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Horror and Suspense Anonymous 09/22/2020 (Tue) 04:51:29 Id:07f14a No. 5
Post and talk about your favorites here. Try to keep it about pre 2000 movies because horror movies from the 21st Century are almost universally awful. Hell even mid 90's were pushing it.
(233.57 KB 1200x675 The-Thing-Poster.jpg)
(106.45 KB 960x1363 alien-md-web.jpg)
IT'S ALMOST OCTOBER, FUCK YEAH I usually watch The Shining and The Thing on Halloween while eating sugary popcorn. Really fun. I also recommend Funny Games and Alien.
(116.85 KB 638x359 reanimator.jpg)
(139.30 KB 520x826 beyond.jpg)
>>6 Get a double feature going with non-cucked HP Lovecraft (sort of). Reanimator and From Beyond (From Beyond not as well known as the former)
(163.59 KB 666x1000 Quatermass.jpg)
AND Don't forget classy brit sci-fi
>>8 Isn't there both a movie and a tv film of Quartermass and the Pit?
(17.53 KB 360x277 Qatp03.JPG)
>>10 Huh you're right there was something like a Quatermass serial
(465.04 KB 1000x1500 poster.jpg)
(281.44 KB 1000x1500 poster.jpg)
required Halloween viewing in my house
(372.13 KB 960x1440 p12867797_v_v8_aa.jpg)
>>5 If you want a good modern horror movie, I watched a korean one by name of 'The Wailing' last night. It starts as a crime drama about a fat cop in a small village trying to figure out the cause of a new disease that drives people mad, makes them kill their families, & then violently convulse until their own deaths. As the investigation leads to no real leads & only more bodies, suspicions fall on a foreign man from Japan with rumors abound on who or what he really is. If you like slow burn horror you'll really enjoy it. Despite being korean it also feels very western in many elements.
(79.86 KB 480x640 7.jpg)
(124.55 KB 640x480 3.jpg)
(123.84 KB 640x480 2.jpg)
Did you know that despite popular conception, at least one of Lugosi's capes was actually a saffron gold rather than blood red?
>>15 Sure it wasn't white that yellowed with age?
>>17 Maybe Lugosi was just a sweaty man.
(884.34 KB 640x948 ClipboardImage.png)
>>15 >>17 >>18 The color of actual props and their canonical color are not the same when it comes to black & white films. Prop departments, set designers, and cinematographers worked to capture a nice contrast on film, and achieving this was more practical using inaccurate colors. It's a common bit of trivia that the Addams Family set was actually quite bright and flamboyant. Not quite the dark & dreary haunted mansion it's supposed to be. But it comes across as one on film. Pic related.
>>19 Oh yeah I know. The Godzilla suits from the first two movies were actually painted brown bur Godzilla's canonical color has alway's been slate grey. Also in a lot of those black and white movies theatrical blood was actually chocolate syrup.
How are the frankenstein movies? Which ones do you recommend? I have read the novel but never really watched any of the movies.
>>23 The universal one is good. Bride even better. it's very different from the book though
Here's two, one cut of the dead if you want something really meta (but not really scary), and the brood if you want some good ol' Cronenberg body horror stuff. I'm not a fan of horror movies in general. Too many of them have terrible writing that relies on characters that don't think or act only as the script tells them to, a fuckton of deus ex machina moments and cheap violence, shock and jumpscare exploitation. Alien and The Thing are fantastic exceptions to this rule. If anyone knows any other films where people actively try to figure out how the creature/evil thing works along some line of logic or physical traits, please let me know. Also I've already seen Troll Hunters, it was okay.
(326.76 KB 848x1200 one-cut.jpg)
(1.40 MB 1289x1932 the-brood.jpg)
>>25 forgot images, fuck.
>>25 >If anyone knows any other films where people actively try to figure out how the creature/evil thing works along some line of logic or physical traits, please let me know. There's a lot of horror films like that but most of them tend to be older films.
(61.81 KB 780x439 predator-1987.jpg)
(823.44 KB 1400x700 tremors.png)
>>27 >they're older films Not a problem. The key point is that there has to be a constant trickle of information (often paid for in blood) that lets the protagonists work out how to best deal with the antagonist (or that reveals the antagonist altogether). There's a lot of older films that seem to fit this bill, but then there's not so much a trickle of information based on field observations and interactions as there is the magical stumbling upon this great revelation or mad scientist fellow that explains everything all at once because it's in the fucking script nigger reasons. I can't believe I didn't mention these earlier, but Predator and Tremors are also good examples of what to do for this type of film.
(81.98 KB 541x741 behind-the-mask.jpg)
Oh this is another nice meta-horror film. Not scary, but for fans of slashers it's very enjoyable. Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon
>>26 The brood is a darn good film and everyone should watch it.
(168.98 KB 1000x789 Black Sabbath 1963.jpg)
This is a nice little anthology film. The first and third segments aren't all that great but the second The Wurdulak is great. It's a shame that they didn't just expand it and make a feature length movie out of it.
>>28 I've been trying to thing of some specific films but I'm drawing a blank. The Legend of Hell House, Night of the Eagle, Suddenly Last Summer, or Curse of the Demon might fit what you're looking for. I'm not sure.
>>45 Gonna try and give em all a shot. Thanks a bunch mate.
>>45 Buddy Curse of the Demon was exactly what I was looking for. Great stuff. I honestly lost my mind and started laughing at the idea of a respected scholar suggesting to put a mentally disturbed farmer on meth before making him relive traumatic events--man that scene was the bomb. Honest to God that film was what horror films should be shooting for nowadays. Lots of nice little details in the decor and in elements of the backdrop, the least subtle one being the license plate on the niece's car. Can't wait to try out the other ones.
I can't believe I completely forgot to talk about this. The Devil & The Blacksmith. It's a spanish movie based on the folktale of the same name. Gist is a blacksmith made a deal with a demon to survive a war in the past. Now he holds the demon hostage in a gated off workshop he calls home. A little orphan girl who's mother committed suicide ends up going into his workshop after some bullies tear apart her doll & throw part of it over the gate. I don't wanna spoil much else but it's a really good movie. The makeup on the demons is fantastic & despite being a horror movie, it's not a nihilistic one. If you wanna watch it with others, it's on Netflix right now.
(110.34 KB 400x188 Eyes.png)
Do you read Sutter Cane?
>>25 >If anyone knows any other films where people actively try to figure out how the creature/evil thing works along some line of logic or physical traits Prince of Darkness sounds like it matches what you're looking for.
Why does Hammer not release their movies on discs in a sensible way? Instead being able to get, say, all the Dracula films or all the Frankenstein films as a box set you can only get them potluck in arbitrarily grouped box sets.
(118.66 KB 200x337 ClipboardImage.png)
>>133 Heard the adaptation of The Fog (James Herbert) is pretty good. Have read his book The Dark. If ever there was a horror book deserving of an adaptation, it is that.
(2.58 MB 1350x902 ClipboardImage.png)
I thought this movie and its sequel were fun and pretty good for what modern horror movies are usually like. It's jumpscare-y but I thought it worked due to the whole point of the movie being silence and that keeping you on the edge the whole time. I suggest giving it a watch.

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