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PissMOO Anonymous 05/10/2020 (Sun) 20:09:24 No. 51
>use portable defibrillator on thread If you're looking for a truly autistic experience while the lockdown is happening, come check out my text game. Feel free to use a disposable email, I just have to get your password to you. https://ipiss.rocks/ It's Hellmoo But Good (tm)
>use portable defibrillator on effortposts I've been playing Hellmoo's spinoffs on and off for a few years now. I'm no expert, but I've got some experience with almost every weapon type, so I can give a quick rundown on them for newer players. To start with, every weapon relies on two stats to calculate its skill total. Your skill total determines your accuracy, and with melee weapons also determines your damage. Most weapons need a third skill to either boost damage or attack speed, but that varies from weapon type to weapon type. Melee weapons all use Reflexes to determine their attack speed. Ranged weapons all use Brawn for speed instead. Every major weapon type except for Flails and Fists rely on Reflexes for their skill totals too, and since Flails and Fists both need Reflexes for attack speed, Reflexes is used on pretty much every build. You're almost always going to want to maximize whatever two stats your weapon type of choice relies on, but the third stat you choose will vary from weapon to weapon. All melee weapons can power attack, which is a slower, more damaging, and more accurate attack. Bows can power attack too, but Firearms and other ranged weapons can't. Blades - Cool and Reflex for skill, plus Brawn for damage on most blades. Cool lets you use a lot of implants without downsides, so Blades (and the other Cool weapons, Firearms and Bows) lets you pad your weaker stats a bit - in exchange for a lot of money. Unfortunately, a lot of blades are rewards for once-per-account achievements, so if you lose your favorite sword it might be hard to replace. On the bright side, there are craftable and purchasable blades that are just as good, if not better, so you're not going to be left without options. Most blades need a lot of brawn, too, so you're going to want to put some points in that. Blades synergize extremely well with Bows and Firearms because all three use Cool and Reflexes for skill and need Brawn too, so taking either of those as a backup skill is a great choice. Clubs - Brawn and Reflexes. That's it. Clubs relies exclusively on two stats, so it's incredibly versatile. You can dump all those extra stat points into Senses and become a dodgy motherfucker no one can hit. You can dump them all into Brains and start hacking, lockpicking, crafting, and ghostbusting. You can dump them into Endurance and go on a drug fueled rampage while rotting people's muscles with psionic power then teleport away when shit gets rough. You can dump them into cool and… I dunno, scam some retards I guess. Cool Clubs is probably a bad choice, but even then, you could probably make it work. Clubs are probably the best beginner choice because it's incredibly hard to fuck up. Spears - Endurance and Reflexes for skill, plus Brawn for damage on the majority of spears. Spears are very slow, but hit hard, and have increased chance to parry incoming attacks. High Endurance means you can take a LOT of drugs to buff your stats a tonne, making you hit even harder and faster. Just be careful not to overdose. High Endurance also means you'll have good Focus, so you can pick up some psi skills. I have very little experience with spears, so I can't give too much information on them. Firearms - Cool and Reflex for skill, plus Brawn for speed. These were hilariously OP in both Hellmoo and Infernomoo, and are still very good in Pissmoo despite several nerfs. Gun users can take cover before starting combat, which isn't always an option for some enemies, but forces enemies with melee weapons to waste time forcing you out of cover. Guns all do bonus poise damage, so it's easier to knock your enemies on their asses. Plus, it's a lot harder to dodge bullets than it is to dodge melee weapons, so you're more likely to hit dodgy enemies. On top of all of that, enemies that resist bullet damage are relatively uncommon. It's quite possible that you can gun an enemy down before they even have a chance to hit you by abusing cover, high accuracy, and high poise damage. Guns get no damage scaling, so your skill is used for accuracy only, which is already pretty high. This means guns require minimal investment, so you might not even need to max your skill to use them well. This also means your damage per hit isn't going to be as good as someone with maxed out melee skills, but barely anything resists bullets so that doesn't matter too much. Firearms synergize extremely well with Blades and Bows because all three use Cool and Reflexes for skill and need Brawn too, so taking either of those as a backup skill is a great choice.
Bows - Cool and Reflex for skill, plus Brawn for speed. A newly added weapon type with a severe lack of content. There are currently only a few bows available, and a handful of ammo types. Functionally, these are basically just guns with power attacks. Uses "Quickdraw" instead of having its own skill, so the skill has the added benefit of passively letting you ready items a bit faster than normal. Bows synergize extremely well with Blades and Firearms because all three use Cool and Reflexes for skill and need Brawn too, so taking either of those as a backup skill is a great choice. Whips - Reflexes and Senses for skill. A very small number of whips use Brawn for damage, but most will only need Reflexes and Senses, and even for the ones that use Brawn, the bonus damage from Brawn isn't worth it. Because of this, it's very versatile, like Clubs. However, Senses pairs well with crafting and with focus, so most whippers will go with those. Whippers tend to have the best dodge skill of any weapon type, and even without investment in Endurance will have above average Focus. Whips tend to hit pretty fast, but have low damage compared to other weapons, relying on their high crit rates to boost their damage output. Fists - Brawn and Endurance for skill, Reflexes for speed. This and Flails are the only melee weapons that don't rely on Reflexes for skill, but like all weapons, you want a lot of Reflex anyway. You'll usually want to max out all three eventually, so there's less room for stat variety than other weapons. On the bright side, these are all good stats, and your high Endurance means you can abuse drugs and will have good Focus. Plus, a lot of major mutations play into Fists very well, so you actually have a lot of build variety. Zombies, Chuds, Barnacles, Rippers, and Aboms all get their own special claws (or tentacles, in Barnacle's case) to replace their bare hands (though actual fist-based weapons will outperform these) and all of these synergize well with fist builds. Fists generally hit very fast (unless you're a zombie), with very high max damage and very low min damage on their rolls - you can hit for fuckall damage, blow someone's head clean off in a single punch, or anything in between. Fists also have insanely easy to replace weapons, and have access to good weapons in every parry class. Flails - Brawn and Senses for skill, Reflexes for speed. These were a "joke" weapon in Hellmoo - "joke" weapon meaning the devs were lazy as fuck and slapped them in with no balance testing and basically no content, then they were all ridiculously weak because the devs never bothered testing them, so the devs decided "fuck it, fixing things is hard" and pretended it was merely a clever ruse and they totally actually intended for flails to be useless garbage all along. Haha funny joke, haha don't you get it, we're not retarded OR lazy, it was just a joke guys, hahaha! Pissmoo's dev has been trying to fix them and bring them up to par, and they should be good now, but they're still currently in the middle of a major rebalance. I've never used flails in any of the different Hellmoo spinoffs, so I've got no idea what else to say about them. There are a handful of other skills (throwing, bombs, science) that have weapons but aren't really intended to be used as primary weapon skills. I've got no experience with throwing or bombs. Science has other uses, mainly crafting, and its weapons all tend to have very niche applications. Science weapons also tend to each have unique stat requirements, so it's difficult to give a generalized opinion on them - some function like guns, some function like melee weapons, one even uses medic skill for speed instead of brawn or reflexes. Whatever you go with, if you fuck your build up, rerolling is easy and pretty painless since you get to keep most of your XP, so go ahead and play around with different weapons.
A lot of new player often have questions about what to do with the first being >what do I do when I'm new First there are jobs which you can see by typing the jobs tab. On completion jobs give money and xp, two things you will like having. The easiest jobs for newbies are working for Fat-Ratzo above Any Port. He will have you deliver packages, while its not the fastest work it will get you used to walking around the FC area which is useful for orienting yourself. Corpse grinder is easy which you can do by killing dogs and dragging them to the recycling center south of Anyport, AP on the map. There is a hospital in SlagTown that has patients use can use a trauma kit on for a job as well, do them whenever you get a package delivery to slag and it will make it go by pretty fast. If you can scav for crack at the crack mansion you can break them into rocks to sell to crack addicts. Kinda slow and low money but surprisingly juicy xp. There are repair jobs around FC you can do by visiting the unemployment office and talking to Melvin there. He will sell you a gps tracker and a pipe wrench to do the job with. Note that some of these require climb and Chobos in the sewer can occasionally fuck you up if you are new but it shouldn't be to hard. There is also fishing which again, not to fast paced but is xp and can be kinda fun. Also you can get a fishtank for you apartment so if you can one you like you can keep it. There is office work in the WU building in the corpclave, nice to do to do as you pass through the clave, you have to pass an interview first. If you want something more exciting then you can do chud invasions, these sync well with another job at the chudburger in slag. Cut the meat off them and bring them to Geech in CB in slag, the one near the hospital. You buy invasion contracts from city hall and sign them, keep in mind you can only do this when in a corp. The next step up are prisoners then racists but avoid racists as without some ok gear and stats as they will fuck you up. If you wanna step out in to the greater FC area then visit crater rim. If you can kick J'mak's ass, a faggot who guards a bridge, then its likely that you can kill rednecks for their moonshine. Sell these to Caredog Anyport for a job. If you a a little brainy you can make food to sell to the WU barista for ok money and xp. At this point you will likely want to stretch your legs and explore whats past FC. You will probably want to take on leeches and Jianshi's for ok xp and cash. After that go after trees if you think you are tuff enough. >where is all this shit. Just ask, none of it is hard to find but for the first 2 jobs outside of FC you will want ok climb and for trees decent armor. Its likely someone will chaperone you because if you are new you will get yourself killed in a stupid way. Journals some in three flavors. Travel, kill, and quest. Travel journals are just earned by entering an area, kill journals are earned for killing a new enemy or tough mobs and quests are earned for well, quests. All good questions to ask your fellow corpies. Generally once you can take on trees you are tuff enough to start doing harder jobs like dinos or ants as long as you have a babysitter. Then your babysitter will eat shit while doing the job and you will get one shotted by the mobs you were farming. Then you get to play the real game called getting your shit back. Lots to do but if you are just starting off it can be daunting.
Is this down? Can't connect anymore
is pissmoo ded?
yeah cant find shit, is this dead?

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