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Italian Cinema Anonymous 02/03/2021 (Wed) 13:59:28 Id:713b88 No. 338
>get into Italian cinema >it absolutely blows out of the water most Pedowood films I have ever seen It's like I'm watching films made by people with actual souls. Any recommendations aside from these films I posted? I have Life is Beautiful on my queue already and Indagine su un cittadino al di sopra di ogni sospetto.
(146.78 KB 729x1024 profumodidonna.jpg)
(81.05 KB 370x512 ilgattopardo.jpg)
(656.91 KB 2160x2880 gomorra.jpg)
(212.72 KB 1288x1600 ilsorpasso.jpg)
>>338 How funny that I recently watched Profumo di donna (1974), aka the film Scent of a Woman that was remade with Al Pacino. The performances were organic and somehow the incessant shit-talking in italian made so much more sense to me. However, as soon as our protagonist and his aid get to Naples, the melodrama becomes insufferable. It's certainly worth a watch if you liked the remake, but it falls short of a masterpiece because of that. Spoiler: Seriously, some guy gets shot and is bleeding to death, and the love interest completely ignores him to help the protagonist. What a cunt. Indagine su un cittadino al di sopra di ogni sospetto isn't bad, but it's very anti-fascist. Not surprising given that it was made in the seventies, but it was kind of disappointing given that was the sole message in the end. Films I recommend are definitely Il Gattopardo (1963) (The Leopard) which revolves around a man (Burt Lancaster) trying to stop the unification of Italy and learning to accept it. Absolute masterpiece, but it's long. Gomorra (2008) is probably the most lifelike and sincere portrayal of the contemporary Italian mafia and the people that live both under its clasp and within the organization. It's one hell of a piece with a multitude of intertwined characters. Highly, highly recommend it. There's also Il Sorpasso (1962), or the Italian take on The Graduate (take that with a big grain of salt, both are just coming of age stories that deal with generational conflicts through romantic relationships and the disillusionment that comes in that transitional period before adulthood). Of course there are the classics like La dolce vita and 8 1/2, but I figure you've watched those or already have on your list.
>>338 You're the nigger that shilled Cinema Paradiso. The film features teenagers having sex with older women, teenagers masturbating, poop being thrown at a man's face, sex in public, prostitution in a theater, & italians being as unruly as niggers in a theater. High class my ass. This trash was no better than Pedowood crap.
>>374 >bitching about a film that portrays (southern) Italians as madmen Alright, so you're not a fan of realism. That's okay. >taking issue with the aforementioned film portraying teenagers masturbating Again, not a fan of realism. I'm starting to spot a trend. >teenagers having sex with older women I'm not going to be as callous as with the other two points, but take note that a large chunk of literature and cinema portray these types of relations, and they often dwell on similar topics as Cinema Paradiso (e.g. The Graduate, Le Petit Sauvage, The Catcher in the Rye, etc.). >throwing shit at people and turning a cinema into a brothel is bad mkay Funny you should say that because the film is not portraying either of those acts as something good. If anything, the scenes that mark the decay of the cinema are the most gut-wrenching ones in the whole film. It's the complete desecration of the holiest of institutions in the protagonist's eyes, holier than even the church (the film is very keen on establishing those relationships). >High class my ass. This trash was no better than Pedowood crap. Man I can't even begin to understand why you would say something like this. This is a film about a bastard kid in a crumbling town, leaving to make a name for himself at the behest of his friends and family. He becomes very wealthy and famous, but feels an emotional vacuum that built up over years of total separation (he seldom even wrote anyone a letter, again, at the behest of his family and friends, because they knew it would make him want to return). When his greatest friend and father figure dies, he gets called to his funeral, which he attends despite the promise he made to him never to return. The town, his friends and family, his life up to the point at which he left--he is confronted by what's left of all of it when he returns, and it's awful. The cinema (which represents all of the above) is a husk waiting to be demolished. Imagine the feeling of this man, who was already broken as he returned in hopes of finding the community, the relationships that he relinquished when he left, and finding nothing but ashes. Then, at the end, he finds the goddamn box of cinema clips, all the censored clips his friend and father figure promised to let him see when he was old enough. And they're just kissing scenes. He's immediately overwhelmed with emotion, with several decades of memories and conversations that never happened flowing back into him. Those bits of film are the holy spirit to him--the incorruptible, the eternal bond that cannot be severed between him and everyone in that town. Jesus Christ anon it's a film about transcending the material and relationships that persist beyond decades of silence and death. Why, anon, why would you do something like that? Do you really think it's okay to go on the internet and tell lies? I'll concede that the film isn't "high class", but it sure as fuck isn't Pedowood crap.
>>381 Bullshit uppity nigger tier degenerates isn't pedowood tier crap.
>>381 Don't listen to that weirdo, it had heart it had setups it had payoffs, good structure. Very good movie. Maybe he's just been socially atomized for so long he doesn't trust any depictions of a community.
>>387 Gotta be one fucked up unwashed nigger if you think this movie has heart or betrays a community in a positive light.
(1.01 MB 2146x3000 1948 La terra trema (ita) 01.jpg)
Other than a bunch of spaghetti westerns, a few horror films, and Diabolik I really haven't watched many Italian movies. I do remember watching this one though and I thought it was pretty good.
All these movies are for people with no life experience. They're not interesting visually enough to warrant a movie and anything they're about can be told through a simple script. I don't doubt these movies are all based on books you didn't bother to read because as books they are even less distinguished. Watching movies instead of just learning about the culture through your own life experience and books. So shallow.
(90.44 KB 674x296 Fulci.jpg)
It's time to take the Fulcipill
>>425 Here's the (You) that you so desperately craved.
>>387 We don't use more than two spaces because we don't use typewriters anymore, grandpa. >>374 >Nigger nigger, nigger, nigger nigger. >>505 Fuck right off back to 4gag, fag.
>>425 I agree, but this is too much of a tangent based on OP's "actual souls" comment, assuming that that is what set you off anyway.

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