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(467.19 KB 1920x1080 logo.png)

Anonymous 05/10/2020 (Sun) 23:27:02 No. 65
THIS WEEK THERE ARE 31 SLOTS • Every week you can fill a slot with one character per ID. All but six of these slots must be filled by videogame characters. All slots are filled on a first-come-first-serve basis. • If a character or character(s) has been nominated three times in a row, (Even within the same mania) it is not eligible for nomination for 2 more manias. You can find a list of nominations in the most recent mania article on the 8chanmania wiki. What counts as a “videogame character”? - Any character who you can access and originated in a “videogame” without using any form of character creator; this includes characters that must be accessed via a character creator but have a ‘default appearance’ that you do not have to personalize to proceed. - If a character can be accessed in a “videogame” but did not originate in a “videogame”, it must have had a substantial role in at least 5 games to qualify for a “videogame character” slot OR known almost exclusively for their videogame appearances. The first would be Goku and the second would be Pepsiman. - “Video game” includes only actual video games. This does not include “choose your own adventure” visual novels, but it can include visual novels with substantial game components, such as “Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney”. ------------------ • Shitnom Clause: Unimportant real-life or virtual persons are not valid for nomination, even in a non-videogames slot. This means that you cannot nominate a person in chat, including and especially TNAanon, who is the host. This does not apply to notable public figures or characters that could pose an interesting plot. • Endless Battle Clause: This is a tournament and every fighter must play to win. Deliberately stalling out a match will not be tolerated unless it produces a roughly fifty-percent win-rate in the lowest amount of time necessary to do so as a valid strategy. Edits that are found to stall matches ineffectually ```will``` be edited. •GrandFather Clause: If a character starts as vidya or non vidya, they will stay in their designated category, regardless of any character arcs created within 8chanmania. ---------------------- Characters barred from entry Lego Skeleton Not Important Umihara Kawase Alis Landale MR. X Piro Yusei Fudo Matthew Stevens Badmella =Zero Yukari Default-chan White Mage EVOLVER (You) Donkey Kong Remila Galcia Majima Rolf Morbis Zombie Femdom Hitler Lil’ Vi Max Payne Yeti Girl ---------------------- What should I have with my nomination? - A brief summary or a link to a character bio. - A link to the character’s theme song or motif.If you want to contribute to the mania by making wrestlers it's very simple: Download the game from here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1OtI7JAEojGsTfDXPT09jGymyFGP9zRjK Drop that .editexp here, we'll update the site soonish (never) https://script.google.com/macros/s/AKfycbwDpaTTG9Su9ca6GKcHRcbTi4Qey83aJrFQY__ZE3H6oyIYNMpc/exec
>>245 >he hasn't used the Unlock All mod regardless, it's alright
>>241 You have put a lot of faith in people lad. Nothing is to stop them from completely shitting all over this character and mindbreaking her. You just put her in with the wolves. Perfect.
>>248 tbh I just downloaded the pirate copy that TNA linked, I honestly dunno too much about the game
>>249 She will either cancel netorare forever or die of banter from trying.
Here is how the dialogue is going to work: I'm going to write the first and the last match. When the match starts I'll be watching chat for either A) Ideas on the lore or B) Direct dialogue, and whichever I see will directly influence how the dialogue goes. If you guys write me dialogue in a google doc for round 2 I will use those but may ask you to format it correctly as to allow me to import it into the dialogue tool quickly Alternatively, for the second time in 8chanmania history, I can post the matches now. so that you guys can start braining ideas.
>>262 Oh, NOW we start worrying about the dialogue? I honestly believed we were supposed to write it along with the possible matchups. **Granted, i was busy this week so i just looked into it, sorry* But yeah, this makes more sense, so disregard my idiocy. I'd go with option 2 (if you want to write first and last matches go ahead, but take consideration if someone else write something)
>>262 I'd rather we have live match dialogue.
>>65 >>178 Just in case TNA forgets to use the *right* assassin...
>>267 oh no, Assassin was already updated once this mania. He doesn't get another update.
TNA, can you at least choose who fights the Mystery Box? Can't really make matchups if we don't know who that is
>>270 yeah I got that sorted I'll post match ups then
>>271 Shit, hold on, forgot to contribute my ideas in the document
(597.11 KB 718x671 Rob.png)

>>245 Nice job for the character he is. Sadly it's only like right fucking at the time of this post that I was able to really start working on Rob myself, me being the guy who nominated him. If I finish him in time, I hope my version turns out decent enough.
>>234 I'll handle sandraker and blood eagle.
>>280 >guy with no ears >has ears
(26.12 KB 1440x347 TGTLore.png)

>>282 Once I finish his moveset and tweak his logic, I'll work on hopefully editing out the ears. BGM and voices have been added, and his appearance has been completed.(Though if I have time after the mania, I might try to give him his superhero costume)
Sorry TNA, but i'm a little confused: WHERE exactly do we write our autistic lore? So far you just gave us a doc just to organize matchups and suggest motives for them, at best. I thought you were letting us free to write the dialogue. Or did you see reason and postponed the lore to the next mania, with a proper announcement and more time to prepare?
Friendly reminder that we still need Yari Ashigaru and Jack of Blades, or the mania will become a proverbial (Nothing)burger.
(74.12 KB 1080x1080 Scorpion.jpg)

>>286 You don't have the balls to do it.
>>286 Can't we just change them for random noms and have nothing for a final boss? I still wonder what happened with the lore
>>290 >Rob vs Mystery Box Did you contact Lazerbot, by any chance?
Rob is almost complete, all I have left is his logic and lack of ears.
(712.96 KB 733x834 Rob2.png)

>>293 Forgot image.
>>294 And now he's uploaded.
(3.90 MB 496x368 HealthyLiquid.gif)

>>290 >GUYS IS SHITPOST TIME >gives us less than a day to write lore This can only end well, right?
>>298 I mean. it's shitpost mania. What do you think.
>>290 Oh lord, Both T and Rogers are going to be in the same match; both were on his BD's show, but while rewatching their episodes I found out there was also an epic rap battles of history skit made between them. Hope I can do them justice. Is there anyone else here ready to do their dialogue for the characters?
>>298 >>301 I'm would be less worse, if thoses were characters we wanted to write instead of just random wrestlers, there's still matches that are not even writen.
>>65 >Characters barred from entry >Yusei Fudo Why? If I may ask is he barred from entry into the 8chan Mania?
>>318 He is a belt winner. He is a champ who will fight the other winners in the series finale.
>>318 Because Yusei Fudo is quite literally a Gary Sue, even in 8chanmania he sweeps the competition, just like in the anime.

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