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King of Shitposting

(689.51 KB 797x449 ClipboardImage.png)
(607.40 KB 797x449 ClipboardImage.png)
(748.27 KB 797x449 ClipboardImage.png)
(785.84 KB 797x449 ClipboardImage.png)
The New Beginning Thread + New Japan Road LIJanon 01/25/2020 (Sat) 03:10:17 Id:df6dbb No. 146730
February starts with a bang in the land of the rising sun. The New Beginning USA doesn't get streamed at all, and neither do the japanese preview shows prior to february.
>The New Beginning USA doesn't get streamed at all That really hurts my American ass.
(102.11 KB 823x715 ClipboardImage.png)
(81.85 KB 816x603 ClipboardImage.png)
(39.54 KB 828x289 ClipboardImage.png)
Sapporo is fucking PAKCED Who's ready for the GREAT TAKAGI REVOLUTION
>>146753 I'm hyped for the main event…
show starts in 5'
(264.59 KB 460x350 when the booty divine.png)
show's on
>>146757 yeeeeeeeeeeeeee
(54.60 KB 564x564 shingo on the hunt.jpg)
(134.19 KB 436x436 Makabe.png)
(612.77 KB 2464x1648 1434289621543.jpg)
Nakanishi and his double northern lights suplex leaving
>>146761 and argentian backBREAKer
Hiromu yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
>>146763 and eagles is also there for some reason
>>146764 Donte is fine now I guess
>>146765 he was always fine imo i sitll cant get used to his screaming
Jay is alright too now
so pirate moxley vs pirate king suzuki?
>>146769 Suzuki is a pirate?
https://www.njpw1972.com/31174 that and his addiction to one piece
>>146771 oh yeah I forgot about him loving one piece
Suzuki still got it
damn suzuki winning before the title match
hey LIJ dude can you translate what Evil's problem with Ishii is?
this music is making it hype
i'll never grow tired of seeing this match
wow ishii grabbed a chair before evil
lol love using the ref for help
nice fucking match at the end there
evil doomed to never beat ishii
my dudes fighting each other fug
if shingo gets the never belt then sho as a junior could challenge him for it
I love this match
>>146784 ditto
fucking nice match
(54.60 KB 564x564 shingo on the hunt.jpg)
show is on!
rip LIJ dude he ded
(134.19 KB 436x436 Makabe.png)
fucking 8kun fucking up for my last post on Goto and Ishii doing a simultaneous Ushi Goroshi
also rip Douki
what did i miss
>>146794 A super cool simultaneous Ushi Goroshi by Ishii and Goto right before they challenged for the NEVER 6 man Tag Team belts with Robbie
>>146795 >>146794 oh and Nakanishi made a speech
what about the new LA dojo young lion? he lame or okay?
>>146797 I kinda skipped since it was with ELP
>>146798 dude's a month younger than me so it makes me jealous that he's in njpw must be fun working for this company
(1.28 MB 365x205 daijoubusanada.gif)
>put the bone soldier in skull end nice
>zero socialism jr uuuuuuugggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
fuck off
gedo you cunt
as long as zero soyboy jr has the belt it means we'll keep seeing him get tittle matches and he'll keep showing up high in cards. the british champ really needs to change and zsj needs to fuck off back to bongland
>>146804 at least they didn't let him main event and left that to Based Taichi
>>146805 I'm still waiting for Taichi & friends to join LIJ
yo is that a gyaru okada in the crowd?
yo this match
that match was fucking good
>>146809 taichi's always good and okada is the MVP for good reason
>>146810 nah just sorry I'm not good at expressing how enjoyable a match is
road to show is on and the first match was decent
8kunt ate my post ok
>>146814 captcha kept me away with it's fucked up shit
GBH using the traditional young lion submission to win lol
>>146817 it's very catchy
rip Douki
Shingoat already looking at his next challenger
Hiromu got his win back yay!
time for the elimination match
oh wow okada's the first one out
thanks Ospreay for pinning the commie
which means we'll have to see their singles again a zsj title match again fucking damn it
today's elimination match is LIJ vs BC
Show is on!
gabriel kidd speaking in weeb
>>146829 what a weeb
(134.19 KB 436x436 Makabe.png)
rip Nakanishi
rip Douki AGAIN
>>146829 Not as embarrassing as Ospreay last show
>>146834 TanOShinGATA DEAthKA?
Based SHO and YOH
oh hey it's already the main event? i haven't been paying much attention
some fan just screamed "ISHIMORI OPEN YOUR EYES" even they know he's shit as a heel lol
Show is on in 5 mins!
(1.02 MB 797x449 ClipboardImage.png)
show's starting in a bit
uemura's grown well he should leave for excursion in 2020
Yuya wins over Tsuji. Can't wait for their WK main event in a decade
>>146843 >WK main event doubt that, one's a heavy and the other's a junior
>>146844 Some dudes upgrade from juniors
Poor Kidd having to job to the cringe king
>>146845 yeah but main unit/tagujapan is in dire need of juniors i doubt they'd let any juniors that return from excursion to move up unless they're shingo-tier >>146846 poor anyone that has to sell MLP
Headpat uwu
(207.25 KB 719x974 get out faggot.jpg)
always good to see a Tenzan moonsault
>>146847 >i doubt they'd let any juniors that return from excursion to move up unless they're shingo-tier to be fair to Shingo, it was strange as fuck for him to be a Junior. He straight up should've been a heavyweight at the start for many people.
>>146851 tru tru
you gotta give it to ospraey, he's the only babyface in chaos that shows some bloodthirst every now and then.
>>146854 Isn't all of Chaos babyface?
oh hey YOH snapped
>>146855 i mean they're all faces sure but they're not all quite as nice and tidy and bongspray or R3K take ishii for example, dude will probably bite anyone that approaches him. he's only a face by virtue of being in CHAOS, fighting strong style and people cheer for him
Leave SHO and YOH alone!
uh my player crashed
never fucking mind that was just my internet
(134.19 KB 436x436 Makabe.png)
bro i cant bolieve douki just said MUFFLED NOISES
taguchi that's sex harassment
fucking rip Douki again
hiromu looking for dragon lee lol
>>146866 what are you on about?
>>146868 KENTA’s shirt
>>146869 oh you misread RELENTLESS GIGAFAG i see
main event time
time for main event
Los Jabronis de Japon
>>146873 shouldn't you be busy looking for unsucked cock?
>>146873 look at this BCfag
>>146875 if I was a betting man i'd say that's Rin
there you go bushi shingo stays mr.never-2-belts
LIJ keeping those belts!
>>146879 Nope hehehe
I wonder what team Yano will challenge with this time
>>146883 I saw Taguchi with him might just be with Makabe again
so weird seeing bushi's mic performance when was the last time he had one?
(561.16 KB 446x919 ClipboardImage.png)
unrelated but lmao look at this guy
Is Osaka getting streamed? It should start in 10 minutes, but taima is down so I can't get the link.
>>146889 link on 420ch /wooo/ in their thread for the show
show's on
today taguchi japan loses a member
>>146894 not yet nig
>>146895 isn't it his final match before the ceremony?
>>146897 I thought his retirement was the day of the retirement thing
>>146897 k from what I see this is just his final match from Osaka
I'm going to be fucking upset if Kanemaru takes the pin.
man you can tell how boring the junior tag division is when you get the same title matches every year. hell it's a belt match but it's all the way down to 2nd match
Sho's leg dies again
>>146901 Suzugi-gun matches without Soy Jr are always fun though. But this one is being really shit for some reason, not sure if it's the camera angles or the weak reactions.
>>146903 i'll tell you why it's cause you've seen the exact same title match, unfold the exact same way, at least 5 times it's like watching a rebroadcast
ok it's back to it
the match got better once they got the crowd into it
mega coaches vs r3k? it's certainly interesting
gweat wesslah
Tanahashi's other song was better.
I hope Okada wins
I hope Taichi-gun joins LIJ one day
time for the real shit to start
alright next four are the singles matches
>you're better than red shoes anyway
FUCKING CAPTCHA anyways I'm not sure why people want Jay to shave, he looks much cooler with the beard.
>>146915 People want Jay to shave? He was a fucking babyface before.
thank god Jay White finally found his groove
btw if anyone is having problems posting the site has been fucky because of a DDOS attack earlier today
Holy shit paradise actually worked for once.
gedo loves kiwi
damn it sanada that's never worked
nice match
I liked that match
man sanada keeps losing
>>146925 he might win the cup at this rate
>>146926 but shibata should win the cup
>>146926 Don't give me hope.
>>146927 he's not coming back dude
>>146929 LET ME DREAM
Are you ready for best fucking match of the day?
>it's turning fucking purple
shades of Kobashi vs Sasaki…kinda
take a shot everytime they chop
so how many screams of terror are there gonna be when lee does a dragon driver?
>>146936 All of them.
damn. no dragon driver.
>>146938 I was waiting for Dragon Lee to win with it, but still a great match regardless.
oh man i've seen this VTR already it's hype as hell
lol he ran the guard rail
holy shit this is brutal
Suzuki is having a blast.
is… is suzuki bleeding? HE HAS RED BLOOD?
im glad to see match of the year for 2020 is already set
Will the main event live up to it after this and hiromu?
>Soy Jr vs Moxley Fuck no, don't do this to me Gedo.
(672.59 KB 550x714 kill gedo.png)
(702.23 KB 701x718 kill him.png)
gedo you son of a bitch you fucking cretin rat
If Naito doesn't win and does the thing I'll send another fat man over there. >inb4 Naito wins and gets interrupted again
>all of bc is out let me guess, naito will be all alone again without any assists
>>146950 lowkey want kenta to win so shibata has a storyline to return
>Osaka that's 100% behind Naito lol
(200.75 KB 473x355 ClipboardImage.png)
>>146952 Shibata won't have a country to return to if Gedo pulls an upset.
>>146954 please pinpoint the location of gedo's house his evil cannot be allowed to live any longer can't bolieve he'd put fucking ZSJ against moxley
>帰れ wwwwwwww
>>146956 what that mean?
Not even red shoes is having any of Gedo's shit.
>>146957 Nips were chanting "go home" to Kenta.
>>146956 帰れコールはBCのコールだ
>>146958 red shoes truly the most based ref
>>146960 You have a point.
lol all Naito had to do was be Tranquilo for BC to go away
>>146963 would still rather LIJ show up in his corner
(363.95 KB 540x252 ClipboardImage.png)
Did I just fucking hear a "let's go Kenta"?
>>146964 >belt match turns into a 6v6
(190.46 KB 758x553 auschwitz_orchestra.jpg)
>>146965 pictured: kenta supporters during world war 2, circa 1941
(190.46 KB 758x553 auschwitz_orchestra.jpg)
>>146966 it would beat 10 minutes of kenta going out of the ring
>>>146968 fucking thanks 8kunt
>trying to out tranquilo Naito wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
(942.94 KB 960x540 ClipboardImage.png)
>>146968 You donto undanstando it buirds tenshon! Everybody high tenshon for match! High tenshon for kenta win!
(1.36 MB 970x795 zakuwwwwwwwwwww.png)
(76.65 KB 640x360 GEDOOOOOOOOO.webm)
there's the old Osaka I know
that plushie is now gonna sell for thousands on amazon.jp
yep, it's a boring main event. i already miss moxley vs suzuki
This better not be a "Naito gets beaten up and loses" match.
>>146976 Their styles just don't play well, even if Naito was going all out it wouldn't be that much of a match. If Gedo didn't love Kenta so much this match wouldn't even exist.
>>146977 well it's either that or "naito gets beaten up and wins" match the difference is small
>>146979 At this point as long as I get to hear the "de japon" I'm happy.
(318.31 KB 582x492 naito doesnt smile.png)
>>146980 all the "de japon"s in the world wont bring back that moment. we'll never again have naito win a tokyo dome for double gold and do the roll call
>>146976 >>146978 >>146979 >>146980 >>146981 It's mostly because Kenta spent the first half playing towards the crowd tbh.
(127.72 KB 314x518 ClipboardImage.png)
>>146981 It won't, but it's better than nothing.
>>146982 Not even that, the match itself is weak. Kenta is like Howaito with Ishii's moves. He doesn't have howaito's flippy moves to counter Naito's and he doesn't have Ishii's retardation to be entertaining against Naito.
>>146984 >White >flippy what
I swear to fucking Christ I will push the big red button.
>>146985 Not actually flippy, I forgot the actual term. Shit like Blade Runner and the suplexes.
you had one fucking job bushi one fucking job
>>146988 Nevermind, he died. BASED HIROMU
Holy shit, Naito is dead.
(2.07 MB 1333x910 ClipboardImage.png)
holy shit
(539.77 KB 548x508 ClipboardImage.png)
Naito is zombie mode.
bloody destino
(1.20 MB 1032x576 ClipboardImage.png)
fucking stalling shit ruined it but it got good at least
>>146995 he was in zombie mode all of 2019 apparently his left eye was fucked and the muscles supporting it were teared he didnt tell anyone and only got a surgery for it before WK
>>146999 >teared the muscles supporting the left eye Fucking how?
Naito bleeds like Flair
so… bloody roll call? "BUENATH NOTHETH DE THAPON"
>Kenta GTFO
(84.55 KB 834x630 ClipboardImage.png)
of course the anniversary show wiith HW vs JR HW
>>147004 So that's why suddenly got weak at one point.
(379.32 KB 392x516 ClipboardImage.png)
So if Hiromu wins does he become the new LIJ leader as well?
>>146981 You can't tell me that wasn't fucking great.
>>147010 i can't hear well what they're saying but it sounds like they're putting LIJ leadership on the line
>>147012 aww shucks
now it feels like a Naito reign, fuck yeah!
I'm so happy he's the champ
>>147013 >first triple belt plus LIJ leadership >if Hiromu wins he'll be the second one to have both belts after Naito This is one of those whoever wins we win situations.
aight I'll see you at the next megathread kings
>>147017 naito cant take the JR belt tho what are you on about
(608.01 KB 560x520 ClipboardImage.png)
>can't even clean his face beforehand
>>147019 Hiromu put it down next to the other two, so my brain went retarded for a second.
(532.65 KB 600x400 ClipboardImage.png)
Naito got his forehead stitched up after kenta split it in two
We should use this thread for the retirement events and new japan road rather than make a new one
(2.32 MB 960x960 ClipboardImage.png)
this would be one hell of a shocking twist
(574.36 KB 797x449 ClipboardImage.png)
up next
event's started
>>147030 fug rip gonna miss my dude
someone's fucked up on njpwworld, the eng and jap streams are swapped
>mixed of the commentary streams wtf
GBH doesnt go easy on them young lions
poor yoshi hashi, he'll always be the eternal mid-carder
>>147036 at least he has a hot wife
(29.32 KB 354x500 Ayumi Kurihara.jpg)
TEAM GRANDPA NEVER LOSES >>147038 Yeah, Ayumi Kurihara has that cute tomboy look.
holy shit nice fucking catch yoshi tomboys are god tier
reminder last time we saw Ibushi, he was basically wrestling while sick in the stomach
rip that Colt botch
Tiger Hattori crotching dudes
>>147044 Ibushi was sick at the last show, like super sick.
a six man where I like everyone yay
Sanada and Goto have nice chemistry.
welp that's that time to see hattori retire
lol Tiger had to hop to the fist
where does shibata keep showing up from anyways
>>147051 truly the best face stable
oh god is Choshu still wrestling?
the all star gramps have been summoned
What is this Ace Combat music?
see you tomorrow for more fun
show's starting
>>147060 yeee I'm here
this main event is gonna be contender for match of the year, im calling it
yo uemura is reading suzuki nice
nvm rip uemura
okada looks like he's having fun
(111.86 KB 214x437 MOVE OVER NEW STARS.png)
while it wasn't teeg that got the pin
…Team Grandpa is the strongest stable…
according to jap commentary, tanahashi fucked up his knee
ngl want coaches to win this
this a good match
even if R3K won, rocky was easily the hero of this fight he got a way bigger call
here we fucking go
im at a loss for words all i can do is smile
fucking nice ass match
10/10 match he couldn't have had a better 1st defense now who's next
see ya tomorrow for the never 6 man belts
>>147078 later dude
show is on soon
(111.86 KB 214x437 teeg.png)
woke up late
(134.19 KB 436x436 Makabe.png)
>DUBBED >>147082 rip
fug rip Honma
>Gedo and Jado are in the match gee I wonder who's taking the pin
>>147085 one of the grampas
>>147086 shit forgot to say it would be Gedo, because Team Grandpa ain't jobbing unless it's too aces this tour.
ospreay no hablo espanol
building for that anniversary match!
time for shingo to get back his 2nd belt
guess they're adding fanfares for every belt now
Tana is still super over holy
huh, new tag champs go figure
Tanahashi has a top tier comeback.
won't be here for nakanishi's retirement tomorrow gotta hang out with a friend
>>147097 well have fun dude
>>147097 >>147099 done ahead of schedule what i miss
>>147100 shid a young lion match, not really paying attention right now just waiting for the Nakanishi match
hey who wants some Miho pics?
guess bushi and hiromu will now challenge for the junior tag belts
>>147101 …never mind
>>147106 uhh ok
>>147107 sorry I was baited with a dude saying they had Miho pics but it turned out the mega link was just a Sheldon episode wtf
lol Jay overselling the fuck out of the Kokeshi
Choshu again? lol
Team Grandpa's last match as a foursome…
>>147111 maybe the other 3 will challenge for the never 6 man belts, kojima did pin evil the other day after all
>>147112 Kojima's been pinning shitloads of people iirc
>>147113 yeah but evil was the only champ he pinned
either goto or nakanishi will take the fall in this match
damn they're killing nakanishi live
lol legends treating him like a young lion again
See you in March for the anniversary and new japan cup
(127.19 KB 538x570 1458184537969.png)
>Archer signed with Cody and the Bucks Wait, when was he released ? What the fuck did I miss ?
(173.02 KB 1600x1200 fuck japan.png)
>>147121 man this week's been nothing but bad news huh
(62.28 KB 260x285 ClipboardImage.png)
>>147119 fuck fuck
>>147125 >>147126 Naito is setting up death flags, I hope no one dies.
(812.46 KB 437x767 Screenshot_1.png)
(676.47 KB 365x767 Screenshot_3.png)
(748.43 KB 695x763 Screenshot_4.png)
(812.46 KB 437x767 Screenshot_1.png)
(1.14 MB 777x767 Screenshot_2.png)
some fan cosplays from the last talkshow
>>147131 >one of them got posted twice whatever you say 8kunt
liger and hiromu have started youtube channels apparently

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