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Abridged Story And Request Anonymous 12/26/2020 (Sat) 10:08:36 Id: 6a3eab No. 42
I'm feeling sick, so I thought I would talk here. I used to be a member of an alchemist cult. I initially believed that the people I was talking to were actually capable of witchcraft and other various oddball ancient techniques I could learn, whereas on the contrary I soon found out they were just a group drug-addicted hippies. After me and my goon squad banished the original leader, the second elected leader claimed that after smoking a ton of weed, he saw Jesus Christ while he was tripping and ranted on about how he was an "esoteric aryan", using that particular incident as an example. I only befriended two people there before leaving. I'd like to make some more friends who can teach me about the paranormal. (Don't reply if you're offended by the image, LOSER.)

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