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(266.65 KB 800x500 Mr_House.png)

Anonymous 09/01/2021 (Wed) 03:42:00 Id: 2d72b5 No. 552
Just a reminder that Mr. House is the best route in New Vegas as it is the only one where someone with sufficient resources actually has the intentions and the capacity to restore humanity to a non-fucked up state. The current government of the Republic of New California is focused on expansionist practices similar to those of the USA, Europe and China in the ancient world. Mismanagement has led them to forcibly absorb territories to obtain their resources (Chief Hanlon mentions that many of the NCR lakes have been depleted through misuse, which explains the interest in Hoover Dam), even if they do not really have sufficient capacity to maintain control. As things stand during NV, it is clear that the NCR will suffer from growing discomfort among citizens (not just Mojave) that will likely end in revolution and loss of control over annexed territories. The "independent" option (which is really following Yes Man's plans) may be the one that improves the situation in Mojave with the least amount of fatalities if it is decided to leave everyone on their own as they were before the war. However, this option provides nothing else. With House and the NCR out on this route, the chances of improving the situation in Mojave disappear, and although the people's situation may improve in the short term (if the player helps them), the progress of the civilization itself would be extremely discouraged by the lack of organization, resources and knowledge. Mojave would remain a place where the only thing that matters is to survive indefinitely. The Legion is the worst option of all, not only because it is too incomplete with respect to all the other routes, or because it holds a retrograde ideology that would place technological progress (and everything benefited by it) in a forced stagnation, but because in essence it is still a tribe where everything revolves around the personality of Caesar (the title, not the character), and as soon as Caesar ceases to please the tribe it will be violently dissolved. As Marcus said, this won't happen overnight, but it will happen eventually. It is because of this and other things that Mr House is the best (or at least the least bad, since it is not perfect) choice for Mojave. Like the NCR and Legion, House has no qualms about using force to wipe out those who get in the way of his plans, but unlike them and more in line with Yes Man House has an ideal of letting everyone be free to work for him and do what they want (as long as they don't oppose his personal interests). Also, unlike the NCR and similar to the Legion, House has a simple and defined objective that is not corrupted by the pursuit of money (on the contrary, he uses money to further his plans and convince others to help him). In short, House unites the qualities of the other factions into a semi-immortal man with an almost autistic (considering he spent 200 years and millions just looking for a chip) desire for progress, something Mojave desperately needs. Discuss.
>>552 House is cool and I sided with him in my first playthrough, but he's really bad at getting good help.
>>554 Ah, yes. House's employees aren't exactly exemplary, but that's to be expected when an invading force (the NCR) is approaching and the only people available around you who are willing to help are cannibalistic tribals who can barely speak. The fact that he continued to work with them despite all the problems it entailed and that more suitable (and civilized) candidates would eventually emerge demonstrates how House can keep his word better than the other factions (he only takes action when the other party breaks his contract or violates the NAP).
>>555 >NAP mentioned New Vegas under Mr. House is practically a pragmatic ancapistan, though after his victory he seemed keen on making it more of a "benevolent autocracy" with Outer Vegas brought to heel.
>>556 >though after his victory he seemed keen on making it more of a "benevolent autocracy" with Outer Vegas brought to heel He calls himself an autocrat the moment you meet him.
>>558 Yeah, but he only has true control of The Strip. When he brings the hammer down on Outer Vegas, it can kill some good people if you do things wrong. In other words, R.I.P. The Kings if you broker peace between them and the NCR instead of starting a fucking gang war in Freeside. It's shit like that that reminds you you're still playing a video game made by fallible humans.
>>560 The Kings allying with the NCR opened the possibility of having spies and saboteurs on your doorstep, hence why House attempted to drive them away using his securitrons. However, since the Kings are rebellious in nature they opposed the idea of leaving (just like they refused to work with House when he was recruiting tribals). Remember that securitrons only shoot in defense, which means that a King started the battle (and then more joined it) that got most of them killed. >instead of starting a fucking gang war in Freeside You don't need to fuel a war. Not doing King's Gambit at all (and thus not advancing from the relative peace gained on G.I. Blues) is enough to keep the Kings alive.
>>561 >Not doing King's Gambit at all (and thus not advancing from the relative peace gained on G.I. Blues) is enough to keep the Kings alive. Well shit. I love the Kings, they're just some dudes trying to hold Freeside together with pomade and a dream.
>>564 yeah, they're alright, although useless beyond killing the occasional thug they couldn't even deal with the van graff when they settled in freeside
(126.55 KB 256x540 hunkaburninlove.png)

>>565 True. All I envision is the Courier going native after Mr. House's victory and becoming The King's left hand man (or right hand man if Pacer eats it). The Courier would whip the Kings into shape in no time, and The King himself would provide the charisma to keep it all running smoothly. It would be a kind of "I just wanna grill my bighorn steak in freeside while listening to Elvis music" semi-retirement for the Courier. Close enough for Mr. House if he needs the Courier's help, but with enough separation that some independence can be had.
(71.00 KB 800x800 goosed.jpg)

(185.17 KB 2048x1536 Yes-only-yes.jpg)

(49.49 KB 250x250 mine.png)

>>552 >House is the best route No Gods, No Masters. I don't always kill him, though. Let him die of the boredom he arranged for. Watching the NCR snivel was genuinely uplifting. Also I killed the kai 'zar with a knife so eff him the Burned Man grew up to be a fine example of humanity.
>>567 Anarkiddie or murder hobo? You decide.
>>566 In my case I imagine the courier returning to Goodsprings and living like a security ward in the NCR and Yes Man routes, living on the Lucky 38 as Mr House's PR guy (who convinces him not to automatically send securitrons to his opposition), or living in the Fort with Caesar as his right hand after killing Lanius in a duel. >>567 Yes Man's route is just Mr House's route but with a couple of non dead factions, absolutely nobody to boost the Mojave, and the possibility of causing Yes Man to go full Skynet after the Courier dies and there's nobody to tell him what to do.
>>569 Sounds comfy my man

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