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(13.95 KB 320x320 HL PIstol.jpg)

Games with rewarding sidearms Anonymous 05/14/2020 (Thu) 20:36:55 Id: 51dc50 No. 260
I'm kinda annoyed that most shooters only give you pistols or other sidearms as a weapon of last resort for situations where you run out of ammo for the big guns and using them is fairly pointless because all enemies are bullet sponges. So - what are some good games where your sidearms - pistols, knives, fucking fists if need be - actually are rewarding? In the sense that they still have their respective role(s) in your loadout, and aren't something you avoid unless its positively impossible?
(282.98 KB 407x403 haloYou'reShit.png)

I mean, you got the Halo 1 pistol...but it was more the defacto weapon of choice since it was so good.
The revolver in Redneck Rampage was accurate and cheesy at very long range. Not enough to save it if ammo limitations didn't exist, but enough to make it my preferred weapon for some situations. The flare gun in Blood ate the health of enemies for a while after hitting them. This allowed a single shot or two to take out an enemy as you ducked behind a wall or attacked others. If an enemy was far away or around a corner it would burst into flames and die before reaching you. It also had an alternate fire mode that shot exploding projectiles, but consumed more ammo.
Original KF had really satisfying handguns. I personally really liked the MK23.
>Half-Life: Alyx You only get three guns. Pistol is your best bet at a distance. >Grand Theft Auto IV/V Headshot = Kill, I also find using appropriate weaponry makes combat more fun. >Halo: Combat Evolved >>261 >Stealth genre Splinter Cell and Metal Gear Solid for example.
>>277 >You only get three guns FUCKIN W E W
>>279 2 guns are enough goy what the fuck do you need 1 gun for anyway?
>>279 Its a VR game made to experiment with the engine, not a normal fps.
(135.04 KB 863x922 eye5.jpg)

>>260 In EYE Divine Cybermancy you can have a main gun for mowing down mooks and a pistol with piercing rounds for armored targets.
In Murder Miners, pistol is literally the best weapon in the game. It's right next to shotgun in close range combat, since it fires pretty fast and doesn't suffer from spray like the machine gun or the rifle. Long range is even funnier, since there it's the best, period. It fires faster than the sniper, also has a scope and it's more forgiving with the aim, so it's easier to whoop somebody.
(117.14 KB 1280x720 61014586538.jpg)

Does overpowered count as rewarding?
>>260 Modern Warfare 2 had the G18: even one of them was strong enough to rival most SMGs and you could akimbo them at almost full accuracy, giving you by far the best mid range DPS in the game. Borderlands 1 has a lot of good pistols, the revolvers with the shotgun barrel in particular are fantastic. Borderlands 2 has two pistols as the most broken weapons in the game, unfortunately the game itself is shit. Titanfall had the lock on pistol, which was not that great in PvP but was the second best weapon in horde defense (best being the LMG with anti-titan mod). Also >>300 is underselling just how fucking busted the EYE revolver is, that thing hits harder than the anti-material rifle and wrecks monsters the size of an house in less than 6 shots.
>>260 tf2
deagle in cs glock in eft half life revolver halo reach pistol ghost in valorant
Halo and Marathon

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