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(73.69 KB 640x400 Snoopy's Game Club.jpg)

(62.19 KB 622x320 New Management.jpg)

Welcome back to /vg/! Anonymous 08/31/2021 (Tue) 05:18:29 Id: 51f976 No. 528
I am the proud new owner of /vg/. The prior BO's CSS will be retained, as will their setting of forced anonymity. I am currently cleaning the board of the trash accumulated in the prior BO's absence. /vg/ will remain a sfw board, and carry itself going forward as THE happy home for vidya game discussion. DA RULEZ (SANS GLOBAL'S): 1. Vidya Only This board discusses vidya games and vidya game accessories, not lolcows. 2. SFW Board Lewd content must be spoilered and outright pornographic content will be deleted; violators will be prostituted. 3. No Dupe/Shit Threads Duplicate/Shitty threads will be merged and/or deleted as necessary. I welcome anons new and old back to /vg/. Let's get funposting!
Edited last time by bajabronze on 08/31/2021 (Tue) 05:48:32.
(194.86 KB 300x100 1589078935529.gif)

>>528 I'm making new banners rn and removing the old one, but here it is for anyone who wants it. It was the only banner the BO had on here.
(202.94 KB 300x100 pooh.gif)

(146.24 KB 300x100 narutovidyaoc.gif)

(366.99 KB 300x100 8moelongOC.gif)

(785.50 KB 300x100 soonic.gif)

(773.56 KB 300x100 catjump.gif)

(86.78 KB 300x100 mistyvidya.gif)

(425.68 KB 300x100 counter-miner.gif)

(563.70 KB 300x100 squidward.gif)

(824.43 KB 1280x2148 vg old.png)

(844.09 KB 1280x2241 miku new.png)

(20.99 KB vg custom.txt)

(1.26 KB miku.txt)

>>528 >The prior BO's CSS will be retained Heh, I think you should update the CSS to the new Miku version. It currently uses PLW's theme, hotlinks to backgrounds included, and clashes a lot with the current UI and settings of the site. Here are two screenshots to compare the themes, and the themes themselves.
>>551 >Heh, I think you should update the CSS to the new Miku version. t. 8moe administration But seriously, I appreciate the help. I'll probs update the CSS tonight or tomorrow.
>>551 Done, new CSS implemented. Miku is practically the same as the old one, a nice pleasant greenish-blue, so it's great in my book.
Is it alright if we have a thread here dedicated to listing companies bought out by china? >>>/v/405104
>>582 Honestly just stick it in the gg nys thread. The one here will probably be slow enough for y'all Giggers to put archives and the like in without much hassle.
>>528 >niggergate thread into the trash board
>>585 Don't worry /cow/ anon, no gamergay "cake" is allowed on this board.
>>586 But there's a gamergate thread open on the catalog right now.
>>587 I guess you'll just have to cope with its existence. I'll be sure to nuke any nasty NSFW that requires it.
>>588 Don't get me wrong, I'm fine with it. I'm just questioning its purpose.
>>589 Well, it seems it's going to turn into an archive for the gg thread on /v/, but we'll see. It's really just an olive branch I extended to /v/ to show I'm shilling this board in good faith.
>>592 Yeah, I figured. Just don't let the board turn into /vg/ - MAAAAAAAARK
>>592 > It's really just an olive branch I extended to /v/ RIP board. Shame. You don't seem to know how many boards /v/iggers ruined and that the last thing you want is to have any connection to them. But you will learn the hard way.
>>600 I'll do my best. >>618 Any examples, screenshots, etc?
I could have maybe posted here by goobergate thread is a big no-no.Sorry.
Why do you delete my yugioh thread reeeeeeeee
>>693 Because it was ancient and filled with nasty stuff from after you abandoned it. Feel free to remake it.
>>693 Trading card games should be on /tg/
>>695 There are yu-gi-oh vidya games though. I'll allow those
>>696 He already fled to /a/
>>697 lol
(564.21 KB 3229x1865 230952342.png)

Got a 3 day ban for posting 2 Babies 1 Fox. Guess I'm hanging out with you lot until then.
(222.53 KB 350x340 1552087605.gif)

>>741 >surprised he got banned for dumping the comic unspoilered You only have yourself to blame.
>>741 Just follow the 3 rules plus globals and you'll be right, mate. >>743 Amen

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