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(10.33 KB 292x264 1467899510224.jpg)
Movie Identification Thread Anonymous 03/17/2021 (Wed) 14:21:57 Id:e5cda8 No. 418
Do you have screenshot from a movie that you want identified? What about some movie that you saw long ago but don't remember the name? This is the thread for you. >I'll start I'm trying to remember the name of this one movie that I use to watch as a kid. The plot involved this kid looking for a magic ring that shoots a blue death laser so that he can defeat this evil wizard who also has death laser powers. On his journey he meets this lady that turns into a a spider person that tries to eat him and this band of cyclopes that either wants to marry or eat his traveling companion. Also the evil wizard keeps killing dwarves throughout the movie.
>>418 Was it Time Bandits?
>>423 No that's not it. It was set entirely in fantasy medieval setting.
>>418 I saw a short film anons posted years ago on 8chan. Hopefully there is enough vague and not misleading info here so someone can find it: >It was maybe french or something I can't recall, likely not in English though I think since I remember subtitles >It was about some soldiers or rebels or something trying to kill the MC (who you never saw since it was shot through his perspective like Hardcore Henry) >Every time they kill him, he keeps getting back up >Eventually they blow him up I think and he kills everyone (maybe) or they all kill each other while trying to get him >Lighting was really red-ish/orange I think and it was shot in mostly one building
A silent film, it had a scene where a mirror broke in a rich man's house and his servant had to pretend to be the reflection behind the empty mirror frame so the master wouldn't notice it was broken. It's probably a well known classic, but I forgot.
>>655 Seven Years Bad Luck, maybe I should've fucking looked up that description before posting.
>>654 I forgot to add: >the guys trying to kill the MC are absolutely terrified of the MC's magic Jesus revival/zombie powers by the end of it >I think when they try to blow him up, he lands on a guy after hanging on the ceiling or something for a bit >>655 (digits) >>657 Wish that worked for me. Every few months I try looking for this shit for an hour or so before giving up again. I don't even care about the movie at this point, I just want a name to attach to the damn thing so it can stop bothering me at random points.
(39.60 KB 300x100 ClipboardImage.png)

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