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(252.94 KB 981x1500 MadMaxposter.jpg)
(138.92 KB 630x1200 MadMax2.jpg)
Mad Max Anonymous 09/22/2020 (Tue) 03:26:41 Id:2c35ad No. 3
You anons like the Mad Max movies? What are some of your favorite moments and what's your favorite movie? Do you think Mad Max: The Wasteland will be any good if it ever happens?
(6.42 MB 2500x1280 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3 I like the 2nd movie the most. Though I only saw the first two. The behind the scenes stories of stuntmen nearly getting killed and others getting paid in alcohol or something like that are pretty interesting too. Anyone play the Mad Max game that came out on PC? Curious if the plot was anything interesting.
>>3 Road Warrior is definitely my favorite. It has a fun, self-contained story, Max is finally the wasteland badass we want him to be, his car is just bitchin', and the whole thing is an excellent wasteland story. I think Fury Road is a lot better in a lot of little ways - I actually like Tom Hardy as Max, he's a lot more expressive - but Road Warrior will always be the best one. >>48 >Mad Max game It's excellent because it's very aware it's a Mad Max game. You're not there to save the world, you're there because some fags chopped your car up and you need a new one. You build it yourself with the help of a weird mutant guy and cruise around, stealing scrap, blowing up cars and beating guys up. Shitty melee combat that is way too Batman to be excellent, but great driving and if you like cars, they definitely had some car nerds on the team. What I like the best is that Max is Max. He's kinda a dick, and spends the majority of the game bitching that his new car has a pathetic little V6 engine instead of the mighty V8 he wants. It was great and I'd play it again for sure.
>>127 I'll have to give the game a go sometime then. Sounds like the devs actually gave a shit about the source material. That is pretty rare these days.
(239.98 KB 800x1134 59100-mad-max-nes-front-cover.jpg)
Speaking of Mad Max games has anyone ever played the NES game?
(400.61 KB 1186x1500 A1TKo3eUFyL._SL1500_.jpg)
Is there any other differences, other than color, between the theatrical edition and Black & Chrome?
Whats the appeal of fury road? I watched after watching the first three movies and it just felt like a blockbuster summer movie, but with (((subtext))). Doesn't really compare to the first three at all.
>>406 It has good practical action so the normalnigger cattle overhyped it to high heaven.
>>406 I sort of agree. He should have cut out most of the dialogue and let the visuals speak for themselves.
>>405 nothing script wise. It's just the aesthetic of black and white in a modern movie that adds to the atmosphere of everything. It's not worth it unless you're a mega autist Mad Max weeb like Razorfist.

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