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MGSV Chapter 3 Never Anonymous 05/18/2020 (Mon) 13:46:58 Id: 0e4cbd No. 390
Man, it's depressing to look at the concept art for MGSV knowing it'll always remain incomplete. The final boss would've been wild judging by the art.
Have some Nuclear for good measure.
Maybe if cuckjima didn't blow his budget on pedowood VAs then Konami would have let him finish his game.
>>402 He should have prioritised the game and gone the anime route instead of Hollywood live action. Or have there be a promotional anime as was done with games like Halo and Dead Space.
>>426 >there was a dead space anime What?
I'll never be sad. I never looked at the art. Besides, I spent over 100 hours MGSV. That's enough MGSV for me.
(2.65 MB 1920x7356 konamianon_on_mgsv.png)

>>390 who cares about this dogshit game >>500 >I spent over 100 hours MGSV back to reddit
>>504 >first poster in 2 months faggit
>>501 >source my ass >won't provide proof >dude trust me >>390 >The final boss would've been wild judging by the art. You'd shoot at a damage sponge until it died like in mission 50 and 31. How about finishing chapter 2 first? Where 12 missions are missing without a trace and replaced with literal reruns of chapter 1 missions. >>402 Maestro Kojangles needed 800 million dollars more and 50 years more, the game would've been a masterpiece. You'd get 72 hours of nothing but code talker tapes.
>>390 They could've at least released it as a $20 expansion instead of that turd MGSurvive.

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