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(40.52 KB 300x100 mark_banner.png)
Banner Thread Anonymous 12/23/2020 (Wed) 01:06:32 No. 2
Submit your banners!
(22.90 KB 300x100 tata.jpg)
>>2 :3
>>20 Added
(629.67 KB 2894x4093 Youtube Jail.webp)
(4.63 MB 3024x4032 elgtzui9l8161.png)
(2.32 MB 1280x720 Marine is horny.mp4)
I can't into Photoshop, but here's some suggestions.
>>23 I'll adapt these tomorrow if an industrious anon doesn't beat me to it.
(30.67 KB 300x100 police.jpg)
(62.91 KB 300x100 2.png)
>>23 Too lazy to adapt the third one and convert the mp4 to a gif.
Does anyone else seriously feel for Vtubers that are small and not popular?
>>41 Yeah they have a mountain to climb.
>>41 It depends. There's plenty of vtubers out there that lack the personality for the job and have a shit character design that screams "I'm desperately trying to ride Gura's popularity", and I feel no pity for those types (seriously, fuck that tranny shark and its EOP clipper clique that's constantly trying to push it). The myriad of bandwagoner, EN vtubers are all in this category. It's a different story when I find one that's actually entertaining and has an interesting, cute, or unique character design, but she's barely scraping 2K subs and 15 or so people watching her streams live. I always wonder how well they would have done if they had been part of Hololive and how long they'll keep vtubing if it just never works out.
>>49 I was like this before holoEN came out and shitted up the marketplace. There were a lot of great japanese (and some english) vtubers that were getting no more than 10-15 views per stream, despite being amazing at what they did, some were even only getting 1 view. I feel really bad about people who go into this business on a dream and meet with obscurity. These were normal people for the most part, not the toxic types that aspire to showbiz (the narcissistic leftist celebrity types who are now invading the vtuber market to destroy it, because the left cannot stand the existence of any community it does not have total ownership and gatekeeping privileges over, they understand that all it takes for them to fall is for those who do not agree with their ideology to be able to gather together).
>>50 I would watch a vtuber that didn't accept donations and genuinely cared about video games. Too bad that only accounts for less than 1% of vtubers today.
Oi Board owner. Looking at the posts these posts >>52 you are getting this past week this board will be filled with /r9k/ thinking they are crusading instead of posting. Moderate your board or this will become 2nd 4chan. jesus even the thread at /jp/ is better than these >>55 Why are you even here? >>77 Don't bother lol. get rekt
(1.28 MB 1920x591 thigh.png)
Can something be made from this?
(59.72 KB 300x100 ai3.png)
>>82 Here.

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