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Julaypocalypse: TENGU REICH Anonymous Board owner 05/13/2020 (Wed) 07:51:11 Id:391c10 No. 215
The absolute Madman nuked Julay/v/. This is more of a repository of Kimeemaru's IRC dumps as well as a general shitposting about this hilarious shit. HAIL TENGU https://archive.md/eKGgJ #1 http://archive.md/sW00l #2 http://archive.md/ZoeGn #3 http://archive.md/fkCAK #4 http://archive.md/BrEqa #5
Robi made Hanging Flesh admin, giving reason for Kimeemaru to nuke /v/
Edited last time by BenisLord on 05/13/2020 (Wed) 08:03:14.
>fap to pizza >get promoted Is this the Julay way?
(203.96 KB 600x600 1338320870401.gif)
>>221 I was mistaken on that. He just gave him global powers again.
>Tengu Reich what did he mean by this?
Tengu made his own site. https://tengureich.com/v/index.html
>>273 LMAO It's true
A summary, keeping it simple and limited to what I've seen. >Kimeemaru gains julay/v/, gets rid of most rules. >Kimeemaru clashes with gvol hanging_flesh over loli. >Post deletions by hanging_flesh and dramapostings by kimeemaru happen. >julay.world domain lost, then its backup domain goes down. >Julay's backup domain comes back. >Kimeemaru deletes julay/v/ soon after. >Julay/v/ comes back. Robi and hanging_flesh talk to the userbase. >Robi claims it wasn't Esther this time. >Friend of kimeemaru gains julay/v/. >Has minor disagreements over loli, but no apparent drama this time. >Julay/v/ is mostly dead. >Julay/v/ deleted again to move to the new tengureich/v/. I've thought since before 8chan went down that it had different groups that needed to be on different sites. I've been kind of pleased with what has happened the past couple of months because of that, except that sites keep getting hit. My condolences to /cow/ for losing their /v/ to rapefugees.
>>276 >rapefugees Colonizers is the better word. It's regrettable that HangingFag would rather try to have a site deleted than lose control over it, but that's the eternal janitor for you.
Why can't people just be normal and not destroy their own projects for once?
>>305 The same reason Mark preordered control of /v/ before this site was even developed: autistic arrogance.

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