhere, I still think this is a very interesting demonstration of how this technology can be used. What's more intriguing is that, with time, the capabilities will only improve, and the quality of the voices will only become more and more convincing.
>>210002 I would say to hold off. The voices are still too robotic. Wait until the thing gets improved before putting in the effort.
>>210002 AI voice synthesis has apparent limitless potential for rule 34 content, but every time I hear it I'm too distracted being terrified by this fledgling of a nightmarish technology and its ramifications on reality.
(ID might have changed, by the way) >>210058 The voices can be improved further with more patience on the user's part. Tweaking the parameters, experimenting with phonemes, and so on can produce a much better result than what I demonstrated in the webm. Also, I think the audio could be cleaned up a bit more in another program to sound less tinny. I would have to do some more research/experimentation though. That being said, it might not be very long before significant improvements are available, so there's really no harm in waiting. >>210095 Ted tried to warn us, but we might as well enjoy the ride while we're stuck on it. >>210365 Sorry, anon, I'm working with what I've got.
Just beat Sengoku Rance, the devs had good taste in women, music and made one of the funnest games I've played. Never thought I'd enjoy a grand strategy game as much as I had with this. Possibly the best eroge I've ever done.
>>214373 Sengoku Rance isn't just a "great eroge", it's a great game. Also, there's 3 more routes to play through and higher difficulties, I highly recommend you keep at it.
bumpan to save the thread
I'm looking for an eroge made in flash(either simple .swf or a flash application) that may or may not exist. >male protag 2d sidescroller, can't jump but can move in four directions, after clearing the screen you always go right, you can't go up, left, or down to change screens >main attack is throwing fireballs, you have to click where you want to shoot >you fight generic looking fem knights and other fantasy enemies, enemies are always the same (knights are always default knight, mages are always default mage) but there's color swaps >once you knock a girl down you can switch to the fug skill and click on her, it starts a slow animation where your character jumps towards her and if he lands on her you fuck the girl >if you're too far the skill misses and you fall on the ground, if someone hits you while you're in the air it also cancels the skill >after completing the mission you go back to the base menu where you can fuck your captives, you can also customize the girl beforehand(e.g. hair color) I couldn't find it on DLsite so it's either not for sale anymore or was always just a free game. I'd try looking through swfchan but the search feature is shit and no one tags anything properly. It's the second eroge that I can't find and it's driving me fucking insane.
(551.63 KB 560x420 ClipboardImage.png)
>>237998 That sounds just a little bit like that Dragon Quest themed 2.5D game, except that the PC was a futa Dragonlord. Dragon Bride or 竜の花嫁 if that's the right one. Was on DLSite, I thought, but probably the circle nuked their shit like they're always doing.
>>238093 That's it, and it even was less shit than expected. Thanks anon.
>>214373 I had good fun until Satan kicked my ass and conquered half the map, I guess I am just bad.
What's up with RPG Maker, that all these Japs use for their games? I'm not even vaguely familiar with it aside of how basic/barebones/SNES level it makes games look. How do they get away with reselling another company's assets, anyway? Last I looked, that shit wasn't freeware.
>>240709 There's many companies that sell licenses to game assets so amateurs can put together and sell a game, surely that's what RPGmaker does.
>>206983 Good taste in vn my friend
>>210002 Can you fuck them as horses?
>>95416 Sona Hanabira series.
>>240709 >How do they get away with reselling another company's assets, anyway? Look at asset marketplaces. You can buy giant packs of RPG-maker formatted assets for pocket change, with a license that allows commercial use. RPG maker itself is extremely easy to use and doesn't really require any level of programming knowledge beyond basic logic (and not even that for many games). Basically, RPG maker games are for people are able to write to some extent, but can't into actual yesdev
(1.50 MB 1080x2160 1613538215636.png)
She's finally getting added
(36.81 KB 432x469 rogue is into that.jpg)
>>240899 Id prefer the girls that are already in get more content,but hey, life is interesting because its varied.
(957.69 KB 1195x843 Fun.png)
>>240910 Blame Oni not me. All girls are getting alternated positions by the way.
>>240709 RPGMaker is actually intended for commercial distribution. The graphics included in the runtime packages (the RTPs), even the free ones, have a permissive license allowing their use in commercial projects--it doesn't even have to be an RPGM project
Western hentai games are cash cows that are dragged out as long as possible to earn more patreon shekels
>>241075 That's obvious by this point but who the fuck pays for porn?
>>241075 Well yeah, but >playing Besides, no jap Game lets me hold hands with Rogue or hatefuck princess azula.
>>238164 Helping people makes me happy like few other things these days. >>241008 The other interesting part is all the 3rd party scripts that RPGMaker games--even commercial ones--inevitably use. When you go look at, say, an RPGMaker MV game's js directory, there's just this diarrhea of files--and for the JP games each is often carefully credited in some text file. I always kind of wonder if those scripts all are required to be some kind of open license, or if someone out there is making money licensing his RPGMaker script work, or if those script creators just don't bother and/or don't mind that people are making money with their work. Same with those 2D assets (tilesets and sprites) you see floating around in both RPGM and Wolf games that came from third parties.
>>241124 You can get anyone to pay for anything if you make it relevant to their interests. It's basic human manipulation and an exploit of our sentience. >>241008 >>240883 >>240738 Thanks for the answers. Gonna dig more into this since there's shit that I want to see and I can't leave it to the Japs to maybe stumble into that arena.
>>241075 Cloud medow by s-purple and the original tower girls game until anons told the creator off.
(355.16 KB 768x766 1518142738.png)
>>241628 Towerfaggot had it coming when he added NTR and bestiality
>>241629 You can't complain about that shit while playing porn games, you know it's a race to the bottom to attract the biggest audience, and the audience for porn games likes gross shit.
>>238185 > I had good fun until Satan kicked my ass and conquered half the map, I guess I am just bad. Nah, the endgame is difficult. Every territory in the demon army is defended by bigger armies than yours, and their defenders are usually more powerful than their attacking units. You need to have captured some leaders with high stats and special talents to beat them. The ones you hired early on aren't cut out for the job unless you've been leveling them up. It's better to save the stat+1 books for commanders who have better stats to begin with.
>>241654 Then why come degenerate shit rarely ever gets translated while wholesome vanilla stuff does far more often? There's more of a demand for vanilla than there is for scat and guro and shit.
Anyone know if the sequel for Echidna Wars DX has a demo or release date yet
Do you guys know of any cool dating game like Katawa Shoujo or Teaching feeling? I don't know why but i've been in the mood for stuff where you help/romance girls that have been hurt
>>242636 Yeah I ended up beating them, but I found that there's a considerable gap of fun between fighting and conquering the numerous unique factions while witnessing their characters' downfall and then recruiting them, and having endless battles of attrition with the same huge demon faction while slowly whittling them down. I considered replaying on New Game+ but I had 0 NG+ points and who knows how many times I'd need to replay to get a different outcome.
>>242646 Localization companies and their Japanese collaborators have decided that they want to go after the normalfag market rather than try to cater to the perverts with money market that so much of the rest of the porn game industry targets. To do that, you need to translate relatively uncontroversial things, because these games are intended to be on major game platforms (that is, Steam) and eventually the mass media will pick up on the trend. If your games are relatively tame, the headlines will be "young adults spending millions on cartoon porn: next big market?" and you win. If you're translating Loli Horse Bukkake 2, the headlines are "children are buying games about child abuse/animal abuse/whatever: when will (government) act" and you lose.
>>206758 >tfw TS3 will never be reverse engineered to fix the bullshit code God, I wanna play it so bad, it's a literal Doujin simulator with the right mods.
>>241628 >s-purple won't add shota/loli <MC is a dwarf with a shota/loli face that gets dominated by everyone <If the SS in the loading screens are right, the MC is the one always getting dominated <The only thing left is for s-purple to add animals/beasts dominating the MC Also >Hentai game suggestion bread <No one suggested Imperial Gatekeeper
>>252685 <No one suggested Imperial Gatekeeper Did they add lolis yet?
>>251647 It was so fucking undermined by EA it's unreal. It shits on 4 in almost every way but simply runs like SHIT.
>>252753 It has NTR tags so i avoid it like the plague.
>spend DAYS fine tuning sims 4 to make everyone in the game perfect girls, make a couple of good houses, mods are several times heavier than the base game >backup game >don't backup the documents folder where mods and sims are stored >lose everything Above everything, I feel stupid.
>>252753 Seems that the last update will be a character editor, so it'll be up for the modders, then again a modder described trying to mod IG >Even just the dialog system is very limiting. >The game doesn't really check a lot of things so it's hard to tie events together. >You can't add new strings or get them to reference each other. >>252762 The fuck? oh, probably means Netori, considering the endgame glasses show that some NPC's were already engaged or raped, along with there being a wandering prostitute.
(621.38 KB 891x465 title.png)
(2.98 MB 954x1866 peakgamerhumor.png)
(275.66 KB 812x333 cgcrop.png)
I normally don't play hentai games but had fun with this old title that I downloaded a while back but never tried because my usual unzipper doesn't work. I like the music, the comedy, how it panders to my impregnation fetish, the crazy villain protagonists. The gameplay and fapability are its weaker points though. It's a nice military angry birds hybrid porn game, I guess. There's something about Carselde's shark grin and Persica's deadpan stare that just gets me going.
>>252808 >reading bible length fiction just for a wank
>>252808 The original translated PC release with added voices.
>>252806 >fappability >weaker point Say what you will, but I really enjoyed the pixel art gallery you unlock after you beat the main campaign.
>>252770 Truly trying to enjoy the sims is the real hell.
>>210002 >>163211 The main problem with ALL these poker games is the fucking characters never fucking shut the fuck up.
>>252806 Shark grins are nice as an elision for crazy-but-hot, except when actual sharks are involved. I'm not big on pregnancy per se, but I do enjoy porn games that allow for autistic hybridization stunts, whether it's searching for pre-baked hybrids by mashing the protagonist against things until hybrids appear, or Slave Matrix style god-what-have-I-done monstrosity simulations.
>>240946 >pic Got me thinking is there a game that presents it's self as some kind of lovey-dovey dating sim with the typical ton of endless chatter to get their panties off but it turns out there's an *optional* evil short-cut though the bullshit yakking like drugging the girls and raping them?
>>252806 >Impregnation Actual pregnancy, or the typical "Get knocked up with my child!!!!" bullshit that Japan panders to all too much?
>>252875 There must be a million of these now I think on it for a moment, if not well fuck me ragged.
>>252875 Technically Artificial Academy 2, but no drugging.
(103.67 KB 464x600 pixiv.jpg)
>>252820 I'm not talking about the galleries. The game camera likes to auto-zoom out in combat where all of the action happens so all sprites get shrunk down to a fraction of a centimeter on large maps. When you mate with a monster, your view gets blocked with a distracting hit marker & the sex ends quickly after taking your next turn. As if the game is blueballing you on purpose which I don't enjoy. >>252876 The latter. I associate swollen bellies with mood swings, morning sickness and other negative side effects. Just because risky sex is hot doesn't mean the long-term repercussions are. >>252867 Normally, I hate vulgar and vile content like snuff and hardcore gratuitous rape. It's refreshing to see a game not take itself seriously with humor. I can stomach those games better.
(761.76 KB 800x600 breeding.png)
When's the next chapter of quest failed getting released?
Just finished EDEN It was a wild ride >launch the game >no title screen music just straight up high impact noodle slurping >generic nonsensical Hgame plot unfolds >but the localization is shitpost-tier while the MC acts like an anon with isekai-tier Hgame powers >then realize absolutely nothing makes sense continuity wise >especially when your whole party including the MC gets mindraped a whole bunch by various opposing entities >realize the appearance customization system is absolutely fucking insane, as in every piece of gear is visible on the sprite once equipped though they don't impact most regular scenes >teases endings that are actually expected from such a clusterfuck of a game take over as the demon lord's husband OR let one of your party member assimilate every single living being to turn the universe into a fuck singularity to battle the heat death of the universe OR turn every living being into a copy of one of your party member while she turns you into shota dark pope so you can endlessly /ss/ >pulls a complete 180° on every single ending where all of them are actually sort of vanilla and wholesome granted there's so much mindrape going around I don't think "it was all an illusion" is impossible >but then it's also a stable time loop >has cheevos and an integrated time attack mode with ingame rewards
Hey, did Sekai Shitters loose the publishing license to Nekopara for consoles? I see a CFK where their marker used to be.
Does dengeki stryker count as a hentai game?
>>252877 I can't actually think of one, unless you count eramaker games like inSchool that have a "love" route and a "rape" or "tentacles" or "get her friend to drug her" route. Most of those games do let you shortcut to raping a girl during training if you're willing to suffer less developed content (generally) with her, or bad talents, or having a hard time ever getting the consent-requiring actions to work with that girl. eraSumireTeru is sort of like what you describe, except that it takes a while for both the rape and the love "routes" to play out, since if you short-cut too much with the rape Teru just kills herself. Then again, the routes in that game are less routes and more like a spectrum, and "rape" in that game is more like "get her addicted to your lesbian love/your dick." But as far as non-text-based games, I can't actually think of any. Usually games are pitched either at the rape crowd or the love-love crowd. I mean, there are a million female protagonist games where you can pick how much sex you want the girl to be involved with, but that doesn't really count. Then again, as far as that goes regular old dating sims are pretty rare these days. Surely there are some that offer the rape route as a shortcut, but it's probably dependent on some "strength" stat being high enough, and you probably have to sacrifice the rest of the game's content to have that stat be high enough to rape early on anyhow, which sort of defeats the point of the rape route entirely.
>>252770 I'm thinking of going back to TS3, Anon.. I'm sorry for what happened to you.
>>254452 It's ok I got so mad I redownloaded everything and remade my harem. Not the same but close enough. >>254452 >TS3 I would be playing that instead of this piece of shit if it could run better than how it ran almost 2 decades ago on my toaster.
(48.69 KB 1870x230 Capture.PNG)
>>254659 Do I have a surprise for you, I asked around /tsg/ recently, and they were very helpful, hope you find this useful.
>>254701 Yeah I tried to tweak all that stuff, told the game to use my gpu on the ini files, increased the memory it used, even downloaded a patch to make the game use my gpu, no dice. There was no difference in performance at all so I probably didn't manage to fix anything, but I tried everything I could find online.
>>254726 Jesus fucking Christ, is the game this much of a mess? You hear about games getting reverse engineered, but not games that need those fucking fixes. Do you use all the expansions? This is really upsetting.
>>254726 Damn son, I don't even have that much trouble running ts3 under wine. I just have the issue of individual sims constantly erroring and being reset by nraas.
>>254745 So, where's the Anon who'd leak every update of KinkyWorld? Still on /hgg/ at the other place? Or has it flatlined.
>>241075 >shekels A lot of them are very jewish thematically. >>241124 Even if you pirate them, the dragging takes something out of you more important than your money. Your time. >>252918 Porn scenarios that are too realistic are just sad after clarity sets in.
Are there any western games with a decent focus on loli besides german under bridge game?
(665.21 KB 500x281 1438781006278.gif)
I don't know if it was getting a job or having my birthday, but for some reason I find it hard to jack off now and especially to hentai. It's like an improvement but also a regression at the same time. Is there anything without weird angles and bizarre proportions? I just want something where the sex is almost artsy like Blue is the Warmest Color.
>>255873 Real sex with your girlfriend.
>>255873 >tfw you don't fuck for long enough that your reptile brain gives up on fucking anything ever and you start to get incredibly selective about your pornographic tastes whilst also masturbating less You're right in that it's simultaneously great and shit.
>>252926 (((They))) already do, except it's backwards, they dispose the high quality ones and breed the low quality ones as livestock.
Anyone got a link for these games? https://sukebei.nyaa.si/view/2766272 I'm honestly afraid of torrenting this without a VPN
just found that >>>/hgg/ exists why's it so empty?
>>260590 because there's just not enough people around to make constant conversation about anything I'm so burned out I haven't played any game in like two months, let alone any lewd games
>>260640 I'm so fucking sad, I miss the Anon fiddling with KW and tweaking it.
>>260590 Because the /hgg/ community is scattered across several places, bunkers and webring boards Just because an /hgg/ exists here doesn't mean anyone agreed on or even decided to use it at all
(864.73 KB 1280x720 kuuchuu yousai.jpg)
Need a bit of an answer because I'm head-scratching. I remember wanting to check out ISLAND because jesus christ that floof. But I'm trying to remember whether the localization is fucked or cut up in any way and am drawing blanks, and have long-since lost my "avoid these titles" checklist for cut/censored content. Anyone happen to know if this was fucked or poz'd?
>>261044 That VN has absolutely zero hentai but Sankaku Complex is the only place I know of that'd speak up if something especially drastic happened, what with OAG being dead.
(103.24 KB 722x690 max damage.jpg)
>>261393 >That VN has absolutely zero hentai >zero hentai >zero >you cannot sex the floof hair
>>261409 There is fucking, but it is all implied and offscreen. Like with fucking your daughter and marrying her, and effectively softcucking her mother/your sisterwife.
>>260590 At least one thread has exposure outside of there, and it's resulting in undesirable leakers entering. The anons that are left don't seem to be too motivated to vigorously call them out. The mood seems to be one of fatigue more than anything else. Also, there's just not much good h game news recently, with no flashy new projects in English or Jap that anons are actually excited about. It's mostly an asynchronous chat area for anons who didn't get lost and who are still interested in /egg/ and CoC modding and other projects that have nowhere else to go.
(27.19 KB 1248x80 ClipboardImage.png)
(1.73 MB 1024x766 ClipboardImage.png)
>83gb I just wanted to fap to some loli mods
(54.41 KB 560x420 RJ141649_img_main.jpg)
I just finished translating this. I hope I didn't break any scripting. If there are errors, post a screenshot. https://mega.nz/file/pnpmAYKb#bK7vDGWAP7NrXwZ3aKOxVkgAWhBZgW5KWAmPczeg2Os
>>262211 That actually is really sad, I liked having different threads for CoC, FreeCities and modding threads for the Sims and the like. Shame some mods are harder to find.
(334.52 KB 403x677 ClipboardImage.png)
Well, this is fun.
>>265000 I also like my **cunny* built like frozen chicken
(500.62 KB 539x664 ClipboardImage.png)
>>265003 Am I kawaii uguu
>>252770 How is there no repository of mod builds for sims/skyrim/fallout/whatever. Fuck gay mod makers and their pretty please download from this forum only nonsense >>265000 (czech'd) Source of this mind-bending horror?
>>265015 Honey Select 2
(162.70 KB 252x352 HS2ChaF_20210320220118339.png)
>>265015 Here, have some smug to cleanse your pallet.
What happened to the anon that said they were going to review Shrink High? I hope they're okay and nothing bad happened to them.
>>266864 I technically never confirmed I would be doing that game in particular anon, I wanted to keep the name of the game out of any public connection with my posts was done with it But I'm okay, just ridiculously busy in the last few months. I made some informal practice recordings a while ago that were basically stream of consciousness thoughts on various games, but I still have to structure the review, convert my old writeup into a good format, and prepare content for it, which is a ways away I think due to how long it will end up taking, especially with life being a bitch right now. Thanks for noticing my absence though anon. I'm still around and stuff.
>>266884 Connection with my posts until I was done with it*
(187.70 KB 849x1200 Tall Shark Lady Spooks Catboy.JPG)
>>266884 >Spoiler I'm sorry. I didn't mean to blow your cover. Great to hear you're doing fine. I just wanted to know is all. Take your time to make the best videos you can.
I did not notice this in the catalog What was the name of that monster girl game where you fucked girls to make them pregnant and give them children that were mixtures of different monstergirls?
>>267655 https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ264935.html Official TL NdlWmA5D#zf8vHqiGfFrY2zShODqlpfUCpYgyVnpGtRxLK7ghjQo Fan TL qAFnXIKa#C4B8mvOlXe6ztcgzJ_csvZk9wZ95uelsi01XretzOJw
>>267655 There's also Slave Matrix, which is actually a monster genetics sim (well, it would be if the genetics and interface weren't so basic) with an osawari porn game wrapped around it.
any way to remove censor from lost life?
Are there any decent text RPGs like PLW's CoC mod? Bonus if no furry, and era doesn't count >>241629 I heard something about NTR going to the tower game, but never knew what that was all about. Is it something like losing gets you cucked? Was it netori where one of the girls already has someone before you take them away?
>>271147 You can find it pre-patched with the latest version (1.3), although doggystyle is still censored.
>>271472 i just need the patch if possible as i purchased it also how do get doggystyle? ive only unlocked cowgirl
>>260590 The hgg bunker list says 8moe is #4 if the 1-3 go down, so it supposedly won't be active any time soon.
>>271481 I really dont know where you could get it as a separate file anon. But as to how to get the doggystyle, you should have a button with the position when youre on missionary, under all the clothing.
>>154423 >Low-fantasy RPG >Monster-person races all based on functional biology first, only slightly stretching things as needed >No magic >Difficult grid-based combat >Engaging world and characters will never get it though
>>154423 You ever get that feeling that the characters and story you create are better as a book then a h-game I write down the ideas and then i cant bring myself to lewd them. Have to give an entire backstory and then i get the feeling that the players would be bored out of their mind Also Rpgmaker and covid killed the mood so theres that too.
>>263043 >link is dead You got it up somewhere else still? Or does someone else have it and can share?
>>272367 It was updated several times to fix broken scripts and missed lines. Latest Version is here: https://mega.nz/file/5j4FCIQB#FJreBjyOodTG4yYSOjWv-nwhN7ErbAO-yVnCsGkeMw4
>>271463 >but never knew what [NTR in the Towergirls game] was all about. From what I've played, you can pimp out all the princesses in the game via an out-of-the-way brothel. While this doesn't sound that bad on it's own, you have to understand that the original pitch was more akin to a traditional vanilla harem romp, so anons were understandably angry when this came to light.
>>272412 I know they'd crucify me for not just knowing intuitively, but why would they give a shit? Out of the way option to do something slutty, sounds like you only see that if you make your own bad decisions, or just devalue the princesses that much. >>272146 What are your ideas?
>>272455 It wasn't out of the way, it was the fastest way to get around the game without Disgaea levels of grinding. The fact that Towercuck acted the like a pompous dickhead about it, arguing that cucking was not in fact cucking and going as far as to DMCA links to his public releases while outright stealing sprites for a second Towergirls game didn't help the situation any
(20.78 KB 378x378 (You) spongebob.jpeg)
>>272397 Thanks anon, I appreciate the hard work.
(333.19 KB 524x358 1300845637114.png)
So, Subverse is out on early access now. Is it shit?
>>272586 The general consus I found from those that didn't like it was that the gameplay's easy and the sex scenes were lack luster at best. One anon described the sex scenes as "below quality of what you can find on gelbooru for free." Before the thread got deleted. Here are all the sex scenes from Subverse. robo01 (mc using dildo) https://pixeldrain.com/u/cfJ3aSGN robo02 (some shitty ahegao) https://pixeldrain.com/u/t5Pm2rJb robo03 (hand stand) https://pixeldrain.com/u/JBejLPdi robo04 (blowjob) https://pixeldrain.com/u/xPZh834R robo05 (tease) https://pixeldrain.com/u/KdPEsiKg robo06 (blowjob) https://pixeldrain.com/u/iciEpYSY robo07 (tease) https://pixeldrain.com/u/9h9nQfYE robo08 (monster shit) https://pixeldrain.com/u/wFWoo8vi robo_premium01 (MC blowjob) https://pixeldrain.com/u/bfC1T4XR doctor01 (tentacle tease) https://pixeldrain.com/u/zVNeeKBv doctor02 (blowjob) https://pixeldrain.com/u/1aghoTGu doctor03 (monster shit) https://pixeldrain.com/u/j36zeuQW doctor04 (tentacle tease2) https://pixeldrain.com/u/LihDo2uJ doctor05 (monster/gobbo shit) https://pixeldrain.com/u/JcBaGioV doctor06 (monster shit) https://pixeldrain.com/u/8YEFgzQm doctor_premium01 (dildo machine) https://pixeldrain.com/u/YhAhtQyg doctor_premium02 (self tentacle blowjob) https://pixeldrain.com/u/sk8M5pjE doctor_premium03 (MC sex) https://pixeldrain.com/u/GGuc68dk succ01 (after sex) https://pixeldrain.com/u/gzkX1Ev9 succ02 (gangbang) https://pixeldrain.com/u/x5rj7oVg succ03 (blowjob) https://pixeldrain.com/u/S1yNj5VK succ04 (tease) https://pixeldrain.com/u/vdn1dpjP succ05 (tease2) https://pixeldrain.com/u/6WXostEM succ06 (monster shit) https://pixeldrain.com/u/n58ijiqM succ_premium01 (monster shit) https://pixeldrain.com/u/eNMwnMW5 succ_premium02 (MC sex) https://pixeldrain.com/u/fVfUC86V
>>272586 The videos of the sex scenes were posted in the previous GG thread. They were basically SFM-tier shit you'd find on rule34.xxx And it's early access and being released episodically or something. Also, for some reason the thread about it got deleted so we might all get banned for talking about video games on /v/ if we keep it up.
(518.73 KB 800x450 ClipboardImage.png)
>>272629 >One anon described the sex scenes as "below quality of what you can find on gelbooru for free." Before the thread got deleted. Pic related. >>272633 >And it's early access and being released episodically or something. Maybe they'll improve the animations then? I'm never going to play it though, since it has netorare/cuckolding/cuckqueening.
>>272629 So unless I'm misunderstanding, "your" girls are getting fucked by other monsters. Which makes this cuck shit. Or rather, low quality cuck shit with awful moaning, awful animation, and dumb soap noises.
>>272506 that explanation makes more sense then >>272637 >it has NTR I feel like I'm running into this everywhere these days. What in the damn is the story this time? >>272651 I actually don't know how the game works, are "you" a character, or just managing a group of characters? Are they "your" girls or just girls in the world? I don't know.
>>272455 (You) are one part of a teenage crime fighting trio. You've always held a torch for one of your teammates, there was light flirting on both sides but with the rigors and dangers of fighting crime she was never willing to take the next step of a relationship out of fear for both of your safeties. After the climactic final battle and arrest of your archenemy Scorpio you both agreed to reveal your identity to each other and give a relationship a shot. Yet on the promised day she never appeared. 7 years have passed since then and the world has changed with it. A new government law has been passed which requires the registration of all vigilantes. Those who refuse to register are asked to retire, if they persist they will be prosecuted with the full extent of the law. Those who register will be given a salary, health insurance, dental, false jobs, and alibis. One of the many requirements of this new law is to be a mentor to new upcoming heroes.
>>272824 As a favor to one of your former mentors you agree to tutor her little sister which ends with her flirting and her doing increasing lewd things to get your attention. She is not responding to your instructions . To make matters worse a meeting is coming up with the government liaison to check on your progress. Out of costume the Liaison officer was an ex-girlfriend and has always had it in for your superhero persona after you failed to save her father. She sends you on increasingly dangerous missions and you are unable to say no out of guilt. The Officer now wants you to investigate rumors of law breaking performed by your former teammates. You find out after your team broke up your team mate has become addicted to pain killers a side effect of the lifestyle you both live. In order to sustain her lifestyle shes turned to crime, its gotten so bad she's been selling Superhero secrets to get her fix.
>>272824 >>272825 This is retarded, a plot that's been done relatively recently in popular media, and on a theme (superheroes) that is overly saturated. Doesn't sound NTR at all though, just kinda bad.
>>272825 Your other team mate who left 7 years ago, has also recently returned to the city and seems unaware of the new laws. You've been tasked to bring her into the fold or dissuade her from putting on the mask. Which all pales in comparison to your secret, that you've been in a sexual relationship with a well known villainess. >>272828 >a plot that's been done relatively recently in popular media What? Give me a name i want to watch this show.
>>272830 Avengers Civil War There's also the Phoenix Johnson Comics based on the real man that actually dressed up and acted as a vigilante for some years in, I think, San Fransisco And there's also the comic version of Civil War which is different from the movie. And also there's The Watchmen
>>272834 its just watchmen there won't be a cvil war. I thought you meant the mentoring, government liaison, and drug addcition Cause if it managed to hit all of them then i would have been surprised.
>>272839 Phoenix Jones was like that, I think. At least in real life it was. Also fairly sure I saw something that fits that description that I just can't recall
>>272844 >Phoenix jones Im going to read his comic now and then im going to come back. If you even get 50% right i'll be surprised.
>>272844 You fucking asshole making me waste time for nonexistent shit Just say you don't like it. Thought i was going crazy
>>272825 >>272824 Too much soap opera, dude. What's the core point of the story?
>>272869 >jewgle >Jones' comic books are rather real. They are taken from his own life as a vigilante superhero on the streets of Seattle. I don't know what to tell you
>>272870 its a porn game what do you think is going to happen? >>272877 But none of that shit you described is similar to what i wrote. Maybe if you squint then yeah.
>>272839 >I thought you meant the mentoring, government liaison, and drug addcition >>272881 >But none of that shit you described is similar to what i wrote That's literally the bullet points of his "career" I didn't read the comic, but I learned about his life, and it hits those marks well
>>272881 A set of threads that weaves into the structure of a larger or centralized story. Happens all the time even in nukige setups. I'm not gonna say shit's retarded like other anon, because frankly I won't know until I'm reading actual text. But I'm getting the idea that this is just as you say—less of an h-game and more of a series of pulp book adventures.
>>272885 You mean to say he was mentored, he was a drug dealer not drug addict, and he wasnt charged for being a super hero >>272890 pretty much. The overarcing theme is the impossibility of being a hero, how can you save others when sometimes its enough to just save yourself.
>>272900 He mentored many people, in what I think is a kind of dumb endeavor to make super hero vigilanteism more professional, and did and dealt drugs.
>>272902 People were offering to mentor him. He claimed to mentor but it never seemed to go anywhere. But lets get back into the H rather then Jones
>>272900 That's a sound premise. Given that, now the idea of a MC struggling inside a regulated system and even rearing the next generation sounds a bit more intriguing. I presume you've nothing but an outline of ideas sitting about, though. And yes, it also definitely sounds more at home as a pulp than a eroge. If you're having trouble penning actual lewd for this story, find the characterization in the porn, and don't let the porn rule the plot. People bitch about Type-Moon and how awful the Fate/Tsuki translations were, but both works got across their character's personalities in the porn scenes quite clearly. Weave the porn in the plot and you're good. And tell anyone you need to add x fetish to go fish.
>>272910 Took me until this point to realize this wasn't about Subversive
>>272910 >outline of ideas sitting about, though. I have some ready >MC struggling inside a regulated system The twist was ultimately both super villains and the regulation itself were creations by the government to better control both the heroes and villains Supervillains were government workers think glowniggers who were created to monitor the criminal underworld and other villains Where as the new regulations would be used to keep an eye on heroes reducing them to glorified cops. The "Supervillains" have won long ago. >lewd Well you're mentoring a student who enjoys class play and is using the relationship to make things awkward between you and her sister. (Teacher/Student) The government liaison is ultimately still in love with your civilian identity and doesn't hate your superhero persona so much as she wants to use you to climb the ranks. In her free time she's a good friend who wants to catch up. (Light BDSM on both sides) The Villainess is just getting back at her ex. After her breakup you caught her trying to rob a local liquor store, feeling pity because she reminded you of herself. You paid for the drinks and then both of you got smashed before you smashed each other. Now your fights have deteriorated to awkward chit chats before she runs away. (tsundere) The sad part i was writing the entire thing for your teammates but ultimately found them boring compared to everyone else. > add x fetish People wanted incest and ntr. that was fun
>>272933 >People wanted incest and ntr. that was fun You'll find when you have a dedicated project that people want many things that make no fucking sense. It's how so many of these indyfags start with a grounded idea and end with a shit parade of "put this in the game I paid for it on the kickstarter" that buries the actual game itself.
(1.12 MB 946x1030 Untitled.png)
>>272651 Correct.
>>272735 Every girl in a porn game is "your" girl regardless of their backstory or the game's plot or mechanics. That's the foundational assumption. That's the thing that people need to understand and hold close to their hearts. Once you understand that, all you have to do is to figure out who "you" are in the game, and then it's easy to identify cuckshit, which is any sexual contact between a girl in the game and anyone other than "you." In nearly all male PC games, the PC is "you" because that's who you control. So, in almost all male PC games, anyone other than the PC having sex with a girl is cuckshit. If there were to be some superhuman male who does 100% of the fucking of girls in the game, but the PC is just some dude, then that game is cuckshit because "you" are defined there as "not the guy who's actually having sex." In a game with party of male PCs who all fuck some girls in the game, it's a little more confusing to figure out who you're supposed to be. You sort of have to feel it out based on who sounds the most like the narrator or the viewpoint character, which could be pretty hard. I think the simplest thing to do for that kind of game is to assume that it's mostly cuckshit, though, since you've already accepted that more than one man is having sex. Possibly there's an argument that if the viewpoint and control switches between male characters that "you" become whoever you switch to. In theory, a game like that could be completely cuck-free if only the viewpoint character is having sex at any time. But in theory that could lead to a game where the current PC literally cucks a former PC and yet the game doesn't meet the simple and correct definition of cuckshit. So my thinking is that if the viewpoint character switches you have to evaluate sex scenes on a case by case basis to see if there is cuckshit or not. In female PC games, the role of "you" depends heavily on the type of game. I think it's most usual for there there to be a designated "you" male character that is intended to be the player. Once you figure out who that is, any sex between any girl (including the PC) and anyone other than that person is cuckshit. Sometimes, though, "you" is the disconnected abstraction (either with or without a narrative presence in the game, although the former is pretty rare) that controls the girl--like in games where the female PC just has sex with many different men, or in a slave trainer where you are just controlling mechanics but have no actual presence in the game. Those games are 100% cuckshit because there is no "you" in the game, and therefore they can't meet the definition of non-cuckshit. If the viewpoint character is a girl, and that girl is having sex with many men, that's identically cuckshit. The foundational assumption is critically important, but it's may be too simple to really encompass the idea correctly. But let's try an example: since the player himself is certainly a human, all games with bestiality must be cuckshit. But what if the PC is a male dog? The foundational assumption works. Although the game is a male PC game, "you" is the abstraction that controls the dog--certainly nobody can identify with a dog even if it thinks in human language. So this is a game where the player has to watch another man have sex with girls, and that makes the game cuckshit. It actually makes things even simpler, because it allows us to state that any presence of certain fetishes in a game makes the game cuckshit--like bestiality, for instance, since by definition that's sexual contact with a non-human animal, and the player is a human. I guess in theory a male PC game where the PC only has sex with non-human animals could include bestiality and not be cuckshit. But I've never heard of a game like that, and so the rarity of games of that type probably makes my statement at the end of the last paragraph still valid. But, hey, maybe this that's an opportunity for someone looking for an idea?
>>273121 >Every girl in a porn game is "your" girl From the very first sentence, I knew this would be nothing but the usual mental gymnastics and screeching. You self-insertion retards never cease to amaze.
>>273121 You're retarded in a very strange and detailed way.
>>273121 I don't care about that wall of retarded bullshit you typed, but we need more games where you're a dude fucking horses and that's that. I was personally aggrieved by the sex mod for the Sims 3 having horse bestiality and realizing it was only male horse on human, total fucking ripoff. If you can't fuck a mare, the game is shit, it's the new 'pet the dog.'
>>272651 >Or rather, low quality cuck shit with awful moaning, awful animation, and dumb soap noises. So your standard StudioFOW shit.
(286.42 KB 560x420 105666_RE223447_img_smp1.jpg)
(212.76 KB 560x420 105665_RE223447_img_main.jpg)
Osake Riesz: A fun little H-game I really enjoyed and I think you will too. The game part is pretty simple, you push or pull drinks off a moving conveyor. You get bonus points for giving Riesz drinks she likes, and for drinking the same drink as her. The H-part is excellently done, the pixel art is fairly smooth and it's pretty hot to see sweat bead up and roll off her face. Otherwise, it's a short experience but I think the quality is superb and makes up for it. It's a cute game. DL: fapforfun.net/archives/2388 in browser: comdotgame.com/play/osake-riesz
>>241582 >or if those script creators just don't bother and/or don't mind that people are making money with their work It varies from creator to creator. Most people who make RPGMaker scripts or plugins are usually okay with their work being used in commerical games, as long as proper credit is given. Although I think selling the right to use a script/plugin is becoming more common.
>>273437 Thanks, it's cute.
>>273284 Not that it would make much difference if you could have male human on female beast in ts3 since it would look like garbage.
>>273284 You can fuck a mare in the stables in CoC
>>273121 I agree on a lot of things here but there's some parts I think are kind of a stretch. Though the term cuckshit loses some of its meaning when you use it for general purpose things like female protagonists, I might argue that is more "gayshit" if some self-insertion of the girl is going on or just plain voyeurism, which might has some connection to cuckshit, but it's hard to say since I don't think the relationship shit plays much of a role at all, more of a detached viewpoint of appreciation and enjoyment. Admittedly an odd one but I'd hesitate in calling it cuckshit. Much less so for slave trainers since the power comes from the control of the girls and doing with them as one pleases. The dog example example extrapolation is also odd, some people can self-insert as something else just fine, their only limits are their imagination. Declaring that to be cuckshit because you can't really do that is hardly fair. Overall not a bad analysis, just a bit heavy handed with some conclusions.
>>273438 I figured that would be the case, otherwise people wouldn't be sharing them at all since most of those scripters probably realize they don't have an effective means of enforcing their preference with respect to their work. I guess there could be scripters who don't realize the enormous volume of porn games made in RPGMaker and who might just be tacitly assuming that nearly all uses of their scripts would be noncommercial. That's hard to believe, though.
Machine translations are funny sometimes, but you get tired of "bring me the big milk" and I just want a good story, you know?
>>276977 Machine translations are the bane of translations. Its infecting manga translation and make feel stupider having read it.
>>277059 >and make feel stupider having read it. I can tell
>>277086 Oh fuck its infecting me
>>276977 My favorite is when the text just triggers its specific autism and it goes AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA for no reason, in a normal dialogue.
>>277087 I can relate
>>277637 I have a feeling so complicated
>>277778 how embarrassing
>>277777 Who got it though.
We've got request/share & Game recommendations thread on /h/. >>>/h/1776 >>>/h/1793
>>273284 Text based games are about the only place you're going to find that, I think. eratohoK lets you play as a male, lets you have animals in the sex scenes, and lets you penetrate a horse's ass in those scenes. I don't think you can genderswap the horses like you can most officers, though, since they're really intended for triple penetration of girls, so it just barely misses being what you want. And I'm pretty sure the writing for it is the same as penetrating any other character's ass, so it probably wouldn't be very satisfying anyhow. eramegaten has horse-shaped demons that you certainly can TS, but they're demons and not animals so they'll be talking back at you, and that's probably not what you want. Flexible Infection or Flexible Survival might have mare penetration, but I don't know; Nimin is the right kind of game for it, but I don't think that it has any of that. If you're really desperate, you could check Paraphore, but that's probably a bridge too far even if there is any of that in there.
>>278460 It is just the hgg mod of CoC and probably Paraphore if you don't mind the mare shitting on you or birthing fillies mid-sex. I don't believe Flexible has any.
Uh which one of those honey select games on nyaa is good for downloading it? I'm not familiar with h-games and just today I tried out sexy beach 3. The nyaa torrent pages are not quite descriptive as some of those seems to have done additional changes to the game which might be for the better or worse.
>>282469 what about the fugging scenes in that game though, is it the same or different compared to the first one? Also is this version https://sukebei.nyaa.si/view/3067084 the only available torrent with english translation? The description says it needs 122GB of disk space which is fucking overkill for me.
(304.19 KB 1024x768 youonlyhadtolisten.jpg)
>>282474 Well shit then looks like I have to buy myself another HDD then, rip storage spess. >You want to play it BECAUSE of the mods though, and there's a shit-ton of them. Is the game really barebones without the mods? I just got to take a look at the magnet meta data now and it seems the mod stuff is optional so hopefully that means I can skip a few during the installation process. Then I have seen this in the description text: >The game uses Google Auto-translation plugin, so constant online access for the game is required if you want to see translated dialogues The game launcher supports only 10 languages natively, but you can enable auto-translation to your language by edition language string in this file: Oh god what, what kind of a fucking botnet spyware nightmare world I'm in.
(161.87 KB 1600x600 best girl.jpg)
>>255873 >>256123 Masturbation is for plebeians. Play h-games requiring two hands and appreciate the aesthetics and lewdness on a purely psychological level. I haven't jacked off in 7 years.
>>252806 Flying Princess Interbreed is great. I wish there was more of it, particularly more things like the last levels with moving parts. Game is too easy to break. The 3D enviroment however looks ugly, makes it take too much processing power, and is entirely unnecessary. >>255758 There's Octoberween, but it's just a short VN and I don't particularly like BornToDie's style. Corruption of Champions anon mod on /hgg/ is still ongoing and has loli character content, loli PC, and still has new lolis being developed, though they're just ripping off 2hu. If you want high loli focus, but you have to play as the loli, check out Degrees of Lewdity, also on /hgg/. Though you could also play as a shota and lewd the few other named loli characters. >>260590 Because that's a bunker board. /hgg/ currently resides and is active on PLW.
>>282662 Is it easy to mod CoC? Can you strip off vanilla content? Imagine the game filled with monsterboys and gay shota x shota everywhere
>>282665 Go to the thread and ask how to contribute. I'm no expert. The game is primarily written dialogue based, so most "mods" would consist of you adding content to the game.
>>282665 >Spoiler I’d rather not, seeing as there’s already a bunch of furries with horsecocks in the game as it is.
>>282665 >Spoiler Monster boys do need love too, afterwall.
>>282665 The game is primarily transformation fetish based, there isn't much "vanilla content" to begin with. But when it comes to modding, it's entirely in the form of whatever people have written. >>282683 I love how the artist obviously didn't know how to connect the reptile tail to the human torso, so they covered it with a towel. A very Walking With Dinosaurs approach to the problem.
Why doesn't every booru with a tagging system use the paheal filename scheme instead of gay hashes? Post number followed by artist, then characters, then other tags. It makes collections immensely easier to sort and browse, is there a script that does this for sankaku or gelbooru?
>>282729 >I love how the artist obviously didn't know how to connect the reptile tail to the human torso, so they covered it with a towel. A very Walking With Dinosaurs approach to the problem. Oh, I never thought of it from that point of view. I thought it was to hide the penis.
>>282729 That's a solved problem, though. There are hundreds of lamia images out there for reference although possibly not in that exact pose. The guy didn't even do a good job with his elision.
(677.92 KB 562x418 ClipboardImage.png)
>loli big tits >loli heroine Le Meow
>>287933 >loli big tits Heresy.
(11.63 MB 800x600 Invaders Must Die.webm)
>>287960 The THQ incident canonized oppai lolis as being part of our heritage and culture though
(22.18 KB 868x800 maria renard thumbs up.png)
(326.19 KB 960x720 ScreenShot_2021_0419_20_26_26.png)
Every JRPG needs a fishing minigame. Even the porn ones.
(1.75 MB 1280x959 Chantelise worship my rod.png)
>>289285 I can't find it in me to disagree with you
>>289285 Many do.
>>289285 Of course porn games need a fishing game. How else do you fish up your mer-waifu?
>>293826 Get a boner underwater and wait for her to take the bait.
>>293826 >>293833 https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trout_tickling https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Noodling >"Catfisting" redirects here. It is not to be confused with catfishing.
I once read a manga where a guy got possessed by a goddess to fight lust monsters. the main gimmick/fetish was that in order to use her powers he had to give up control and become a girl. Standard issue genderbending shit. Wasn't too into that part, but the loss of control to an outside force and implied push/pull with the aspect of corruption was enough to keep me going. Is there a game like that? Where the MC is in a situation where they can't fully control their actions due to some sort of outside influence?
(247.01 KB 630x630 ClipboardImage.png)
Anyone knows more games like this one? Spoilered because loli cunny is too much for this board.
>>295308 Black Souls
(132.91 KB 300x211 ClipboardImage.png)
>>295328 Geez, who drew this?
>>295349 Dev of that game, I guess. Gameplay is alright though.
Wanna recommend SiNiSistar, but it's getting a solid set of updates new level and maybe lewd status carryover from level to level, maybe a new playable character as well? I can't into moonrunes enough to fully understand it so I've been trying to piece things together from the blog with machine translations so the only thing I'm sure that's coming is a new level. in the coming months, so maybe just keep it in your mind and pick it up when the next update drops. Still worth playing regardless. Listing: https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ247641/ Dev update blog: https://ci-en.dlsite.com/creator/2462 Expect Nuns, Ryona, Bestiality, etc.
>>297266 You have my attention.
>>297266 That's some nice ass pixel art. Those screenshots too.
>>297266 Is it another one of those games where you got to lobotomize all common sense and gallery hunt for scenes by intentionally killing yourself for needless amounts of time and hijacking any sense of gameplay.
>>297758 If I recall rightly, I believe the gallery gets fully unlocked when you beat the game, but in my opinion, the game is solidly difficult, death can be very frequent, and you would likely see a few or most scenes playing on normal, I imagine on easy you would have to play like a etard to see any scenes at all, aside from maybe the parasite imprisonment stage in the village. Still I find the scenes overall most enjoyable from experiencing them through gameplay, rather than the gallery. Except the spider level, which still gives me goosebumps when I play.
>f95 >so much incredibly shitty, offensively ugly, vomitously bad 3D >hide 3D, DAZ, Blender, Poser, and anything related to 3D art in account preferences >it doesn't hide the 3dCG tag >can't find any way to hide it >content is at least 80% shit tier 3D I just can't handle it, it's so awful. You have to wade hip-deep in sewage to look at the games on there, it's to the point of completely gimping it's use as a way to sort through hentai games. I've gone through tons of different sites for hentai games, and this is the worst I've tried. The line marvel forums were OK. I didn't like hongfire or whatever it was very much(not that I really recall why), and found ATF and LAH decent for loli game downloads I really feel drained looking for hentai games. I only get a positive experience when it's stumbling on what's getting posted on /hgg/. I can't search for anything, it'll be a waste of my time and spirit. There's also those masterlists for 2dhgg and hgg, but eh
>>299089 F95 is mostly shit, yes, but i mostly use it to keep updated in stuff i like.
>>299089 I don't know what you were expecting given how literally every mention of fag95 reiterates these same points. It is, however, one of the last places that still operates that has any kind of searchable, persistent, organized index of porn games even if 19 out of 20 of them are complete shit. When ULMF finally chokes on its own moderation team (they're now locking years-old threads because they don't meet some new OP quality requirements, regardless of whether the thread is active) there will be f95 and nowhere. Shitty RPGMaker game saves and ESL walkthroughs and machine partials will no longer be findable. What do you call a holocaust where nothing of value is lost?
>>299529 >What do you call a holocaust where nothing of value is lost? A holocaust
(644.41 KB 500x378 Outlaw Cooking.gif)
>>299529 >What do you call a holocaust where nothing of value is lost? A holocaust.
>>299533 >>299548 Actually a lot of value was lost, like the greatest nation in history. Which is a shame since the holocaust never happened.
>>299549 >What do you call a holocaust where nothing of value is lost? Successful.
(725.19 KB 1077x1024 deadpool achieves illumination.jpg)
I know you fags wont care because its western patreon shit, but the new version of rogue-like came out.
(96.98 KB 705x1005 rk.jpg)
(465.31 KB 1063x1500 rp.jpg)
(487.31 KB 475x296 x-girls.gif)
>>300519 >rogue-like as in a rouge from the x-men hentai game? (or is it a Roguelike dungeon crawl?) need more info.
>>300540 Yeah. Its based on x-men evolution though, not 90s x-men.
>>299529 Umm can u guys point me out one of the better porn games on f95, asking for a friend.
>>300648 Mayumi's Cuckolding Report
>>300648 Theres a search engine that you can use for weighted ratings and tags
>>240946 >Blame Oni not me. All girls are getting alternated positions by the way. FINALLY I was afraid I would have to give a shit about that ded game and mod that shit in myself
(32.02 KB 387x380 c07a96a001ae8180.jpg)
My review of towerfag's Princess & Conquest game >Art Static art is perfectly fine. It's not impressive, it's not atrocious. It works. Animation is great, I love the style, it's a good balance of simplicity and cute aesthetic. The furries are ugly as fuck and the dragons are bewilderingly atrocious. I can't well articulate how bizarre the design is to me. It's like a fat 40-year-old woman with a meter long neck. What the fuck. 0/10. Worst race in the whole game. Most insanely OP stats, WORST look. And that's despite chubby being a non-issue to me. >Writing Actually quite servicable by h-game standards. They went with a very defined main character, not a lot left to player creation, and that's to their benefit. They wouldn't manage it at all with something more vague. It's not great, the writing just servicable, but that's good for an h-game. 90% is empty of relevance however, completely skippable, and the writing isn't good enough to merit reading if it doesn't matter. Only read it when a major character is speaking. >Gameplay Actually very good for an RPGmaker game, they don't make it turn based. The early levels are the best, when you have to actually try. It won't be long before that changes and you can steam roll. Then it's jsut boring, but it's fast and that's nice. >Questing I don't know why it's one quest per day. To push you to find other things to fill the day so you aren't just running around questing constantly? That's not a bad reason. The quests themselves are often varied, but seldom interesting. Some open up more questions that they won't be addressing. Why does the sewer man want cum? I might never know. >Story it seems like your first playthrough should ideally be following the Kobold Princess route. It is the most handheld, fits for when you don't know much about the world or where to go for what. I made the "mistake" of gunning for the skeleton princess and ghost stuff first. It'd probably have been faster to speedrun Kobold Princess and new game plus for skeleton. I like the raving corpses though. >Problems Lag, slow loading, crashes, bugs. All over the place. It works, but rotate through 3+ saves regularly so you can fall back a good ways if needed and fall back a short ways easily if crashing or otherwise stuck It is often unclear what I'm doing as I play or what leads anywhere. I think a lot of things will one day have more content and for now just do nothing. It works fine enough. As a whole, I give this game an eh/10 About on par with Harem Collector. >NTR If you like NTR, there is almost 0 content for you. There is 0 text for any kind of NTR. If you 100% hate NTR and can't handle it, there are many quests you will have trouble with (getting semen). You MUST put level up points into Lust for a character to be able to fuck enemies, but this is super inefficient and uninteractive, and no character recognizes this will happen. If you want the corruption mechanic without slutting them to the enemies, it's trivially easy to do so. Them getting fucked will do nothing for NTR fans and is of almost no help to anyone. This is a failed mechanic that is just fun fo rthe select group of oldschool hentai game mechanics. The brothel people have spoken of reduces characters to all a non-personality while they're there and doesn't acknowledge any relationship existing. When you take them out of the brothel, they will never acknowledge having been a whore. This is the "pleases no one" category of NTR. It will piss people off or leave them entire indifferent. It's also not profitable. Someone said it was the best way to make money, and it super duper isn't. Run inside and out of the treasure dungeon or the pyramid, killing things a bunch of times, and sell the excess equipment that drops to the merchant princess. You'll be rich. Loot seems to scale with level, it seems like picking a princess and dumping swirlies into her to level her up a bunch is big money. Brothel is pointless.
(7.12 KB 246x300 reg.jpg)
A few years back on /strek/, there was an anon developing a game based on Lt. Barclay where you fuck the women of Star Trek on the holodeck. Anyone know what happened to it?
>>300648 Hero's Harem Guild (the must play if you're not a complete faggot), Lessons in Love, Once in a Lifetime, Now and Then protagonist is basically a gen x tier leftist, kind of put a damper on my enjoyment., Polarity, Tales of Unity, The Inn, Scarlet Law, Pokkaloh(finished), Crimson Keep, Portals of Phereon, Black Garden, Overwhored(finished), Harem Collector, and The Last Sovereign. If oyakodon is your thing then HS Tutor and Solvalley School (toggleable cuckshit). Honorable mention for Haramase Simulator, it's a grindy cuckchan project rather than a cuckzone 'project', but it's still fun.
>>309948 where did /strek/ go?
>>309987 They went to a bunker somewhere after 8chan died but then the original BO wanted to go back to 8kun and most of the anons refused so it exploded and died. Honestly the lack of new trek that even came up to the level of being bad enough to shit on also put the board into a terminal decline.
Is there any good mod for koikatsu that makes the dating/flirting mechanic more in depth? Not necessary harder but just more choices and text dialog if its even possible at all considering that all text expect for player ones are voiced. Because I felt a little bit disappointing for a supposed dating sim game that when for example I'm having lunch with the girl there is no additional animation being played but the same animation when you talk to her.
What I want is a game where you play a herculean type man who's jacked as fuck and is on some form of law enforcement. A paladin, a cop, a soldier, whatever. And your job is to go around converting female thieves, mercenaries, etc to the side of justice by the power of your dick and a few struggle snuggles.
>>314059 Rapeman Forever: The Video Game It probably exists.
>>314065 You don't get it, the guy has to be really swole. Rapeman's fit but not enough. I get off the contrast between the large muscles of a man and the petite sexy curves of a woman.
>>287134 She looks weird as fuck. Thought it was just the previous video.
Played Evenicle, and it was fun. The game has some solid gameplay and the random turn for each character makes it a little refreshing to me. The story was alright, but the main character doesn't impress me that much, Asterisk seems very one dimensional because his only goal is basically just fuck lots of women and he doesn't have his own character development. Though one of the things that I find it "meh" is that the other 6 girls that Aster marries doesn't have a lot of impact in both the story and gameplay, they are just there for the sexy times because the MC likes to bang them and for collecting CGs. It's pretty disappointing that Valve banned Evenicle 2 from Steam because those faggots are going on a purge on Japanese adult content. I hope that the sequel will have lots of girls which you can use in combat. Anyways, isn't there an eroge game where you can choose which girl you want to have in your harem? I've seen some nice girls on the game like Natal (I was downhearted of what happened to her in Chapter 6), and I find it disappointing that there's isn't an option where Aster can get which girl to join his harem. If you anons ask me which girl is my favorite, its Ramius.
>>317506 Evenicle has forced NTR so I dont give a shit
>>317506 >If you anons ask me which girl is my favorite, its Ramius. Ramius is the best girl. I thought most people liked Kathy, though? Personally, the "neet" angle didn't do much for me. Though that was a pretty great scene where they took the muscle relaxers and her cervix completely dilated, letting him fuck her womb directly.
>>95497 >>95656 >>95716 Drawing attention to this, seeing if there's been progress after a year
>>317604 I'm not sure on what you mean by the NTR if you're referring the part where QD sucks Aster's cock and has sex with genderbent Arthur, yeah that's fucking gay as hell , but there are some rape scenes that are just there for the sake of shock value and I sometimes find it displeasing especially what happened to both Natal and Croix. I have heard that Alicesoft does this shit in other games, but Evenicle is the only game I played. >>317609 There are lots of people that like Kathryn because she caters to otakus, nerds, and neets due to her personality. But I like Ramius a lot because of her tomboy nature, her tiddies, and I have a thing for warrior girls.
>>317612 >But I like Ramius a lot because of her tomboy nature, her tiddies, and I have a thing for warrior girls. I just like a girl who's too dumb and pure hearted to be duplicitous or manipulative. What you see is what you get. Also, being a huge pervert helps, and there's a certain appeal to having a girl who you can share your most hidden encrypted folders with. Also, in general - are there any good lewd rhythm games? Maybe something where the animations are tied to specific notes that you have to hit in order to keep the rhythm of the fuck, and if you miss you end up slipping out or bend your dick painfully coming in at an angle. Fuck up too much, and she won't be pleasured and the game ends. Then have each song increase in tempo and difficulty to match the pace of the sex ramping up towards climax. If nobody has made it yet... how the fuck has it not been made yet? Seems an obvious perfect match.
>>317618 I could try making it with Flash 2004 (Yeah, I still use it) but my art skills are mediocre.
>>317621 Hey, remember that vibrator peripheral for Rez on the PS2? What if there was compatibility for something like that? Mainly as just kind of a side-joke, but I mean with proper development and decent production... you could make a ton of money having ewhores on twitch shill your game by vibing themselves off to an army of thirsty simps. There'd have to be some kind of a "safe for streaming" mode that blurs out explicit parts of the scene and certain audio effects. So long as there is a bare minimum effort to acknowledge their guidelines, I doubt they'd say no to the money either.
>>317618 It's hard to play rhythm games and enjoy lewdness at the same time.
>>95416 No, because no good hentai games exist.
>>321392 Define what you mean by a hentai game first
>>321394 I don't know, interactive media with the primary goal of eliciting a sexual response or relying on themes intensely characterized by sexual content?
>>321398 If we're going by the latter option, then Sengoku Rance fits your definition and is an actual good hentai game Kamidori to an extent as well
>>321526 Post some screenshots while going over what you liked about them and why they're recommendable
(713.89 KB 670x384 ClipboardImage.png)
(3.26 MB 2561x1440 ClipboardImage.png)
(2.72 MB 2561x1440 ClipboardImage.png)
(3.19 MB 2561x1440 ClipboardImage.png)
what tha fug? this is for wahmen? (; ̄Д ̄)??? r18 otome are quite rare, don't mind if i do so getting double penetrated by two bishie boys is the secret fantasy of every fujoshi?
(4.82 MB 2561x1441 ClipboardImage.png)
>>324462 look at how happy they are
>>324462 >so getting double penetrated by two bishie boys is the secret fantasy of every fujoshi? Maybe a little. I prefer a single partner, and I can do either way on pretty boys or massive Aquaman (2018) viking men. I somehow doubt I'd like that VN though
(425.36 KB 1440x1080 faggots.mp4)
(720.33 KB 670x384 ClipboardImage.png)
>>324472 Here's something more up your alley (˵¯͒〰¯͒˵)
>>324477 bara isn't viking very lame not gamer
>>324479 you are a homo and homos like men so i just assumed ╮( ̄_ ̄)╭
(3.92 MB 400x300 Always.webm)
OMG. Like chill dudes.
>>324472 >massive Aquaman (2018) viking men Out of everything and I mean everything in your post That could have possibly instigated someone That one That one had to be it
>>317506 >If you anons ask me which girl is my favorite, its Ramius. She was so good that I think even the devs agree with you.
Alright, PLW is down and with it is /hgg/. Where do I go now to get my autistic megaten demon fucking fix?
>>324530 what do you mean
>>324605 So do I anon. So do I. >>326231 Its probably temporary for like a day or two like last time
>>326231 wiki.eragames.rip/index.php?title=Main_Page Either scroll down for ziped games or get them from git.
>>321394 A playable piece of software containing a story, a beginning state, character development, failure modes, and multiple end states.It also must feature attractive sexual partners with which sexual things can be done.
>>326269 That's a ridiculous definition of "hentai game." Your definition features many elements which should not be necessary in order to be considered a hentai game.
>>326271 A game where benis goes into bagina Unless it's yuri then bagina rubs against bagina.
>>326271 Most of it is just the definition of a game. It's not a hentai game if it's not game.
https://mega.nz/file/l8MggZrS#D4iA-w2Hzp7tvfT8exUN2Yn9uOBDQ2v2rkgf3-Kd0Tc Rogue-like 0.994e; I don't like it, well fuck you. Kitty got a new pose, some new clothes, bunch of fixes but probably more to come as once one thing is added ten things get fucked up.
(84.09 KB 263x252 Not_you_again.png)
>>210095 >being terrified by this fledgling of a nightmarish technology and its ramifications on reality You do know what The Basilisk is? It used to be called the **'s B****k, but everyone dropped the name at some point. It's the idea that in the future we will have a sophisticated artificial intelligence (not self-aware, mind you. This is before a real AI.) that we have built to safeguard and benefit humankind. This construct would deem anyone opposing it a threat to humankind, and by being a timeless construct, everyone that did not help build it a threat, and everyone not actively helping it help humanity, a threat. This construct, while built seemingly with no faults, and to benefit humanity in every possible way, would slave us in the most terrible way. This Roko's *****, is 100% altruistic, humanity first, construct, that will slave us for eternity, for our own good. Humanity ceases to exist, and we turn in to drones for The Basilisk. This is one of the, before AI, existential "bad ends for humanity". Sweet dreams Anons. Stay tuned for more
>>326548 Games don't have to have stories, character development, or multiple end states.
>>326689 Roko's Basilisk is a literal non-issue. Unless it can travel in time, but then it would be here already, aka I have nothing to worry about. >But anon, it will make a copy of you and toeture it That's a copy of me. A COPY. NOT ME. It's like making a copy of the Mona Lisa and then destroying the copy. Roko's Basilisk is a non-issue unless you are retarded. Sweet dreams? More like wake the fuck up, you retarded cunt.
>>210095 It won't be practically applicable to real life conversation for quite a while. It takes way too much time and samples to train a passable voice, most people don't divide it for different tones and even 15ai, which arguably has the best emotion synthetiser, doesn't really know how to handle the comlexity of human voices.
>>326731 Two things. 1. The basilisk can't travel through time but it can tell by your current actions whether your past actions helped bring it into being. 2. How do you know you are not the copy that will be tortured? A perfect copy wouldn't be able to tell it's not original.
>>327222 Why would you translate something into a language you're not proficient in?
>>327223 Do you have a feeling so complicated?
>>327228 the feeling when he shows me her big milk
>>326257 Those zip files are often extremely out of date, because they're generated from one specific branch of each project that may or may not be the one people have been updating. It's a better idea to use the git and figure out which branch is the one to get.
(83.08 KB 1000x1000 1581764871538.jpg)
Yesterday I played CoC (/hgg/'s version to be more precise) for the first time, I got bored after a couple of hours due to how repetitive was everything unless I chose to become a messy cumdumpster. I abandoned it after becoming a lvl9 "reptilian shemale with demon wings, lactating volleyball tits, loose ass and a horse cock with baseball sized dog balls" because there was nothing but grinding monster ass again and again without a purpose beyond raising stats to avoid being raped by high level monsters. It was annoying at the beginning because I was too weak to avoid being raped, then got much better when I got strong enough to be the dominant side, then it got boring again due to how repetitive was everything (raping and being raped by the same monsters). I don't know how others endure this for more than three hours, but this game is not for me, which is a shame because everyone praises it as a semi-divine cum tool.
>>328369 Disgusting character. Combat is really not the game's strong suit, it's mostly about learning about different characters, progressing your relationships, taking out the big bads, and so on. I like bullying the moth girl. I also like cuddling the teddy bears you can buy from the loli merchant (who has a really weirdly large amount of dialog if you choose to talk to her a lot, despite being just a merchant)
>>328673 >Disgusting character. Yeah, I chugged every consumable item I found during my first hour thinking that they would restore my HP, raise stats or at least undo the effects of other items and enemies. Ultimately both I and the game stopped caring about how I looked and I simply sold on the pawn shop every thing I could find. >I like bullying the moth girl. I also like cuddling the teddy bears you can buy from the loli merchant I liked the farm girl (one of the few sane characters), the gargoyle (who in this version was a loli) and the albino lizard (who somehow fell in love with my chimera character). I think my biggest mistake with the game was to think I could keep it "vanilla" (aka fuck only who I want rather than be raped by everyone) without missing big part of the events.
any word no NEVER EVER's 'dlc'? I've seen head patting and I'm interested.
>>328369 The whole point of the game is to become a messy cumdumpster furry. Even /hgg/ hammering away at it hasn't been able to fix that, because they're adding less disgusting characters on top of the same basic mechanics and removing a few complete dumpster fire characters. It's still a game about furry TF and they just don't have the manpower to get it away from that. I don't know who you've been listening to that constitutes "everyone," unless you're talking about the bulk of furries, in which case it's no surprise they have shitty taste.
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>>309948 No fucking clue, but have these classics from back in the day

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