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(40.80 KB 151x148 77.png)

Aeris 05/08/2020 (Fri) 01:55:08 No. 5
Oh shit, 8chan (and its /x/) is back? Let's celebrate with a creepypasta thread~
i make poopoop in diaper i shit my diaper and die immediately. I'm dead. The end.
(389.77 KB 1552x790 Ellen Austin pasta.jpg)

Sure, why not.
Let's see if this works
>>7 This sounds more like a creative writing prompt
>>8 That's some good shit right there.
Sirenhead is an interesting piece of design but it's ruined as a creepypasta piece by the fact that everyone approaches it like just another monster as well as the fact that its origins are easily traceable. A shame really.
(53.91 KB 720x960 fly.jpg)

>>15 I've been seeing the model a lot but I have no idea what it's about

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