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(300.75 KB 996x2048 DzFwNO7UYAAQXvc.jpg)
What are you watching? Anonymous 10/07/2020 (Wed) 05:44:12 Id:09411b No. 89
And what are you planning on watching? Any cool TV shows, Documentaries or Movies? I've been watching my VHS collection of Rocky and Bullwinkle.
Watched The Hudsucker Proxy today. Also been rewatching Breaking Bad with commentary. It's insightful, although a bit repetitive, and a lot of great episodes don't have commentary in the first two seasons for some reason. Really enjoyed Hudsucker, though. Nobody ever talks about it.
Been marathoning all of Star Trek for the past several months. I'm midway through Next Generation Season 2, at the point where Star Trek V came out, so that's next on my list. Everyone says that's the worst one, but I generally like TOS way more than TNG anyway, so I'm still hopeful. Also, a lot of those same people say Wrath of Khan, or even Search for Spock, is better than The Motion Picture, so I don't trust them. A lot of these people are probably casuals who think TAS isn't canon, or that like Kirk less than that soyboy Picard.
(256.21 KB 960x1440 images.jpg)
>>89 I watched this movie the other day. It's a dark comedy but better as a crime drama. Small town plagued by serial killings that seem to be done by a werewolf. It's not the greatest thing ever but if you're into film that goes against the norm then you can find some enjoyment I'm sure.

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