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(23.70 KB 300x250 300812_be_water_my_friend_t.jpg)
(325.57 KB 500x213 Lightning.gif)
(126.24 KB 296x446 ninjatheprotectorf.jpg)
Kung Fu & Martial Arts Chop Socky Buffet Anonymous 12/01/2020 (Tue) 00:06:13 Id:544b7d No. 186
>>186 Kung Fu is a complete bullshit martial art. Makes for cool movies I guess but practicality irl as a martial art? You'd be better off learning boxing.
>>187 The great thing about Kung Fu is that it's potentially highly improvisational and tends to employ the full body in its strikes, which makes it a fantastic set of martial arts for film. If you look at boxing matches, for example, you don't actually tend to get a good feel for the fighters' positioning and how it influences their situation without the slowed down and zoomed in replays they do in televised broadcasts. Boxing does not work great on film. Boxing is practical in the real world, but in the real world you're unlikely to enter a fight and if you do chances are your opponent doesn't know shit about how to fight. Kung Fu would be viable in such a situation and the obscurity of its movements may convince your opponent or opponents that you're a better fighter than you are, which may have a more dramatic intimidation effect than if you demonstrated that you're a good boxer. So yes, its strikes are highly inefficient compared to boxing, but there may be some advantages to it in a real-world situation, especially in the situation of making movies. The best boxing movies are dramas that just happen to involve boxers. The best kung fu movies are kung fu movies that happen to involve some drama.
>>195 Very astute.
(126.42 KB 500x740 SurfNinjas.jpg)
>>186 >No surf ninjas The fuck is wrong with you.
(460.46 KB 474x690 ClipboardImage.png)
>>197 Surf Ninjas is excellent. If you liked that, you should also watch 3 Ninjas.
Fencing is a martial art right? Can we talk about Samurai movies in this thread? I miss the samurai movie thread back on 8chan/film/ Anyone seen any good samurai flicks lately? I'm quite partial to the Lone Wolf and Cub movies. Of course there's always the great Kurosawa films, I've seen Seven Samurai, Yojimbo and Sanjuro, and Ran is my favorite goddamn that ending. About to download The Hidden Fortress, I doubt that it's going to disappoint. For more modern stuff, 13 Assassins is a really fun movie. Gory as fuck, has some goofy comic relief moments but mostly a solid samurai action movie with fucking great fights. Also anyone that's seen Harakiri is my Daimyo.
Exactly how many movies feature a flying guillotine of some type?
(55.13 KB 440x310 harakiri poster.jpg)
(101.79 KB 596x802 Harakiri.jpg)
(127.33 KB 2048x2048 Ii clan.png)
If you didn't see this last night then you missed a great movie. Man did that movie shit talk clan Ii too. I hope we can have more samurai and martial arts films on movie night in the future.
>>519 It's 'Iyi'. Fuck the Iyi clan!
(153.19 KB 1383x576 Seppuku-1962-Harakiri-55.jpg)
(176.56 KB 1330x567 harakiri-kobayashi.jpg)
(167.77 KB 960x720 Ii-Naomasa_statue.jpg)
(59.42 KB 480x624 samurais_009.jpg)
(944.57 KB 1066x886 red_demon_set.png)
>>522 That's the name they used in the film but the Iyi's kamon is identical to the real life Ii clan. Additionally that suit of armor from the beginning and climax of the film is almost identical to Ii Naomasa's famous armor. Nioh players will know it as the Red Demon armor, aka the armor that every fucking revenant drops when they're not dropping Kingo's armor.
>>523 You raise a fair point.
>>524 To rub salt in even farther for the "Iyi" clan, Ii Naomasa was the star general in the battle of Battle of Sekigahara on Ieyasu's side. >Naomasa's finest hour was to come at the Battle of Sekigahara, where his unit outpaced those of other generals such as Fukushima Masanori, drawing the "first blood" of that battle. However, as the fighting was dying down, Naomasa was shot and wounded by a stray bullet during his attempt to prevent Shimazu Yoshihiro's getaway, a wound from which he would never fully recover. The wound also prevented his personal involvement in quelling the last vestiges of the anti-Tokugawa faction in the coming months.[1] According to legend, Naomasa was feared so much by his own men, that when he was critically wounded at Sekigahara, not a single one of them committed ritual seppuku, the act of honor killing to prevent a samurai from falling into enemy hands, out of fear of retaliation. As such, Naomasa was able to regain his composure and escape with his life. So the Ii clan wasn't just some clan that managed to navigate the transition to the Edo era by the skin of their teeth., they were an exemplar of the last days of the Sengoku period and were well placed with the Tokugawa shogunate. To show how far such a clan had fallen only 28 years after the death of their leader really adds another on the movie. In fact given how Naomasa was badly injured but fought through and survived, the final fight in the movie could almost be taken as the clan having to fight the angry spirit of their ancestor because of their rampant dishonor.
What's a good entry point to the genre? I've seen a couple of Bruce Lee films but not much else.
>>531 Depends if you're talking about serious films, chopsocky kung fu films, or American made "inspired by Hong Kong" martial arts movies. >Serious Yojimbo and Sanjuro by Akira Kurosawa are a good start. Also Seven Samurai, really it's hard to go wrong with Kurosawa. Onibaba by Kaneto Shindo although it's less of a martial arts movie and more a movie that takes place in the shadow of the Sengoku period. >Chopsocky action There's a lot to choose from. There's One Armed Boxer and it's sequel Master of the Flying Guillotine. Invincible Armor is pretty wild. Tiger & Crane Fist that you probably won't enjoy as much as Kung Pow! Any of the Godfrey Ho movies. The Little Hero of Shaolin Temple which is sometimes mislabeled as Little Ninja Heroes and has nothing to do with ninja if I recall. >American There's the American Ninja films. The Last Dragon. Big Trouble in Little China, which is pretty much responsible for Mortal Kombat. Speaking of which if by some chance if you still haven't seen it the original Mortal Kombat is a really good American made martial arts movie. Bloodsport. Don't watch any of the Steven Segal movies.

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