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(514.76 KB 1024x736 Flatwoods Monster.jpeg)

(121.56 KB 553x532 Chernobly Black Bird.jpg)

(21.82 KB 320x300 Vorozneh Giants.jpg)

(23.97 KB 872x1144 I want to.png)

Big Cryptid Thread Anonymous 09/02/2020 (Wed) 11:41:43 Id: 0921cb No. 25
Post strange creatures here.
(245.82 KB 960x782 1437110538343.png)

(30.94 KB 385x500 Monstrous Races of Pliny.jpg)

(787.40 KB 589x446 australiens.png)

(145.41 KB 715x494 1465378159444-1.jpg)

(1.55 MB 2000x2000 yateveo.png)

(442.89 KB 1000x1276 jersey.png)

(1.38 MB 1400x997 Hopkinsville_Goblins_back.jpg)

(75.31 KB 498x561 1560909561-1.jpg)

(601.18 KB 1600x1172 frank39.jpg)

(32.79 KB 346x425 flatwoods4.jpg)

(438.11 KB 1000x1414 dyna-soar-flatwoods2017final.jpg)

(589.92 KB 731x1060 Hopkinsville_goblin.png)

(914.85 KB 800x1207 Extraterrestrials, 1975 1.jpg)

(425.22 KB 1345x1013 Extraterrestrials, 1975 2.jpg)

(986.57 KB 800x1208 Extraterrestrials, 1975 3.jpg)

(763.16 KB 1351x1013 Extraterrestrials, 1975 4.jpg)

(58.96 KB 1030x1200 1560909561-2.jpg)

(44.85 KB 370x600 1560909561-3.jpg)

(400.57 KB 1345x710 drawingwclipping.jpg)

(19.44 KB 480x360 The Flatwoods Monster.jpg)

why is there no cute ones? animals don't count
(1.58 MB 1280x662 1498521545509.png)

>>47 Those are kaiju. Not cryptids.
(48.17 KB 450x286 Capture of the Hodag.jpg)

(168.69 KB 1200x653 Pair of Hodags.jpg)

>>41 Is the Hodag kawaii enough for you?

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