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(198.01 KB 600x887 60_years_of_mayhem_Godzilla.jpg)
(371.62 KB 1400x1510 Daimajin.jpg)
(943.79 KB 374x487 ms26.jpg)
(207.62 KB 480x568 suits05_480_poster.jpg)
(245.52 KB 498x750 REPTILICUS.jpg)
大怪獣- Kaiju Thread Anonymous 09/27/2020 (Sun) 05:46:18 Id:9fb451 No. 52
大怪獣 Hail to the king baby! Giant monster talk goes here. It doesn't just have to be Japanese movies either so the rare Western kaiju and other Asian kaiju are welcome too. And for the heck of it we'll also include movies that are peripheral to the kaiju genera like Green Slime and Matango.
(3.74 MB 01. Godzilla.mp3)
Haven't seen that many kaiju films other than the originals of Gojira and a couple of other things. What are some must see? Were this decade Godzilla films any good?
(1.15 MB 900x1273 58186489_p0.png)
>>53 >What are some must see? I'm particular a fan of the two Toho Frankenstein movies. The second Gamera movie is a favorite of mine too. For Western kaiju may favorite two are Reptilicus and Gorgo. Oh and The Giant Claw. You've watched Mothra and Rodan haven't you? >Were this decade Godzilla films any good? I've not seen Shin Godzilla yet, other than some excerpts, but it's considered a great modern giant monster movie. Better thaan the American Legendary Godzilla.
>>53 Shin Godzilla is a great modern take on the horror of the original Godzilla. The Godzilla anime movie trilogy on Netflix is also good but people have a low opinion of it. Mostly because most people don't understand Godzilla films. They also expected far more actual kaiju on kaiju fights. When really all the movies are about humanity versus Godzilla in a hopeless situation. King of the Monsters is an excellent sequel to the 2014 American Godzilla. It improved on everything people disliked about the first movie. It's also far more of an all out kaiju brawl that ignorant people think all Godzilla is.
(1.50 MB 1095x1176 Legendary_Godzilla.png)
(309.46 KB 1024x1449 Shin_Godzilla.jpg)
>>55 Do you think they'll ever make a Godzilla vs Godzilla movie since both the Shin and Legendary incarnations are so popular?
>>58 Nope. Anno has no interest in making a sequel to Shin Godzilla, despite ending on a sequel hook. While Legendary will likely end the monsterverse movies after Godzilla vs Kong. Despite KotM being a way better film than 2014, it wasn't a massive success.
(331.37 KB 1280x889 527.jpg)
>>59 >Anno has no interest in making a sequel to Shin Godzilla That's probably for the best given Anno's... tendencies. I really hope the next Toho Godzilla movie goes back to Suitmation too.
>>55 The reason people think that's what Godzilla is is because even people who actually watch the films usually come away just remembering the monsters and the fights. The human stories in 99% of Godzilla movies are very forgettable, and frequently have very little to do with Godzilla, which I suppose makes sense since so many Godzilla movies were unrelated movies that Toho just slapped Godzilla into at the last second. For this reason, the best "Godzilla" movies are the ones that straight up don't have Godzilla in them. Plenty of other Toho-universe films that have monsters that appear in later Godzilla movies are better than most actual Godzilla movies, and it's a shame they don't get attention. Atragon I think is based on a novel, which explains why it has a much better story than most. Godzilla movies should try harder to at least have human plots that are more intricately tied to what Godzilla is actually doing. I know it isn't actually what the series is, but it's what the series should be. The best part of the 2014 one was the two seconds when Kick-Ass was actually helping Godzilla fight the bad guys, even if only in a minor way, because at least then I had a reason to care what Kick-Ass was doing. I'm sure there are a couple more movies where the humans are more significant to what Godzilla is doing, but usually it's the opposite, where the humans are fighting some aliens or something, and then Godzilla shows up to fight a kaiju the aliens are controlling, but it's really disconnected otherwise. Final Wars is the best because at least the humans in that are basically the X-Men. It's not like the rest of the Godzilla movies, but at least they're entertaining.
(1.07 MB 975x1300 EfoUQZeU0AMJ9M7.jfif)
>>67 That's retarded. The human plots are always in response to Godzilla or other kaiju threats. I'll agree the characters are forgettable but the plots themselves are not. I blame the media perception & horrible english dubs/localizations making the average person view something like Godzilla as lame campy rubber monster fights. Yeah a lot of the Showa films are that but the franchise is not so braindead as a whole.
>>68 Oh I never meant to imply that they're braindead, but frequently that they are too divorced from Godzilla himself. There are the ones where Godzilla is more of a villain, and/or the only monster, and those are a bit different, but for the ones where Godzilla is a "good guy," frequently what ends up happening is a human plot that has nothing to do with Godzilla, and then when Godzilla shows up the humans become irrelevant. The best ones are the ones where the humans and Godzilla are actually both working together and doing things that influence the others' fight, not just "humans escape from alien base while Godzilla fights a kaiju," since those two things don't actually affect each other much, even if the kaiju Godzilla is fighting works for the aliens.
Anyone else remember the time that Kin Jong-il kidnapped a South Korean film maker and his actress wife and brainwashed for 11 years to force them to make pro communist kaiju movie?
(326.47 KB 1280x904 EjrmFGxUYAEhaR6.jpg)
(500.19 KB 1920x1060 EjrmEzlVoAAca0-.jpg)
A new Godzilla anime series was announced yesterday. Slated to come out next year on Netflix.
(113.73 KB 400x400 Shobijin.png)
>>91 Where are the Twin Fairies?
>>93 They haven't shown up since Final Wars. Unless you count the Mothra people twins in the anime movie trilogy.
>>94 Oh! They're cute!
(231.63 KB 625x938 Godzilla did 911.jpg)
(609.36 KB 1152x1750 king kong did 911.jpg)
>>102 >The most exciting original motion picture event of all time. >a remake of a 43 year old classic Huh?
>>104 It's just a tagline. A stupid one but eye catching enough.
>>105 He should have gone officially with " When a-shark die nobody a-cry; But when Kong die everybody a-gonna cry!"
>>106 But that's a spoiler!

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