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(6.66 MB 426x240 RIP.webm)
Music and Remixes Anonymous 12/23/2020 (Wed) 01:11:52 No. 5
For when virtual idols actually try to be idols.
Suzuna Nagihara is great for that. In terms of finding girls with nice voices, Riot Music and GuildCQ blow Hololive out of the water. Those who don't speak moon are kind of fucked, though, because nobody translates or clips shit from them.
>>9 Listening to Hololive try singing for so long, I almost forgot what an actual idol sounded like. Solid cover of Uninstall, too. Brings me back to the good days. I'll have to check out their stuff.
>>9 RIOT MUSIC has done really well picking these singers up. Suzuna in particular is a really great girl, excellent taste in music, and in her livestreams you can really see how much she loves what she does. Hopefully they don't fuck it up like with old Cocoa
She's not a great singer and I don't even like rap, but this remix has become a guilty pleasure and she's starting to grow on me as a result
Do people still visit this dead board? Anyway, let's get some recommendations. Kanade MiMi, really fanastic tone of voice. I'll admit, I've never paid attention to her when she was using the kemonobait avatar but her new one is really cute and she just did an excellent collab cover with Aoi Ch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iY__oc6m5bU

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