Global Rules

    The Global Rules are enforced by global moderators or administrators directly and all decisions are final. We are a platform, not a publisher.
  1. Global Rule 0: Exceptional situations may justify exceptional solutions.
  2. Global Rule 1: Users are forbidden from posting, receiving, or transmitting content that is illegal under applicable laws. This site does not provide a platform for illegal activity of any kind.
  3. Global Rule 2: Images or any other kind of media depicting the sexual abuse of real children is explicitly forbidden and will be provided to law enforcement with every effort made to provide evidence against the user who posted it. This ban absolutely extends to "jailbait" and other borderline material.
  4. Global Rule 3: Board Ownership and User Accounts are granted and maintained at the discretion of the site administration. Severe abuse, neglect, or mishandling of your board, its rules, or its users may result in its loss or reassignment.
  5. Global Rule 4: Users are prohibited from any activity, including the use of third party tools or scripts, that damages the site's functions. This includes spamming, phishing, hacking, denial of service and other attacks, bot programs, etc.