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Folklore Thread Anonymous 05/21/2020 (Thu) 17:46:18 Id: 7f2c60 No. 11
Please include any information re deities, daemons, angels or spirits as well as related lore. Sources of information: >https://www.theoi.com/ >https://kabbalah.com/en/articles/angels-134217728/ >https://ashleycowie.com/blog/the-sacred-geography-of-scotlands-first-goddess
There are some natives in north eastern Alberta, Canada, that have folklore related to a type of forest demon. Apparently they like to torment people, hunt beavers, unsuspecting trappers, and become active when you speak of their name in the bush. I have had some strange experiences out in the area myself. One of the old Indians I used to work with Used to swear he was holed up in a trappers cabin by those little fucks. I wish I could ask him for some more details, but he has unfortunately passed away several years ago.

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