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The Gondola Game [TGG] Thread Anonymous 09/02/2021 (Thu) 06:24:13 Id: db0514 No. 572
An anon from /v/ came up with this banger of a game idea: >since gondolas are adorable and liked by anons, there could be episodic stories made of the many different gondolas. Since it's about gondolas, any anon capable of using MS Paint can contribute art. Any anon capable of writing can contribute an episode. Any anon capable of composing music can contribute a song, etc. Personally I am capable of all 3 and programming in Renpy. To keep things simple, we will make the >game in Renpy. <what's Renpy? https://www.renpy.org/ The writing style is generally third person limited omniscient (TPLO) for flavor text/gondola interactions, mugshot images for gondola emotions, and a smattering of 1st/2nd person for seeing what gondola thinks about things. <What's TPLO? https://thewordcounter.com/how-to-write-in-third-person/ Music can be made with instruments or DAWs! <what's a DAW? List of Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs): https://www.digitalaudiowiz.com/daws-digital-audio-workstations-list/ <Most of these cost money and I don't wanna pay? Acquire™ it, or do ctrl+f and type "free" to see the free ones. The Gitlab repository is up, here: https://gitlab.com/vgTGG/the-gondola-game We are working out the kinks, let me know if you cannot join and I will either fix it / personally invite you into it. Make sure to clone your own copy of the the repository (once it's created) in case it's shitted up for whatever reason.
Edited last time by bajabronze on 09/04/2021 (Sat) 18:33:51.
>>572 Gondolas lend themselves really well to those "management" games where you just watch them do shit and fuck around without any real goal.
>>742 If you wanted you could probably make a level for that, anon.
>>719 Here's a song we can use for the >Godnola and the Creation of The Universe episode:
I got the demo of my episode made. Are we still using Gitlab for our project?
>>748 Yes, go ahead and submit it there. I'll combine what I've made for the other episode with it once it's ready.
>>749 OK, got it. Is there a way for me to upload? Never used the Gits beyond downloading masters.
>>750 You have developer permissions so you should just be able to upload/push it.
(30.07 KB 1857x310 What I see.PNG)

>>750 This is what I see logged in
(51.86 KB 667x122 My screen.jpg)

>>752 My end doesn't have the upload button despite being logged in.
>>753 Gotcha man, let me get you the access you need
>>753 I made you a maintainer, refresh the page and let's see if that helped. Looking up the documentation rn too
>>755 Thanks! Like I mentioned, the build is a very short pre-alpha to get some ideas for the episode. I'm not very experienced with using Ren'Py, but I hope it nonetheless gets what I put together.
>>756 Don't sweat it gondolanon, it's all part of the learning process! If you ever get stuck there's documentation and a forum for it. https://www.renpy.org/doc/html/ https://lemmasoft.renai.us/forums/
>>756 I played the demo. There are some typos, but it gets the gist across. Good job, gondolanon. I'll get what I've been doing in with it and fix your typos as well.
Edited last time by bajabronze on 09/11/2021 (Sat) 03:46:44.
(3.18 MB Summer tune.mp3)

Finished my first song! >>738 I got FL Studio 20 since it seemed the most popular one, although I've heard it has a bit of a steep learning curve. Did you ever bother learning music theory? I watched a couple of videos on it before starting the song but it bored me to tears. So far I've just been throwing random notes on and fiddling them around until they sound harmonic. I suspect that's not the most efficient way to write a tune, though.
>>759 I'm going to be deadass with you tor boy, my musical theory professor was THE ShifterChaos95. Here's his free lecture: https://youtu.be/QP6QFV1wqDY >I got FL Studio 20 since it seemed the most popular one Did you Acquire™ it, buy it, or get the free trial? I use freeware and abandonware, partially because it's cool to find ancient musical software or indie music software, and partially because I'm a massive cheapskate who prefers trawling the clear web for things over torrenting. The software I've used: >Beepbox https://beepbox.co A free n' simple DAW that works in a web browser. The dev is a generic twitter leftie, but it's not like you need to give the man money. >LMMS https://lmms.io/ A DAW built for MIDIs and MIDI accessories. The devs (the ones in their cringecord at least) are once again generic twitter lefties, but it's open source so they can't stop you from making what you want. >GarageBand Because my parents are in the cult of apple >Melody Assistant https://www.myriad-online.com/en/products/melody.htm Software so ancient with UI so dated I've never made a usable song with it. It has electronic voice synthesis (which is why I've used it at all), and apparently the developers are French. >cgMusic http://maciej.codeminion.com/2008/05/cgmusic-computers-create-music/ A program that creates music using algorithms I found after extensively searching for software that could compose its own music. In my opinion, this one is the best. I've made an entire experimental album of songs using cgMusic, mp3s related. The developer is a Polish game dev currently working with the game development studio Thing Trunk.
(748.39 KB 1248x691 bruh.png)

>>759 I sincerely like the ambience of the song. As the synth melody comes in at 0:54, it gives me the uneasy feeling that something is wrong, that despite the normal nature all around there's something unsettling about it all. Was that intentional? The dissonance between the music box and the wavy synth seems to be what creates this odd feeling. It really kicks in hard at 1:45 before fading away. I think it's a perfect song for a summertime episode that focuses on a mystery, or it could just be that the Australian wildlife is out to eat Gondola. I dunno, it's your song man. I'm just LARPing as a pretentious music critic.
(30.21 KB 540x403 cain.jpg)

>>756 >>757 >>758 >check out the git >git adding an entire zip file ow, i would recommend moving desertepisode.rpy in it's own episode / script folder - which you could do a simple "episode select" like those old dvd menu kind of thing, I would also recommend learning how to define characters in your script and potentially images If you guys need some help, then I could chip in but yeah decent but rough start out of ten
>>764 For an anon who's never touched renpy before this thread, gondolanon is doing a-ok. As for yourself, what kind of gondola would (You) be interested in making?
>>760 >Did you Acquire™ it, buy it, or get the free trial? >did you get it for free, pay $200 for it, or get the version where you can't reopen projects Take a guess >cgMusic Damn it I was going to ask how you made those mp3s! Holy History Synth especially, I would love to have a look at how the different instruments were coordinated. AI-created music is certainly an option but I would prefer to try making my own. Feels more honest that way. Are you gonna make some of your own stuff too? >>761 There was nothing intentional, I was just kind of messing around with different instruments. An Aussie summertime mystery episode sounds really cool though. I'll probably make another song this weekend, maybe an underwater-themed one. I got a medieval song in my head a few days ago but didn't have any means of recording the melody so I lost it. Hate it when that happens.
Posting list of episodes, is there a rough number of how many will be made? >Godnola and the Creation of The Universe >Gondola and the Pyramids >Untitled Medieval/Feudal episode <Aussie summertime? <Gondola & Princess Tea Party? <Underwater? Atlantis?
>>776 >Take a guess Got it for free... Half of me wants you to gib me dats, the other half doesn't want to be spoonfed. Oh well, dumpster diving is how I found stuff like cgMusic in the first place. Speaking of, I can post pics of them in-DAW if you'd like, iirc I still have all my favorite MIDIs stored in raw form. >AI-created music is certainly an option but I would prefer to try making my own. Feels more honest that way. Yeah, I agree. I used cgMusic as a crutch when I was first learning how to make music, and frankly I'm still a novice. To be fair to younger me, cgMusic only generates the base MIDI; You still have to put some effort into picking the right soundfonts/digital instruments to make it sound good. I've also gone in and manually adjusted some MIDIs with poorly generated portions, because I didn't want to lose the good parts to some off-key tripe intersplicing them. I gotta dig around for the one song I've finished that's completely legit, though I have plenty of half-baked stuff I refuse to post, even anonymously. >I got a medieval song in my head a few days ago but didn't have any means of recording the melody so I lost it. When you get a melody in your head, hum it and record yourself humming with your phone, or if you don't have one for whatever reason, ask to borrow somebody else's and then email it to yourself.
>>778 I got it off Rutracker Yeah pics would be great. >When you get a melody in your head, hum it and record yourself humming with your phone I was out for a walk when it came to me but I would usually do something like that, or use an online music program to crudely reproduce what I was hearing. >>777 There was a modern-day episode too -- I had the idea for a gloomy, grey setting. The underwater one could involve eldritch monsters or something. I was thinking for this one of doing a set of progressively darker songs as Gondola descends deeper into the ocean. I can write a few episodes but I can't help with the actual programming.
>>777 Holy trips demand a proper answer. There may or may not eventually be a cap on the number of episodes to keep file size down, but regardless, the nature of episodic gameplay means anons can work on their own gondola episode without interfering with the development of another. It lets people develop however they want within the confines of renpy as an engine. It's probably best to think of Gondola Game episodes like Saturday morning cartoons; Every episode starts at a baseline. There might be easter eggs or nods to old gags or whatever, but continuity is irrelevant past the baseline of gondola being gondola no matter the place or time.
>>779 >Yeah pics would be great I'm on it, let me get em for you. >Rutracker I've never pirated software before, so treat me as a wee ignorant lad in that respect. Any advice on how to not catch Internet-AIDS whilst acquiring it? >I was out for a walk when it came to me I know the feeling, that sucks. >>779 I can assure you anon, basic bitch renpy programming is as easy as writing a script. It's very simple, and their documentation is excellent.
>>781 >I've never pirated software before Me neither, before this. Just machine-translate the comments to make sure you have the right one. >basic bitch renpy programming is as easy as writing a script That it may be, but I'd rather focus on the music than try to learn two things at once and do a shoddy job at both. Besides, it's a group effort. There's some stuff it's okay to leave for others to do.
(2.25 MB 3340x1926 Holy History Synth.png)

>>783 >Besides, it's a group effort. There's some stuff it's okay to leave for others to do. It's so refreshing to chat with a reasonable torposter. Here's a high-def pic of the holy history synth in Garageband of all softwares lol
>>784 Cheers! Shit that looks complicated
>>785 It does. The first thing you have to do is not let that get to you. Take it one instrument at a time. If it helps, think of making music in-DAW like writing morse code. Each instrument has a certain style of dots and dashes; once you've learned them through observation/trial n' error/tutorials, you can start making your own messages with it. The easiest example would be the time warp synth in this piece. Notice how the notes within it always come in groups of three to accentuate each other, and they're always a specific distance apart. In musical theory, they are called chords, and they form the backbone of all music. They're right up there in importance with the very concept of a musical note. Here's the raw midi for Holy History, and here's Chords Don't Surf, my one finished legit piece so far.
(895.95 KB 2880x1712 FL Studio 12.PNG)

(890.99 KB 2880x1717 THEY DANCE.PNG)

(282.15 KB 2159x1505 THERE ARE MORE.PNG)

>>785 Guess who just got FL Studio 12 from a friend? Also, my screen is being taken over by dancing chibis, plz help.
Looking good everyone.
(158.36 KB 434x382 2uaczn.png)

>>798 Gondolanon seems to have gone AWOL, he hasn't posted since 9/11. That's ok, we can keep it going in his absence!
(79.24 KB 469x413 sad_gondola.png)

gondola game ded
>>800 I'm working on my own thing right now, but the gitlab is open to anyone who wants to contribute.

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