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(85.36 KB 860x529 EvilDead.jpg)
Evil Dead Thread Anonymous 11/06/2020 (Fri) 06:48:27 Id:6cd8d6 No. 139
GROOVY EDITION I recently finished the 3rd season of Ash vs Evil Dead. What was that about? Are they going to take the Mad Max route? Who was that robo-chick at the end? Wasn't Raimi planning on a new Evil Dead film called Evil Dead Now with Lee Cronin (i.e Who?) directing it? They said Bruce Campbell won't star in it so it will probably be shit. But hey, let's talk about the good stuff for now. Which is your favorite Evil Dead movie? I love 2 but Army of Darkness takes the crown for me. It's just so fun and features armies of living skeletons so that's a plus.
(1.46 MB 540x304 ash_nod_puppet.gif)
>>139 I think I like the first one best. The sequels are some of the best screwball comedies out there and set the bar for gore effects in horror films. The first movie is not as funny, and not as "good", but the appeal really was the heart. When I think of Evil Dead, I think of his Deadite friends trying to crawl out of the basement. I think most people remember Ash chopping his arm off, making the Boomstick, building the Deathcoaster... these are all great moments, but I really like the "friends making a movie in the middle of nowhere" atmosphere of the first. It still took itself seriously. Regardless, I'm glad it turned out the way it did. Making a true sequel to the first would have been terrible. Each movie reinvented the franchise and ultimately that change is why we love it. There hasn't really been a bad iteration haven't seen the reboot movie, though I've heard good and bad things, just different flavors. It's kept things fresh. Ending of the series was clearly a setup for a fourth season, or a traditional Evil Dead cliffhanger ending.. It's similar to the original Army of Darkness ending, and maybe there's unused ideas there. While I wish it would continue with Bruce, I can't think of a more appropriate ending for the franchise.
>>139 Army of Darkness is the only one I really like. It had a much higher budget, Ash is way more skilled, & it's just plain fun. Evil Dead 2 was good but the fact they didn't have the rights to their own original movie makes the sequel nonsensical when watching the movies back to back. Same problem with Army of Darkness.
>>141 The whole series overall has an interesting but good approach to continuity. Technically, no two entries in the series actually match properly with each other, but you know what the continuity is "supposed" to be, so just go with it. The flashback in 2 is supposed to be just the whole first movie. You know that, so just go with it. Army of Darkness carries on from 2 even though the ending of 2 doesn't quite match, but you can understand what ending it does go off of, even if it isn't the actual ending of 2, so just go with it. The TV show is the first one to treat all the movies as canon, but carefully not really referencing certain things because they still didn't have all the rights. But again, you know what it is supposed to be, so just go with it.
>>153 It still makes no sense. The comics try to allude that there's a multiverse so all the movies are canon in that sense even if the events in each are different.
>>154 It doesn't "make sense," but it makes sense. If your autism isn't absolutely crippling, things flow together well enough, and the contradictions are obvious enough, that it's very easy to understand what was "supposed to" happen. Yes, the recap in Evil Dead 2 is technically different, and technically means Evil Dead 1 isn't canon to it, but come on, you know better than that. You know Evil Dead 1 is intended to be canon. Technically the ending of Evil Dead 2 is different from the beginning of Army of Darkness, it's very easy to understand and accept that Evil Dead 2 is canon, just the ending is slightly different. This is different from cases where there are plot holes and contradictions that seem to happen just because they don't give a shit. Here it's so obvious that we understand the intention, and it's clear that they knew what they were doing, but it's like come on, man. That said, I love multiverse autism. I do have to read more of the comics. But the way I see it, the only really interesting stuff to do with it would be to see the alternate events that would have followed the actual ending of Evil Dead 2, and I suppose the other ending of Army of Darkness, which I'm sure probably has a lot of comics.
>>164 I dunno man. My personal nitpicky perfectionism makes it hard to enjoy this franchise of nonsense. Which isn't Sam Raimi's fault.
>>166 I love continuity, too. But Evil Dead is self-aware that you need to smooth out the bumps yourself. At no point are the contradictions important to the story. In other words, it's contradictory without retcons. As a result, it's leaned into it and come back around to the other side. I'm more bothered by the "Deadites can do whatever adds the most tension to a scene" rule, but it is consistent. Deadites seem to have the magical power fulfill horror movie cliches, and for the most part other demonic entities play by different rules. The little stuff like "sunlight made them go away that one time but not anymore" are a bit weird, and unexplained, but the TV show cracks a few jokes about that and the alternate backstories. Actually, I think the TV show did an impeccable job cobbling together reasonable explanations for a lot of the mismatches. It can never be perfect, but there's actually fewer major holes with the retcons they did make, and what's left was made fun of. I understand the autism and suffer from it, too. But the series is enjoyable nonetheless. It's one of the few series where I can just say "fuck it, it's supposed to be fun" and not worry about continuity. And I really think it's not just the attitude. Lots of shitty shows with no continuity have a "we don't give a shit" attitude. It's that they just present things happening as things happening. Evil Dead doesn't contradict your expectations for what can or should happen, it just has to disguise the backstory for legal reasons.
>>202 >I'm more bothered by the "Deadites can do whatever adds the most tension to a scene" rule, but it is consistent. Because "deadites" aren't the actual evil force, the actual antagonistic force in the series is just a general power of evil that comes from the book, and it creates all sorts of things, including creatures, that are each pretty much individual entities, each with their own abilities. Hell, Jason Voorhees got retconned into being a Deadite all along in Jason Goes to Hell, and frankly, that made it work, since Evil Dead monsters just do whatever because the "evil" in question is so vaguely defined, which is clearly intentional.
Little late with this news but apparently they announced an Evil Dead game at The Gay Awards. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5VuxTw4IU-Q Apparently it's a Left 4 Dead game with a bunch of characters. The trailers references all three movies and the TV show, so it seems they worked out the licensing somehow. Although knowing Evil Dead, this will somehow complicate the rights issue the next time someone wants to do anything with the universe. I'm curious if this means Bruce Campbell is un-retiring Ash in some capacity (although he implied before he might do games and other media appearances) or if he's uninvolved. The trailer seems to rip dialogue from elsewhere, so it's possible they didn't even call him in for this. But it would be nice for him to be back. I'm assuming this is what Dana was tweeting about recently. I'd love a continuation of the show but this might tide me over for a bit.
>>218 That actually looks kinda neat. I hope Bruce comes back to do the voice too. >I'd love a continuation of the show The show definitely was growing on me, and I'd also like to see it go again.
>>139 Hate for army of darkness is literal hipster redditor bullshit. All ash one liners and character quarks people liked spawn from army of darkness.
>>218 >I'm curious if this means Bruce Campbell is un-retiring Ash in some capacity Does he have a modern career beyond ash?
>>357 No. All his other notable roles were in the 90's for the most part, with Brisco County and Xena/Hercules. He played Elvis in Bubba Ho-Tep, which was great, but that was ~15~ 20 years ago. He did My Name is Bruce which is a parody of himself and Ash. Ash is his only enduring role and it's what he's best known for. At this stage, I don't think he's gonna shake that. His best shot is Sam Raimi directing a Marvel movie and getting him more than a cameo. If it turns into a recurring role, then kids will know him for that. Which will be shitty, but at this point his career is Ash. I think he's just being dramatic and is upset the show got cancelled, but given the rest of the cast seems to be involved in the Evil Dead series going forward it gives me some kind of hope. Then again, Raimi hasn't done shit in years. He has some cash and some cachet but he's never bothered to put real effort into reviving the series or Bruce Campbell's career. The guy got screwed by Sony but he needs to get back to making stuff.

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