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(951.84 KB 4032x2033 VOMS.jpg)
(2.25 MB 426x240 Kill da Ho.webm)
VOMS Project Anonymous 12/23/2020 (Wed) 03:31:06 No. 18
VOMS girls deserve some love, too. Especially our favorite tea kettle.
They're such a good trio, they play off each other so well. I feel bad watching Pikamee so much more than Tomoshika and Monoe, but she speaks enough English that you usually don't even need subtitles for her. That, and kettle noises don't need translating.
(6.71 MB 426x240 Taco Bell.webm)
>>19 Same. But her Japanese/English hybrid speak is endearing, and she has some great stories. She's easily the most successful non-Hololive vtuber for a reason. Despite being pretty Americanized she still has some hilarious moments of misunderstanding, and some good stories.
>>22 >She's easily the most successful non-Hololive vtuber Except she's not. Mito Tsukino alone has twice the subs. Lulu Suzuhara has over 100K more subs. In a few short searches, it looks like a good third of Nijisanji either equals or surpasses Pikamee's sub count. Hell, I even know of a member of Honey Strap with more subs.
>>39 In terms of English crossover, Pikamee is probably the most recommended on YouTube and the only well-known non-Hololive figure.
(41.65 KB 1150x1335 jitomi.png)
Stealing this from /v/. This was the first I had heard about it.
>>85 It hurts.
>>85 I wonder what she did to get fired from one of the most lax vtuber companies.
>Pikamee and Tomoshika both have videos out talking about Monoe >Hearing Pikamee and Tomoshika crying
>>87 Some people say it was drugs, others say it was when she confirmed that she had a boyfriend in real life. Others say it was her being a /pol/ack on stream having fun with the guys making swastikas in Meinkraft and laughing at based humor while also taking the piss out of liberal SJW's crying loudly about it. YouTalmud Jews got angry at her and her company for not punishing her for doing that, the choice was her or her channel.
>>90 5ch is running with the idea she was a civil servant, by law they aren't supposed to have a side job that would harm their main job.
>tfw Tomoshika's channel is on the decline and clippers are centering on hololive Aw. It seems that VOMS is not very supportive. They need to build some hype and get another member to fill out their team so they can synergize.

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