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(418.93 KB 1920x1080 8chanmania.png)

8chanmania S3 B25 - Aramania Anonymous 05/10/2020 (Sun) 17:49:37 No. 46
IT’S MOTHER’S DAY, AND THAT MEANS ARAS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD ARE GONNA FIGHT FOR A GREAT CAUSE! COME SEE THEM GIVE EACH-OTHER A MATERNAL MAKEOVER… WITH THEIR FISTS! 8CHANMANIA S3 BOUT 25, ARAMANIA, WILL START IN ABOUT 1 HOUR (3:00PM EDT) COME WATCH ARAS BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF EACH-OTHER FOR SHOTAS AND THE GLORY OF TITTIES Where to watch: https://cytu.be/r/8chanmania ———————- Guide to betting 1.In the case of fights: as soon as the VS Screen appears on stream, bets for an individual match shall be written in chat with the following format: "!bet (amount) (A,B) with A denoting the left side character and B denoting the right side character of that match. 2. Any other betting to be done, such as horse racing, gladitorial combat, or random banzai segments, will have their own betting screens and will be the same chat format "!bet (amount) (one of the multiple choice answers on screen) 3. Every week you will start with a clean slate of 1000 8bux, that will be added to your pocket(weekly wallet) 4. Any money you are left with by the end of tournament will be added to your bank (permanent balance) you can not withdraw from the bank, Alex Trebek forbids it. 5. You can view your betting score at: https://8chanmania.neocities.org/score.txt You can check the betting log at: https://8chanmania.neocities.org/last_results.txt You can check your total earnings in your wallet here: https://8chanmania.neocities.org/wallet.txt 6. You can spend any of the 8bux in your Bank at the "get deffy's dad out of jail" store, stock will be at some point in time. THE ARAS Marguerite Behlmer Alarielle Mother Penguin Melissa Geary Bulma 5-volt Yeti Girl Kasumi (some chick from a hentai) Stacy's Mom (got it going on) Kyoko Ogura (some chick from a hentai) Sophitia Hanak/Delia Ketchum Dexter's mom Rinko Iori Haruka Hikari Mom from Earthbound Kanghaskan Alma Wade Zhen Ji Cooking Mama Jun Kazama with Kazuya m Lusamine (you)r mom Betty Newbie Kazumi with Jin M Mrs Emiko Williams Toriel The Boss Justice Parasite Eve Rosalina Sonya Blade
>>46 >no scotsman wife Fuck
(589.92 KB 1920x1080 COINCIDENCE.png)

Aramania begins now, after a slight delay!
>plot armor yeti won
(331.49 KB 1200x561 yeti crushing a skeleton.png)

>>58 You're damn right she won.
>no defy pics
I have an announcement to make. I don't know if anyone else has been recording these or not, but if not please do so until the end of 8chanmania season 3 and make it available for download. I've been downloading the VODs, then making shitty recordings, then making less and less shitty recordings as the manias have gone on starting with season 1 bout 31. I've downloaded some of the old ones still on jewtube or twitch also. The season 2 crossover special is lost except for a bunch of screencaps I took and the audio, so some parts could potentially be reconstructed classic/who/ style if necessary. I've also saved other related videos and shit. Most of the OC is not in with the collection I'm afraid, but all in all I have a decent almost complete collection going, and I want to put it up for download when 8chanmania is over so it may be preserved. I will try to record the rest myself, but 1. my recordings aren't the best anyway and 2. my health has been in gradual decline since February and I'm afraid I won't make it. Regardless, I have left a will that in the event of my death asks my brother to make available for high speed download my entire 8chanmania collection and to post the link to 8kun.top. I will be adding 8chan.moe, zchan.cc, julay.world, anon.cafe, and maybe I'll ask for a link to be added to the 8chanmania shoutwiki too. If the admin of the 8chanmania neocities site is interested, a link can be emailed out too. Just wanted to try and ensure the whole season 3 gets recorded even if something bad happens to me. At the very least, someone be sure to save the VODs in case of take down. The way I lost the MFW crossover was I was sleepy so decided to wait until morning to start downloading the VOD (which I planned to sync the missing copyright-claimed audio to), but twitch removed it while I slept. Love you faggots, I hope I can enjoy the grand finale with you. Crossposting this everywhere in case of takedowns and for maximum visibility.

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