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King of Shitposting

Board Activity Boliever 02/16/2019 (Sat) 23:19:29 Id:5f2321 No. 135032
I see a lot of other boards have this to keep it from becoming too dead. Post ITT whatever your thoughts may be on random wrestling bullshit that crosses your mind. Also a good place to discuss smaller promotions or feuds that dont really deserve their own thread.
I'm just here laughing at the whole drama with Corey Graves.
(60.84 KB 800x450 c9e85-1516569038-800.jpg)
>>135033 >graves cheated with Carmella I bet he's a w@ifufag too
>>135035 gayfags of 3d are confirmed shit tier
>>135033 what exactly happened?
(72.15 KB 810x503 instagram_shit.jpg)
>>135037 Actually started a week or two ago where Corey was either drunk posting on Twitter or just starting Twitter drama with a bunch of people. Then about four hours ago, at the time of this post, Corey's wife got on Instagram and said Graves cheated on her with Carmella, before deleting the post. Corey also said the WWE will sue her if she doesn't remove the post, but I don't think she DELETED the post over that. https://twitter.com/dajosc11/status/1096906697627627520
>>135038 thats fucked, hopefully he gets fired and we get a better announce team out of it
GCW hardcore extravaganze was surprisingly good, I have no excitement at all for elimination chamber, the way god intended.
>>135039 Is there a single announcer of worth these days in the WWE? Cole is shit. Graves is shit. Otunga doesn't belong in wrestling period. Phillips is in the same place Cole was in the late 90s, a literal who with no personality. JBL was good for memes SAME AS BROCK LESNAR until he left. Booker was even better for memes SHUCKEH DUCKEH but he was never regular enough of a presence. Saxton = joke announcer. Renee, despite what Reddit wants you to think, is shit. Mauro was the best announcer they had and they fucked him.
(12.27 MB 1280x720 orange cassidy.webm)
>>135040 Fuck yeah. GCW kicks ass. Shane Mercer and Chris Dickinson were beasts. Crazy deathmatches too, although I had to tune out before the last one. Fun scramble match too. Shame Teddy spent most of the time outside the ring, presumably checking on his cat. Still got his shit in though. Also that dude doing a whole sequence with his hands in his pockets was hilarious. Cornette would have an aneurysm watching this show.
>>135032 >NJPW shows, while good, always air on inhuman time-slots unless you are a bong, aussie or live anywhere near jap island >WWE shows are garbage because of garbage booking and overy managed shit, it won't matter if how talented NXT homegrown or the indie darlings are, they are guaranteed to be dragged down the mud by Vince and the FIVE YEARS OF EXPERIENCE Hollywood writers on the creative team >Lucha Underground airs on a network that most people don't know about or own for that matter >AAA Lucha Libre and CMLL have no consistent quality, is either really entertaining or really fucking retarded I don't see how we can attract more posters that are not reddit-club faggots or worse
(279.33 KB 300x233 3f423f3.gif)
>>135038 Hilarious. What a fucking rube. Also Carmella lel. What a trash fire. >>135042 Mauro sorta chose the path he did. He made it clear he didn't want to travel constantly because he's a family man. I do think he's the best announcer around though, dude really puts his heart and soul into his work.
>>135048 >I do think he's the best announcer around though Kevin Kelly and Don Callis would like a word.
>>135050 Personally I feel that they don't have that intensity Mauro has when he goes apeshit over crazy stuff. Though Mauro also tends to go overboard on that a lot which would be his big flaw but he is still overall pretty good.
Just found out that Pedro Morales died a few days ago. RIP.
>>135047 Wrestlemania is coming soon and we plan to have another party like always and invite other boards then that would boost up the numbers till that day. Usually a few guys stay around for a while but not much.
(793.87 KB 340x191 maurowth.gif)
>>135050 >Kevin Kelly and Don Callis >better than Mauro
>>135047 TNA would have been a good middleground for everything if they didnt fade into obscurity. As far as attracting new guys it would probably mostly be NEETs who can stay up and watch njpw or we could become an mma/wrestling board and have some crossposting
>>135050 They sounded bored as fuck when I watched Wrestle Kingdom. Plus they're too smarky and even had Kelly say that Omega's detractors should go to hell.
(15.28 KB 480x360 kk.jpg)
>>135050 >Kevin Kelly is an ugly hermaphrodite.
>>135051 I'll give Mauro the intensity advantage for sure. Still Don Callis is the best heel announcer around.
Should we make a discord server? :^)
>>135231 please no gay ops.
>>135069 >TNA would have been a good middleground for everything if they didnt fade into obscurity Honestly, TNA at its peak was great, still annoys me that they were so fucking retarded and lost all of it, if they simply kept doing what they did in those earlier days then they probably would have been considered to be decent competition for RAW at this point considering RAW's shit tier ratings. Fucking Dixie, Hogan, Bischoff, or whoever was involved in the downfall, damn them for it, American wrestling was robbed of a revivial after WCW'd demise with TNA going down. Now we are stuck with libtard AEW cucks to save the day.
>>135236 TNA just two years ago had better TV and matches than most of what was on RAW but it was already too late. AEW will be great if they keep politics out of it and focus on good booking.
>>135038 http://www.prowrestlingsheet.com/corey-graves-separated-divorce-wife/?fbclid=IwAR2t_hleovSt0hPRbJ6fsJa-SmXQaxlfMl8zz9t-t5GquJS13zDAwjnfzkE#.XGs8lfpR2Ul Turns out they've been separated for months and are about to finalize their divorce. And unlike what his wife said, Graves only started seeing Carmella after moving out of his home.
(483.96 KB 467x426 ClipboardImage.png)
>>135254 >Carmella That faggot really dropped the ball here, I'd have thought he'd gone straight for The Golden Goddess instead. Now he's probably gonna end up in a ditch somewhere mangled from a BIG CASS WHOOPIN'.
(1.58 MB 1151x699 ClipboardImage.png)
>>135048 >>135042 Speaking of Mauro he did a bang up job commentating on Bellator 216 this weekend.
>>135254 >>135256 Carmella looks like shit now, ridden with botox and whatever other shit she injected in herself looks like a total bimbo. At least Cass dated her when she still looked decent.
yall here about that one small promotion that has a new zealand champion
idk if any of you watch some AJPW but that Kento Miyahara match against Suwama was a banger.
(224.52 KB 1447x2047 gween tea.jpg)
>>135628 got a good source for ajpw stuff thats not on a private tracker? you can only find so much on dailymotion
>>135633 Sorry dude, no I don't.
>>135055 Who even watches wrestlemania though? It's like 10 hours long. The limit to wrestling is 2-3 hours before it gets boring. Royal Rumble is the best match of the year and that lasts about an hour-90 minutes and then you have a bunch of padding around it to fill out the card. tl;dr Wrestlemania is just RAW with autissm >>135236 TNA 2 years ago got me back into wrestling. It was a cluster fuck of ideas but they were entertaining ideas. Since it became a Twitch show it's not worth watching any more. It's a real shame as there was some quality there and they just needed more exposure.
(13.28 KB 480x360 hqdefault.jpg)
The smarkbusters were right about everything. Literally everything they said about smarks killing the company has come true. All their fucking indie darlings and NXT greats have all failed and gutted the viewership because they're all midgets with no charisma who think doing anime moves in the ring is entertaining. I miss them so much. They were the one voice of reason in a sea of painfully autistic wrestling culture. The only two people not rambling about RAW for an hour with a room full of funko pops in the background.
>>135775 I don't blame it that much. You have to put the blame on the bookers, for not properly building up stars besides Cena.
(1.08 MB 700x1396 WM34 invite.png)
(15.23 KB 300x250 wm34 invite ad.gif)
(148.60 KB 768x90 WM34 adbanner.jpg)
>>135055 So a month left for Mania, it's become tradition to invite other boards and have a party but I don't really feel like it, heck don't really feel like watching Mania. Anyway if anyone is interested then I suppose one of you guys could make an invite, maybe 2 weeks from now once more matches are announced. Here's last year's stuff.
Been watching some TNA lately. Their character stuff and promos are the best in the business but it all falls flat when nobody really cares. Moose is severely underrated imo.
>>135794 I used to watch it here and there, while I want to like it as they do some good stuff, the whole thing has a rather poor feel to it. I don't know exactly what it is but Impact just doesn't feel that amazing despite whatever good stuff they put out. Something like a total has been that still is doing fine but will never grow more. I don't know, it's 'good' but I just can't seem to care about it. Also a lot of the matches they have are really indy tier, if that means anything.
>>135794 >Their character stuff and promos are the best in the business Agreed, they are top tier. Moose really struck gold with his heel work and being BALLIN. Killer Kross is an actually intriguing crazy man character. oVe actually grew on me, and this storyline with Swann is neat. Hell, Impact even managed to do something decent with fucking KM. Then there's good old Eli Drake who is a lock on the mic, and has improved inring. Scarlett Bordeaux is a great character too and not just because she is supermodel tier. The Dark Allie story is also interesting. People really need to check out Impact. Especially haters. Shame it's on Fridays at 10pm though. Holy fuck I sound like a paid shill, but it's really good and they usually have great opening matches
>>135912 >webm (or webm loading) is fucked might as well post the jewtube
>>135912 >>135918 So.. /wooo/ Impact streams when ? MLW is also pretty good as of late
>>135948 We'd have to look up a schedule or something. I'm too lazy to that.
(40.92 KB 544x336 ij90yy5c99p11.jpg)
>>135952 Impact airs on Twitch on fridays at 10pm, MLW airs on saturday at 6:05pm on kiketube, that sounds like a good schedule Also we should use Cytube
>>135956 Wolfpac is back causing mass destruction
(7.79 MB 640x360 Moose Kross 3-8-19.webm)
Goddamn I love Kross and Moose's dynamic
>>135912 >>136231 I'm getting Westwood games cutscenes vibe, especially Dune 2000 Harkonnen mentat.
>>136234 Brotherhood of NOD wrestling stable when ?
(248.55 KB 560x950 wooo for Wrestlemania.png)
(192.09 KB 620x1109 8CHAN 2016.png)
>>135781 as per tradition I should post the older invites as well
>>136493 How many matches do we have confirmed for this year's Mania ?
(29.19 KB 805x211 ClipboardImage.png)
>>136497 these
>>136493 >>136498 >>135781 So are we gonna do this or are we just gonna post a pic of the logo and write the text of the invite because we're lazy?
(44.41 KB 816x333 ClipboardImage.png)
>>136928 >WM35 is in 3 weeks I still don't really feel like it >Angle's retirement match Huh shit, I might have to watch it for this now… Well let's see, I still don't really feel like doing much for an invite so it's up to one of you guys.
>>136929 Wasn't talking about you dude, if you don't feel like it, that's fine.
>>136929 >Bork Lazer vs Seth >Lousey Ronda vs Becky >Haitch vs Drax >Suicidal Shane vs Based Miz >Gay Killer vs Legend Killer >Kurt's retirement match >Aussie man on the pre-show That's enough to make a decent invite card
>>136932 So what do we do? Do we half ass it because everyone on /wooo/ barely cares?
>>136933 Yes, on paint
>>136929 >Angle's retirement match It's jhon, isn't it?
(134.28 KB 700x1400 35.png)
>>136933 how's this
>>136936 a bit more effort is required, might need to post the fucking time but everything else seems fine. Might want to add "the wrestlemania /wooo/ doesn't care for"
(203.80 KB 700x1400 WM35 invite.png)
(222.67 KB 700x1400 WM35 invite.png)
>>137009 small edit
(240.04 KB 700x1400 Wrestlemania 35 invite.png)
>>137009 >>137010 I need more ideas
>>137012 Added some more shit
>>137013 This seems fine, now we just need the time and we'll be good
These are great btw.
>>137014 All I need now is an AJ face to add to the "fags fuck off" section
(369.50 KB 700x1400 ClipboardImage.png)
What about NXT
(67.11 KB 240x320 Gedo.jpg)
>>137018 what about g1 supercard
>>137019 We call it /wooo/'s super wrestling party
(445.87 KB 700x1400 Wrestlemania 35 invite Final.png)
>>137021 Great job anon, thanks for caring 'cause lord knows I couldn't muster up enough a shit to give.
(25.27 KB 452x679 images.jpeg)
>Bork in the main event I think you mean the HISTORIC FIRST TIME EVER WYMYNS MATCH IN THE MAIN EVENT!!!!!
(1.28 MB 2048x1536 birthday.jpg)
>>137021 >5th annual viewing party I had no idea 8/wooo/ had been around so long. Truly the little board that could.
>>137026 We have less users and speed than most boards, but we have kept ourselves running through sheer force of anger, masochism (for horrible booking) and bitter hope for a better age for wrestling
(1.13 MB 450x250 booker creepin.gif)
>>137026 Wrestling autism is a fierce and proud variety of autism. /wooo/ shall persevere.
(265.02 KB 955x435 ClipboardImage.png)
>>135038 >someone would actually give up their beautiful, white baby mamma in return for a literal horse-faced ratchet smelly mulatto My sides.
>>137021 Should we begin posting this? Some of us live on slow boards
>>137021 Thank god you didn't say Angle vs Cena like other posts said…
(1.53 MB 700x1900 G1 Supercard Invite.png)
>>137101 I'd say we begin to spam the other boards on sunday. Also, a W.I.P invite for G1 Supercard, I added a "New Generation" Style 8chan logo I made some time ago, but I need suggestions on what should be the invite message
(282.75 KB 469x469 cmon.png)
>>137124 love the liger image
(106.30 KB 572x1024 WM32 invite.jpg)
>>137124 >W.I.P. Add in the name of the winner of the NJC on Sunday. Add in the date and time: SAT. APRIL. 6. 2019 | BELL 19:30 (EST) >8CHAMANIACS >CHAMANIACS I'd say edit that to 8chanamaniacs, though that was already used in the WM32 invite. I don't mind reusing it, I can't think of a good invite line right now, maybe something more related to NJPW/ROH. Maybe a Bullet Club/Switchblade line: "IT'S TIME FOR 8CHAN TO BREATHE WITH /wooo/", well that's my input. The paragraph before the greentext could be more readable, add in an outline or something rather than plain black text.
>>137126 Got it, but what should be on the paragraph before the greentext card summary ?
(59.37 KB 1117x293 ClipboardImage.png)
>They threw in Matt Taven and made it a triple threat ladder match lmao ROH seriously? >>137127 Hmm, I think the content of the paragraph as it is seems fine and to the point. Maybe add in that it is held in Madison Square Garden to signify why it is a historical PPV.
(55.97 KB 1119x269 ClipboardImage.png)
>>137128 Huh so it was based off what happened at the ROH 17th Anniversary Show. >Booking a 60min draw for the world title and keeping it in the middle of the whole show >Tag team title match was in the main event >Briscoes lost despite setting the hype for Briscoe brothers vs GOD I don't watch ROH, are they always like this? Even most of their matches on the G1 Supercard doesn't interest me, only maybe Rush vs Dalton Castle. Don't know who Bandido is but I would rather have a singles match than a triple threat for the Jr. Title. Not really interested in seeing bully ray in a singles match, hopefully they have a good opponent for him, preferably someone who never got to wrestle at MSG you know? Finally, Ospreay vs Cobb isn't bad but they should have annouced that after Ospreay got knocked out of the NJC, not before, also why is it a winner takes all match? Ospreay losing here could take away his whole hot streak going on with the title. Based off Honor Rising, apparently Cobb is on a streak himself so losing here would be bad for him too maybe. Well let's see how that turns out, maybe both will go on to other stuff, thinking too much here. So overall, while I was excited for the show, the current card isn't all to interesting for me, ROH sucks. One or two more matches likely will be added, hope those are worth it, wonder how Tanahashi, Okada, Naito will be booked, probably in some big 10 man tag match of Taguchi Chaos vs LIJ I guess, I don't mind that.
Oh and I think they'll cram in the WOH title match, so only one other match for NJPW's big stars that don't win the NJC
(1.54 MB 700x1900 G1 Supercard Invite W.I.P 2.png)
>>137129 >>137128 I'll update it again once New Japan Cup is over
>>137133 On the meantime, I'm gonna throw ideas for the OP format 2 days, 2 big shows, even more room for absolute fucking disaster ! Your good brothers at /wooo/ invite you all once again to our 5th annual Wrestlemania show, but this time in addition, we will have New Japan Pro Wrestling and Ring of Honor's sold out show at Madison Square Garden: the G1 Supercard, the first ever wrestling show not hosted by WWE to sold out MSG WRESTLEMANIA 35 Live from the shithole known as New Jersey, April 7 at the MetLife Stadium, featuring 17 fucking matches, promising to be the longest Wrestlemania ever This year's card features: >SETH ROLLINS VS BROCK LESNAR FOR THE UNIVERSAL CHAMPIONSHIP >TRIPLE-THREAT FOR THE RAW WOMEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP: Stone Cold VS RONDA ROUSEY VS CHARLOTTE FLAIR >TRIPLE H VS BATISTA IN A NO HOLD BARRED MATCH >AJ STYLES VS RANDY ORTON >U.S CHAMPIONSHIP: SAMOA JOE VS REY MYSTERIO >KURT ANGLE'S RETIREMENT MATCH VS (TBA) >SMACKDOWN WOMEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP: ASUKA VS WHO THE FUCK KNOWS >SHANE O'MAC VS THE MIZ >205 FLIPPYSHIT BELT G1 SUPERCARD >IWGP HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP: "SWITCHBLADE" JAY WHITE VS (TBA) >IWGP Jr. HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP: "BONE SOLDIER" TAIJI ISHIMORI VS BANDIDO VS DRAGON LEE >IWGP VS ROH TAG TEAM CHAMPS: GUERRILLAS OF DESTINY VS VILLAIN ENTERPRISES >ROH WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP: JAY LETHAL VS MARTY SCURLL VS MATT TAVEN >RUSH VS DALTON CASTLE >CHAMP VS CHAMP: WILL OSPREAY VS JEFF COBB >
(64.42 KB 1122x321 ClipboardImage.png)
>>137128 So they added in the women's match. Probably could add another pre-show match and one more onto the main card. >>137133 >Expect great bantz and actually good wrestling (for once) doubt.jpg I don't know about you guys but I'm being underwhelmed by the card, seems like a lot of hype around the even but I think it will disappoint people more so. I remember last year's Supercard of Honor which was ROH's then biggest draw and big hype around it too but people said that the show itself wasn't that good. Feel like it could be the same here. Also there isn't that many NJPW guys on the card yet either and likely will only squeeze into one more match maybe. Don't know about you guys but I'll be keeping my hopes a little low for this show.
>>137326 I could easily see the rumble and the bully ray match falling flat. RoH world title matches arent all that great either. 1/2 the card is sure to be good but the only real standout looks like the 3 way jr match to me. I hope its good so that njpw would feel more comfortable going back to the US but who knows with the way AEW is coming into the market.
(1.55 MB 700x1900 G1 Supercard Invite Final.png)
>>137326 >>137401 Final invite is done Goddamn, it looks more like "ROH show feat. NJPW guys" than a joint-venture deal, what are Meji and Gedo thinking ?
(43.77 KB 133x240 1459462030740-1.gif)
>>137403 Its perfect, hopefully people will decide like showing up since its not at 4am
>>137403 >ROH show feat. NJPW guys Pretty much the same as previous Supercard of Honor, maybe slightly better since a pure NJPW match with Jay vs Okada will be the main event hopefully. 3 of the matches are NJPW vs ROH too, which is well ok-ish I guess.
(114.23 KB 1129x522 Supercard of Honor XII.jpg)
>>137409 People actually do show up for the 4 am threads though
(87.78 KB 1124x463 ClipboardImage.png)
>>137403 They added in more matches, especially pleased about Naito vs Ibushi. >ZSJ rematch with Tana just for ZSJ to get his win back At least Tana has a singles match in MSG. Also they turned the tag match into some clusterfuck.
(514.15 KB 712x466 ClipboardImage.png)
>>137419 Hope that Juice turns out to be Bully ray's opponent and maybe even make it a title match since the fucking US champion should be in a USA show
>>137403 >>137410 >>137411 >>137419 Now all that we need is an OP format to properly spam across 8chan
(387.55 KB 619x638 ClipboardImage.png)
>>137021 >Bork in the main event You might want to edit that now
>>137429 Final edit for both invites, I'm done, now get that OP format going, I beg you
(1.06 MB 326x246 1471458419291.gif)
(1.80 MB 498x498 tenor.gif)
>>137429 >>137434 Miss me yet?
Does anyone has the OP from last year's invite ?
>>137461 The thread is still alive, post is here >>104902
2 days, 2 big shows, even more room for absolute fucking disaster ! Your good brothers at /wooo/ invite you all once again to our 5th annual Wrestlemania show, but this time in addition, we will have New Japan Pro Wrestling and Ring of Honor's sold out show at Madison Square Garden: the G1 Supercard WRESTLEMANIA 35 Live from the shithole known as New Jersey on Sunday, April 7 at 5.30pm ET/2.30pm PT (10.30pm in bongland) at the MetLife Stadium, watch on the WWE Network or any of the sites listed below This year's card include: >SETH ROLLINS VS BROCK LESNAR TAKE 2 >TRIPLE-THREAT FOR THE RAW WOMEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP:Stone Cold VS RONDA ROUSEY VS CHARLOTTE FLAIR >TRIPLE H VS BATISTA IN A NO HOLD BARRED MATCH >AJ STYLES VS RANDY ORTON >U.S CHAMPIONSHIP: SAMOA JOE VS REY MYSTERIO >KURT ANGLE'S RETIREMENT MATCH VS (TBA) >SMACKDOWN WOMEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP: ASUKA VS WHO THE FUCK KNOWS >SHANE O'MAC VS THE MIZ >205 FLIPPYSHIT BELT >RAMEN NOODLES VS MOUNTAIN DREW MCINTYRE This crap and so much more ! G1 SUPERCARD Live from Madison Square Garden in Jew York City, Jew York. on saturday April 6 at 7:30 p.m. ET, watch on NJPW World or any of the sites listed below The show's card includes: >IWGP HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP: "SWITCHBLADE" JAY WHITE VS "RAINMAKER" KAZUCHIKA OKADA >IWGP Jr. HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP: "BONE SOLDIER" TAIJI ISHIMORI VS BANDIDO VS DRAGON LEE >IWGP INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP: TETSUYA NAITO VS KOTA IBUSHI >4-WAY TAG-TEAM CLUSTERFUCK: G.O.D VS EVIL AND SANADA VS VILLAIN ENTERPRISES VS THE BRISCOES >NEW JAPAN CUP REMATCH: HIROSHI TANAHASHI VS ZACK SABRE Jr. >ROH WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP: JAY LETHAL VS MARTY SCURLL VS MATT TAVEN >CHAMP VS CHAMP: WILL OSPREAY VS JEFF COBB 'And much more ! You can shitpost here or join us on >>>/wooo/ 8chan's premiere wrestling board http://watchwrestling.nl/ http://watchwrestling.uno http://wywtv.com/index.php?/page/Weekly.html http://firstrows.biz/boxing http://www.stream2watch.co/live-tv/us/usa-network-live-stream http://www.vipbox.biz http://www.streamgaroo.com/live-television/united-states/wwe-network-live-stream STREAMS OF CHOICE FOR THE TRUE FAITHFUL OF ANIKI http://taima.tv/r/wooo/ http://taim.tv/r/woooalt/
>>137467 Now get to posting
(56.45 KB 960x620 DelightedMattHardy.jpg)
>>137467 >someone beat me to posting on my board <DELIGHTFUL Knew I wasnt the only traditional/wooo/ out there.
>>137467 >KURT ANGLE'S RETIREMENT MATCH VS (TBA) TBA as in Baron Corbin >ASUKA VS WHO THE FUCK KNOWS Aauka just lost her match
>>137470 It has already been posted on /tg/, /a/ and /monster/
>>137467 This card is fake, right?
>>137511 Aside from the sudden title change and Corbin being confirmed as Angle's final opponent, both cards are real
(69.97 KB 680x680 D2kJO13WwAAlPJ-.jpeg)
>>137531 Wonder when will he return
>>137532 Hopefully he will be fired for this degeneracy.
(435.56 KB 624x486 ClipboardImage.png)
(38.79 KB 579x414 bo.jpg)
>>137535 Bo still the better brother. Too bad they have him hosting a fucking cooking show now.
>>137532 b-team's b stand's for bray
This is so B-Movie tier wew. RIP Allie, comments say she signed with AEW, well meh.
(15.32 MB 960x540 imogen allie.webm)
>>137599 F ;_;
(6.83 MB 400x425 Allie.gif)
(190.65 KB 500x500 cirno the saddest.jpg)
>>137600 I honestly think it was one of the low key better promo builds in a couple of years. Hope AEWomen aren't afraid to have fun and a shadowrealm under the ring
Since G&A are leaving wwe they should go back to doing their shitty gimmick shit on the side. I miss talk'n shop and all the hoots keeping the business alive for the boys.
(154.98 KB 1015x1200 Toni with a dog and a wolf.jpg)
Howdy fellas
>>137669 >G&A leaving Their contract ends in September, wonder where they will go. Rather not AEW.
(177.58 KB 1920x1080 cain.jpg)
I dont know if anybody else missed it but apparently Cain Velazques is gonna wrestle at triplemania. When is the eventual Brock rematch with brock going over?
>>137752 heres the vid, pentagon's promo is great
>>135775 Isn't that more of a booking problem? It's not like the big guys they do have worked out well, thanks to the shit tier booking. I mean, how do you fuck up things that were massively over like Ryback? Or Cesaro? Or Rusev? Or Braun? >>135806 I'd guess it's the stigma of all those years of shit they have pulled.
>>135806 Impacts problem is any time someone tunes in to see it they're filming in a bingo hall with the lights off. They had sound problems, poor camera work and bad lighting this week.
>>140056 Production does feel cheap, TNA Asylum shows back in 2002 were better produced. That might be the big problem, but I can't also care much for the storylines/matches either, even though they are objectively not that bad. Well some matches are straight up indy shit flopfests, and many of them have the same problem of moves not mattering since everyone kicks out of everything, including their finishers. That Sami Callihan vs Pentagon match last year at Slammiversary was like that, but it was all hype and Impact even named it their match of the year, which I didn't think so at all.
(13.62 KB 203x287 bo excited.jpg)
if 8ch ever gets v& by the feds, does /wooo/ have a fallout board?
>>140164 There was the /a/ backup that hosted us a few years back. We could use that
>>140060 I can't stand Sami, he's a fat fuck mid carder who belongs in a WWE tag team line up. Like Kevin Owens joined the shield and lost all his ability to cut a promo. If you're going to be a fat fuck wearing a vest you need to talk to get over and he doesn't. None of the fights matter any more which is a problem with the entire industry. Every match has the same top rope jumping and ring post leaping. The top rope doesn't mean shit if every person is doing it. The whole industry needs to realise it's supposed to be a fake fight now a ballet performance and drop all the high flying shit. It's like they all remember those 1 or 2 high points in a match and now try to make it every match constantly. The top rope doesn't mean anything if you abuse it and it's all they do.
>>140223 Yeah I agree, few guys realize this and Eli Drake was recently fired for making similar comments that they're supposed to be presenting a fight. Sami got over by fucking BREAKing Eddie Edwards' face with bat, he's lucky Eddie managed to recover well and didn't get some life threatening injury. Got some heat with that but he never really made it worthwhile. Jim Cornette rightfully buried him also because at least at that time with oVe, Sami was portraying some outlaw wrestler but on twitter he was calling himself the Draw, and making money off of it, which doesn't really connect well. Also for the wrestling part, fans also deserve a share of the blame. They love this hokey shit and even voted Sami as the Impact wrestler of the year, total bullshit when so many others are far more deserving. Honestly even NXT does similar things with their matches, people kick out of everything and you see people flying from the start till the end of the show, all doing big moves.
Impact posted the entire Lockdown 2009 PPV. At 37:10 it's the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag team match, featuring No Limit: Naito and Yujiro. They have the same ching chong theme as Okato got, wew.
Is it bad to want NOAH to fail so we can see Marufuji in NJPW again or even in AEW ?
(195.81 KB 687x886 aj gas_the_gay_community.jpg)
>>140538 >nazi hunter
(1.54 MB 1200x1340 low-effort shitpost.png)
(52.49 KB 754x457 Elder Hogan.jpg)
Lets see if I can make this work. I want to make a "replay" worthy Wrestling RPG sessions. Still working out the details but the players will be basically playing creative/agents/announce/stables of wrestlers as we try to string together the RPG equivalent of a weekly show of wrestling. More details here. >>>/tg/416508 Im leaning towards text for this (maybe even /quests/) as I want to take a slower approach to it and really i want the emphasis to be on creating a entertaining experience for the reader/replay as much as possible.
(51.01 KB 280x440 orin.gif)
>>140866 Seems like fun, I'd be willing to play. Worldbuilding a fake league would take a lot of effort if it was done with any originality (which could be offloaded onto the board) It would require a bit more talent and hopefully a bit less autism but a choose your own adventure thing with you as the booker/up and coming star would probably be more entertaining. If theres a good artfag (or if youre really good with photoshop) that would help immensely.
(279.33 KB 777x437 KrisWolf.jpg)
>>140866 >>140868 >>>/tg/416559 Getting some suggestions that Joshi as a style/creative direction could be popular and I like the idea of maybe a certain suspension of disbelief when it comes to gimmick that comes with it. I am definitely looking for the bit more effort bit less autism version of this. I am not sure if I tried to claim a thread here to do so would be well received or not? If this can be something that can lead creatively is really what I'm looking for. I'm currently at 1.5ish people interested if I can get another person or two I'll start seeing about putting up a thread and write fagging some shit up.
(11.92 KB 400x328 meiko.jpg)
>>140870 >I am not sure if I tried to claim a thread here to do so would be well received or not? Theres been hunger game threads in the past, I dont think the mods will really care as long as its something to boost board activity. Joshi is cool btw, a lot more can be done with fan interaction with Joshi I think.
(180.40 KB 463x267 ClipboardImage.png)
>>140871 Okay, Well I am starting to see what actual RPG's I can scrape together to make this happen mechanically and I'll make a thread soon to see if we can more properly gauge interest/ start worldbuilding. >Roll to determine location <73 >its a bingo hall, Roll to determine who shows up <24 >It's grandma's, but they brought cookies, +10 to next roll <98 >I didn't actually say to roll and you lost your +10 on a roll that didn't count for anything
>>140875 Okay we're giving it a go in it's own thread until someone tells us to stop. >>>/wooo/140876
(1.93 MB 2160x1669 gcw block.jpg)
GCW shows tonight and tomorrow brother. If you've never seen GCW, it's definitely worth checking out, even though there's no Teddy Hart match booked.
>>141392 Watched what I could of the show tonight fucking awesome. GCW is the best promotion right now
(15.51 MB 640x360 mancer and callihan.webm)
This team could be neat
(224.80 KB 584x365 ClipboardImage.png)
Slammiversary soon
(1.44 MB 1733x2000 awooooooo.gif)
>>144756 So how was it?
>Eli Drake Signs With the National Wrestling Alliance Awesome.
>>144913 He's lookin real jacked and real improved in ring too.
>>145335 Was lookin good in his last days at Impact but he looks even more jacked now. Also him and Billy Corgan back again, Eli got his big BREAK when Corgan was in TNA and his stuff in 2016 when Corgan was still there was really good.
(68.03 KB 1133x366 ClipboardImage.png)
>>144756 I haven't see it but >intergender match in the main event >over the much hyped up world title match >longest match of the night And that fatfuck goof sami callihan that's supposed to be a violent, destructive son of a bitch. I haven't seen the match and I really don't want to but if this is the state of Impact, jeez good riddance, Eli was right.
(480.15 KB 740x400 ClipboardImage.png)
>>145338 >Moose defeated RVD Nice. But yeah the rest i couldn't give a shit about, except Killer Kross but he's on his way out AFAIK
I've been watching MLW on Youtube. It's not actually all that bad, if I'm being honest. Granted, there's a few things that annoy me(Cornette on commentary), but it's still way better than I expected.
>>145692 It's good shit especially Hart Foundation, Mancer and Jacob Fatu
>>145695 Mancer is becoming one of my new favs. I came in at the first Battle riottttttttt just because I saw some of the competitors like LA Park. I admit, I got hooked.
(8.11 MB 960x540 mancer gone head huntin.webm)
>>145699 Ol Mancer gonna beat da shit outta Selina
>>145727 He's a dang good promo. Reminds me of the Briscoes but more serious. So I guess Jay doing a solo promo without Mark.
Admittedly, I've been thinking of doing something content creation related, but all I can think of is just running some kind of fictional fed. I'm not really all that blessed in drawing. But I do have several games where you can book shows(80s Mania Wrestling, Fire Pro World, EWR, TEW, TNM, SVR06, things of that ilk)
(15.31 MB 1280x720 🐀👑.webm)
>>145692 >>145695 Funny thing, I did mention that they're going to do a joint with NOAH on the WWE thread. I have to admit, I don't know too much about MLW. >What should I expect from them? >What's the most stand-out talent there? >What matches should I watch to get a feel of it? >>145750 So you plan on doing some e-fed stuff? If only for how detailed you can get on the AI, I'd suggest FirePro. What exactly do you have in mind for it?
>>146115 Kind of, yeah, akin to running a virtual fed. Pick a 20-40 man roster and just run shows and the like from it. Though I guess if I wanted to do something user-centric, I could just go full e-fed and have anons select characters and use them with trips, but would that actually do anything? Or I guess I could just do some crazy tournaments/leagues. TNM's pretty fun for doing matches but it's a text based sim that writes full matches and pretty much nothing else.
>LET ME TALK TO YOU | NWA Ten Pounds Of Gold 56 | Eli Drake (2019) Starts in 2 hours
>>146186 It started
(279.33 KB 300x233 3f423f3.gif)
>>146114 Now that's how you cut a fuckin' promo.
(10.89 MB 640x360 Lio - Scenic Lullaby.mp4)
Lio Rush made a music video
>>146116 I think I've narrowed it down between TNM and Fire Pro World. TNM might just be easier to get going but if I'm going to upload any content besides text logs, FPW is the way to go. Hard choice.
>>146283 With Fire Pro, you might have to use mods to get shit like Royal Rumbles, Iron Man matches, rebalance, re-skin entire venues, costume parts, new movies, etc.
>>146284 Unfortunately, I only have the PS4 version so all those mods would be out of the question, at least to what I've gathered. Though, to be honest, I'd be more of a battle royal person than a rumble person, 8 8-ways with 1 final 8-way sorta thing maybe? Course, that's just brainstorming.
>>135047 >WWE shows are garbage because of garbage booking and overy managed shit, it won't matter if how talented NXT homegrown or the indie darlings are, they are guaranteed to be dragged down the mud by Vince and the FIVE YEARS OF EXPERIENCE Hollywood writers on the creative team Something funny about that. I tried to get back into WWE after being gone since 2006 and watched in 2012 and i noticed it was so boring, it was more talking and stretched out shows where story lines do not make sense of anything. They probably do not know who is on their roster half the time and do not have long running storylines. >Lucha Underground airs on a network that most people don't know about or own for that matter Sadly the only way to watch them is on youtube(or Bitchute nowadays) after the shows end. They are really fun despite being an hour and a half long per week. I do like the production values and i always find it sad nobody talks about them. >AAA Lucha Libre and CMLL have no consistent quality, is either really entertaining or really fucking retarded I can agree on that. Its filler but it is just kind of a thing to watch if you like wrestling overall and do not care for quality much.
I don't know if it's rose-tinted nostalgia, but something about wrestling between '00 and '09 was all kinds of great to me that cannot be captured, nowadays. I don't know if it has anything to do with the roster, or if I'm just an old curmudgeon. Also, got me WWE 2K14 recommended by a friend; I hear it's great. Too bad I can't connect to its online. Or get the DLCs, anymore.
>>146691 unbiased opinion: try new japan at the very least you'll probably like suzuki ignore this reply if you already watch new japan
2020 Royal Rumble Most of the show pre men's rubble match - 3/10 Men's Rumble Match - 9/10 fun as hell to watch but also makes WWE's other content look drastically worse in contrast
>>146736 I felt the exact same way. Tired of Becky, Asuka should be winning.
(704.57 KB 713x783 happyass.png)
tfw remembered my password on njpwworld just in time so i can watch new begging without having to go on taima
>>146736 25 minutes of Brock burying the best match of the year was unfucking watchable. They buried the match and made the womens rumble look better because it was an actual rumble match. Mens failed to launch and never recovered because of Brock and his pet Jew. I like Brock, he's a good monster but you don't bury the goddamn match under your monster for half an hour. Nothing you can do will recover it at that point. Ten minutes you can get away with, but not 25.
>>146751 I feel somewhat the same. It picked up again when Edge came back but only one guy in the rumble match type shit isn't fun unless their on the mic mocking people or charismatic as hell like Austin in 2002.
Anyone else getting excited for the AEW PVP at the end of the month?
(472.38 KB 600x400 ClipboardImage.png)
oh my god makabe what did they do to you
>>147024 >AEW PVP They have a PVP?
So the Cakekike is gone and Jim might be the only one more delusion then Vince McMahon out there. You guys give any thought to packing up and setting up shop somewhere else?
>>147138 Smug/wooo/ BO here. Jim has always been a huge money-grabbing faggot and it was obvious 8kun was pandering to boomers, that said I don't see how much it could impact /wooo/ without some unlikely drastic changes. I'm fine with either decision. If LIJanon decides to move I can give him the board though.
>>147139 i don't care much for being the BO our board is not one that attracts the attention of any boomers I only thought it best to return here since old users would be more likely to find it than the bunker we can use both boards or keep one for when the other goes down unless you guys really hate 8kunt and cant stand being around here then we should just return to the bunker and find a way to get more traffic there.
(25.25 KB 224x355 carltonsad.jpg)
The main gripe I have with 8kun is that webms are BROKEN as fuck, among other shit glitching. Not sure how to get traffic to smug though, assuming that's the bunker you're talking about. Meanwhile dudeweedchan is full of oversensitive progressive fags, asp is full of unoriginal shitposting retards, and this board is pretty much dead. Fuck Cloudflare.
oh yeah, there's also fatchan which seems to be where people from /v/ are fleeing to
>>147141 it wasn't this bad before 8chan went down, we had traffic and everything worked. man i miss those days. I detest retardation too much to go anywhere near stonerchar or halfchan as for directing traffic to smug all we can really do is take it on us to screen people we know that are into wrestling and invite them to the board >>147142 this is the first i hear of fatchan
>>147140 >>147139 Could you at least import the banners from 8kunt to Smug ?
>>147143 >this is the first i hear of fatchan It doesn't have a /wooo/ so fuck it, smug should be fine. It's good for /v/ though. You'll see it if you view the board list/webring on smug and sort it by PPH. I also noticed that there is a /wooo/ on tvch, but it just looks like /asp/ lite
>>147141 >Not sure how to get traffic to smug though, assuming that's the bunker you're talking about. We could try advertising events on the webring or other boards. Like what I tried to do but fucked up twice. >>147144 Maybe. I'm not sure if there's a good way to scrap all the banners from a certain board. "/board_banners/wooo" and the like just redirect to the front page.
Yes I'd say moving to smug would be the best option now…
(25.28 KB 329x399 gaysNotWelcome.jpg)
As opposed to not moving the moment lolis were banned on an imageboard. Nigger
This board is slow as fuck, is there anyway to get 4chan's /asp/ to migrate here after pol raided and destroyed that board? That's why I'm here.
>>147157 I can't think of any way that wouldn't somehow filter out turbo-autists from cuckchan It's also definitely not a good idea to let cuckchan know that this site exists
(215.99 KB 656x301 ClipboardImage.png)
do you smell what the rock is COOFing
for once, new japan steals someone from wwe instead of the other way around https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WNOBOapk9DY
Came from /v/. It's good to see that /wooo/ is here. I miss the times when we didn't have to pretend that woman were relevant on the WWE due to their wrestling skills.
>>147162 we're mostly using our bunker board over at smugloli when it comes to posting we just wanted to have the original board back as an archive outside of 8kuck and just in case anything happens to the bunker

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