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(300.75 KB 996x2048 DzFwNO7UYAAQXvc.jpg)
What are you watching? Anonymous 10/07/2020 (Wed) 05:44:12 Id:09411b No. 89
And what are you planning on watching? Any cool TV shows, Documentaries or Movies? I've been watching my VHS collection of Rocky and Bullwinkle.
Watched The Hudsucker Proxy today. Also been rewatching Breaking Bad with commentary. It's insightful, although a bit repetitive, and a lot of great episodes don't have commentary in the first two seasons for some reason. Really enjoyed Hudsucker, though. Nobody ever talks about it.
Been marathoning all of Star Trek for the past several months. I'm midway through Next Generation Season 2, at the point where Star Trek V came out, so that's next on my list. Everyone says that's the worst one, but I generally like TOS way more than TNG anyway, so I'm still hopeful. Also, a lot of those same people say Wrath of Khan, or even Search for Spock, is better than The Motion Picture, so I don't trust them. A lot of these people are probably casuals who think TAS isn't canon, or that like Kirk less than that soyboy Picard.
(256.21 KB 960x1440 images.jpg)
>>89 I watched this movie the other day. It's a dark comedy but better as a crime drama. Small town plagued by serial killings that seem to be done by a werewolf. It's not the greatest thing ever but if you're into film that goes against the norm then you can find some enjoyment I'm sure.
(28.98 KB 361x276 Get_Carter_poster.jpg)
>>90 I watched The Hudsucker Proxy nearly a year back at this point. It wasn't bad, but falls short of a great movie. Can't say I'd watch it a second time. I have Get Carter (1971 original) on my list of films to watch. It's a rewatch, but I barely remember it and really liked it at the time.
Rewatching National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation for the first time since I was very little. Not sure how well it's holding up. I'm 10 minutes in and some of the jokes are falling pretty flat. I'll update later.
>>224 It held up a lot better than I expected. Physical comedy was great once Chevy let loose. Some scenes went on a bit too long and the gags probably could have been cut down, but I enjoyed it. Will probably watch again next year.
Is TV discussion okay? I found a torrent for Fargo's first season with commentary so I've been rewatching it. Quite the treat. The later seasons are lacking, but the first season is a great reimagining/sequel to the show. Can't recommend it enough.
>>226 I've been recommended National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation many times. Maybe one day I'll actually get around to watching it. >>240 Is the TV series very similar to the movie in terms of tone? Is it telling the same story?
>>253 The Fargo show is completely separated from the movie. It hops time periods & tells a different story each season. Only those really paying attention will see how they all weave together. Sometimes in small ways. Sometimes in big ways.
(34.37 KB 340x489 fargo.jpg)
>>255 Might be worth checking out then. I was not a fan of the movie (the protagonist was bland and written to be perfect in every way), but the premise seemed interesting. This might deliver in a better way.
(411.73 KB 590x392 ClipboardImage.png)
Watched American Made today. Aside from a couple gags about Ollie North and Reagan I enjoyed it more than I expected. Really liked the way they depicted flying. Tom Cruise is nuts but knows how to pick a good script. Wasn't perfect by any means, but it was a decent flick. Has just enough personality to stand out from similar films. >>273 I liked the movie but the first season of the show is definitely better. Really has time to explore multiple characters and flesh them out. The show has its share of "perfect" characters, but they're usually not the main character. The formula is usually the same, with a virtuous cop as the protagonist, but they spend most of the season being three steps behind what's going on But I definitely think the first season is worth watching, and the third is pretty good too.
(1.57 MB 1200x766 ClipboardImage.png)
Finally got around to watching The Man Who Killed Don Quixote. I was worried it would disappoint. Twenty years of anticipation is hard to build on. But it had some great moments and an interesting premise. Apparently the original draft had actual time travel, but avoiding it makes for better character moments. I don't want to say too much and spoil it, but it's one of the better "protagonist loses touch with reality" movies out there. Kind of reminded me of The Fall, but with more substance. Only thing I'd change is replacing Adam Driver with someone else. He really can't act very well and his face is annoying to look at. There's also one like making fun of Trump, and I really hate politics in movies since it tends to date them. But everyone did a great job and the journey was worth it.
>>284 I didn't care for all the excessive cursing. That's the only real gripe I have with it.
I'm streaming "The Fifth Element" on 8chantv if anyone is interested. Didn't think it needed it's own thread.
(233.13 KB 800x1200 standoff-sparrow-creek.jpg)
(402.64 KB 1200x1600 black-dynamite.jpg)
(85.59 KB 510x680 hoodlum-priest.jpg)
Watched a few films over the past few weeks. I checked out The Standoff at Sparrow Creek (2018). It's about glowies glowing so hard and everyone falling for it, so I can't recommend it. Re-watched Black Dynamite (2009) which is a satirical blacksploitation film. It's pretty dumb, but captures the genre very well while making fun of it and has some classic one-liners. Finally, watched The Hoodlum Priest/Yakuza bozu (1967) starring Shintaro Katsu (勝 新太郎) of Zatoichi fame. It's about a priest who basically tries to take over the red-light district via a temple he settles in. It's not a masterpiece by any stretch, but the fights and cinematography are decent. I'd like to watch the sequel, Hoodlum Priest and the Gold Mint (1968), but alas, I can't find any torrents online. Same thing happened when I watched Zebraman ゼブラーマン (2004). I really liked it and wanted to check out the sequel, but again, no decent torrents. >>308 Too bad I missed the stream. Would have been fun to watch that film with a few other anons.
(939.94 KB 1000x1500 ClipboardImage.png)
After watching The Man Who Killed Don Quixote last week, I've been inspired to watch any remaining Terry Gilliam films I haven't seen yet. Decided to start with 12 Monkeys and was absolutely blown away. While it hits you over the head with the twists, the storytelling is well done. Gilliam really likes to make his protagonists, and the audience, question reality, and while it's done to good effect here I feel these portions drag down the pacing of the movie. It's clear early on that he's not imagining anything, just struggling to cope with being shoved between two timelines. By the time he ends up in the trenches at Verdun they should have knocked it off. Really enjoyed how the other protagonist, the woman, is put in the position of believing it's real at a point when many scripts would insist she's still a doubter despite all evidence to the contrary. The last half hour of reveals, while not hard to see coming, does slot into place nicely. The premise is really cool, and I'd like to see it explored further. Apparently there's a TV show of some lesser quality, and the concept reminds me a lot of the (somewhat mishandled) Travelers series that was on Netflix for a bit. The most entertaining part had to be watching airport security just not give a shit about anything. After 9/11 and this pandemic, "Someone is trying to commit biological warfare in this airport" would be an emergency. Fun watch and definitely good pandemic watch material. Brad Pitt is always entertaining, and it's from a time when Bruce Willis actually tried. Also made me want to do a Hitchcock marathon. Next up is Breakfast at Tiffany's. It's often considered a classic but I'm not sure I'll like it given the genre. But we'll see. >>310 I will check these out. Black Dynamite has been on my list for some time. Have you seen Dolemite is my Name? It's a pretty loving tribute to Rudy Ray Moore and his films. And, of course, Jackie Brown is a nice homage as well. Three different approaches to honoring the genre.
(25.67 KB 252x395 time-bandits.jpg)
>>311 >12 Monkeys About all I remember is Brad Pitt going on a relatable rant near the end, but I can't even remember what he was talking about. >while it's done to good effect here I feel these portions drag down the pacing of the movie I'm noticed that to be an issue with Gilliam films generally. The most recent movie I watched from him was Time Bandits. In terms of creativity, it's absolutely great. But it felt like walking through wet concrete the better part of the time. Brazil I think also had its slow parts, but it's been so long since I saw it, I can't remember. >Breakfast at Tiffany's I can't say I dug it too much. I also watched it because of its classic status, but it didn't do much for me. >Dolemite is my Name I started it and ended up dropping it, but for the life of me, I can't remember why. Either it was boring or it was too heavy-handed with the whole "whites are evil". Jackie Brown is a nice one, I must say.
(365.86 KB 474x642 ClipboardImage.png)
Breakfast at Tiffany's was well made and I see why people liked it, but holy shit is Audrey Hepburn's character the most insufferable, selfish cunt. The ending is a fantasy because girls like that would never truly abandon their attitudes and embrace a healthy relationship. She burns everyone she has contact with, and it's incredible so many men give her the time of day. Hard to believe this movie was a cultural phenomenon that encouraged this behavior. >>321 >walking through wet concrete All his dream sequences are like this. I dropped Time Bandits halfway through a long time ago. Not that I have anything against it, but I had to pause for some reason and just wasn't compelled to turn it back on. It couldn't get to the point. Brazil was mostly fine except for the end sequence, which dragged on a bit. At least it was memorable. The Man Who Killed Don Quixote made the dream-like nature a plot point, so it's mostly excusable even if some moments dragged. They seem to exist in 12 Monkeys because he wanted them there and it was obligatory to cover the "what if he's nuts?" angle. The movie makes reference to the peak of the therapy boom in the 80's and 90's, where psychologists are respected. Now, I think many films would do the "meta" thing and dismiss it quickly to move on. So maybe this is a case of it not aging well despite an attempt to cover all bases. >Dolemite is my name There were a couple shots at "lol white guys are lame", but I think that's to be expected. I couldn't help but feel the filmmakers were mocking the black characters almost as much. They show up to meetings dressed like pimps and while they are portrayed as the heroes their appearance is also played for laughs. There's some really solid movies by and for black audiences, and jokes about being oppressed or white people being bland come with the territory. It doesn't bother me, I just think everyone should have a sense of humor about such things. Everyone should be allowed to make fun of each other, even for dumb reasons. Pic related. While I still like Man on the Moon better, I think Dolemite Is My Name is worth a full watch. Then again, so is Time Bandits probably. Next up on my list is another Bruce Willis film, Bonfire of the Vanities. And it has Tom Hanks during his comedic years, which frankly were his best. I struggle to sit through dramas starring Tom Hanks, but he's a slam dunk at comedy. Been wanting to cover my backlog of Brian DePalma movies after watching Phantom of the Paradise and this looks like one of his better sleepers.
>>323 >it's incredible so many men give her the time of day. Guess they read the script and were following along. But yeah, I don't really understand why the film became so iconic - I guess Audrey Hepburn's presence was enough. >It doesn't bother me, I just think everyone should have a sense of humor about such things. Everyone should be allowed to make fun of each other, even for dumb reasons. For sure. I think that's why I watch Black Dynamite and don't feel alienated while watching it because it's making fun of everyone. I can't remember why I didn't finish watching Dolemite is my Name, but it could just be it didn't jive with my feelings at the time. I don't think I'll pick it up anytime soon, but if a family member decides to watch it, I'll try sitting down and seeing why I didn't like it. >Bonfire of the Vanities Let me know if it's good. I'm always looking for nice black comedies, but I've been shafted so many times, I usually stay away.
(363.22 KB 618x412 ClipboardImage.png)
Bonfire of the Vanities was pretty good. Some scenes were flat. The ending particularly seemed rushed and could have used another half hour to tie things up. The threads are all there and you can see where they're going, but there just isn't strong development in the second half. What's noteworthy is how the feel mocks the political and media circus that follows when events become racially-charged. The entire premise of the film is that an innocent, naive stockbroker gets implicated for running over a black youth and everybody else is out to get him for their own selfish gain. Every single person in the movie is impossible to empathize with, and that's the point. After watching, I read some reviews. Critics at the time eviscerated it. Didn't like the social commentary. Felt Bruce Willis should have been replaced by someone who can pull off a blue blood. Actually, I agree with that last one. Bruce Willis exudes working class, and letting him have hair and a suit doesn't help. But given how often the film mocks Jews taking advantage of social strife for political gain, I have to wonder if the bad reviews at the time wasn't just pearl-clutching from the media. Apparently they only cast Morgan Freeman to help stave off accusations of racism, but predictably it didn't work. >>328 Overall, I'd say it's worth a watch. The first half is strong and does a good job explaining how the dominos all get set up. Once they start to fall over, there's some incongruence. It's definitely better than the media of the time gave it credit for, but it's not a masterpiece, and it doesn't have enough camp to save it. Still, the social commentary resonates today. Mostly the movie made we want to read the book, which allegedly pulls fewer punches.
(35.78 KB 314x445 roadgames.jpg)
Checked out Richard Franklin's Roadgames (1981) this evening after having it on my list of films to watch for a few months. It's an Australian film about an American (Stay Keach of The Ninth Configuration) delivering meat to Perth who takes it upon himself to catch a serial killer snatching up hitchhikers. Film wasn't bad, but pretty boring in general. Definitely has some Hitchcock elements (you even catch a glimpse of his portrait on a magazine cover) and the performances are decent, but it seems there was more budget put into the soundtrack than into the writing. About the only thing that I'm wondering about the film is what exactly it was trying to convey. I think the main point was that outsiders (or minorities) aren't welcome in the country given several mentions of aboriginals in the background and with the protagonist himself, but maybe it goes deeper than that. Psycho II is the superior Richard Franklin film. Seriously, it's actually a pretty good movie. >>329 I did look up the film and have it on my drive. One of these days, I'll check it out.
(1.50 MB 719x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
I watched Willy's Wonderland yesterday. Good movie. Good fun. Better than that trashy Banana Splits movie. Actually enjoyed watching it for the most part. Until the nigger & whore start fucking in the fun room but at least they both get violently killed. I'd recommend this over something like Psycho Goreman. Which I didn't enjoy enough to even finish.
(99.40 KB 580x864 leon-professional.jpg)
I finally got around to watching Léon: The Professional yesterday. Along with Taxi Driver, it's the quintessential loli film and quite critically acclaimed. The film was very campy and melodramatic. I didn't care for Mathilda (Natalie Portman) at all, and the whole argument that her family are low lives, yet her and her brother are completely different screams of following the script for the sake of driving the plot forward and making Mathilda the ultimate smart kid who is better than most adults. Jean Reno was okay, but I feel like he was way too much of a sidepiece to Natalie Portman. I preferred Gary Oldman's performance (even though it was very cringey at times) and actually felt myself rooting for him. With the knowledge of the rampant pedophilia in (((Hollywood))) (the film is technically French, but nonetheless), the film also left me with a bad taste in my mouth. While Taxi Driver certainly has Jodie Foster dressed up in provocative clothing, the scene where Natalie Portman pretends to be Madonna singing "Like a Virgin" and dressed up as Marilyn Monroe right afterward just seemed like fanservice, a "have your cake and eat it too" kind of situation. I understood the joke, but somehow it didn't seem funny to me. Better than most trash released nowadays, but nowhere near as great as Taxi Driver. Not really sure why it's regarded so high up there. >>364 >Nicolas Cage Wow, I didn't expect that. Recommend it in the movie night thread.
>>365 Note that Nic Cage does not speak the entire movie. He's a complete silent protagonist.
(99.58 KB 650x360 soprano.jpg)
Not a film, but after many years of prodding I finally got around to watching The Sopranos. Took only half an episode to hook me. I was really worried it would have aged poorly, but it manages to blow most newer shows out of the water. I think I still like Mad Men better, but The Sopranos is the only real competition at this stage. I'm not even done with the first season yet, but I felt like talking about it. Highly recommend it. Has a lot of actors from mob films in the 90's and clearly has a lot of love for them while trying to be a bit more grounded. Almost every episode has something most shows would save for the end of a season, so I'm excited to see where they could possibly go with things. >>365 I can't agree that Taxi Driver is better than Leon. While I'd rather rewatch a lot of Scorscese films over Leon (particularly After Hours and The Age of Innocense) I think Taxi Driver isn't quite as good as it's hyped up to be. Leon is a much more personal, if less grounded, look at a loner. And his relationship with a literal child sets it apart. Luc Besson is a pedophile, but the movie as released has a pretty strong message against predatory behavior. The growth of his fatherly role while she tries to act like his girlfriend is very unique and has some great character development. Jodie Foster was great in Taxi Driver, but they never really built up much chemistry (although that's the whole point). Oldman chews the scenery more than in most roles, and that makes it one of his best, but he stands out in an already cartoonish film and in the early scenes I think he could have played it more subdued. Worth it for "Send Everybody", though. >>365
>>373 Update a month later: I've been averaging an episode a day and it's still holding up. Third season got off to a rocky start with the mother dying off-screen due to the actress' death, but I think it recovered and finished stronger than ever by the end. That said, I'd criticize the show for falling into a pattern and creating a sense of normalcy. The first season felt like tumultuous times, and the second explored the consequences of the first. Season 3 feels like it's settling in. The focus is pretty much entirely not on Tony. Compare this with something like Breaking Bad, where the characters never find themselves in the same situation twice. I'd also like to harp on the fact that someone has to die every season. At least this time it wasn't some rival for power. They set that up and then have it end sensibly, which I think was a good call, but knowing someone will die each time is still not ideal. At this rate I should finish the series sometime in the next two months. Once a day is a good pace for a show like this. It's too heavy and long to binge properly but it still benefits from watching in succession. Overall, I'd recommend the show so far. It beats out most HBO shows and Breaking Bad pretty easily, which really just leaves Mad Men a contender for "best show".
If anyone wants to watch some Miami Vice it starts in 5 minutes. I'll try to do this weekly if anyone is interested. https://cytu.be/r/civilwarcrimes

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