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King of Shitposting

Boliever 03/20/2017 (Mon) 06:11:48 Id:27b471 No. 52669
Bo Dallas appreciation thread. Talk about>Bo Dallas promos>Bo Dallas matches>Bo Dallas feuds>Bo Dallas moments>Bo Dallas Ring gear>Bo Dallas pictures>Bo Dallas nudes (coming soon)>Future Bo Dallas angles>Why Bo Dallas deserves to be the current champ>Why Bo Dallas is going to be the next WWE universal champion>Potential Bo Dallas match ups in the future>Bo Dallas' amazing smile>What makes Bo Dallas the man he is >Why vince is a gay for not handing Bo Dallas the belt right away>WWE Divas Bo Dallas has dicked>Bo Dallas and his wrestlemania 40 main event with his less talented brother>Bo Dallas single-handedly saving Professional Wrestling>Bo Dallas potentially leaving for NJPW or TNA >Why Bo Dallas is your favorite wrestler>Who Bo Dallas is going to squash next>What year will Bo Dallas go into the hall of fame
(88.34 KB 1280x720 #Bo2024.jpg)
(41.82 KB 642x361 bolieve in ebolution.jpg)
(173.58 KB 477x735 bolieve community.jpg)
(103.24 KB 642x493 Botivational poster.jpg)
I kinda liked his "Anything" theme better, to be honest. Certainly didn't sound as grandeur as the one he had when he debuted, though. >Future Bo Dallas angles He should retire the Undertaker. >Why Bo Dallas deserves to be the current champ He's the smiling good guy we can all get behind, seriously think about it, he's managed to get so many bitter virgins from /wooo/ to actually like a good guy for once in just a matter of days, Ramen ain't got shit on Bo-man >Bo Dallas' amazing smile I'm not gay but if I was I'd let him fuck me. screw it, he can do it regardless >What makes Bo Dallas the man he is Bo Dallas doesn't Bolieve, he Bolives. >Why vince is a gay for not handing Bo Dallas the belt right away Vince is alright, he's just a bit senile and doesn't know we all want Bo. We're just lucky Haitch didn't put the strap on that sniveling little thief Mighty Mouse no the Cruiserweight title isn't a title little man or the ginger muslim instead. >WWE Divas Bo Dallas has dicked a l l o f t h e m >Bo Dallas and his wrestlemania 40 main event with his less talented brother Even an immensely talented guy like Bo will struggle with putting his fatty fat fatty of a brother through a good compelling match but he's done harder things before, like dealing with rude smarks. >Bo Dallas single-handedly saving Professional Wrestling At last, it'll be cool again to cheer for the good guy. >Bo Dallas potentially leaving for NJPW or TNA He'd be a 3x World champ in TNA if he went there. >Why Bo Dallas is your favorite wrestler He's genuinely funny, knows how to get people over, got great hair even when drenched in water, gives people hope, was the only guy that had the balls to confront Brock, unlike the Undertaker he took multiple F5s and wasn't away from TV for nearly a year and he also has the greatest catchphrase of all time. >Who Bo Dallas is going to squash next Bo and Bork have some things to settle, expect our lord and saviour to challenge the big dumb brute post-WW33 for the title. >What year will Bo Dallas go into the hall of fame NOT SOON ENOUGH
(14.98 KB 480x360 hqdefault.jpg)
A dream match waiting to happen.
I honestly hope Bo goes to Smackdown so they can actually utilize him properly like when he was when he was in NXT. His NXT farewell promo was fucking gold, and the crowd was laughing and having so much fun. Dusty Rhodes bolieved. Why can't Vince and HHH?
>>52684 they'd shake hands at the end of the match with Bo going over clean of course and form a tag team called The Boy Community >>52703 >Why can't Vince because Bo isn't a bodybuilder >and HHH? because Bo isn't a indy vanilla midget or a horse-faced "woman"
(833.03 KB 500x281 iu.gif)
>>52669 Just today the beginning of WWE NXT is being uploaded to The WWE Network (for only $9.99 a month) and within the first few minutes there is a Bo Dallas package and match. http://network.wwe.com/video/v1243427983 Enjoy, Bo-lievers!
Immediately after I posted this Saturday I thought, 'why did I change load instead of guy', so here's my redo.
>>52703 Heath Slater did better as an unsigned free agent. When got signed by SD, he didnt do shit despite being tag team champion and after that, barely seen him. Doubt Bo may get treated well.
>Bo is not only inspirational, but also a philosopher that really makes you think How can one man be so perfect?
Bobobobobobo !
(271.53 KB 650x370 bo majestic hair.png)
(28.72 KB 539x498 hmtgxiC.jpg)
Follow. The Bozzards.
>>53882 I always forget he and Bray are legit bros maybe they should do something with that. like have Bo try to convert Bray with the power of positivity
>>53878 I'd watch a 10 hour video of Bo's luscious dry hair flutter in the wind while he's seeing the sun set below the ocean as peaceful music plays in the background. >>53882 I love Bo and all but he looked terrible there. Fuck Bray looks like a fat version of Dog the Bounty Hunter, is that what he was going for?
(100.07 KB 704x400 Bos Before Hoes.jpg)
>“Bo Dallas is, quite possibly, the most talented wrestler on either roster,” said Wyatt. “He is the most underrated superstar of all time, in my opinion. He has so much to give. At some point, I would love to form an alliance with him because I know who and what he really is. Whether people want to look at him like that, well, then I’ll show you. It’s very, very possible.” http://archive.is/eRdDO
(1.23 MB 827x951 ClipboardImage.png)
>>53906 Bo is growing out a beard at the moment too and being more vicious. Plz come true. The fact that Bray said this so recently gives me hope, even if they're on different brands at the moment.
(34.18 KB 494x660 elite big e.jpg)
>>53906 >>53907 >yfw Bo helps Bray retain at WM
>>53909 >Main Event legend Bo Dallas being anywhere near Wrestlemania
>>53910 You'd better Bolieve it, brother. Bray has no family right now (except maybe Rowan?) so he needs Bo. And he shoot Bolieves in Bo more than anyone. but yeah it probably won't happen at THE ULTIMATE THRILL RIDE but I can hope for Bo to be traded/drafted to the same brand as Bray
The day wrestling died.
(3.87 KB 114x144 Double Dragon Suplex.png)
>A Bo Boliever
(1.83 MB 375x283 crying.gif)
>>53906 >>53907 >>53909 >>53912 I want to Bolieve >>53913 those ungrateful fans
Post Bo matches
(426.66 KB 733x930 bolieve knock.png)
>>54037 Solid match with good pacing. I feel like Bo vs Axel could be close to this caliber if they were given longer matches. Also didn't know Bo was so young.
(3.67 KB 231x200 ClipboardImage.png)
Fun Boliever fact of the day: Bo Dallas used to wrestle under the name Tank Mulligan. The more you Bo.
>>54037 Bo and Bray as tag champs
Cesaro vs Kassius Ohno vs Bo FCW house show
>>54048 >Mr. Florida
reminder that Bo beat R-Truth, who's beaten The Miz, who beat John Cena at WrestleMania ergo Bo > Jhon
(27.74 KB 641x250 bomania.png)
>>54052 Why stop there? >Bo beat R-Truth >R-Truth beat The Miz >The Miz beat John Cena >John Cena beat The Rock >The Rock beat Hulk Hogan GOAT Dallas
>>54053 Unimportant side note: I'm pretty sure right before the Pipe Bomb promo R-Truth beat John Cena, so you can skip the Miz step.
>>54053 Hulk Hogan beat The Undertaker BEST IN THE BORLD
(196.56 KB 497x198 bo-filin'.png)
>>54055 The Undertaker beat Ric Flair THE NATURE BO
>>52669 >Botists
(42.25 KB 273x308 surprised dad.jpg)
>>54053 >hogan beat inoki
(838.66 KB 1200x675 Borock Lesnar.png)
>>54059 >implying that doesn't make him look like a badass >Bo is the only one with the balls to confront an angry Brock Lesnar >Bo does some amazing banter on an enraged beast for the crowd >still has the testicular fortitude to say his catchphrase in Brock's face and go for a hug >takes moves that put out THE UNDERTAKER and doesn't go missing for 10 months
(1.00 MB 356x200 anderson.gif)
This Bo shit is reaching Memesworth levels of cringe
>>54115 Relax your facial muscles. There you go. Now all you have to do is Bolieve. Now leave.
>>54115 I wanna give you a chance to explain to all of us why you don't think Bo's a main even talent who would've brought a new golden age to the wrestling business and why you think we shouldn't be marking out for our main Bo-y.
(63.66 KB 959x540 smile.jpg)
Can't wait for the bomania!
(511.52 KB 630x420 wyatt family done right.png)
>>54200 BOMAN DALLAS you should also link people to this article >>53906
(179.07 KB 1679x714 bo is a movie star.jpg)
(664.47 KB 514x564 bo smiles.png)
(30.83 KB 960x620 bo.jpg)
Bo Dallas got the biggest pop in Big Show's Move New Stars Over The Top Rope Battle Royale
>>54115 >>54121 bump for this >>54567 he was also the only one who had to be knocked out with the WMD, the same move that's put Jhon Cena down. proof that Bo's at least on Cena's level
(139.28 KB 1366x600 bullieve.png)
(630.23 KB 1024x731 do_it_for_bo.png)
(519.10 KB 896x426 Blockboster.webm)
(129.71 KB 252x358 bolieve burn.png)
What did he mean by this?
(236.62 KB 600x679 Composure.png)
(55.03 KB 295x295 NPjkFeO.jpg)
Fuck that skinny irish faggot.
(182.55 KB 900x400 bearlieve.jpg)
>Bo gets to be on TV >it's to push him as a Kevin Owens-tier angry REEEEEEEEEEEEEing heel
(9.86 KB 190x200 1449869426645s.jpg)
(78.69 KB 640x364 1449943709300.jpg)
>>54923 A Boliever who stands his ground.
>>64934 it looks like he's giving Miz a handjob
(842.26 KB 934x595 ClipboardImage.png)
(793.81 KB 931x595 ClipboardImage.png)
(48.14 KB 604x340 1439086586820.jpg)
>Bo wearing those shitty jeans with fake dirt on them
>>69228 Bo Wyatt soon brother
>>69227 goddamn their sister is ugly
>>69248 What are you, fucking gay?
>>69269 no, and that's why I'm not attracted to their hideous manface sister
>>69276 Nah you're definitely gay. >implying that's a male-looking face in the slightest bit
>>69325 Nigger she looks exactly like Bo
>>69328 >family members with the same parents and same passed down genetics look similar Are you autistic? Faceblind? Only child? A literal fucking retard?
>>69331 Not in canada, since their wives get BLACKED or KEBAB'D there nowdays.
(46.22 KB 322x218 chen twiddling thumbs.png)
>>69331 >Are you autistic? I don't see how thats relevant
>>69336 Go bathe, you stinky cat!
(832.81 KB 595x592 ClipboardImage.png)
(889.76 KB 598x598 ClipboardImage.png)
>>69248 I dunno I think she's pretty cute with the right makeup and lighting
(79.70 KB 718x720 1464320739353.jpg)
>>69344 >this >cute
>>69344 >Literally Bo Dallas in drag
(720.58 KB 532x532 ClipboardImage.png)
>>69347 >>69351 Could be worse
>>69351 See >>69331 >>69347 <be a fag <think you can use stone cold pictures >>69344 >she's a white woman >people call her ugly Gee I wonder if there's an ulterior motive.
(11.12 KB 243x297 ruby rito.jpg)
>>69385 you know who else is a white woman?
(599.08 KB 598x445 ClipboardImage.png)
>>69388 At least she's not Sasha.
(254.07 KB 1920x1080 Bo Wyatt 2K17.jpg)
(192.64 KB 1920x1080 Wyatt Brothers 2K17.jpg)
Wyatt Brothers when
>>54115 You have absolutely no case against Bo's greatness.
(80.03 KB 485x730 Sarah_Backman-4.jpg)
(28.60 KB 640x640 sarah.jpg)
(143.71 KB 960x960 sarah bo.jpg)
>Sarah Bäckman (born 8 December 1991) is a Swedish real estate BROKEr, former professional wrestler and arm wrestler. She is a former eight-time World Arm Wrestling Champion. Bo may not be faring well in the ring but he is doing well in life.
(57.34 KB 600x600 bo wife.jpg)
>>83259 Lookin real jacked baby
>>83259 >BROKEr nice
(845.83 KB 931x595 ClipboardImage.png)
>>84097 Kaak
>>84097 Singing club
>>84097 >Bo joins in
(1.57 MB 1280x720 BUY B-TEAM SHIRTS.webm)
Resurrecting this thread because Bo is stoked
(49.07 KB 624x478 bo-dallas.jpg)
>>52669 >That time when Bo endured 2 Iron man matches back to back against an eldritch abomination in 8chanmania
(15.50 MB 648x360 bo dallas smackdown debut.webm)
Reviving this thread for true Bolievers like JBL maggle
8/wooo/ back and all we had to do was Bolieve
(444.89 KB 578x602 bo happening.png)
>>146614 so he's trying DMT? lololol
(15.10 MB 640x360 Bo Dallas Top 35 Moves.webm)

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