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King of Shitposting

(58.53 KB 642x722 Sting.jpg)
___________________________ Boliever 06/19/2019 (Wed) 06:34:06 Id:af838c No. 144325
When you look at things objectively, with all biases removed, Sting is undeniably the best wrestler of all time. No one else was as versatile and well-rounded.
(73.73 KB 480x796 sting.jpg)
I only saw him in TNA but he was still good there despite being in his mid 40s. Definitely one of the best ever, but for someone that was the most popular wrestler for a number of years in the mid 90s, it feels like he's less known or less spoken of compared to guys like Stone Cold or even WCW's own Goldberg. Then again, probably because Sting didn't appear in WWE till 2015, whereas every other WCW guy went to WWE for at least a little while and were more relevant in the minds of the big audience. Also Chris Jericho is another name brought up for his versatility and capability for reinventing himself like Sting but Y2J has one over Sting in that he could be a good face and a good heel. Sting is great but maybe because he's too likable, he could never be a good heel, always cheered. Not too bad though, I still prefer Sting over Jericho.
>>144325 Sting is one of the very few people that can put the crow facepaint and look like a badass instead of a complete jackass like almost everyone else.

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